Briar: Kinda wanted to do a fict were Grimmjow is the baby and is left in Karakura Town.

Grimmjow: Oi! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Ichigo: Just desserts. I think you totally deserve this. After all the times you've been mean to me.

Ichigo was in the middle of his fight with Grimmjow. Panting slightly from exhaustion, Ichigo was really regretting how he had agreed to fight the espaa anytime . Lately there had been a lack of sleep for Ichigo all because Grimmjow wanted to fight him all times of the day and didn't care what Ichigo had to do. Grimmjow and various other hollows were attacking Karakura Town and Ichigo wondered if Aizen was up to this. Sure there was those who were sent from soul society, however, that was not enough. Espada after espada were coming and all just to face Ichigo because he was the infamous substitute soul reaper who would give you a fightt of a life time. It was hard just for Ichigo to stay awake but the only thing keeping him awake was the stinging sensation from the few cuts he received. They burned but Ichigo would never admit that he was hurt because it was a blow to his pride. In addition, Ichigo didn't want to be a burden since he was the one who had to protect and not be protected.

Staring at Grimmjow, he noticed the espada didn't seem to be faring well. He seemed to have lost some color in his skin yet, he was barely bloodied. Confusion swept over Ichigo. He couldn't blame himself since it was his inner protector coming forth.

"Leave him" snarled Ichigo inner hollow in his mind.

"You know I can't just do that, it's wrong," Ichigo pointed out.

"Weakling," hissed the hollow.

Ignoring his hollow in favor for the espada who looked to be having difficulties standing, Ichigo asked if Grimmjow needed the fight to truly continue. The question resulted in Grimmjow mocking Ichigo for being weak. Scoffing at the behavior coming from the blue haired hollow, Ichigo noticed as he fell forward. Using flash step to catch him before he fell to the floor, Ichigo had to ask him what was wrong. Grimmjow snarled out how he didn't need help from no shinigami, however, it came out more weaker than intended. Ichigo was confused as he watched as pink dust swirled around Grimmjow before completely surrounding him. Ichigo heard one last thing spoken from Grimmjow about someone named Szayel.

Moving back, not wanting to feel the possible ill effects of the weird particles coming from the espada, Ichigo heard the sound of a sonido. Jumping up and clutching Zangetsu firmly, Ichigo noticed the emotionless espada named Ulquiorra. Blinking in confusion he waited for an attack but none came, instead he stepped forward. Ichigo raised his zanpaktou in warning and ready to dire off a getsuga tenshou if need be. It was not needed since Ulquiorra remained passive and only raised his hand as a sign of peace. Watching the espada warily, Ichigo didn't have his eyes move from the deadly espada since he was still stronger. Knowing even one glance away could cause his head to be rolling along the pavement if he wasn't careful.

The espada didn't seem to show any signs of aggression towards Ichigo while walking to where Grimmjow was. The cloud of smoke dispersed and now revealed a tiny figure. Ichigo's eyes widened at the small figure and his mouth opened in surprise. A mop of blue hair and a tiny chubby body was sitting on the cement and wearing clothes that were now far to big on the small body. Gurgling happily as he moved his arms around, the infant unaware of the danger he was in with one of Aizen's strongest espada's around; one who was far stronger than Grimmjow. Ichigo had yet to learn of Ulquiorra's rank but Ichigo figured he was the leader of them.

Noticing the widening of emerald orbs, Ichigo was not prepared for the stoic arrancar to kick the infant in front of him. Grimmjow tumbled a few feet and Ichigo felt pain for the child and immense shock. If it weren't for him being an arrancar, Grimmjow would have many cuts on his body but even so that didn't stop big fat tears to roll down the sexta's face. Ichigo's need to protect came forth and he used flash step to grab Grimmjow only to be stopped mid way by Ulquiorra who grabbed Ichigo's throat in a painful grasp.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Ulquiorra monotonously.

Struggling from the strong grasp, Ichigo was only thrown to the side carelessly like a sack of potatoes. Tensa Zangetsu still in hand, Ichigo propped himself up. Those wide emerald orbs looking once more at Ichigo. Ichigo wouldn't give up just because of some stupid hollow and his lack of emotions.

"You are not yet at the level Aizen-sama wants you at," spoke Ulquiorra," you are still nothing but trash; as is Grimmjow. Hopefully Aizen-sama can replace the pathetic sexta with anew. Grimmjow was useless anyway."

