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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin

"Okay, so… run that by me again?" Anko asked while rubbing her temples, trying to wrap her head around what happened with Naruto and Zabuza. Her team and she were currently sitting in Tazuna's house in Nami no Kuni, Naruto actually not working on a puppet, opting to explain what he did.

Naruto sighed. "After I used my new puppet and the repaired Sharpshooter – I'm thinking of changing his name to 'Hex' – Zabuza made me realize that I rely too much on my puppets and the Sharingan portion of my doujutsu, so I limited myself to only the Rinnegan portion. I used the Six Paths through clones and myself and fought him to the best of my ability. As you can see, I kicked his ass. But I know he's not dead; that hunter-nin used senbon, which are really hard to use to kill, and those needles went in special spots that induced a death-like state. I estimate Zabuza will be back in a week." Naruto reminded her. He had a couple ideas to improve the three original puppets, Karasu, Kuroari, and Sanshuou.

But until he was finished, he would also be working on his personal skills instead of puppetry or his doujutsu; he relied on them far too much. The kenjutsu he learned from Hayate was going to waste when he didn't used Kenshi or Gilgamesh, so he decided to put it to use; however, he didn't know if Hayate's teachings would transfer to what he had in mind for a weapon. Then there was the matter of learning more of his taijutsu; the last time he used it was in the 'skirmish' with Danzo and his Ne. Speaking of which, he hasn't really used the human puppet. Gah, too many things at once!

First step: personal weapon, he agreed with himself. Forming a wooden staff out of his torso, he set about creating his weapon of choice, using Steel Release and seals for the mechanisms and blades it would require. While he had a clone do that, he joined his team in training, learning the Juuken from Hinata while helping her with Suiton techniques and variations of her clans taijutsu that would utilize her flexibility, learning Shadow jutsu from Shikamaru and helping him with his Doton and chakra reserves, and training with Anko in his taijutsu; no puppets, no elements.

Speaking of taijutsu and puppets, while he took off the seals that had the portions of Predaking on his body, he thought about dismantling and remaking the massive puppet, making it one large one instead of five normal ones that combine. After Anko beat his ass into the ground with her superior taijutsu and experience, she agreed with him that the process of summoning all five and combining them was time-consuming. Granted, before he could dismantle it, he'd have to think of the new design; no need to have a bunch of useless parts hanging around until he did. So that would wait. He managed to further his proficiency in his Fox Claw style and learned to utilize his youki states into his taijutsu, since the foul chakra could bend to his will and extend his attacks. As a side note, he was learning to balance his human chakra and youki control, getting them as close to equal as he could. By the time the team was done training for the day and it was time for them to join Tazuna at the bridge for today's work, Naruto's clone finished his weapon and left it for him leaning against the wall next to the couch. Seeing his weapon, he grinned at the looks his teammates gave it, for it was an odd weapon, indeed.

The wooden staff now had a segment of it replaced with a metal shaft so both ends could collapse into it when he channeled chakra to seals that pulled them in, a leather grip on the surface that had the texture of a metal file, the kind that can shave through steel bars, so he didn't destroy his hand. At the head of the staff was the cause of their stares.

It was like two circular chainsaws overlapping, held by a sleeve-like mechanism that allowed them to rotate without wearing down the inside. The blades were segmented so they could be broken down; for what, only Naruto possibly knew.

"N-Naruto-kun… what is that?" Hinata asked first.

"That is my weapon of choice, the Saw-staff." Naruto explained, walking over to it and picking it up, tilting it in his hand to become familiar with the weight. When he nodded to himself, he channeled chakra to the seals in the metal shaft and to the blade, watching as the wooden sections slid into the middle and the blades broke apart and reformed into two parallel saws around the length of the shortened staff, an opening for his hand, as he strapped it to his back. 'That takes care of the second order of business. And Anko-sensei helped with the third, so let's go back to step one: Karasu, Kuroari, and Sanshuou.' He went over his mental checklist and nodded, setting up a workstation to create the last puppet, his Karasu twins and Kuroari triplets off to the side.

His team backed away slightly, seeing he was 'in the zone.' He got like this when it was a major development and he didn't want to be disturbed, so they honored his wishes, even Anko left him alone, and her sole existence as a sensei was to annoy the shit out of them all. Guess that means Shikamaru and Hinata will get a little extra annoyance. Yay.

After about five hours, his team spending that time suffering Anko's 'quirks' as she randomly tossed explosive kunai at Shikamaru and Hinata when they trained by themselves, also summoning snakes to annoy them, Naruto finally finished building Sanshuou, but he had to take his business outside, as the massive puppet would take up too much room in Tazuna's house. Most of these upgrades were weapon enhancements and additions, as well as added mechanisms to allow for some techniques Naruto had in mind for the future. He installed rocket salvos in the mouths of the Kuroari triplets, metal tracks on the bottom of their barrel-like abdomens, flamethrowers on the bottom of their chins, a slot and slight modification to their saw blades that pop out of their arms to slide out entirely and be used as melee weapons, and hidden chainsaw tracks on the outside of their bodies. He also replaced their claws with metal copies and, of course, dipped all their bladed weapons in his special poison he used on the Oni Kyodai.

Sealing them up and moving on to the Karasu twins, he actually forged four swords for each puppet, black blades with a white center, no guard, the handles wrapped in bandages, and rings on the bottoms, like kunai. He then installed hidden panels on the shoulder blades that could flip out and fire rockets, flip-out machetes in the forearms, hidden thin chainsaws in the upper arms, pop-out miniature cannons on the arms, four on each limb, the arms made of three segments each, coiled cables tipped with knives contained in the legs, shooting out the bottom of the feet, blades popping out of the back of the heels, and finally, he remade the toes into one piece so a knife could pop out of the front.

Sealing them away, he moved on to the monster: Sanshuou. It was a very basic, bare-bones puppet; bladed teeth and claws, pop-out blades in the ribs, a flamethrower in the mouth, and a shield on its back made of a tough black material. Working from the front and going back, he reinforced its entire head with an underlying steel plate so it can be used as a battering ram. He then outfitted the bottom of each foot with a massive cannon, a huge turbine on its stomach so it could rise into the air and body slam enemies. He then outfitted the shield to also be part of a massive crossbow mechanism, inscribed seals reloading the massive bolts. Finally, he installed mechanisms within the segments of the tail to pop out massive barrels, turning its tail into a train of revolver chambers.

