Fall of the City


Flying in the sky,

Death is clearly nigh.

Watching the Walls instead,

They're all as good as dead.

Remembering quotes from books,

Montag stands and looks.

Falling from down yonder,

The bombs are left to wander.


Just a poem we had to make fairly recently in my english class. My teacher's a Bradbury freak, I'm sure I mentioned this somewhere before. We've finished F451, which I enjoyed immensely, and I can't wait to start our next book, don't know what it'll be, but so far my teacher hasn't been too disappointing in her choices of reading assignments.

If I get enough people asking for it, I'll write out an actual fiction piece for F451, I've got an idea I'm turning over in my head, it goes pretty well with this poem. But no promises, not yet anyway. I still need to work on my other fic & I really need to be focusing a bit more in school, my grades are starting to drop just a tad & the rents are getting on me bout that.

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