Ready for More

Facing them is like,

Charging into a hail,

Of gunfire.

The very element that,

Caused my life to end.

How can I see their faces,

When I know the truth?


Will it be like that day,

At the drugstore?

Will I be walking,

Into the pearly gates,

Of Heaven,

The place man thinks not true,

With Larry waiting nearby,

To throw punch,

Number two.

Will Kenny be there to,

Pull me up again,

And tell me,

We are best friends.

Will Katjaa be watching,

As Duck plays inside.

Will Lilly be awaiting,

Another insult to be said,

To start another fight.

Will Mark be awaiting,

The arrival of his buddies.

The ones that fly fearlessly,

In the night sky.

Will Doug be experimenting,

With the electronics he gave up.

With Carley at his side,

Ready for a report.

Will Chuck be playing,

His guitar,

With Ben munching nearby.

Will Shawn be farming,

His own plot,

Without another worry,

About the life he did not,


Will Travis be speaking,

With other fallen students,

Ignoring David as he teaches,

Another round of lectures.

Will I have to fight,

The St. Johns' once again.

This time will I have a chance,

To spare Mark's life.

Will that man plot again,

To take away my Clem.

Will the police officer be there,

To tell me I'm a good man,

Just to have the Senator,


Most important of them all,

Is the next question I ask thee,

What will happen to my Clementine,

As she explores the territory.

Will she live a long life,

Or will she die before.

I'm not sure I'm ready,

For an answer.

But I know one things for sure,

I'm ready to face my maker,

I'm ready to take on more.

-Soul Spirit-