Satisfied with his work, Naruto sealed Sanshuou away and unsealed some schematics for a few things he wanted to design in the future as he walked back inside the house. For once, they weren't puppet designs; this time, he was thinking of creating modular weapons. One large weapon that can be broken up into several smaller weapons or reformed into another weapon. He only had four in mind, so far, but they were great, in theory. Shit happens from paper and theory to materials and actions, so this might be difficult. He also had in mind - gasp! - another puppet; but this time it would actually be relatively simple and even a little bit on the weak side compared to his other puppets, but its main purpose would make up for it. Before he could think more on the matter, his bedraggled teammates walked in, a grinning Anko trailing victoriously behind. "Did everyone have fun?" He teased, smirking as Shikamaru's lazy glare and Hinata's weak glare tried to set him on fire.

"Make anything new, gaki?" Anko asked as she stood behind him, her large breasts pressing against his shoulder as she looked at his schematics.

Blushing lightly, Naruto responded. "Just one, but it isn't original; I just felt the need complete the set of the original three puppets. But I outfitted all of them with new weapons, so that took up some time. But right now I'm working on the schematics for new weapons, this time." He offered, gesturing to his trio of blueprints, titled 'Unite Sword', 'Grave Arms', 'Mega Slash Edge', and 'Exceed Binder.'

"Then what's this?" Anko asked, pointing at the corner of a hidden fifth blueprint. Pulling it out, she spied a familiar concept. "Aha! There is a puppet, anyway!" She accused of him. "Just when I thought you had changed, you go back to your roots." Anko chastised him.

"Well, soooooorry! Excuse me, a puppeteer, for designing puppets! How dare I!" Naruto argued, taking his paper back. "Anyway, the main points are the weapons I'm designing. They can be broken into multiple weapons, arming allies in times of battle when weapons are scarce. But they're a tad complicated, and half of their construction is pure conjecture, so they'll be on the backburner for now; the associative puppet, as well, as it won't have a real purpose to exist without making the weapons. Until then, I'll try to stop making new puppets while working profusely with my existing ones. Going over my collection, I have 56 puppets, so I should concentrate on them, possibly redesigning some and lessening the amount any way I can. I already plan on breaking down the Predacons into only one puppet, and I have five Uchiha and Hyuuga, ten Ne, and six of the bijuu so far." Naruto explained. He also had several morbid ideas for some more puppets, but he couldn't act on them until he got back to Konoha due to the requirements.

"Well, you'll have to do that later, because it's your turn for training!" Anko grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him out of the house, kicking and screaming. Once they made it to their predetermined field for their team, she let his collar go, letting him fall to the ground. "Now, no puppets; only ninjutsu and taijutsu. And no yokai or doujutsu, either; you need to be better-rounded, or else you'll become specialized and reliant on these things, leaving yourself stagnant. And I doubt you'll need to access your yokai for this mission." Anko lectured him.

Standing up and glaring at Anko for pulling him away from his work, Naruto mentally agreed with her; he had become too reliant on puppets and his doujutsu-granted abilities. He also needed to create new techniques in the sub-elements with little to no techniques. As such, he decided to start on Storm Release; the sub-element had, literally, one technique. "Okay, Anko-sensei, I'll play along." He answered, smirking at her as she returned the gesture, whipping out her special kunai. Clapping his hands together, they were engulfed in chakra as he began his technique. "Ranton: Reiza Sakasu!" A halo formed around the orb of chakra around his hands and various lasers shot out towards Anko, who side-stepped them, only for her eyes to widened when they snapped at angles to hone in on her. She jumped out of the way and launched a fireball at them, stopping the technique.

"Interesting technique, gaki. I guess you want to expand your sub-element repertoire?" She asked, smirking at him; she decided to up the ante with three Kage Bunshin. They all launched either a fireball or a bullet of wind at Naruto, creating a true monster of elemental destruction.

Freaking out, Naruto decided to tap into Dark Release. "Meiton: Kyuketsuko!" He yelled frantically, opening his mouth as he drained the chakra from the massive fireball before it could hit him. Momentarily overloaded with chakra in his tenketsu around the mouth, Naruto tried a new Dark Release Technique. "Meiton: Chen wa Danmaku o Kochiku!" (Dark Release: Chain Construct Barrage) From the glowing mass of chakra in his mouth shot out multiple chain constructs, all tipped with a blade, towards the clones.

Caught off-guard, two clones were hit and dispelled, but Anko and one clone managed to escape the attack, looking back as the blades stabbed into the earth, dispersing soon after. Anko remedied the loss of clones with replacements, plus two more, making six Anko's versus one Juubi jinchuriki. They all pounced on the panting genin, surrounding him and attempted to strike all at once.

Using his knowledge from Hinata's Juuken teachings, Naruto coated his fingertips with Storm chakra and spread his stance. "Ranton: Sutoroboraito!" (Storm Release: Strobe Lights) Using the quick jab-and-withdraw strikes of the Juuken, Naruto quickly formed orbs of dazzling chakra in the air, which quickly exploded, knocking the clones and Anko back, the shocks dispelling the clones. Generating that same chakra at his fingertips, Naruto started on another technique as Anko got back up and attempted to attack him again. "Ranton: Reibu!" (Storm Release: Rave) Flexing his fingers in all kinds of directions as lasers shot off them, Naruto forced his sensei to dance to dodge all of them. Immediately rolling with the punches, he kept up the new techniques, as his skin turned to black steel. "Koton: Chakuramu Kensetsu!" (Steel Release: Chakram Construction) Focusing chakra to the side of his metallic hand, Naruto swept his arm in a full circle around him, leaving a blade of steel, creating a massive bladed ring that then formed a serrated edge, creating a massive buzzsaw as he threw the weapon at his sensei.

