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Ichigo could see the lack of caring in most of the soul reapers eyes but his family showed some concern. Soi Fon only wanted o find Grimmjow because she thought that he would go eat a bunch of souls for no reason. Rangiku showed some but maybe because she thought of Grimmjow as a child instead of a soul sucking monster who's purpose was to eat more souls to progress into a stronger entity.

Ignoring the looks he got for loosing Grimmjow, Ichigo told Yuzu, Karin and his father to stay put just encase Grimmjow came back to the house because he was hungry. Toshiro, Rukia and reluctantly Renji would join Ichigo in his search. Renji had tried to stay by saying he would guard the girls but everyone knew he just wanted to eat a few more tasty burgers but Ichigo bit that in the butt saying he'd also be watching Nel, Dondachaka and Pesche. That got Renji rearing to search for Grimmjow. Orihime and Chad would search the north area of Karakura Town to see if Grimmjow had gone to the forest. Ichigo would be by himself since he was fairly faster than most in his bankai. Rukia and Renji would search eastern Karakura Town while Toshiro, Ikakku and Soi Fon would search the west part. Uryuu would go off with Rangiku and Yumichika to the south.

With the areas established Ichigo began to use flashstep in search for Grimmjow. There would be no point in hims going in the sky because it would be harder for him to see Grimmjow and though he sucked at sensing spiritual pressure, everyone agreed that they couldn't sense Grimmjow anywhere in the city. He couldn't have gone far though because he was so small and he was unable to use any of his powers. A garganta hadn't been opened yet meaning that no espada had come to town either. Hollows hadn't been active lately either meaning the chances of him getting eaten were slim to none and even if one did then one of the others would get it. Ichigo was frantically searching and searching but the sun was setting and it would get harder and harder to see Grimmjow. The only thing that would make Grimmjow stand out was his white uniform and blue hair.

Ichigo wasn't tired in the least but even when his energy was spent he wouldn't give up on Grimmjow because Grimmjow was only a mere child at the moment and was under his care. The roads seemed pretty quiet and there wasn't anyone really occupying it. Ichigo was getting closer and closer to town but even as he got closer he wouldn't stop. Ichigo hadn't designated anyone to central Karakura Town so he'd search it himself because no one else would do it.

The lights were flashing in the town and it wasn't too late so people were still walking the street. He was in his spirit form so those spiritually aware would bump into him but not see anything and those who were not would walk right though him. It was disturbing at times but it was convenient since Ichigo had seen Rukia walk through walls a few times.

The noise was fairly quiet and though Ichigo would search down alleyways when they appeared he had yet to find Grimmjow. Calling out to Grimmjow, Ichigo wasn't getting a single response. A few souls had encountered Ichigo along the way and he gave them a konso so that they could head to soul society but Ichigo was more concerned about finding Grimmjow. What sucked was when a soul got terrified and ran off. Ichigo had to use energy to flash step after him and when Ichigo had got him the man was screaming about not wanting to be killed. What a moron, he was already dead.

"Shut up!" shouted Ichigo making the man still," you seen a blue haired kid with a hole and bone mask?"

"U-u-m-m y-y-es," stuttered the man.

"Where?" asked Ichigo.

"N-near the b-bar" replied the man" please don't kill me!"

Ichigo growled low in his throat before performing the konso. The man screamed as he sunk into the ground but it wasn't long before he was a hell butterfly and made his way to soul society. Heading in the direction the ghost was talking about, Ichigo hoped it wasn't some lie because he didn't have anytime for some bar. Using his flashstep, Ichigo made it there in record time but there was no Grimmjow anywhere to be seen, however, there was a alleyway beside it meaning he had to search there just encase Grimmjow was hiding there.

Softly calling out Grimmjow's name, Ichigo moved into the darkness; he would have blended in completely if his hair wasn't such a bright orange. There was a cat on a trashcan but there was no Grimmjow. Moving farther into the alleyway, Ichigo ignored the loud bass and called out Grimmjow's name again but with more volume. Grimmjow hadn't responded but Ichigo hadn't made it to the end of the alleyway so there was still a chance he was there.

Ichigo didn't meet a dead end though, instead he met two other directions he could go; left and right. Sighing, Ichigo closed his eyes and listened to those instincts his hollow kept shouting at him to follow and they told him to go to the right. Ichigo hoped he was right, no pun intended because if he wasn't then it would give Grimmjow time to run away from him and Ichigo wouldn't even know it until it was too late.

There was more garbage bags and the place really did smell bad. A rat scurried by him causing Ichigo to jump back. The creature had been so quiet that he would have never know it was there but it had made a pebble move and Ichigo had looked in the direction to see it thinking Grimmjow might have been there.

