When Grimmjow had left, Ichigo didn't know what to do anymore. The summer held less entertainment and the espada and arrancar hadn't arrived back in Karakura Town to fight him anymore. The lesser hollows appeared but there was barely any of them around making life more relaxed but to Ichigo, for the first time he wished for danger. Soi Fon returned to Soul Society but Renji, Rukia, Toshiro, Rangiku, Ikkakku and Yumichika stayed in the world of the living since those were their orders. Ichigo had more time with his family but he did wish that Grimmjow was there because the blue haired espada made life more fun. If only Ichigo were stronger, if he was stronger than Ichigo could have kept Grimmjow if he had been able to defeat Ulquiorra. If they weren't around his family things wouldn't have been complicated and Ichigo would have the one person that he had grown attached to.

Time seemed to drag on and on and it seemed like time wouldn't pass by quickly. There wasn't much for Ichigo to do which made it problematic since he desired to find something. Yuzu and Karin had tried to get Ichigo out of his funk by hanging out with him but it wasn't the same. Karin even bit Ichigo to try to help him but it was only awkward to see his thirteen year old sister bit his arm like it was nothing. Needless to say, they hadn't gone through that again and it hadn't even given Ichigo a semblance of familiarity of Grimmjow since she didn't take away any of his reitsu.

His father had tried as well by getting Uruhara to bring Toshiro over but again, it wasn't the same. Mainly because Toshiro wasn't a kid as young as Grimmjow and he was around Karin's age in human years. How they got Toshiro in a blue and orange stripped shirt, knee length jean cargo shorts and forced him to hold a lolipop, Ichigo would never know and it was something they would never speak of again. Ichigo had to kick his father extra hard and hit Uruhara in the face with the hilt of Zangetsu to make Toshiro feel better. It was hot out as well so Ichigo offered him a change of clothes as well as an ice cold beverage but Toshiro only accepted the clothing and leaped out his window like it was nothing. No doubt to get away from the nutcases known as his father and Uruhara.

At least his father had lessened on his attacks of "love" making Ichigo somewhat happier. When the doorbell rang, Ichigo went to answer it since his family was out one a picnic and Ichigo was greeted with his friends. All of them held smiles and Orihime held a platter of food. At least it doesn't seem to be homemade meaning that he could eat something. Ichigo hadn't realized how hungry he was until his stomach growled. His friends tried to make him smile with their own behavior but it wasn't contagious. Ichigo sat around the living room while everyone chatted away and Ichigo tried to be social but it was hard when he was missing his enemy. Ichigo never thought he'd want to see the guy who tried to kill him so much. Grimmjow hadn't even shown up to battle him which was strange and Ichigo contemplated about forming his own garganta with the help of his hollow. However, if he did that then Ichigo would have to let him roam free until they reached Las Noches and Ichigo shuddered at the thought of that and if his hollow would even keep his word. If Grimmjow came to meet him half way then his hollow would destroy Grimmjow since it wasn't breaking his contract. Ichigo was stuck in the human world and would be until the espada chose the time of the war. The hogyoku was awaken but it was odd how Aizen hadn't attacked yet. It could have been because he wanted to increase his army but it helped the soul reapers increase their strength as well.

"Ichi-nii we're back!" greeted Yuzu.

No one seemed to concerned that Ichigo's family had returned and instead greeted them like they were guests. Figures that his father was okay with having a party since it meant he could act as goofy as he wanted. Ichigo sighed and greeted his sister. Yuzu said she was going to make some more appetizers while Karin went to sit beside him while grabbing a slice of pizza they had ordered not too long ago. Nothing was said as Karin ingested the greasy food until after she swallowed it. Her question about him missing Grimmjow was so silent that Ichigo would have missed it if he wasn't paying attention to Karin. Ichigo's only response was a simple nod of his head and nothing more. There were no words needed to be said because there were no words to describe how he felt; if there were it would be too many.

Ichigo was surprised to feel something chilly slide down his back and on instinct he jumped up and tried to get it out of his shirt but it continued to move down his back as he moved around. Everyone in the room was giggling and Ichigo could see a smiling Rangiku in his peripheral vision. Ichigo breathed out a sigh of relief when the ice cube clanked on the floor. However, fate wasn't as kind to her and Ichigo was much faster in flash step than she was. Before she could say anything he had dropped the ice cube down her shihaksho and smirked at the shrill scream she gave off. Call him juvenile if you want but Ichigo had no regrets. At least it helped Ichigo realize he wasn't a complete empty shell and that there was some semblance of his original self there.

Sitting back down, Ichigo made sure to watch his back just encase someone tried the same trick on him once more. Ichigo wouldn't put it past Karin or even his father to try or even Kon if he was bored. Keigo wouldn't be able to since he was too loud but Ichigo wasn't too concerned about being pranked. Taking a sip of his drink, Ichigo sputtered at the salty yet taste of pepper that filled his drink. The result being the fruity drink hitting the coffee table and some dribbling down his cheek. It was Orihime and Uryuu's laughter and high-five that indicated that they were the culprits. What was it, prank Ichigo day?

"Cheer up, Ichigo," said Orihime," we're just trying to lighten the dark atmosphere over your head."

"No, Orihime you're doing it wrong. We gotta kick his ass like last time!" Renji piped up.

