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EDIT: With the end of Naruto, and the reveal of the legitimate name of the Juubi's eyes (Rinne Sharingan), I'm still gonna call it the Juubigan. Just wanted to mention that. I'm also rewriting this story, chapter by chapter, to fix things that annoyed me.

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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin

The sealing had already begun; Namikaze Minato was sealing the Kyuubi, which attacked his village of Konohagakure no Sato, inside his son, Naruto, who was just born three minutes ago.

In the heavens above, Kami himself was watching the events unfold, already knowing what will happen to the boy in his life: He shall be hated, he shall be scorned, he shall be abandoned, he shall suffer.

But Kami expected great things for Naruto in the future, so he decided to give the boy a gift so he may fight his future. With his power only the god of gods could wield, he drew upon the power of the other eight bijuu throughout the Elemental Nations and funneled them all towards Naruto, sealing all the nine bijuu within one person, for the second time. He did not kill the other jinchuriki, nor did he strip them of their power of the demons; Kami was not spiteful, nor illogical. He granted the containers the abilities of the demons they once contained, to give them an advantage in this world. For a shinobi, there is no cheating, only an advantage above your enemy.

As the nine bijuu all fused together into the entity known as the Juubi, he split the demon's soul in half, sealing the Yang half inside Naruto, so he wouldn't be overwhelmed by it's pure existence, casting the Yang half far to the west, augmenting Naruto's seal to contain the reincarnated Shinju.

No one would know of the power the boy would contain, not even the man sealing the Kyuubi, initially, would know that he was a part of something so much bigger.

As soon as the boy could, he would be confronted by the demon within him. He saw great things in the future for this Uzumaki Naruto.

(Eight years later)

Naruto was running for his life from a mob that was chasing him. This was the third one this week, and he was getting annoyed by it. He ran into an alley in hopes to lose them, only to find it was a dead-end. If he stayed here, he would find that name is rather correct.

Turning around to run out where he came in, he stopped, seeing the mob was upon him. He backed away until his back was to the brick wall blocking his only way to freedom.

"We got you now, demon!"

"Now we're gonna finish what the Yondaime started!"

"This is for my family you slaughtered, you filthy monster!"

The villagers yelled these things and more as they fell upon the boy, weapons poised to end his life in petty revenge.

Suddenly everything froze, and the world was silent. Naruto was confused at what just happened and was about to voice his question when he was suddenly pulled into his mind.


Naruto appeared in what seemed to be a sewer, in front of huge bars, a piece of paper taking the place of a keyhole, which was surrounded by heavenly runes that glowed in the dull grey iron of the cage.

"Hello?" Naruto asked the entity behind the bars, receiving no answer.

"Well, well, well, it seems my new container has finally decided to grace me with his presence." A deep, demonic voice commented as a huge eye opened in the darkness.

It was blood-red, and it had a dilated pupil with concentric circles expanding outwards, three tomoe on each ring spread evenly.

An unseen light turned on, and he saw the creature behind the bars. It was a disturbing beast. A gargantuan demon with the eye that took up the 'head' and a mouth full of jagged teeth, as if rocks were ground into spikes, more protrusions across its back as it hoisted itself on two humanoid arms, ten large tails swaying behind it lazily; the creature had no hind legs. Its body seemed to be made of rock as it eyed the boy with mirth.

"Wh-what are you?" Naruto asked fearfully, having fallen on his ass and started crawling away.

"I am the Juubi, the Ten-Tails." The creature answered, voice filled with amusement, it's mouth not moving yet words being conveyed just the same.

"T-Ten-tails?! But there's only nine tailed beasts!" Naruto yelled incredulously, pointing an accusing finger at the demon that said it was the supposed Ten-Tails.

The demon was not amused. "Fool! Where do you think the nine tailed beasts came from?! In the time before your villages, when that human female consumed the fruit of my true form and reincarnated with me, this form before you was created. The man you know as the Rikudou Sennin sealed me inside himself, splitting my chakra into the nine bijuu and casting my empty shell into a celestial body that would become your moon." the Juubi yelled.

Naruto, too young to properly process the history of shinobi before there were shinobi, merely took a few minutes to swallow this, letting it fly right over his head. "…Where are we?" He finally asked.

"You are within your mind, specifically the special seal that keeps me inside you; you are not strong enough on your own to keep me at bay so this seal was specially modified for you." The Juubi answered.