Anko attempted to block the chakram, but in the millisecond she felt her kunai give, she immediately dodged, only getting a slashed coat out of the affair, the blade continuing to fell two trees, finally embedding in a boulder a ways away. She momentarily scowled at Naruto, but that soon changed into a smirk; this was getting interesting! "Fuuton: Atsugai!" A dense orb of pressurized air screamed towards Naruto, forcing him to block as she began the barrage of several, lesser copies of the same technique. After he was at a sufficient distance, she decided to try something she was working on in secret when she was done with her genin. Summoning a large group of clones to keep Naruto busy, Anko sat in the lotus position and closed her eyes, harmonizing with nature when one of her clones summoned a very special snake to aid her in this endeavor.

Switching to taijutsu, Naruto engaged the ten clones Anko summoned, also taking note of the meditating original. Leaving the questions for later, he fought with his special Kitsune Tsume style. Fingers splayed and curled like claws, upper body hunched, feet spread, knees bent, body low to the ground, Naruto struck. With a wild spin kick, Naruto swatted the nearest clones impending right hook, immediately dispelling it with a knifehand thrust through the stomach, his clawed fingers from the hanyou process helping immensely. His outstretched arm was grabbed by two clones and they tossed him over their shoulders; he went with the impromptu flight and rolled in the air, sliding on his feet, using one hand to aid as well. He burst forward, arms out to the sides and clawed fingers facing forward, he let out his feral side as he neared them. Jumping over a pair of kicks, Naruto used the twin clone heads as a springboard to launch himself at the other eight. Slamming into the nearest one, he grabbed her in the roll and immediately pivoted on one foot, throwing the clone like dead weight towards her sisters, dispelling three from the force. Lunging forward, he tore out the throats of two more, dodging the forest of snakes sent his way from the three clones behind him, grabbing the arms of the two clones that attempted to kick him earlier, slammed one on the ground and threw the other at the clones, hitting only one of them, bringing the group down to two clones. They formed a collaboration jutsu as he neared them.

"Fuuton: Renkudan!"

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

A massive, flaming bullet barreled towards him, but he smirked a feral grin, showing his enlarged canines. Channeling chakra to his throat, Naruto let out a bestial roar, a large shockwave immediately dispelling the fireball; he used the clones' shock to his advantage, using a high roundhouse kick to slam their heads together, dispelling the last clones. Turning around after sensing a spike in Anko's chakra, as well as an odd feeling from it, Naruto saw the fruits of Anko's stalling.

Standing tall and proud, Mitarashi Anko had successfully done something even her old sensei, the traitorous Sannin, Orochimaru, never attempted. Purple markings along her eyes and the bridge of her nose like the snake-like man, her oddly pupilless chocolate brown eyes forming a slit pupil, much like a snake, scale-like patterns along her arms, four horns sticking out the back of her head amongst her hair, Anko was a Hebi Sennin.

Around her shoulders was the Snake clan Elder that aided her in absorbing nature chakra from the world around them. A grey viper with a black underbelly, emerald eyes, and the same horns as Anko, Hageromaru was Anko's sensei in the ways of the Snake Sage.

Hageromaru came to Anko one day when she attempted to summon another snake to just talk with, explaining how all snakes but Manda forsake Orochimaru as a summoner of their clan, save for the mindless droves he conjured whenever he created any amount of snakes to overwhelm his opponents, and that they saw Anko as the one who would bring them back to glory. The Snake Elder endeavored to teach her the secrets even Orochimaru was ignorant of, including the art of the Snake Sage. This was just after she met her students, so she had been training with Hageromaru ever since. She had succeeded in attaining this form, but she could only hold it for five minutes, even with his aid.

"This is where we get serious, gaki." Anko spoke sternly, completely serious; she couldn't afford to be her mischievous self in this stage for fear of losing control, and thus time.

Smirking, Naruto nodded and stood up straight. While 'getting serious' doesn't mean he can use yokai or puppets, it did mean he could really cut loose with the jutsu. As such, he wanted to try a new sub-element, like when he 'created' Acid Release from using the Rokubi puppet. Clapping his hands together and gathering the required chakra natures, Lava and Lightning, Naruto struck. "Keton: Fushoku-sei no Rutsu!" (Plasma Release: Corrosive Roots) Slamming his hands into the ground, veins of plasma surged through the earth, tearing up the stone, immediately scorching the glass that formed from the heated minerals in the ground, and even burning the very air.

Anko was momentarily surprised by the new sub-element, but she got over it and jumped high above the now-volatile storm of destruction under her. Landing on a branch, Anko shot towards Naruto, the blonde momentarily winded from the drain of the new technique, and slammed her foot in his face. Now, while her strength was already impressive against a genin, her Sage chakra allowed her enhanced strength, thus, Naruto saw her foot one half-second, then he saw her figure through a pile of trees the next half, having been flung across the field, bringing various trees down around him.

'Owwwwwwwwwww.' Naruto moaned mentally. Anko's kick hurt like fuck, and the trees sure didn't help. Calling on Wood Release, Naruto got the trees off of him, and then struck back. Pillars of wood rose from the earth towards her, then immediately contorted into tendrils to crush her. As she dodged and actually splintered some tendrils with her bare fists, Naruto held a clear cube with a white orb in the center, utilizing the one Dust Release technique there was. "Aiton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!" Launching it forward like a bullet, the technique barely missed Anko, hit a tree, expanded in size to almost engulfing the entire tree, and the orb in the center exploded completely atomizing the part of the tree within its boundaries, creating a clean cut on the parts left.

Surprised at the technique, Anko closed in on Naruto before he could perform another, engaging him in taijutsu, her augmented strength defeating his feral taijutsu style and landing a few heavy blows on his abdomen and arms, finally launching him to the side into another tree. She launched a fireball at him, augmented by Hageromaru spitting a pressurized ball of wind after it.