Ichigo's scowl deepened and before anything could be said he stood up and said he needed to go for a walk. These pranks weren't funny in his opinion and he didn't think his attitude was a problem. Maybe he was in denial but he liked being that way. He had lost Grimmjow and though he only had him for a short time, Ichigo formed a bond with the espada even though he had forgotten what Ichigo had done in the past. Most of them wouldn't understand since they didn't have siblings or cared for a child so Ichigo felt like he was in the dark.

Ichigo found himself walking along the skies of Karakura Town while looking down at the multiple people walking the streets. It was only mid day so it was booming with people who had things to do before heading back to work, picking up their kids and many other things. Ichigo wasn't like them and he'd never be normal no matter how hard he tried but did he really want that? No, as much as he wanted normalcy he enjoyed being a soul reaper even if he had complained about it in the beginning.

The wind blew slightly but with the beating sun on him in addition to the black clothing, it was refreshing. However, when Ichigo heard the sound of a garganta ripping open he went on high alert. He didn't leave the house without Zangetsu since it was his only way to defend himself. However, that familiar rip in the sky meant that a hollow had finally come to Karakura Town. Ichigo felt excitement buzz through his skin as he hoped it was one of the espada and someone who could give him a real fight. In no time the research and development would have a barrier formed so that Ichigo and whoever the hollow were could fight at full strength. Only espada or arrancar could use gargantas while the lower based hollows just had black holes that they emerged from.

Before Ichigo knew it, he was using flash step like there was no tomorrow so that he could catch up to the entity who was coming to invade Karakura Town. On instinct, Ichigo brought his sword up and managed to block a blow that could have done some serious damage. Pushing the attacker back, Ichigo was surprised to see that it was Grimmjow who he was fighting. Without even the slightest hesitation, Ichigo moved forward and brought his enormous sword down on Grimmjow. It didn't do much since the espada was still stronger than Ichigo. Moving back, Ichigo increased his power and bundled it up so that he could harness enough energy for bankai. Without further ado, Ichigo brought the black sword out and swiped it in front of him to clear the black and red reitsu. Ichigo propelled himself forward and brought the thin, black blade onto Grimmjow's jagged sword only to have sparks fly from the impact. It was odd though, Grimmjow's resistance seemed to be less of what he normally gave. Every time the two fought Grimmjow gave his all rather than the half assed attempts he was giving now. There was clearly something wrong but Ichigo didn't understand why he was here if he wasn't going to try. Not that Ichigo had any complaints, but Grimmjow usually tried his best to show Ichigo that he was the king.

"Why are you here if you're not even trying?" Ichigo asked Grimmjow after stepping back.

"Why?" asked Grimmjow and put his sword down," isn't it obvious?"

Ichigo shook his head while having a confused frown on his face. What was so obvious about Grimmjow half assing it? Did Grimmjow finally give up and was ready to accept that he wasn't the fighter he thought he was? If so, then Ichigo would kick his ass for assuming such. As a warrior Grimmjow needed pride.

"It's because you're my Daddy," answered Grimmjow with a warm smile.

Before Ichigo could say anything else, Grimmjow had dropped Pantera to land on the cement that was far from where he was and held Ichigo close. It was awkward since Grimmjow was taller than him and Ichigo didn't get this much physical contact before. His face was red from embarrassment but Ichigo found his arm moving up to hug Grimmjow back with the arm that wasn't holding Zangetsu. Grimmjow's face was buried in his neck and the hollow mask was slightly scrapping against his neck. The mask felt cold and void but Ichigo didn't let it bother him as much. It seemed like hugging Grimmjow back seemed to make him happy. It made Ichigo happy to see that Grimmjow hadn't forgotten their time together and that he really did care for him.

"I killed him!" Grimmjow murmured in Ichigo's neck.

"Killed who?" Ichigo.

"Aizen," replied Grimmjow.

Ichigo didn't know how to reply to that; he was the sexta. Grimmjow was only ranked six out of all the espada and the fact he killed Aizen made Ichigo hesitant and wondered if Grimmjow was going to rip his head off his shoulders and bring it to Aizen. It was hard to believe it but it was plausible but at the same time it wasn't since Grimmjow had called him Daddy rather than Ichigo and that was the first time he addressed Ichigo.

Ichigo wasn't afraid and though he shoudl have been, he wasn't and instead found that the missing piece in him was back together once more and that was what really mattered. Not once had Ichigo thought about his own happiness before but he'd gladly take it knowing that Grimmjow was back. It as better than nothing but Ichigo had to know at least one thing. How had he killed Aizen? Aizen was clearly stronger unless he had used his hypnosis powers to make Grimmjow appear to be weaker but if so, how would Grimmjow break out of that spell? These questions were what made Ichigo's mind think and wonder but he knew he'd get those answers eventually.

"Daddy," began Grimmjow.

"Yeah?" asked Ichigo.

"What would you say me having brothers and sisters?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo almost choked on his own saliva at the question and pushed Grimmjow back a little so he could see his face. Asking if he was serious, Grimmjow nodded and Ichigo sighed and smile.

"I don't know," answered Ichigo.

"Is that a yes?" asked Grimmjow which caused Ichigo to nod his head," okay guys you can come out now!"

Ichigo was shocked when at least two portals opened and it revealed the majority of the espada: Ulquiorra, Stark, Lilynette, Nnoitra, Szayel and Hallibel. Nel was still at Ichigo's house but he was surprised to see them all there except for maybe a few and acting civil.

"I'm gonna need a new house," Ichigo mumbled to himself.

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