"Just leave him; he's worthless!" snarled his inner hollow.

"Maybe I should leave you," retorted Ichigo," you're nothing but an parasite taking refugee in my body."

"Tch, I'm smarter than you!" replied his hollow," least I know why you're precious espada ran away!"

"Tell me!" ordered Ichigo.

"You're on your own," was his hollows answer before blocking Ichigo out completely.

Snarling to himself, Ichigo was even more pissed because he had made it at a dead end and yet to find Grimmjow. Some instincts, Ichigo hadn't even seen a glimmer of Grimmjow. Sighing, Ichigo turned around and began to head to the other alleyway in hopes of finding Grimmjow there. Half-way there, Ichigo tripped over his own to feet and slammed into the cold concrete. Swearing quietly, Ichigo looked up and on the side, huddled beside some trashcans, under a box and covered with a blanket was Grimmjow. Ichigo's eyes widened in shock and he got up rushing towards Grimmjow. He seemed to be sleeping but that didn't matter to him. Pulling Grimmjow from the trash, Ichigo held him close and wasn't surprised to see Grimmjow wake up.

"Why did you run away?" Ichigo asked.

Grimmjow gave no response and Ichigo felt his heart sink at the answer. Did Ichigo do something wrong? He didn't think so.

"Do you want some ice cream?" asked Ichigo.

Again, no response. Ichigo was worried something happened to Grimmjow while he had run away and began to inspect him but there was nothing wrong with him after Ichigo inspected him. Ichigo frowned but held Grimmjow with one arm and held his sword with the other. Making his way out of the area, Ichigo decided it was time to go home. They had all decided if they found Grimmjow, they would flare their reitsu. Doing so, Ichigo made his way home, however, his flare of reitsu had attracted a hollow. The loud eerie cry filled his ears and a flying creature appeared only to swoop down in attempts to grab Grimmjow. Bringing up his sword, Ichigo used a getsuga tenshou and watched the creature disintegrate.

A low level hollow would never be a challenge for him, not even the infamous menos grande was a problem anymore. He'd pushed on back before attaining a shikai and the fact he had bankai now made an arrancar more difficult for him. Unless an arrancar decided to come to the world of the living, then Ichigo had no problems making it home.

Ichigo used flash step and it wasn't long before he made it home. Grimmjow had yet to say anything on there way home and even when they arrived he was silent. Yuzu fretted over him and Isshin gave Grimmjow a scolding about running away but he was acting kind of goofy so it didn't really count. Grimmjow ignored them and looked away but it made Ichigo concerned. It had been around a couple hours so maybe if Ichigo fed him food he'd feel better.

"I made hot chocolate and warmed up a fresh burger and hot dog for him," Yuzu piped up.

Yuzu ran into the house and came out with a large tray with hot chocolate and in her other hand was Grimmjow's food. Ichigo made his way to the table where Yuzu was handing out hot chocolate to everyone. Yuzu was so happy because it was Soi Fon who helped make it with her but Ichigo knew it was because Soi Fon thought Yuzu would try to poison them. Soi Fon wasn't part of the stealth squad for nothing but at least Yoroichi had shown a liking to Grimmjow making it harder for Soi Fon to kill Grimmjow without disapproval from Yoroichi. Sometimes her utmost devotion to her previous captain was something Ichigo was thankful for.

The group made their way to sit down while Isshin used the fire pit to start a bonfire. Karin had went and grabbed some more law chairs for when they had barbecues with the neighbors from time to time and had even got Toshiro to help too. Ichigo got to tease Karin and embarrass Toshiro but he enjoyed teasing his sister more. Ichigo had done it once using his scary "big brother" anger and afterwards, seeing Toshiro in a meeting up in his room made everything priceless as he laughed a little over it.

Sitting with Grimmjow on his lap, Rangiku had sat with Nel while Ichigo tried to get Grimmjow to eat or even drink. Grimmjow failed and Soi Fon saying he wanted a soul didn't help. It was then that a blanket was draped over them that made Ichigo's hostility lesson and shock form on his face.

"Maybe he's just not hungry Ichi-nii so don't push it because he'll eat when he wants to," offered Yuzu with a warm smile.

Smiling back, Ichigo hoped she was right. Grimmjow was a little cold so he put the food and drink down by his feet while holding Grimmjow close and wrapping him up in a blanket. Grimmjow was less likely to get sick now and Ichigo felt a little better now that Grimmjow was back with him. Ichigo would have to get child safety door knobs on the house tomorrow just encase Grimmjow ran off again.

"I was really worried about you," Ichigo told Grimmjow.