Before Ichigo could protest Ulquiorra opened a garganta, however, he said one more thing before leaving. Ulquiorra spoke once more about power and mentioned that Ichigo to grow stronger to meet the requirements that Aizen wanted. Until then, Ichigo would be nothing but trash and trash is all Grimmjow was meaning they were perfect for each other.

Snapping out of his stupor once the garganta closed, Ichigo moved forward picking up the bawling child. The hollow child was screeching even louder while trying to escape but failing. Hushing the child, Ichigo assured Grimmjow that he was not to harm him. The espada was not believing the words coming from Ichigo and instead, Grimmjow's sharp teeth sinking into the soft human flesh of Ichigo. Ichigo yelped as he noticed a small trail of blood come from the puncture wound. The espada moving back and curled his lips. Glaring at the youngster, Ichigo couldn't hold much of a grudge against the child. The infant probably no older than three or four not knowing better. Sighing and running a hand through his hair Ichigo realized that with the hollow not caring about being a soldier that it would be his job to raise the child. Not wanting to leave the child even if he was his enemy to fend for himself.

"Let go!" protested the blue haired espada.

Ichigo shook his head." I'm not gonna hurt you, Grimmjow."

The child glared and Ichigo could only smile at the child trying to get him to warm up to him. Asking questions to Grimmjow only to not be responded, Ichigo thought maybe he was shy. The child hitting him and Ichigo only chuckling at the lame attempt proved he wasn't shy but that his hatred from an adult came with him. Running his fingers through silken blue locks, Ichigo was surprised since he didn't think such unruly locks would be so soft. Ichigo wanted to use flash step to get home but was afraid to harm the child in his arms. Nel was able to handle him running but Ichigo didn't use flash step with her. It was a long distance from his home too. The sun was starting to set and Ichigo could feel the child trembling. Was it from lack of warmth? Grimmjow's hakama was rather large so Ichigo figured it be best to use it like a blanket. Grimmjow was shivering less but Ichigo could tell Grimmjow was trying to be tough.

Ruffling blue locks Ichigo continued moving forward, not knowing how his father would react to bringing an espada home but hopefully he would be eccentric rather than something serious. If worse came to wear Ichigo would have to figure out something else. Knowing a human couldn't handle an arrancar child and especially one as dangerous as Grimmjow.

The sun fell from the mountains. The dark skies revealing themselves. The day was over now. Unaware that he was being followed, IChigo went on his merry was until Ishida appeared in front of him with Orihime. Gasping from shock, Ichigo almost dropped the bundle in his arms but didn't thankfully. Ishida's calculating gaze was on Ichigo's and shock apparent as he noticed what, no who was in the substitute shinigami's arm. Orihime was trying to imagine who was in there too. Coming forth only to stop in her tracks once she stood in front of Ichigo.

Ichigo didn't know what to say. Something like 'hey guys this is Grimmjow,. I took him in because Uluiorra woulda kicked him to death. Dion't worry he's harmless.' A lot of good that would do. Noticing the shock that was apparent on Ishida's face and the hurt on Orihime's, Ichigo tried to apologize. Ishida began his ranting ab. out all the negatives of keeping Grimmjow. Saying that it was best not to keep a hollow child or that it was dangerous and not only to Ichigo himself but those who were around him; strangers, friends and even family. Mentioning how just because Grimmjow was a child that it didn't mean he wouldn't go after Karin and Yuzu. Especially since Yuzu couldn't even see hollows very well. Ishida added how not everyone could keep a watchful eye on the espada before getting eaten. Ichigo was about to protest when he yelped in pain. Looking down to see Grimmjow's teeth sunk into his forearm, Ichigo was glad he hadn't draw blood and all Ichigo could do was sigh. Ishida took the time to say that was proof of his own hypothesis.

Looking down at Grimmjow, he noticed the child was no longer looking smug but instead looked away. Sighing and running a hand through his orange locks, Ichigo could only jostle Grimmjow to have him facing Ichigo.

"Why do you bite me?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow looked away not answering.

"C'mon, you can tell me, I won't get mad," insisted Ichigo.

It took a few moments of silence but a voice came out of the blue haired hollow's mouth.

"You taste good," state Grimmjow with a whisper.

Ichigo began to chuckle at the response resulting in Grimmjow biting him harder once more. Ishida pointing out that Grimmjow liking to bite him being a bad thing since it was his hollow traits. Scowling, Ichigo told Ishida that still wasn't going to make him leave Grimmjow to be eaten by a hollow. It just wasn't in Ichigo's nature he was a protector. Enough said.

