This is Lee's Goodbye

This is my goodbye,

As I travel to the other side.

Clementine I love you so,

I really wish I didn't have to let you go.

I hate to ask you,

To finish me.

I hate to see those tears,

Roll down your face,

As you point the weapon at me.

My little sweet pea,

I've tried everything I can,

To give you a second chance.

I'm sorry I have to leave you.

In time you'll understand.

I'm sorry you had to see,

I'm sorry you had to witness,

All the decisions I have made,

Since the infection forged its way.

Be strong.

Be brave.

My little Clementine,

We will see each other once again.

All in due time.

You can stop your quivering,

You can wipe your tears.

There's no one I'm more proud of,

Than you, Clementine.

I have to say my farewells.

I'm sorry for goodbye.

I really wish you would have had,

A much better life.

Don't worry; I'll keep the others in check.

I'll take good care of them,

Until you have my back.

Goodbye Clementine.

I'll miss you.

Now turn around and walk away,

And never look back.

-Soul Spirit-