"Aiton: Opun'endo Keimusho!" (Dust Release: Open-ended Prison) With a yell, a trapezoidal prism was launched into the line of fire, immediately expanding once the destructive elemental ball entered its space to engulf it, the center orb exploding to atomize the attack, nullifying it. Immediately mounting on the lull in combat, Naruto launched another attack he had started training with earlier in the week. "Aiton: Seppaku Hakai Sarubo!" (Dust Release: Salvo of Impending Destruction) He conjured multiple clear orbs with white centers, launching them at Anko, similar to a barrage of kunai or shuriken.

Seeing how destructive the first technique was, Anko pulled her trench coat off and threw it in front of her, using it as a defense against the first few attacks as they immediately went off once they made contact with it. Large holes were made in the cloak, utterly destroying it, as Anko dodged the rest, looking back once it was done, seeing the multiple craters littering the field from the impacts. Turning back to Naruto, she smirked crazily at the prospect of continuing this 'training exercise.' "Fuuton: Daitoppa!" She yelled, a wave of wind launching forward towards Naruto.

Conjuring a red mass of burning wind between his hands, Naruto struck back. "Shakuton: Hakudatsu Marunoko!" (Scorch Release: Deprivation Buzzsaw [lit: Deprivation Circular Saw, but intended as Buzzsaw]) With a glowing center, burning wind tapered from the center outwards, creating a massive buzzsaw of scorching wind. Throwing it forward, the hot blade of air tore straight through the wall of wind, dispersing it and continuing towards Anko.

Anko haphazardly fought back. "S-Suiton: Teppodama!" A large bullet of water burst forth, dispersing the attack.

Naruto continued the attack. "Shakuton: Shakunetsu no Hari!" (Scorch Release: Scorching Needles) He launched dozens of senbon made of scorching wind towards Anko, but she blocked with a Suijinheki. Unfortunately for her, Naruto used her blocked vision to appear behind her and attacked from behind, but Anko managed to block in time. "Bakuton: Jiraiken!" He punched her crossed scaled arms and the contact immediately set off a laser-like explosion. Once the light and smoke faded, Naruto saw Anko still standing, albeit with burnt arms, but they were quickly healing due to her nature chakra. Unfortunately, just as the last of the burns healed, Anko fell to her knees, her snake features fading as she attempted to catch her breath; her five minutes were up.

Kneeling down to her, he calmed himself down and put a hand on his shoulder. "I guess we're done for today?" He joked, smiling as she smirked at him. He lost his smiling and soon blushed a deep crimson, his mind finally registering his sensei was without her coat, her wonderful figure and modesty barely veiled with chainmesh. His blush died down when she unsealed another coat and put it on, thanking Hageromaru as the elder went back to the summoning realm.

They walked back to Tazuna's house, Anko soon falling asleep and forcing Naruto to carry her bridal style, blushing as she snuggled into him. Once inside, he carried her to the room she shared with Hinata and laid her down, attempting to stand back up to let her sleep, but her arms suddenly wrapped around his neck and she whimpered slightly, tugging at his coat. His blush intensified as he resigned himself to lay with her, smiling as she nuzzled the nape of his neck.

Juubi whined cutely in his head and manifested outside of the seal, snuggling with Naruto in bed also.

(The next day)

Naruto woke up to the feeling of two bodies against him; confused, as he only remembered laying down with Anko, he opened his eyes and slowly lifted his head to see the second person. Finding Juubi-chan, he smiled softly at her. Stroking her hair, she slightly woke up but whined, wanting to go back to sleep, and snuggling deeper into his side.

He chuckled at her antics, and that woke up Anko; she yawned rather cutely and began to stretch, only to feel she was pressed up against someone. Opening her eyes, she saw she was snuggling with her own student; before she could stutter out an apology or explanation, Naruto shushed her with a finger on her lips. He then whispered to her. "How about, when we get back to Konoha, I take you out to dinner?" He offered, his eyes closed as he smiled at her shocked expression.

For the longest time, she didn't say anything, even after Naruto removed his finger. "I think you should take him up on it." Juubi offered, suddenly sitting up and looking at her over Naruto's shoulder, smiling at her wide eyes.

Anko nodded dumbly at Naruto's proposal, and pointed a shaking finger at the woman over his shoulder.

"Oh, um... Anko-sensei... meet Juubi-chan." Naruto offered nervously.

(Five hours later)

After explaining that the Juubi could manifest outside of the seal after certain circumstances, Naruto helped smooth over their first meeting. Juubi then explained, with no shame whatsoever, that even though Naruto was to take Anko on a date when they finished this mission, that Naruto, due to his special position, could take multiple lovers and wives, and that Juubi would be the first.

Naruto would chuckle at her blunt personality if it wasn't so embarrassing for him. After that awkward moment, Juubi faded into his seal and Anko took Shikamaru and Hinata for training, sending Naruto to guard Tazuna at the bridge for today once the old man woke up.

Thankfully, that took a while, so Naruto had plenty of time to redesign his Ne puppets, and with them, he went with Tazuna once he announced he was going to work at the bridge. It also helped that he outfitted them with a special seal on their masks that allowed him to see what they did when he applied chakra to a central seal connecting them all.

Seemingly fusing their blank, white masks with their heads, the Ne puppets now had a pointed chin and they all shared the same hairstyle, a thin version of Anko's pineapple/peacock style. All their left arms were outfitted with blue gauntlets with studs on either side of the wrist and on the knuckles, a circle on the back of the hands. They were equipped with a special seal on the palms that released an electric current to paralyze a target; each of the fingertips also hid a needle dipped in a paralyzing formula that would shut down a victim's muscles and nerves, leaving them a vegetable but very much alive. The gauntlets also hid a contraption within the arms that would pop out extra panels to create a shield on their arms. Their right arms were outfitted with red gauntlets, spikes in the same places as the rounded studs on the opposite arms, an X where the circle was, and their palms had a nozzle with a flamethrower, their fingers tipped with blades dipped in a modified version of the special poison he used on Gozu and Meizu, this version excluding the vocal command, made purely for killing. The contraption in the right arm was a hidden blade in this case. They also had a special seal in the bottom of their biceps that summoned a length of segments outfitted with two large spikes on each side. He kept their ANBU gear but also gave them white cloaks, a tanto and a special metal pole that could channel a paralyzing current crisscrossing on their backs.