Wincing at the sharp teeth digging into his forearm Ichigo moved Grimmjow a little so that the blue haired infant could bite the other arm. He did of course and he didn't relent on the course; infant or adult, Grimmjow would try to harm him in some way.

"Grimmjow," spoke Ichigo.

The blue haired espada looked up at Ichigo, mouth still on his arm biting him.

"Could you please not bite so hard?" asked Ichigo.

Watching to see the infant frown, Ichigo was pleased to see that he didn't put as much pressure on as before.

"See! He'll eat you!" exclaimed Ishida.

"Is this you showing concern for a soul reaper," Ichigo teased Ishida.

"You're just a substitute soul reaper," Ishida responded in a cold tone.

Ignoring the substitute soul reaper comment, Ichigo gave his friends a farewell. He would have to go to Kisuke's house to make a gigai for Grimmjow. It would be kind of odd to have a child around that no one could see. The walk itself wasn't so bad. Grimmjow kept on biting him. Ichigo knew the kid wasn't teething since Ichigo searched his mouth and noticed all teeth including his molars were in. Grimmjow was probably around four years old at the most. Ichigo thought he would be spending him summer with soul reaper duties, summer homework and being with friends. Oh how wrong he was. Now he would be avoiding soul reapers, hiding in his room doing his homework and taking care of Grimmjow until Kisuke could make a growth serum. Hopefully, the man could do such a thing.

Looking up, he noticed he was now in front of the shop. The children were not outside the shop most likely since it was late out. Walking in he wan't surprised to see the blonde shop keeper sitting down with a cup of tea and his fan over his face. A gigai already in place slumped over being poked by one of the mod souls that helped when the bounts invaded. Sighing, Ichigo moved forward and pointed Grimmjow towards the gigai that looked exactly like him. How Kisuke knew these things amazed Ichigo. The man probably had spies around or something but who knows.

Guiding Grimmjow in, he watched as the soul went into the shell of a human and watched as the eyes blinked open. Still showing the vibrant blue eyes from his spirit form. Ichigo couldn't help but smirk at the pout that jutted out from Grimmjow at the mobility problems. Picking up the child, Ichigo thanked the shady blonde keeper. About to leave and take himself and Grimmjow home.

"Oh and Kurosaki-kun!" Kisuke yelled.

Turning around to face Kisuke Ichigo raised his eyebrow.

"He can eat human food now," Kisuke pointed out," would be odd for him not too, huh? It'll probably affect his arrancar form when he's older too...Just one thing to add. Don't get caught by soul society."

Ichigo sighed and ran fingers through his orange locks. It would be very problematic for soul society to have caught him. That weirdo Kurotsuchi would have too much fun with a weak espada at his own disposal.

"Good bye Kurosaki-kun! Have fun being a Daaaaadddddyyyy!" sang Kisuke while waving his hand.

Ichigo growled and threw the closest object, which happened to be a bronze owl at Kisuke. Watching the man fall down and prop himself back up only to be bleeding. Ichigo figured the man deserved it. Why? Because of all the other crap he had put Ichigo threw. Hearing laughter, Ichigo looked down to see Grimmjow laughing at the bloodied Kisuke. At least someone else found it funny.

The journey home was quick and luckily Kisuke's shop wasn't too far away and as soon as he opened the door his bat shit crazy father almost slammed his smelly stinky socked feet in his face. Ichigo managed to dodge last minute and watch him tumble across the grass. Yes, his old man attacked him in spirit form. Ichigo had to explain how he was a shinigami since Karin kept on pestering him about it. His father coming clean saying he was one as well. It was a long night and it had been a story that lasted till three in the morning. With both Ichigo's and his father's. Plus there was the questionnaire part which made the night even longer than necessary.

His father ran past him and Ichigo heard the old goat face screaming at the memorial picture of his mother. Screaming about how Ichigo had become a delinquent and slept with some blue haired woman behind everyone's back. After Karin had kicked him, Isshin had run towards Ichigo. Managing to cling to his waist and cry about not telling his father how Ichigo had become a man, Ichigo tried to pry his father off. Having Grimmjow in one hand made it harder to pry his father off. Much harder than the first time Rukia had put him in a kido spell. Yelling at his father to let go, Isshin was relentless. Until Grimmjow squirmed out of his hands and jumped on Isshin. Biting his arm, Grimmjow spat out the taste and ran to hid behind Ichigo. Taking his hand, Grimmjow began biting on Ichigo's wrist. More so nibbling than given harsh bites that left indents like Isshin had gotten.