Naruto nodded in understanding; it made sense. He was just a newborn when this happened, so how did the Yondaime expect to be able to seal such a strong creature inside him? If the demon's power was cut in half, he could've sealed it away like eight… years… ago.

"Hey…" Naruto started. "The Kyuubi attacked 8 years ago. How come you're sealed in me?" He asked.

He got the strangest feeling the demon was smirking with his odd maw. "Kami, in his infinite wisdom, decided to cut you a break and gathered all the other bijuu around your world and sealed them all inside you, remaking me. But he split my soul and sealed the Yang half within you, since your body couldn't handle all of my power at the time; only the Rikudou Sennin had enough will to hold me back. So, when the Yondaime sealed a bijuu inside you, he began the process of sealing the Juubi inside you, and here we are." It answered.

Naruto was silent for a while as he digested this information. So Kami decided to seal the Juubi inside him. He wondered why, but knew he couldn't really do anything about it. "So why am I here?" He asked the Juubi.

"I've decided to call for you to offer a deal: Kami gave me a sort of 'key' that will activate once I have your consent; it will allow me to unlock my power within your body, granting you what this half of me can. Once I unlock that power, you will acquire my eye, but in both of yours, and it will allow you to perform technique from both the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Also, since you only contain my Yang half for now, being my jinchuriki will grant you enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and regeneration, and access to all six forms of chakra. And since I'm the origin of all chakra, you can inject chakra networks and even Kekkei Genkai in other humans. Once you acquire my Yin half, you'll receive the rest of the abilities." the Juubi offered.

Naruto stared at the Juubi, agape. This sounded too good to be true. Then he realized something. "Wait. You said 'deal'; what do you get out of this?" He asked indignantly.

The Juubi shrugged its shoulders. "Nothing much, but the seal Kami put on you is kind of forcing me to do this, but for self-preservation and the need to not have a weak vessel, I accept the influence and will do these things. Do we have a bargain?" It repeated.

Naruto thought about it for some time until he looked up at the Juubi determinedly. "Yes." He answered.

"Then this is going to hurt." It said and a powerful beam shot from its single eye and hit Naruto in the stomach and his body was wracked with the greatest pain he may ever feel in his entire life.

(Outside World)

Naruto's form was currently seizing as his body was surrounded by a cloak of bubbling red chakra, the crowd of civilians and a few Chuunin backing off; had they released the Kyuubi?

He yelled out in horrible pain, some of the members of the mob whose hate wasn't as great as the majority suddenly second guessing their actions; a demon would not cry out in pain like that. Was this truly just an unfortunate boy, only 8?

Suddenly their thoughts were cut short when a foul aura exuded down the alley, suffocating them with its power. As they turned their gazes towards the Kyuubi brat, their hearts stopped.

Naruto stood straight, gazing at them with his new eyes. They recognized the doujutsu of the esteemed Sharingan, but it was different. They at least knew that a newly unlocked Sharingan would have one tomoe, but this had not one, not two, not even the maximum three they heard about from the veteran Uchiha's; no, these eyes had nine tomoe, his pupils dilated and three concentric circles expanding from it, each ring have three tomoe; it was entirely red.

His body was tense, his anger clear in his gaze. He slowly clapped his hand together and whispered lowly. "Enton: Megamino Pusshu." (Blaze Release: Goddess' Push) With a flood of chakra and utilizing a sub-element of the Sharingan portion of his new Kekkei Mora, black flames formed around him in an orb, exploding outwards, instantly vaporizing all flesh, leaving the blackened skeletons of Naruto's attackers frozen in poses of shock, their forms outlined along the walls.

He stood unfazed by the lives he had just taken. At least for the split second when he unleashed his technique. When the smell of burnt flesh and death reached his nose, he fell to his knees and vomited off to the side.

He panted heavily as he was on all fours, suddenly tired from the events that transpired and brought him to these circumstances. Giving in, he passed out to the side, thankfully not falling into his own puddle of puke.

This was the scene the Sandaime found himself at: many blackened skeletons along scorched walls and an unconscious Naruto next to a puddle of puke.

He sighed and ordered his ANBU to dispose of the remains as he personally walked up and picked Naruto up in his arms. "Oh, Naruto-kun... I wish I could have been here sooner... I promise to take you away from here, at least for a few months, once you wake up..." He promised quietly as he brought Naruto to the hospital, specifically to the only doctors and nurses there that didn't hate his guts.