He collective named them 'Jury', and began designs for what he would call 'Judge' and 'Executioner.' Moving on to his next puppet modification, he prepared to unseal True Shinobi, also thinking over a new name for it, when he sensed a pulse of chakra from the vision relay. Activating it and closing his eyes, Naruto saw through the puppet that sent the signal that a small group of thugs were coming to harass the bridge workers; sending five puppets towards them, Naruto took active control of them, having controlled the ten puppets subconsciously with his chakra arms, continuing to see through the seal on the main puppet.

(With puppets)

The five puppets dropped down from the canopy, surprising the thugs, and scaring them slightly that shinobi were in the area. But one of the thugs noticed their wooden skin and clicking movements, pointing out they were 'just some stupid dolls' and the thugs smirked, charging forward to smash them.

The main puppet had a speaker in its head, and a recording of Naruto's voice spoke out. "Assault on a symbol of the law. Guilty." The puppets all burst forward, some wielding their tanto's, others merely using the spikes on their red gauntlets to gore them, and one used the hidden blade in its arm.

The leaders of both groups squared off, the puppet knocking the thugs sloppy sword strike to the side and grabbing his face, the seal in the palm of its left gauntlet flooding his body with electricity, leaving the thug twitching sporadically, falling to his knees when the puppet let go. He was finally killed when the puppet separated his head from his body, quickly spinning around to block a thug that attempted to attack it from behind using the shield in its left arm. When the thug recoiled from the strength of the shield, it swung the tanto and cut off his arm. As the thug screamed and grasped at the stump, the puppet silenced him by shoving its hidden blade through his face.

Another puppet was bashing in a thugs face with the metal studs of its left gauntlet, breaking his nose, cheekbones, and jaw. With a final swing of its hidden blade, the puppet slit his throat open, leaving him to attack the next target as he clawed at his spurting throat, soon falling down. Grabbing the next thugs face and slamming his head into the tree, leaving a massive blood stain on the bark, bone shards and brain matter either embedded in the wood or falling to the ground.

This continued for another 30 seconds before all the thugs were dead, and the puppets returned to their patrols, Naruto's control fading to his subconscious as he opened his eyes, seeing Tazuna and his workers still working. Sensing that no other thugs were in the area, Naruto unsealed True Shinobi and did what he could without his work table and most of his tools.

(Five hours later)

Naruto escorted Tazuna back to his house, explaining that when he 'fell asleep' was actually him taking control of some puppets in the distance and taking care of some thugs. He proved his point when his puppets returned, and half of them were covered in blood. That shut Tazuna up and he stepped into the kitchen to speak with Tsunami. Naruto sat at the couch and unsealed True Shinobi again; he couldn't do much at the bridge, he just detached the mounting units on the arms and legs the blades of wind chakra came out of, carving a panel in the forearms and detaching the legs at the knee. For what he had in mind, this puppet wouldn't have conventional feet, and the hands would be able to switch out for what he had in mind, pivoting at the wrists to reveal the remade mounting units, now hemispherical. He also had the wind chakra manifest differently; now it formed a spade shape, the sides on the outside of the forearms reaching halfway up the forearms. Even though it would usually be in this form, the wind chakra could be molded into several different shapes, including a sword, a lance, and an axe. Now that he had access to his tools, he could now make the new legs. He also decided to remake the shuriken on its back, opting to make a new backpack contraption for the puppet, employing a system similar to Hex's bits.

(Six days later)

After the incident between Anko and Juubi, the Shinjuu decided to stay inside the seal, but she always came out at night to snuggle with Naruto. The team in general trained every day, working on chakra control, team dynamics, and new techniques; Naruto, being a natural creative shinobi, helped with the latter immensely. He helped Hinata utilize her water affinity with her special brand of Juuken, Shikamaru with his chakra reserves, shadow techniques, and earth affinity, and he learned a bit about Anko's endeavor to become a Snake Sage.

When he asked about the horns both she and Hageromaru had, he was informed that in the life cycle of snakes in the summoning clan, they sought to evolve into dragons, thus the horns. Anko hoped that this ace in the hole would help her conquer her sensei when they met again, Naruto pledging to aid her in this personal mission.

Naruto finished his modifications of True Shinobi, cutting off the 'True' in the title. Its new modification consisted of a large mounting unit on its back that held eight large kunai, all of which were hollowed out and filled with mechanisms that allowed them to open in quarters, and become the centers of chakra swords, shoot Storm Release-divined lasers, or three could create a chakra shield. They could also fly around Shinobi, leaving it free to utilize its wind chakra weapons that could switch out its hands. It could also use its new legs as weapons in and of themselves, for Naruto gave it a spike for each leg.

He also made the puppets he decided would be named Judge and Executioner, keeping them in a separate scroll with the Jury puppets, which he labeled 'Law.' He also finally broke down the Predacons and remade them into one, permanent puppet, keeping the name Predaking for it. He also managed to make two of the modular weapons - a copy of one of them, making three weapons - and three of the associative puppets with them. They had hidden blades where he could spare them, but that wasn't much room due to how they functioned. They were also built very differently from his other puppets.

Today was also the day Naruto hypothesized Zabuza's recovery, so the entire team went with Tazuna to the bridge, Naruto leaving two clones to protect Tsunami and Inari. He also decided to bring along an unsealed puppet, his chakra arms holding a massive steel-plated skull-faced pod, eight limbs folded up under it and blades lining the two sides of it. This was, in actuality, a redesigned Demongo. Naruto decided to remake the disturbing puppet, and up the creep-factor; and what better way than by making it an ungodly fusion of its own disturbing visage and a fucking spider? Removing the lower body that held its murder-tool wielding arms, he attached the remaining torso to a large spider puppet he made, a new pair of arms - tipped with scythe blades to imitate mandibles - at the junction between the two parts. Its eight legs could fold up under it, and the bladed limbs arced such that the blades themselves lined the sides, as Demongo's upper torso - still bearing the bladed wings - folded back to lie in a bed of human skulls, the various containers for Naruto's human puppets, seeing as he also touched up Demongo's torso. It was hollowed out, the bladed ribs remaining, and lined with seals that contained various surprises Anko and a certain friend directed him to when he was researching and creating new poisons. The new puppet could compact as such for easy transfer when sealed, either by a strong shinobi, a large puppet, or - in Naruto's case - his chakra limbs. As a side note, the eight limbs were tick enough to house a menagerie of weapons that could flip out, much like Demongo's previous fingers.

