Disclaimer : Inuyasha and co are not mine. No matter how much I cry, plead and threaten Takahashi Rumiko-sama (if I ever met with her) to give me those characters, they would not be mine. So don't sue this poor student. Guardian Angel

In a big white room, a lot of angels were gathering. I sweated a bit and tried to feel comfortable on my seat, watching all the activities went around me while waiting my turn to be called.

This was my first time in this place. I just died 5 hours ago damn it, I was enjoying the heaven's scenery when suddenly Michael, one of the senior angel came to me and practically dragging me to this place saying "I told you to go to the place as soon as possible, not fooling around."

And I wasn't. It's just that a lot of very sparkly gem embedded on the front door of the building caught my attention and I tried to pull the amethyst one out.  And I managed to do it. But Michael scolded me for it and he took the stone back from me. Stingy.

"Himura Yuki."

It's my turn. I stood from my seat and walked to the appointed room. I entered it and the angel in there told me to sit on the chair in front of her. I read the nameplate on her desk while she reading the folder in her hand. 'Cleo, nice name' I thought.

After she finished reading the folder's content, she gave it to me. I accepted it, not knowing what to do. She then gave me a description of my job.

"You're going to be a guardian angel read the manual inside the folder and protect the one mentioned on the biography now shoo I still have a lot thing to do" She said it very fast and didn't give me a chance to ask anything.

So I went out the room in a confused state wondering if all angels in the heaven were moody. But being the nice, cute lil angel me, I started to read the folder's content in the restaurant when I'm waiting for my order came.

"Let's see. Guardian angel, guardian angel … ahah found it. Hmm guardian angel is an angel who protect a person from harm, to mentally support the person yada yada yada ……. The salary is 5000 yen"


The other restaurant's guests were staring at me but I didn't care and proceeded to rant at the injustice that has befallen to me. Well I thought its injustice to work even after you died (and with such a small salary too) so I voiced that thought aloud.

"I'm dead for God's sake, why do I need to work? Heaven is not fun at all. And my salary only 5000 yen? Even my pocket money when I'm still alive was not that small. Oh my gawd, God sure is stingy."

I continue to rant until the waiter came with my order. I immediately shut up and devour the food. After I finished the dessert, I realized that Michael was sitting across the table. 'When did he come?'

"I assumed you already read your job description." He said it with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. "And now you're better go to earth and do your job."

"No way, why should I work even in afterlife, and with such a small salary too." I huffed.

The annoyance was clear when Michael answered my not-so-nice question. "Because, every angel here has a job of their own. It's the rule here and if you want a higher salary, do your job nicely. You will get it eventually. Besides an angel of death has a lower salary."

I contemplated at that bit of information. 'So an angel of death has a lower salary. Wonder why? Well sucks to be them.'

"And if you don't want to be a guardian angel, there's a lot of other jobs, such as toilet cleaners or maybe a trash cleaner. Which do you choose?" Michael grinned.

Oh, how fast I saw the error of my action. So I smiled at him and said

"When do I have to go to earth?"

Author's Notes : Sorry about the bad English, it's not my first language. Well, as you know Yuki is already died. The heaven has a lot of departments and there's a lot of job to do for the angels. Ever read Yami no Matsuei? I made the heaven concept like that, except in this story the heaven has those glorious building with Greeks style and there are many type of angels, not just shinigami.

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