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Guardian Angel


Yeah, the third day. I could see Inuyasha today, and Kagome's mood seemed to get better too. Bet she couldn't wait to see Inuyasha too.

"Mama, Grandpa, Sota, I go." Kagome heaved the big yellow backpack full of medicine supplies, textbooks, snacks, etc.

"Be careful, Kagome-chan."

"Kagome, bring this amulet for your protection."

"Sis, next time bring Inuyasha-no-niichan here." Sota followed his sister to the well. "I want to show him to my friends."

Kagome sweatdrop. "Sota, Inuyasha is not a play thing. Besides if you show him to your friend he'll probably scare your friends away."

Kagome threw the backpack into the well. "Okay, I'll go now. Be good boy and help mama." After said that, Kagome jumped to the well. I stared into the well.

"Jump in too, Yuki." Ryota said it to me before he followed Sota out of the room.

I shrugged. Hey nothing bad could happen just by jumping into the well right? The worst case, I'll probably look stupid. Okay here I go.

Kagome already climbed out of the well. Being an angel I had advantages, like if Kagome has to climbed the vines to get out from the well, I could flew pass her and get to the top first. Well I wouldn't do it again next time because there's something beside the well that jumped Kagome the moment she climbed out the well. I freaked out and that thing's angel looked at me like I'm some kind of idiot -_-

That something is a very, very cute kid with fox feet, pointed ears and bushy tails (??).

"Kagome, you're here." Shippou snuggled to Kagome's arm happily.

"I'm back, Shippou-chan. Huh where's Inuyasha?" Kagome petted the kid's hair like a mother would do.

"Er, kid, what kind of creature is that?" I pointed to Shippou.

Shinji, Shippou's guardian angel were definitely peeved with the way I addressed his employer (again I don't know the word). He huffed "Don't treat my master like that. He's a kitsune and his name is Shippou."

I nodded dumbly. "Ooo a kitsune ... de what is a kitsune?"

Shinji facefaulted. "A FOX. Gee you don't know anything do you?"

I pouted. "Well I can't help it. This is my first job. Besides WHERE is this place? The time look different too."

He shook his head and spoke with a lecturing tone. "Yare yare I guess I should teach you everything." I definitely don't like his tone but I let him to started his lecturing.

Meanwhile, Kagome and Shippou were walking to the village.

"Kagome, forgive Inuyasha. He's just jealous with Kouga like usual."

"I know, Shippou-chan. I wish he can admitted it to me though."

"Inuyasha is so stubborn, Kagome. You already know that. The moment Inuyasha admit his jealousy will be the moment Naraku stop setting trap."

"You're right."

Shinji finished his lecturing when all of us entered Kaede-baachan house's. He looked proud, a bit out of breath but still proud because he felt senior over me. Well he still a kid.

"Kaede-baachan, Sango-chan and Miroku-sama, I'm back."

"Welcome back, Kagome."

"Have you meet Inuyasha, Kagome-chan? He still moping at the Goshinboku the last time I saw him. I think you should forgive him."

"Uun, don't worry." Kagome set her backpack down and rummaged through it. "Here, Shippou-chan, chocolate for you. This for you Miroku-sama and this for you Sango-chan. Do you want this, Kaede-baachan?"

"Wai thank you Kagome."

"I'll go fetch Inuyasha now." Kagome rose from the floor and walk out.

At the Goshinboku. Inuyasha, like always, was moping and grumbling something like "Stupid wench." and "I'm not wrong." You know, the usual Inuyasha's line when he's fighting with Kagome.

"Inuyasha." Kagome called the grumpy hanyou. "Come down here."

"Feh. Now you decided to come back." Inuyasha said while still in his position up at the tree.

"Yes, Inuyasha, come down. I need to talk with you."

"Feh, there's nothing to talk about."

"Inuyasha. Come. Down." 0_o I could see Kagome's vein was popping out, they right about Kagome's aura. Dangerous and scary like hell. Inuyasha could see it but decided to ignore it. Big mistake Inuyasha.



The sound CRASH was followed with the usual curse from the crumpled dog demon. Now, I understand what Kagome means with 'Osuwari' him. Oow that must be hurts.

"Mou, when will you learn? I came here to apologize but it's seems like you don't want it." Kagome pulled him up from the Inuyasha-shaped-hole.

"Is he always like that?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're Kagome's new angel huh?" Inutaisho, Inuyasha's guardian angel answered. "I already give up on advising him to treat her better. As his father, I really wonder from where he got that bad attitude."

"Yes, I am. Advise him? How? You're his father?" There's a lot of thing I don't know about being a guardian angel. I should find Michael and wringed out every information from him, that stingy angel.

"It's easy, make contact with Kagome and speak to her. They always said it's the sound of your heart."

"Inuyasha, I already apologized. You don't have to sulking and cursing like there's no tomorrow. Come on let's go back to Kaede-baachan's house."

"I'm not sulking."

"Why are you still angry? If it about Kouga-kun, you don't have to be jealous."

"I'M NOT JEALOUS. Especially over that wimpy wolf."

"Then why you still put up that face?"

"My face is always like this, bitch."

The fight begun. Inutaisho sighed and chose to sit beside me, away from the bickering two. I asked him "Don't you suppose to protect Inuyasha? I think Kagome will osuwari him again in the next five minutes."

"I told you, I already give up on that part. He just never listen."




"See what I mean."

End chapter 3

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