Naruto was currently doing this himself because he seemed to develop a habit of subconscious, almost constant, training of his chakra control. Lately, he found himself doing things such as manipulating small objects with chakra strings, without even thinking about it, while talking to someone, or while sketching ideas. He went with it, seeing no immediate downside, and actively did this to carry the pod. He also began to hypothesize on shape manipulation of these chakra limbs, something he would experiment on at a later date. For now, they had arrived at the bridge. Setting down the compact puppet, Naruto glared into the mist, sensing the chakra soaking it, the same chakra as the man who escaped his grasp, and his collection.

Momochi Zabuza.

As the sound of sandals echoing across the bridge reached his ears, Naruto began to grin. While he consented to Anko for her to fight him, she agreed to keep his body intact for his collection, so he would work with Shikamaru and Hinata against Zabuza's accomplice, the faux hunter-nin.

And Tazuna? As soon as Demongo unfolded, he was knocked out and stuffed into the thorax, sleeping amongst the dead within. The terrifying puppet would have to hang back to protect the client, unfortunately.

Naruto smirked when the hunter-nin clinched, albeit minutely; seemed the boy had an aversion to spiders. Interesting. Naruto also had an idea for this nin should his body remain in satisfactory condition by the end of the day. If he was so loyal to Zabuza, then who was he to keep them apart, even in death?

As the Jounin separated from the genin and false hunter, Naruto unsealed the three puppets he made over the six days and their respective weapons.

The puppets were like skeletons of real puppets if they wore heavy armor. They were thin, but Naruto made them as strong as he could, their heads fashioned like visored helmets. Their bodies were riddled with rounded depressions, hard-points for several things to plug into. They had hidden knives, dipper in poison, in their forearms and shins, and they all had two tanto's sheathed on their backs. But the real drawing point was the weapons they held.

Two held copies of an amalgamation of blades, resting on their shoulders like common katana, their sizes doing nothing to throw them off. A long pommel topped with a mounting unit compatible with any bladed weapon - be it an axe, spear head, or scythe - was attached to a shorter pommel and mechanism, which in turn held the various weapons, all brought together into a singular blade. From the bottom, a hunting knife held in a mounting unit parallel to where the two staves plugged together, leading to a large axehead, which lead to a massive blade, similar to Zabuza's zanbatou, with the blunt side of the blade carved out to hold another mounting unit that held three more hunting knives, a pair of booster-like blocks attached to either side of the longer pommel, creating a faux guard.

The other weapon looked like a long shield, but the edges were lined with wind blades. It wasn't entirely remarkable, but if it was designed by Naruto, it was sure to have a bunch of deadly tricks.

One of the puppets that held a bladed weapon detached the actual blades from the longer pommel, leaving just that for itself, throwing the weapons at the other puppet that held the copy. Catching it, pressing a button that detached the trio of knives on both blades and bringing forth twin plates on tracks that filled the gaps, the puppet attached them to its own weapon, creating an absolutely massive greatsword, various handles popping out all over its body, creating the handles for the remaining knives, three on each of its hips. The puppet with the remaining long staff took a bojutsu stance, showing it was not without defense after that.

The puppet with the shield detached the long sections of the sides of it, showing they ended in handles, forming two swords with blades of wing chakra, the remaining crest and upper, smaller bits attached to its forearm, the crest showing it ended in a barrel, the inside lined with Storm Release seals.

Leaping forward, each genin flanked by an armed puppet, they sought to engage Zabuza's lackey in combat, the nin raining senbon on them as they closed in, Shikamaru blocking with a wall of shadow, Hinata quickly acting to form a shield of chakra with incredibly quick movements of her chakra-laden fingers, and Naruto turning his skin to black steel to deflect them.

"Hyoton: Yamarashi Boei!" (Ice Release: Porcupine Defense) Surrounding by a chakra-laden cloud of frost, frozen spikes formed in the air, shooting outwards in all directions when the nin found himself surrounded.

Naruto manipulated the puppets to jump to their defense, the massive sword-wielding one stabbing its weapon into the ground, the staff-wielder spinning its weapon as fast as it could, and the dual sword-wielder quickly re-attaching the swords, creating a shield again, and adding to the defense of the genin, the spikes bouncing off the makeshift shields. Once the storm ceased, the puppets, and genin, jumped into action, the puppet with the massive weapon grabbing the center pommel and pulling harshly, the mechanisms unlatching to let the axeheads free, leaving it with a massive double-axe, a pair of handles catching the falling knives at its hips, a pair of seals on its shoulder blades activating, a second pair of puppets arms of the same design plugging into the aforementioned areas, grabbing he handles that popped out of the remaining conjoined zanbatou blades, dual-wielding them over its primary shoulders.

Haku cursed and breathed frost into his palms, sweeping his head upwards. "Hyoton: Hyoryu no Kiba!" (Ice Release: Ice Dragon Fangs) Now wielding a pair of frozen broadswords, he had an apt defense against the blades, also conjuring a trio of water clones to aid him against the children who didn't hang back to let the puppets do all the work.

Keeping his arms metal, Naruto morphed his hands into twin blades, engaging a clone in battle as the faux-Haku used senbon between his fingers like claws, sparks flying whenever they clashed. Rearing back, he stabbed his blades into the ground. "Koton: Tetsuryu Sekitsui!" (Steel Release: Iron Dragon's Spine) (Yes, I'm kinda pulling jutsu names from Fairy Tail; I don't own that, either) An explosion of cement heralded metal spikes honing in on the clone, who tried its best to dodge them. A single cut would dispel it, and leave its creator to the mercy of the puppet trio and the blonde! Thankfully, it managed to dodge them enough and use a spike as a foothold.

"Suiton: Sensatsu Suisho!" With a wave of its hand, the clone conjured 1,000 needles of water, that then flew towards Naruto.