"Hey bro, where did the brat come from?" asked Karin.

"I'm not a brat you dumby!" growled Grimmjow.

Isshin had finally let go of Grimmjow allowing Ichigo to pick him up.

"Little boys shouldn't talk to their niece like that," scolded Isshin.

"Poopy head!" Grimmjow screamed at Isshin before burying his head in Ichigo's chest," wanna go home."

The last part was more like a whimper and Ichigo sighed. He couldn't send Grimmjow home because that's where Aizen and the espada would tear the previous sexto to pieces. Hollows were not kind creatures.

"Lets just go upstairs," offered Ichigo," are you hungry?"

Grimmjow was silent and Ichigo took that as a yes. Asking Yuzu if she could bring food upstairs while Ichigo did some homework before putting Grimmjow to bed. He wanted to keep the blue haired boy close but just for tonight. Tomorrow he would give Grimmjow a little mat that was stored in his closet to sleep on. While heading up the stairs his father tried another sneak attack but ended up slamming into them and tumbling down. Ichigo used flash step to avoid getting hurt. It didn't harm Grimmjow and Ichigo forgot about his extra passenger until afterwards. Grimmjow seemed unaffected.

Calming his steady breath he went into his room. Locking it for good measures and hoping his father wouldn't break it down like he did on occasions. Placing Grimmjow on the spiny chair Ichigo used his soul reaper badge to knock Kon out before putting him in the stuffed lion. Grimmjow took to him immediately. Grabbing the stuffed animal. Ichigo saw nothing wrong with it. Watch as Grimmjow pulled the lion's tail. He had it coming in Ichigo's view since the perverted stuffed lion often got Ichigo in trouble or tried reading porn. Ichigo burned so many of them. He did not need Yuzu finding those if she cleaned his room. She already called him a pervert when he pointed out that her middle school skirt fly was down. It was not his fault that he noticed. He did not have a sister complex, if that's what anyone thought. He loved his sisters in a brotherly manner.

Ending up in his human body, Ichigo walked over to his seat. Scribbling on the paper and ever so often watching Grimmjow. After some time Ichigo turned to see what Grimmjow was doing. Eyes widened and laughter erupted from his lips as he watched Grimmjow jump off the bed and land on the stuffed lion. Giving the thing a noogie. It was too funny seeing Kon getting his ass kicked by a child.

"Ichigo help me!" screamed Kon.

"Shut up!" hissed Ichigo," or do you want me to send you to Yuzu?"

"NOOOO! Not the demon child!" screamed Kon.

Ichigo rose his eyebrow. The threat was still in place and that caused Kon to stiffen. That slight bit of fear gave Grimmjow the advantage causing Grimmjow to pick Kon up by the tail and throw him into the wall.

"My beautiful stuffing," whimpered Kon.

"Ishida can fix you," replied Ichigo not really caring.

"He's even worse!" Kon screamed in a hushed tone.

Ichigo snickered and called Grimmjow forward. Ichigo's homework was done now so he decided it was time to put Grimmjow to sleep. The boy was wearing a blue t-shirt and black cargo pants. There was no mask fragment nor a hollow hole. Picking up the child, Ichigo tucked him in. Locking the window to make sure no one could come in, it was somewhat pointless since they could walk through objects in soul form but Ichigo was too tired to remember that. Having Grimmjow closer to the wall, no one would be able to see Grimmjow even if they did try to get in.

He was about to move when his arm sleeve was tugged on. Turning to look at Grimmjow he was the scared look in his eyes. Sighing, Ichigo laid back down. Moving closer to Grimmjow and having Grimmjow clutch onto his shirt. Who knew that the violent, volatile sexy could act so...Human. Running his hands through his fingers Ichigo heard him purr. The sound shocking him but he remembered that Grimmjow's resurrecion form was a panther. Not after long the grip relaxed and Ichigo moved away knowing that he would have to explain it to his family.

"Daddy," whispered a voice.

Ichigo turned around from his door confused. Blue eyes looked at him confused until Ichigo remembered that Grimmjow must have called him that since Ichigo's father had mentioned Ichigo being a father to Grimmjow as did Kisuke.

"Yes?" asked Ichigo.

"Don't leave me,"begged Grimmjow.

"I'll come back, I promise," swore Ichigo.

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