"I hear you hurt your leg." Carlisle says, sitting by the edge of my bed.

"A bit, yes."

Jacob is sitting on his desk, arms tightly crossed on his chest. Hard to remember he is supposed to be sixteen. I realize I must make this as long as I can, or else Edward won't have time enough to escape.

"Well, I was playing baseball with Jacob, Quil, and Embry - I'm actually getting fairly good at it - then I was trying to make a home run because I hit the ball with the bat and-"

"With all due respect, I know what happened. And I know you weren't hurt playing baseball, Bella." He sighed. "You are going to let me see it. I'm pretty sure you know what that entails."

I blush furiously. No way I'm going to take off my pants.

Carlisle rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. "I´m a doctor, Bella. I see naked people all the time. Jacob doesn't... Which is why he is going to leave the room if it makes you more comfortable."


"You know you can trust me." Carlisle cut him off.

Jacob swallowed hard and looked at me.

"Please, Jacob." I say. He leaves without a word, but definitely a killer glare on Carlisle's direction. He might think Carlisle is not trustworthy because he's a vampire but come on... He makes surgery on people. Not to mention he punishes Edward to make him stay on line.

I don't even want to think about what he does to Edward or else I might as well hate him.

"Can you take it off alone?"

I can't, but I nod. A few failed tries will give me more time. I limp towards the desk - my leg hurts like hell - and rest my weight there. Carlisle is, gladly, looking away. Opening my ziper is easy. Sliding down the pants, however... I can't rest any weight on the hurt leg, not enough.

"Why can't you just take them off lying down?" he suggests.

It would be easier. That is the problem.

"Seriously, I know it sucks but I really have to see your leg and whatever happened to it if it hurts this badly." Shit. He can't read my mind but he's not stupid. Then again he must be older than Edward, much older. One would expect people this old to be clever.
I try to limp and once again, my leg fails me. Carlisle suddenly appears by my side and take me back to bed on his arms. He looks scrawny but boy he is strong.

"Right, let me help you." While he slides off my pants my eyes are on the ceiling. My face must as red as tomato soup. Alright, this turned in a weird and uncomfortable direction. "When did this happen?"

"Roughly two weeks ago."


"Y-your home."

Carlisle looks away and runs his fingers through his hair, messing it up even more. Suddenly he looks much older than what he seems to be. He looks tired. Disappointed. Angry.

"Why didn't you tell me, Bella? This time he didn't hurt you seriously but he could have."

I ponder for a few moments. Will he put someone to watch me if he suspects I'm actually helping Edward? Probably. And I don't want to be watched or else I won't be able to talk to him again. Maybe he'll look on my phone.

"I was afraid." I lie.

"You don't have to be." Carlisle assures me.

I know. It was my fault Edward bit me.

"I'm taking you home." he finally says. "You'll have to rest that leg for a while and... And I suppose I'll have to have a little talk to Edward."

"Will you take him away?"

"That's the first thing I'll do."

Hopefully he should be far away by now... I mean, I suppose he can run very fast. I don't even understand how can he go out in the sunlight.

"Hm, just a question. Doesn't the sunlight bother you?"

"It makes us weaker." he says while so easily picking me up on his arms. "But as you can see it doesn't make much of a difference... The darkness is just better for us."

When I'm back to my own room, Carlisle tucks me in.

"I'm very sorry he did this to you."

I am, too, because otherwise this whole mess wouldn't have to happen. However I hope that Edward escaped... Looking at Carlisle's stern face, I can tell he would be able to do horrible things to whoever hurt innocent people. That should be a good thing, but I wonder if he would understand if Edward explained him what happened.

Probably not, if Edward wanted so much to keep it secret.

I pick up my phone when Carlisle leaves my bedroom. Nothing from Edward.

Half an hour later, the Blacks and Carlisle leave.

And Edward shows up, by the window.

"What happened?" I exclaim.

"I ran away. Listen, I must go before the Blacks show up again to vigil your house."

"When will you be back?

He smirks at me: "Does it matter?"

"Well, it does! I couldn't stand being apart from you..." I whisper.

"You don't have to. Come with me. I have some cash, and I can get fake documents for us within no time. We could go anywhere you want. Paris, London, you name it."

What do I have to lose?, I think.

His smirk grows to a grin. "Let me pack you some clothes." In a hearbeat he's back with my backpack on hands. "You'll have to climb on my back. I'm afraid I'm afoot for now."


I hold on tight to him and close my eyes. It has been two hours since we left home, and it feels like centuries. The speed leaves me nauseous, and the sound of the wind is deafening. Edwards runs without rest, and then his speed slows down and down until I can open my eyes without wanting to throw up, and I can see we are in a forest. But it can be nearby Forks, can it?

"We left Washington. We are nearby Portland, Oregon."


He's merely walking now.

"We will have to spend the night in a tent I set up right over there." He points to his left, and a few feet from us, there is a tent. "Then we'll go to Portland. I need to use the internet to contact anyone to make us fake documentation... And then we'll have to go to pick them up. Then we'll be free to leave the country."

"But can't they smell us, somehow...?"

"No. I used some of your clothes to create fake trails in different directions, that will hold them off for the night."

He lets me go to the ground once we are right in front of the tent. I limp inside and sit down on top of one sleeping bag. There's a pile of junk food. Sodas, Doritos, different brands of chocolates... Crap snack foods. Anything a girl could wish for.

"Uh... This is food for you." he explains, sitting across me in his sleeping bag. He grabs a can of Coke, opens it up and gives it to me. I accept it and take a sip.

"Shouldn't we make a bonfire? It's dusk already."

"No. I better not call attention to our presence here. I can deal with any danger that we might face, trust me. By the way..." He lites up a eletric lamp between us.

Another sip of the Coke goes down my throat, and I blink. My sight isn't quite right. The tent is dancing around me. I rub my eyes.

"What's wrong?" Edward asks me.

"I don't know. My sight is... Weird."

"Is it?"

His voice sounds amused and has a pinch of irony to it.

I try to focus but whatever is happening to me, is scrambling my thoughts. My sight starts to tunnel, in a few moments I'm so numb that I can't even process anything. But of one thing I'm sure: I got myself in a big trouble.

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