(Three days later)

Naruto groaned as he slowly awoke. His eyes opening, their color now his normal cerulean. He seemed to be able to turn off his doujutsu, he mused. Staring upwards, he found himself seeing a blank white ceiling. Turning to either side, he found equally blank walls and medical equipment.

'Ugh, hospitals... I hate hospitals... Even if Retsu-kaa-san is nice.' He thought to himself, thinking of the nice middle-aged woman who was his personal doctor.

Sitting up, he found the Sandaime sitting in a chair by his bedside, looking at him expectantly with a slightly guilty look.

"Naruto-kun, I'm sorry I couldn't have stopped those foolish people from attacking you. The council held me back in another meeting..." He apologized.

"It's okay, ojii-san. I don't blame you. They didn't get to hurt me." Naruto waved him off.

"Naruto-kun, would you like to join me on a trip to Suna?" Hiruzen asked, already knowing the answer.

Naruto thought it over. He would take any opportunity to get out of this damnable village. "Sure. When do we go?" He asked.

"In about five hours." Sarutobi answered. "Now, when I found you, there were only black skeletons remaining. Can you explain those?" He asked.

"Itachi-nii-san helped me again. He said something and black fire suddenly shot from his eye and killed the villagers. He helped me cope with my first deaths then left so he wouldn't be questioned. Please don't punish him, ojii-san." Naruto begged/lied. It wouldn't be the first time Itachi would have helped him; the teenager was indeed like a brother to him.

Hiruzen merely chuckled. "Don't worry, Naruto-kun, I won't punish him. He did the right thing, protecting you from those people. Are you okay?" He asked, worried for Naruto's health.

"I'm fine, ojii-san." Naruto answered.

"That's good to know. I'll sign you out so you can go home and pack for the trip." He waved goodbye and left the room.

'Gaki, I got some ideas for when we get to Suna. Have you heard of the puppet technique some of their shinobi used?' Juubi suddenly popped in his head and questioned.

Naruto jumped a bit at the sudden voice in his head. 'Oh, hey Juubi. Yeah, I've seen some puppets in the market district; you talking about those?' Naruto asked.

'One and the same. I have some ideas for the art.' Juubi answered.

'Okay?' Naruto wasn't sure what the demon meant but went along with it and left once the nurse said he could go home.

(Three days later)

Naruto had left three days ago when ojii-san said, six hours after he awoke, around noon. It took those three days for them to arrive in Suna, due to Naruto not having chakra training and thus he couldn't augment his speed with the energy, slowing them down. He apologized to the Sandaime for this, but was waved off, told he was eight and wasn't enrolled at the shinobi academy so he shouldn't be expected to be able to do that.

Naruto was surprisingly quiet the rest of the journey. He had spent the trip contemplating why the Juubi mentioned the puppet art from Suna. Thinking of the Juubi, he remembered that it was made of nine other creatures with formidable power.

'Hey Juubi, if you're made of the nine other bijuu, does that mean you have their powers?' He asked inside his mind.

'Hn, took you long enough to realize that. Yes, I do have all their powers. I have the sand control of the Ichibi, I can control fire, both normal and blue, from the Nibi, I can control water and conjure coral like the Sanbi, lava like the Yonbi, steam like the Gobi, acid like the Rokubi, dust like the Nanabi, ink of the Hachibi, and raw chakra manipulation of the Kyuubi. Once you learn to use my power, you will as well. And because of your doujutsu, you will control all the primary and sub-elements.' The Juubi explained.

Naruto raised a brow. 'Sub-elements?' He asked.

He had the distinct feeling the Juubi was slapping himself in the face. 'Kami, you don't know a lot. As my jinchuriki, even if you only contain half of my power, you gain access to the six forms of chakra: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, and Yin-Yang. You can combine these elements in a variety of ways, creating sub-elements, like ice, lava, wood, boil, steel, scorch, etc. Uh, you there, gaki?' He explained then questioned when Naruto went silent and still in the outside world, worrying Sarutobi.

"Naruto-kun, you okay?" Hiruzen asked.

"...YAHOO!" Naruto yelled as he jumped into the air.

Again he had the feeling the Juubi was slapping himself.