He reacted by reverting his hands and clapping his hands together. "Shakuton: Shakujinheki!" (Scorch Release: Scorch Encampment Wall) With a puff of air, a volatile wall of blazing wind came to his aid, evaporating the needles once they came within its field of control. Having grabbed a wad of clay in the split-second between his hands morphing and coming together, the mouths on Naruto's hands caught both ends between its teeth, and he pulled, until he was left with a sharpened staff. A different sculpture from the norm of animals, Naruto decided to deviate from that path, since that didn't leave him with many options in terms of jutsu in Bakuton. Bringing his arm back, he charged the spear with Explosion chakra and let it fly. "Bakuton: Bakujin Richi!" (Explosion Release: Explosion God's Reach) Caught off-guard by the quick succession of such different sub-elements, the clone of Haku didn't react in time, the spear of clay embedding itself in its stomach, immediately dispelling it, but the massive explosion that followed immediately dispersed the water droplets, evaporating them and the airborne frost, creating a void in the cold of the bridge.

With Shikamaru, the Nara heir found himself hard-pressed in his fight against the clone of a superior shinobi. Creating two earth clones from the bridge, Shikamaru also veiled himself in a cloak of shadow that would immediately stab anything that touched it to protect him while he kneeled down and took up his thinking stance, his fingers meeting at their tips, his hands forming a circle with the thumbs on top.

As the clones fought, Shikamaru went over various scenarios to defeat the faux-Haku, listing his current skills, the issue of lowered visibility from the mist, his chakra levels versus the clones capacity, and what his clones might force it to waste in their tussle. Snapping his eyes open, a plan decided, Shikamaru stood up and ran towards the clone when the last of the rocks fell, signaling the destruction of his second earthen doppelganger. Utilizing the various shadow techniques he and Naruto devised together, he engaged the clone in taijutsu, still garbed in shadow, his fingers becoming claws and various tentacles sprouting out of the layer of night across his body. Swiping his hands, the clone leaned back to dodge the claws and countered with a jab of the senbon between its fingers, smaller tentacles sprouting to grab the offending hand, leaving it open for the incoming claw that wrapped around its throat. Shikamaru choked-slammed the clone, immediately dispelling it, letting him run to join Naruto as they closed in on Haku and the puppets.

Hinata engaged the remaining clone in taijutsu, the fake Haku doing everything in its power to deflect her jabs and palm thrusts laden with chakra. Jumping back, finding her usual plan didn't work, Hinata began stringing hand seals together, spitting a ring of water around her feet. "Suiton: Tako Ningyo Geki!" (Water Release: Octopus Puppetry) The water remained in a ring, floating just above the ground around her feet, as eight tendrils of water stretched up, swaying lazily until they began to follow the movements of her hands. Lunging forward, the ring following her to remain in the same space around her, Hinata struck again with her Juuken, the tentacles aiding her when the clone deflected her hands. Soon, the clone with impaled through the chest, following Hinata's double palm thrust, and dispelled, leaving Hinata to join her teammates as the ring of water fell.

The original Haku cursed as the genin closed in on him, Naruto recalling the puppets that were handling him just fine. Angered that he would need to use his ace move against a bunch of genin, Haku channeled a large amount of chakra into the mist around him. In an explosion of water and ice, his technique began to form. "Makyo Hyosho!" Quickly, 21 ice mirrors formed a dome around the genin, Haku retreating into one, his image appearing in all of them, brandishing his senbon in his claw-style.

The genin cursed at this new development, Naruto deciding to unseal Shinobi, the blade-legged puppet a looming shadow between the genin's triangle formation. The puppet had its arms crossed, its forehead crest now bereft of the white lining, as the mounting unit on its back spun, the eight kunai blades flying out, floating with chakra strings originating from anchor seals in the plate on its back. The three genin crouched down to converse a plan for this new development while the puppet protected them, half of the bits, constructing a pyramid of chakra around them to act as a shield while the remaining bits opened and created swords of chakra that spun to deflect the rain of senbon that soon came.

"Naruto, how strong is this shield?" Shikamaru asked, knocking his curled finger against their protection lightly.

"They can handle his senbon and some shuriken and kunai, but if he starts throwing around jutsu, we're screwed." Naruto answered, whispering as low as he could. "But hey, I kinda got an idea on how to get rid of the mirrors. I got an Explosion Release technique that'll get rid of them all, and probably a combination of Sand and Steel Release to protect us."

Nodding, seeing that was the best option, Shikamaru moved on to the next point of business: what they would do once the smoke cleared. Haku would surely escape the explosion and they would still have a fight on their hands.

After a few minutes under protection, they came to a plan and jumped to action.

Naruto took all the clay he had on him and used a minor Explosion Release technique to allow his hand-mouths to expand enough to eat it all, his chakra limbs stringing through hand seals for him. His hands spit out a spherical critter with a zigzag mouth and beady, black eyes. It was actually kind of cute, but alas, it must explode.

It went up on a puff of smoke and grew to a size large enough to actually consume their shield. "Bakuton: Kuishinbo-Ju!" (Explosion Release: Gluttonous Beast) With a mighty explosion the bridge shook mightily as the mirrors were basically atomized with the strength of the explosion.

Haku managed to jump at the last second but was thrown afar from the shockwave, slamming his side into a tree near the bridge. He groaned as he nursed his surely-broken ribs and looked up, seeing a large orb – smaller than the white creature -made of sand and metal grains.

"Suna-Koton Yugo: Zettai-Tekina Bogyo!" (Sand-Steel Release Fusion: Absolute Defense) The named technique was a combination of the hardest minerals condensed to the highest degree of both earth and metal. Just as easily as it was formed, it fell, the grains sliding off the triangular shield over the genin so they wouldn't be buried alive. Spilling across the concrete, the metal grains rose up into humanoid shapes, blades for arms, and ran after Haku. Upon falling on him, they grabbed him and jumped towards the genin, solidifying and morphing into large restraints, pinning Haku to the concrete at the genin's feet.

