Chapter 6: Finding The Cure

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Boomer POV:

I was sitting in the room hidden behind our parents' portrait. Malakai, the ghost, closed his eyes. "Hmmm… Ah-hah!" His eyes shot open. "I found him! I just need to restore the connection… There we go!"

In an instant, Boz was standing in the middle of the room. "What… I… I'm free! Hey Boom! Hey ghost dude! AH! GHOST DUDE!" He jumped behind the couch.

"Relax, Boz. This is our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandpa, King Malakai!" I said cheerfully, as if I wasn't totally depressed and sad.

Boz gasped. "AH! King Malakai! Don't let him turn me evil again, bro!"

I shook my head. "No, you're thinking of King Kalakai. This is his twin brother, Malakai. He's on our side."

Malakai nodded. "It's true. My brother is evil. And yours may be as well if we don't hurry. You see, Kalakai is in the process of completely transforming Brady. I'm sure you, Boomer, are wondering how Kalakai has arisen without the twin moons?"

I looked at him and gave a slight nod, indicating yes.

"Well, Brady had a small bit of pure evil contained in him. He obtained it the last time my brother was here. That evil was enough to have the same effects as the twin moons. He restored my brother back to his human form. Kalakai then enslaved him and gave him the Zadoc's touch. Lucky for us it only works while he is in the dark castle. Anything he touches turns evil. When Kalakai cast the "Unbreakable Spell" on Brady, his evil increased greatly. Now he grows deeper and deeper under Kalakai's control. He is currently at around 68 percent evil. My brother won't stop until Brady is completely consumed by evil. That gives you about five hours. I fear that he may turn Mikayla evil also, so she can't kiss and cure Brady."

Boz and I looked at each other. "So how do we cure him?" We said together.

Malakai paused. "You'd have to make the potion of life and love. If you were to have Mikayla and Brady both drink some, it would flush all evil out of Mikayla's system. Brady's evil would be brought down to 25 percent. If Mikayla were then to kiss Brady, he would be restored to his old self."

"What would be in the potion?" Boz asked.

Malakai looked at us thoughtfully. "A moon crystal, a thorn from Kalakai's throne, some of my protection, and a dark king ring's energy."

Boz frowned confusedly. "Where can we get a moon crystal?"

"Uh, the moon! Duh!" I stated.

Malakai sighed. "No. They grow in a secret grotto near Kalakai's castle. Here is a vial with the magic of my protection in it. Find the other ingredients and hurry. You only have four and a half hours left. He's now at seventy percent. You must hurry!:

And with that, he vanished.

Brady's POV:

I stared at my master… Master? Where did that come from? Kalakai is not my master! I don't want him to be my master! I hate the guy! Let's retry this. I stared at Kalakai. He was screaming and threatening the girl who seemed vaguely familiar. I squinted, trying to remember. I felt all my memories before Kalakai begin to fade. I couldn't recall much of anything before King Kalakai took me in. Took me in? I mean kidnapped! Wait… I'm confused.

I remember that I used to fight King Kalakai. That's funny. Why would I fight my king? Because you wanted to! You still do! NO I don't! Yes I do! Am I fighting with myself?

"Brady!" The strange girl called. "Brady, come here!" She instructed.

I felt myself blush. "Okay, whatever you say babe." I went towards her.

Just as she leaned in for a kiss, and I was about to meet it, Kalakai interrupted. "Stop." He ordered lazily.

Of course, I did. I had to. For some reason, I could never not do what he said. I tried to kiss her, but was not able to.

"Back away." He said calmly. "Now, don't talk to this girl. Just work on tracking down King Boomer.

"Yes, my king." I said resignedly. I sat down at an odd black crystal ball. Touching it with my palm, I began to search.

Mikayla POV:

"Put on the ring, girl!" King Kalakai snapped impatiently.

"No." I insisted. I was bound by a ray of dark magic shooting from his staff. "But I have to know something."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes?"

I scowled at him. "What'd you do to Brady? He's not just evil… He can't seem to remember anything."

"He doesn't!" Kalakai boasted. "He's in his amnesia stage. He recalls me and that he wants to be obedient. That's it."


He chuckled. "Of his transformation. Once he hits 80 percent evil, he'll start acting much more… well… evil. He will also regain his memories."

"Y-y-you're turning him evil?" I was shocked.

"Yes." He cackled.

Suddenly Brady got up. "Your majesty! I've found Boomer!"

Kalakai turned his gaze. "Where?" He demanded greedily.

Brady looked solemn, and frightened. "Moon crystal grove." He said quietly.

"What?" Kalakai asked.

Brady looked up. "Moon crystal grove."

"Drat!" Kalakai cursed. "Brady!" He carelessly tossed him a ring. "Get this ring on that wretched girl's finger! Now where is that cretin Lanny? LANNY!" He roared as he went stomping through the castle.

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