Sarutobi was surprised by Naruto's sudden outburst. "Naruto-kun, are you okay?" he asked again, this time worried for Naruto's possible mental-health.

Naruto suddenly realized the spectacle he made of himself and had the decency to look sheepish as he came back to the ground. "Eh-heh, uh... Nothing, ojii-san." He answered.

Sarutobi was confused but merely shrugged it off, thinking it was another quirk of the boy who he thought he didn't know enough because of his duties as Sandaime. "Very well, let's go." He said and continued their journey, Naruto falling into step.

'You're an idiot.' Juubi commented in his head.

'Not my fault that sounds awesome so when do we start?' Naruto inquired.

'Whatever. We'll start once you return to Konoha.' The demon answers back.

'Okay. And what was that thing you mentioned about injecting other people with other Kekkei Genkai?' Naruto asked, remembering that tidbit.

'Who knows? Maybe you'll run into some people who you believe deserve these powers. From my memories as Kyuubi, there were some shinobi that excelled at using weapons. Maybe if you run into one of them, you might give them the Steel Release; they sure would appreciate it.' The demon explained.

Naruto nodded, seeing his logic. He remembered seeing a Higurashi girl around the village; she was pretty and kicked gratuitous amounts of butt with her weapons. Maybe, if he got to know her, he might give her Steel Release.

A few hours later, they arrived in Suna, after some questioning due to the unknown child the Hokage brought with him. When Hiruzen went to his meeting with the Kazekage, Naruto wandered around the village, until he came upon a lone red-headed child with a teddy bear, his black rimmed teal eyes cast downwards, the kanji for love over his left eye, sitting by himself in a swing set, sand swirling at his feet, no breeze coaxing the grains to life.

"Hello?" Naruto greeted, noticing the boy wincing at the new voice. He could sense some latent yokai emanating from within the boys chakra coils. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"You should go..." The boy whispered lowly.

"Why?" Naruto asked; was the boy dangerous? Nervous?

"Everyone around me dies..." The boy answered, causing Naruto to frown. He himself frowned, the grimace making him think someone who apparently didn't know anything about him would leave. He was surprised when determination exploded in the strange childs eyes.

"So what? People have wanted me dead and I'm still here!" Naruto said.

The boy was confused; why was this person so enthusiastic about people who wanted to kill him?

"Why?" The boy asked.

Naruto flinched; this was still a sore subject with him. "I... can't talk about it. But know I won't run away from you. You seem like you need a friend." Naruto offered.

The red-headed child was puzzled at this blonde boy. Friend? He didn't understand the word. Everyone in the village, even his own father, was afraid of him. "What's a friend?" He asked.

Naruto had to keep himself from face faulting. This kid didn't know what a friend was? He felt pity for the kid; judging from his demeanor and his question, he wasn't one for socializing.

"A friend is someone who cares about you and helps you feel better when you're done and makes you laugh. A friend is someone precious to you." Naruto answered.

The child was silent for a while. "So... you're my friend?" He asked.

Naruto thought it over. "If you want to be friends. I won't be in the village for more than three months. But I'm sure we can be friends during that time." Naruto assured.

"I would like that..." The red-headed child finally said.

"Cool. I'm Uzumaki Naruto. What's your name?" Naruto asked, sitting on the swing next to him.

"Gaara." The now revealed Gaara answered, a small smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you Gaara." Naruto said with his trademark grin. Before he could begin a possible conversation with his new friend, the kids playing away from Gaara yelled out.

"Hey! You talking to the freak! Get out of here!" One of them yelled as they ran at Naruto.

Turning around to face the sneering kid and his group, he growled, baring his teeth and started chasing them, the grouping running from the taller child.

As he continued running, he accidentally stepped on a weak piece of wood and fell through the ground, into some sort of secret room.

Naruto yelped as he fell and hit the ground on his back, he writhed a bit as the pain numbed and slowly sat up, rubbing his head as some pieces of debris fell down on him. "Where am I?" he asked seemingly no one.

'You're where I want you to be. This is the perfect place for you to start with the puppetry art.' Juubi answered.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked out loud, seeing as no one was around to think he was talking to himself, and thus, insane. Looking around, he realized what his tenant was talking about; all around him were scrolls in the shelves and puppet body parts and weapons strewn across the walls, jars of poisons on some tables here and there. "What the heck is this place?" He asked the Juubi.

