Red Lightning
S1E1: Long Reach

It started when Red Lightning split the sky one night. The lightning struck everyone, and anybody struck, was given awesome powers.

Double-D was given superhuman speed and reflexes. At Eddy's prompting, he decided to use his powers for good. He became Flashpoint!

Eddy was given the ability to become a humongous metal man. He decided to use his powers to garner fame and fortune. He became Quarterback!

It was late in the afternoon, the sky orange and school long closed. But somebody still walked the street. A teen in a red cap kicked a can down an alleyway as he walked home to the Cul-de-Sac, hands in his pocket.

The Teen had red hair that was braided into a small pony tail. He wore a black basketball jersey and brown khaki shorts.

Kevin was peeved, beyond most recognition. First, Nazz had blown him off, again. Then to add insult to injury, she was hanging out with the EDS, of all dorks. Then, it was detention street until the end of the day. Kevin had never been so annoyed.

Nazz had been part of a new social group ever since that Red Storm had hit Peach Creek.

Kevin thought that the storm was a wonderful thing, but now was having second thoughts.

His thoughts were interupted by a whistle. It cane from three men, probably skinheads.

"Oy kid, you got any money for us kid? You got any money?" One of them said in a Liverpudlian Accent.

"Shove Off!" Kevin said as he kept walking.

"Oy kid." The largest one said, grabbing Kevin by the shoulder. "You. Got. Any. Money?"

Kevin snapped. He had just enough today. His arm stretched backwards to an improbable length, before recoilling and pounding the big guy in the face, knocking out teeth.

Then he stretched out his other arm to the second guy's leg, coiling his arm around it, tightening until he heard something go crunch. He continued to tug, until the leg was twisted clean off.

Kevin revelled in the screams.

The third one tried to run, screaming his head off, but Kevin stretched his arm out, and did the same thing with the runners head as he did with the middle guy's leg.


Kevin laughed. He never had so much fun. He whipped his arm upwards and wrapped it around a building, before constricting and creating a clean slice. He stretched his leg out, punching a clean hole through a car.

Today was gonna be fun.

Double-D was watching fishbowl two with his girlfriend, Marie Kanker. The two were eating Chinese take-out, Double-D having eaten almost two boxes.

Double-D had grown taller, and his blonde hair with black highlights jutted out of his black ski hat. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Stay Safe" printed in White. He was also wearing a green wristband, and hat a slight goatee.

Marie's hair was longer and a bit more shaggy, but still the same blue colour. She had gotten a bit chunkier in recent times, but still managed to pull of her outfit of a black tank top and an unbuttoned red plaid shirt.

Double-D snuggled close to his larger girlfriend, who rewarded him with a small peck.

Suddenly, the movie stopped and news-anchor appeared on screen.

"We interrupt this program to bring you an important bulletin. A Teenage Boy is on a rampage. The suspect is believed to be using some kind of grappling weapon."

Double-D almost spat out his coca-cola.

"That's Kevin!" Marie shouted, pointing her finger to screen.

Double-D stood and ran normally to the phone. He quickly dialled Eddy's number. The phone rang twice before Eddy picked it up.

"Double-D, do you just…"

"Just saw it on TV, Eddy."

"And are we…"

"Yes we are Eddy."

The was a pause on the phone until Eddy finally spoke.

"I'll Iron Up then, see you downtown."

"I'll beat n' meet you there." Double-D said.

Double-D hung-up the phone and ran to get his costume. He passed Marie in the living room.

"So," She sighed, standing up. "What story is it this time."

Double-D pinched the bridge of his nose. He hated lying, especially to Marie. He let out a slight grumble as he tried to think of something.

Marie gently pulled his hand away from his face and looked him in the eye.

"Listen," Marie said. "You're going to tell me that Ed got his head stuck in the blender. I'm going to pretend to believe you. You going to go, come back, and apologies a lot."

Marie gave Double-D another small kiss.

"I know you'll let me in on your big secret when you're ready. I just wish that was sooner."

"That was very articulate." Double-D mumbled.

"Meh, you rub off on me." Marie said.

"I'll be back soon." Double-D promised.

Double-D walked up to his room, and at near-lightspeed, changed into his Flashpoint persona.

It was a black and neon-green wetsuit, with metallic rims on the shoulders and the hips. He had a helmet with an opaque face-guard.

He blurred out, and seconds later, stopped in downtown main-street. A couple of blocks down the road was a trail of obvious destruction. Kevin was on his way.