Grimmjow said nothing and Ichigo had to check to see if he was awake which he was. Ichigo didn't know what to do with Grimmjow and he never thought being a parent would be hard. Ichigo had taken care of the twins a lot growing up but even then it wasn't as hard. Were hollows different? Things were getting more complicated and Ichigo just wished that Grimmjow was okay and that he'd go back to nibbling on his arm and being all happy and cheery.

Giving Grimmjow a hug, Ichigo pointed out to Grimmjow that the fire was going now and that they would roast marshmallows Ichigo asked Grimmjow if he wanted one but Grimmjow stayed silent through the whole event of making marshmallows. The heat that radiated off the fire was nice and a couple times a few of the ashes went on his shihakshou but Ichigo managed to squish them before his uniform caught aflame. This was his only uniform and most of the time it healed when he went into bankai or when Orihime healed him. Orihime could heal injuries and reitsu and that saved a lot of time for him and any other healer who used kidou.

"Do you want some hot chocolate or a hamburger?" Ichigo asked Grimmjow again.

Another silent response was met to Ichigo's question. It wasn't until Ichigo heard a shrill scream that got him to stop thinking about Grimmjow. Jumping at the noise, Ichigo looked up to see Nel crying as she held out her tongue. Confused, Ichigo asked what as wrong and Nel came crying to him and away from Rangiku. Nel didn't make it to far. She tried crawling up Ichigo's leg but it was Grimmjow who pushed her away making Nel cry even more at being pushed. Ichigo was shocked since this was the first time that Grimmjow had done anything since waking up.

Ichigo didn't tolerate that behavior though but he was confused on how to punish Grimmjow. The child didn't want to eat and Ichigo couldn't send him to his room. It was then he realized he'd have to have Grimmjow sit by himself for five minutes and then come back and apologize.

"Sit over by the tree," Ichigo ordered Grimmjow.

What was even more surprising was the glower Grimmjow gave Ichigo before making his way off to the tree. That look that held so much hatred was like the adult Grimmjow and it was shocking. A tugging sensation brought Ichigo out of his shock and he looked down to see Nel with a few tears in her eyes still. Picking Nel up, Ichigo held her and Yuzu provided a napkin to be used as a tissue for Ichigo to wipe away the snot. Better than her sniffing it back up like the time in Las Noches. Ichigo shuddered at the memory and how he thought he'd never have kids because of that yet here he was with both Grimmjow and Nel in their child form.

Soothing her tears, Ichigo was pleased how she soon fell asleep. Nel was as happy as a clam now and Grimmjow's mean behavior was forgotten by her for now. When five minutes passed, Ichigo called Grimmjow over but he refused to answer or respond. Grimmjow stayed under the tree all by himself and Ichigo found himself frowning once more. Ichigo couldn't get up just yet because Nel would wake up since she wasn't in a deep enough sleep.

"I'll get him," offered Karin.

Ichigo thanked his sister and waited for her to bring Grimmjow but her own yell was what shocked Ichigo nad he forced himself to get up and thanked every star in the sky that Nel hadn't woken up. Rushing to his sister, Ichigo saw her with her own fury as she held a hand up to her cheek.

"What happened?" asked Ichigo.

"He hit me!" yelled a shocked Karin.

Ichigo was flabbergasted as well but he didn't want to resort to spanking Grimmjow for his ill behavior. Ichigo really wanted to know why Grimmjow was acting out and now of all times. Grimmjow had been fine before and nothing had changed so why now? Did he remember his life as a hollow or something?

"Maybe he's jealous," said Yuzu.

Ichigo turned to Yuzu and was confused at her answer; why would Grimmjow be jealous?

"Ignorant as ever, King!" sneered his hollow.

"Why is he jealous?" Ichigo asked.

"'Cause hollow cubs ain't used ta sharing one parent with another cub," answered his hollow," Nel bein' in tha' picture changed it and you ain't paying him enough attention."

Ichigo nodded his head and moved towards Grimmjow. Ichigo pulled Grimmjow into his arms and ignored the fact he was flailing around and trying to harm Ichigo. The injuries were minor compared to the ones he'd sustained in battle. Ichigo wanted to make his point clear to Grimmjow that even though he was taking care of Nel, Ichigo still loved Grimmjow just as much as he did nell.

"Listen," ordered Ichigo softly," you don't need to be jealous of Nel. You'll always be with me and I'll never love you less. Nel has Pesche and Dondachaka and they'll probably go home to Hueco Mundo and even if they stayed here, they wouldn't be as special as you are."

"...Really?" asked Grimmjow in a hoarse voice.

"Really," answered Ichigo," after all, I'm your daddy aren't I?"

"My one and only daddy," replied Grimmjow with a smile.