'There's a desk nearby. Check if there's some kind of journal in it.' The demon answered/ordered.

Naruto complied and walked towards the weathered desk near him, taking out a faded black journal after searching through the drawers. Turning to the latest page, he found a memento from someone.

To whomever it may concern,

I am Akasuna no Sasori, the puppet master of Sunagakure no Sato. I leave this journal and my supplies to my lineage, some misguided fool who may happen upon this place. I leave to you the scrolls for the Chakra Thread technique, chakra control exercises to finesse it, and schematics for making your own puppets, including the blueprints for my technique of human puppets, should you venture into what is surely illegal in my old home. Don't disappoint me; someday we may meet, and I might make you another piece of my art.

The letter was stamped with a red scorpion; the rest of the journal was empty.

"Who the hell is this stuck up bastard leaving this letter?" Naruto asked indignantly.

'From my memories as Shukaku, this 'stuck up bastard' is Akasuna no Sasori, the greatest puppet master from Suna. He had mastery over 300 puppets and could lay siege upon an entire nation with his weapons.' Juubi started, relishing at Naruto's paling face. 'I agree, he seems a bit arrogant in his parting words, but with my power behind you, you will surely surpass him and, should we run into him one day, he will be a part of our collection.' The demon finished.

"Why do you want me to start in puppetry? That's oddly specific and weird." Naruto voiced the question buzzing in his head.

'I plan to have you master every art you humans have created, and puppetry is a more obscure art that will create stepping-stones to aid you as you learn other arts. Puppet masters have above average chakra control, something you desperately need because of me and your own shoddy control.' "Hey!" 'And once you master those chakra control exercises, they will have also helped you with control for your doujutsu techniques. And starting away from home will be easier so once we start there, we can start from within Konoha; it's mostly for convenience.' It finished.

Naruto nodded, seeing the logic behind this strange choice. "Okay. So what were those ideas you mentioned before?" He asked.

'You will know once we actually begin making puppets. Now, start on that chakra thread exercise.' The demon within ordered.

Slightly put off by his bossing him around, Naruto retrieved said scroll and began reading on the exercise.

Upon finishing the explanation, he concentrated on his chakra coils and channeled the energy to his fingertips and willed the strings to form, resulting in... nothing. He sighed and decided on starting with chakra ropes instead, willing the thick cords of energy to form from his palms instead of his fingertips, planning to exercise them to slowly split towards his fingertips then start weaning his chakra until they are the necessary strings.

(Five hours later)

Naruto had finally managed to form chakra threads from his modified exercise, but they wavered now and then, a fact he will remedy with more training. He now actually started on connecting the strings to objects, causing small puppet parts and empty jars to float around. After about ten minutes of playing around with stuff, his strings had stabilized.

He then began on the other chakra control exercises listed in the scroll, such as surface walking; it did not go well. The first time he tried to walk up a wall, he fell on his head, eliciting a mocking laughter from his tenant. He tried to ignore the guffawing inside his mind and began the exercise again, making it at least five steps up before he jumped off, instead of falling.

He spent the good part of another three hours on this exercise, finishing on an acceptable level, according to the Juubi.

Returning to the scroll, he found the instructions for a puppet Sasori left for him to start on: Karasu. Finding the bedraggled puppet, its three eyes lazily looking down, its six arms hanging limp from its sockets, and its mop of shaggy brown hair covered in dust from being left there. After he managed to clean the poor thing, he began on using his chakra strings on it, using all ten fingers to start. The construct jerked haphazardly with his hand gestures. After about ten minutes of learning how moving what finger moves what part of the puppet, Naruto began weaning the necessary strings to control Karasu, exercising his control to his normal level as he lessened the used digits. After another two hours, he managed to be able to control the entire puppet with a single finger, a fact that he found extremely exciting. Juubi even commented on how fast he progressed.

He then began reading up on seals for puppets, both storage seals to hold the constructs and seals on the puppets for some techniques. Surprisingly, he was extremely well versed in learning fuinjutsu. After only half an hour, he learned how to create storage seals and how to activate the seals throughout the puppet for a number of things.

Upon Juubi's request, he began sealing everything in the room in some storage scrolls that he then hid on his person. He left the journal Sasori left unsealed, in his left back pocket, and drew a seal on his arm that now housed Karasu. All of this took another twenty minutes.