"Hey sock-head. You ready to chase some Shovel-Chins."

Eddy walked up to Double-D. He was in his Quarterback form. His teal shorts remained, but his maroon button-up shirt was removed during his transformation. When "Ironed Up", Eddy gained about five feet in height and almost two feet in width. His skin was now golden and had rivets in several spots.

"Kevin hasn't gone through this area yet." Double-D.

"How do you know?" Eddy asked.

"It hasn't been raised to the ground yet."

Suddenly, an enlarged rubber fist stretched towards the pair and struck Eddy in the chest, making a metallic clank.

Kevin retracted his arms. He shook his arm in discomfort.

"Damn they weren't kidding when the said you were a Metal Man." Kevin said. "I've seen you guys on the news. Though to be honest, I thought you were a load of bull."

"Well here we are, clear as day." Double-D said.

"Yep." Kevin said. "And now I'll kill you."

He stretched his arm out and wrapped it around Eddy.

"This is what I call grievous harm with a body!" He quipped, as he smashed Eddy to the ground, attempting to hit Double-D.

Double-D speeded towards Kevin, punching him in the gut. Kevin's body stretched backwards unnaturally, before snapping back into place, launching Double-D back to a building.

Eddy broke free of Kevin's constrictor-like grip, and tugged of the elongate limb, swinging Kevin around like a ball-n-chain.

Kevin responded by curling up into a sphere, then retracting his arm, smashing into Eddy with tremendous force.

Eddy was ploughed into the ground, and Kevin unfurled.

"Now let's see who really are." Kevin said, as he gripped Eddy's chin, believing it to be a mask.

"I'll tell you who I am." Double-D said, climbing out of the wrecked building. "I'm the tooth fairy, and by the looks of it, I owe you a lot of money."

Double-D speeded up to Kevin, applying a volley of strikes to the face at near lightspeed.

Kevin's face was almost deflated, until he repaired himself. He kicked Double-D away with astounding force, and then forced Eddy further into the crater.

"You can't beat me. I'M INVINCIBLE!" Kevin laughed he cackles maniacally until he abruptly stopped. "What the?"

Eddy had grabbed Kevin's ankles and shouted. "Now Flashpoint!"

Double-D nodded and began to circle Kevin. This circle got faster and faster until it became a cyclone. Kevin clasped his neck as he gasped for air. He turned blue in the face and looked like he was moments away from passing out.

Suddenly the vortex stopped and Kevin, still dizzy from Double-D's tornado, did nothing to defend himself from a punch to face from Eddy.

Kevin was floored. Double-D dusted himself down and removed his costume, while Eddy "Ironed Out!" and reverted to normal.

"Yo Shovel-Chin." Eddy said as Kevin began to stir. "You alright?"

"Ug!" Kevin grunted as he opened his eyes. "Who are you? Where am I? WHO AM I?"

Double-D sighed. "Amnesia. That was some blow to the head you gave him."

Double-D looked at his watch.

"Could you carry him to his parents house. I have a lady I can't keep waiting."

Eddy helped the dazed Kevin up and supported him as they began to walk down the street.

"Whatever dude. Just tell Marie I said howdy." Eddy smirked.

Double-D smiled as he dashed back to his home.

When he got there, he found a sticky note, which read;

"Gone home. See ya later cutie-pie."
Signed Marie.

He stuffed the note into his pocket and dug out his cellphone. He dialled a number.

"Hello, is this Peach Creek Florists. Yes, it is mister Eddward, Double-D. Yes, I would like to order the Sorry Boyfriend-Boqquet. Five minutes, that's grand."

Marie sighed as she sat down with her sisters on the couch in their trailer.

"I don't know Lee. One minute he's so sweet and caring. But then he won't even tell me where he goes everyday." Marie sighed.

"Alls I know is that he better not be humiliated ya, behind ya back. Or I'll make he scream like ice." Lee said gruffly. "I can't have anybody hurting either of my baby sisters."

"I know he isn't." Marie said. "I just wish I knew what he was up too."

"I dunno Marie." May said, shaking her fingers. "I think you should dump him and go out with a real man."

She turned to the television and sighed dreamily. "Like Flashpoint."

"Whadda ya mean, Flashpoint?" Lee said. "Quarterback is twice the man Flashpoint'll ever be."

"Psh, come on Lee." May aggressively. "Everybody knows Quarterback is just Flashpoint's sidekick."


As her sisters began to brawl on the floor, Marie head upstairs, to have a quiet lie down on her bunk.