Channeling chakra to his legs, he jumped through the hole that brought him here, onto the street above, surprising some late night wanderers when he appeared out of nowhere.

"Naruto!" He heard a voice yell and his oji-san appeared in front of him, looking extremely worried.

Sarutobi frowned when he finally found Naruto; the blone was scuffed up a bit, his clothes dirty and dusty, his shorts slightly torn. "Naruto, where have you been? I've been looking for you for nearly ten hours!" He yelled, worried sick about the blonde.

Naruto had the gall to look sheepish, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry, oji-san, I was chasing some kids that were making fun of my new friend and fell down some hole; I just woke up." he lied partially.

Sarutobi gave a small smile when he heard Naruto made a new friend and sighed in relief that he wasn't hurt. "Thank Kami; you scared me. Come on, its late. We'll be living in a hotel near the Kazekage Tower for the next four months." He said, leading Naruto to their temporary abode.

Naruto nodded and followed, smiling as he palmed the pocket that held Sasori's journal.

(The Next Day)

Naruto was playing with Gaara, as Sarutobi said he was going to another meeting with the Kazekage and his council, and the red-headed child introduced him to his siblings, Kankurou and Temari.

Kankurou was a nice kid, if mysteriously wary around Gaara. He had shaggy brown hair, which reminded him of Karasu, and dark hazel eyes; apparently he was a near spitting-image of his father, the Kazekage. He wore a dark beige T-shirt and black shorts. He expressed interest in puppetry, a fact that Naruto promised to get to later.

Temari was the elder sister. She had dirty blonde hair that was tied back in four shaggy ponytails. She wore a light lavender dress that stopped at her knees. She was nice enough, but she seemed like a tomboy, somewhat more brash than Kankurou at times. But he enjoyed playing with the Suna siblings; he was glad to have made more friends.

After about five hours of playing with them, he said his goodbyes when Hiruzen arrived from his meeting and took Naruto 'home.'

Naruto talked about his day of playing with his new friends, a fact that brought a smile to Sarutobi's face as Naruto managed to have some semblance of a childhood, even if it wasn't in his real home.

When he brought Naruto home, he left again, saying he was going to get them some dinner. Naruto nodded and promptly made his room into his workshop, unsealing all the supplies and Karasu.

Reading the scroll about facts of puppetry, Naruto read that the wood used for puppets was a special chakra-conducting wood, harvested from specially grown 'chakra trees.' When he read that Suna did not naturally have these trees, and had to import the supplies, he frowned; how was he supposed to make his own puppets if he didn't have the supplies.

'Use Mokuton.' Juubi offered.

'Huh?' Naruto asked mentally, in case Oji-san came early or someone overheard him through the window.

'Use Wood Release to grow the trees you need.' Juubi repeated.

'How? I don't know any Wood Release techniques.' Naruto reminded.

'I at least know some starter techniques for each element and sub-element. I'll teach you a major technique for growing the trees once we're back in Konoha; too noticeable in this desert town. For now, I'll teach you how to mold wood you already have on hand to change the parts you already have.' Juubi offered.

"Cool!" Naruto said out loud. "So we going to start on those ideas you mentioned?" He asked.

'Indeed we are. Now, what I want you to do is...' Juubi started, as he explained his first idea.

(Four months Later)

Naruto stood at the gate to Suna, next to Hiruzen, as they were seen off by the shinobi of the village, the Kazekage, and the Suna Siblings.

Gaara had actually hugged Naruto goodbye, the red-headed boy opening up during the course of their stay. Kankurou shook hands with Naruto, finally relaxed around him. Temari walked up, hugged Naruto, and kissed him on the cheek, eliciting a deep blush on his face and a giggle from Temari. She had opened up to the boy and over the course, she was smitten with the innocent boy and his care-free attitude. She wished they didn't have to go, but understood that he had to leave with the Hokage.

Once everyone said their goodbyes, Naruto and Hiruzen began their journey home, Naruto rubbing his hand secretly over a new seal on his arm.

It had the kanji for 'Ichibi.'

End Ch. 1

...On a cliffy! :D Yeah, the whole thing with Naruto, Juubi, and the doujutsu seems farfetched and Naruto might seem overpowered, but it was the only way I could make things work. Trust me, he won't go around kicking Orochimaru's ass at age 12. I'm sure you know what the ideas juubi talked about were. Tell me what you think.

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