"Shikamaru..." Naruto started, receiving a shaky nod as the Nara heir drew a kunai and ended Haku's life, shoving it through his heart. Before they came to the bridge, Naruto asked one of them to do the deed so they would be desensitized to death; such was the path of a shinobi. Hinata was too shaken when the question brought back the memories of the Oni Kyoudai's gory ends, so Shikamaru 'volunteered.'

Putting a hand on his shoulder for support, Naruto smiled sadly at the shaky Nara, his other hand on Hinata's shoulder as she began to shake. Before she could have a breakdown, the sound of a conceited chuckle echoed across the bridge as the mist faded.

Across from a panting Anko was a definitively dead Zabuza, an elongated kunai through his heart and a large snake constricting his arms painfully to his sides and its fangs buried in his neck. Seeing they finished their fight, Anko had the snake lift Zabuza's body and drop it beside Naruto, who sealed it and Haku's body for later, retrieving another scroll when he spied the veritable army of thugs behind the origin of the laughter, Gato.

"I always knew he'd be useless! 'Demon of the Mist' my ass! And his little lackey broke my arm, so I'm sure not sad to see him gone. But you shinobi are in my way to the old man. Men, kill 'em!" Gato ordered, smiling smugly as his thugs stampeded forward.

Before his teammates and sensei could ready themselves to fight, Naruto stepped forward, signaling to not fight, as he knew they were tired. One against 500, Naruto merely smirked as he unfurled the scroll in his hand, the kanji for 'Law' shown as the parchment stretched. With a swipe of his bloodied thumb and a stream of smoke covering his side of the bridge, Naruto spoke from within the cloud. "You, who work for this criminal of man, stand trial for your crimes. Save your excuses, for I am your Judge, Jury, and Executioner!"

The first thing they noticed were the ten identical puppets with plain, white heads with sharp chins and high, spiky ponytails like a samurai, one red gauntlet, and one blue. They then noticed the two monstrous constructs behind the kid.

The first was an imposing puppet, bound to its own weapons with crossed arms. A puppet built like a strongman, it wore grey, plated armor, segmented plates on its shoulders and hips, spikes lining them and a strip down the biceps, three large spikes on its elbows. It had a ring of studs around its head like a crown, armored plating around its head like a samurai helmet, its lower face remade into a grated design. It had large greaves, like cylindrical weights, three rings of spikes around it, as the armored feet had clawed toes. Its arms were indeed bound by a cross-shaped strip of metal, a keyhole in the center, ropes holding a complete Iron Maiden to its back. It had a skull face nestled in a helmet shaped like a headdress, larger copies of the puppets spiked shoulder pads on it as the armored, skeletal hands held a circular plate with another keyhole. Its robe-design down the Maiden had four keyholes flanked by spike segments of armor. From under the enlarged shoulderpads came a large pair of arms made entirely of metal rings, spikes on one side pointing outwards, the large armored hands having large studs on the knuckles and spikes on every joint of the fingers and thumbs. This was Judge.

It was outfitted with a flamethrower in its grated mouth, seals on the palms of the large hands that would unleash an electric current strong enough to burn skin, several of the spikes on the Iron Maiden could launch out on chains, it had two large ball bearings in each leg so a simple kick would splinter a tree with ease, let alone a human.

The second puppet was equally as threatening, perhaps more so. It was built like an extremely muscular man, a burlap sack over its head. It had several swords lodged in its back, several arrows embedded in its forearms, and a metal rope around its neck fashioned like a noose. It had a cloak usually worn by the puppets around its waist, reaching its ankles, still showing its feet, which were fashioned like boots with a spiked edge, a knife lodged in the top of each. It wielded a massive axe, the blade chipped with age and use, a knife on top, the pommel a grated metal. This was Executioner; it was enabled with a crossbow in each arm that used the arrows 'stuck' in its arms as ammo, sliding in to load them. It could use the many blades embedded in it as weapons, including its massive axe that had a seal in the blade to channel wind chakra. The rope around its neck was actually a cable that came out of the back of its neck, tipped with a poison-dipped blade. Its massive chest could open, the panels on its stomach shooting out to act as claws to pull them into the chamber inside it, trapping them, already crushing several bones and possibly killing them, several sawblades within the walls of the chamber to shred them to bits, or several seals would activate to roast them alive inside the puppet. The back of its legs could fold out, spikes shooting out to either shoot from afar or, still connected to the puppet, keep it in place in the case of an enemy using an attack that would normally knock it back. Its shins could also flip out, massive blades sliding out so it could slice with its kicks.

"You stand trial for the following crimes: murder, rape, vandalism, human and drug trafficking. What is the Jury's verdict?" Judge actually spoke, Naruto mentally sighing in relief that there were no flubs in his speech. Judge was also an experiment he began. Using a square container in his throat holding vocal cords of one of the many victims of his human puppetry processes, Naruto installed seals running electric currents through them to imitate the brain pulses of a living human to produce a voice. Judge and all of the Jury had this experimental unit inside them.

"GUILTY." All of them spoke, raising their red gauntlets.

"Sentence?" Judge asked, suddenly turning around so the Iron Maiden on its back faced the army, red lights shining in the skulls eye sockets. "GENOCIDE." It answered.

Naruto's puppets exploded with movement, the ten ex-Ne puppets drawing their tanto and hidden blades as Executioner jumped over all of them, landing with a crash in the middle of the thugs, splattering the heads of two thugs with its feet. With a swing of its mighty arm, its massive axe went full-circle around it, killing twenty men at once. The Jury fell upon the front line of the thugs in a wave of flames from their right hands, busting heads open as they shield-bashed them in the foreheads.

Judge ran into the thugs, shearing flesh here and there just by brushing them with the many spikes on its body, its massive arms, killing five to ten men at once with simple swings. Small explosions of smoke signaled several spikes shooting out of the Iron Maiden, impaling thugs in all directions, which soon swung them around as Judge spun in place, taking down more thugs with their own comrades. Letting them go and retracting the spikes, Judge began bashing them around with its large secondary arms.

Executioner raised its spike foot and a cluster of them began to spin in the ball and heel of its foot, as it brought it down, grinding the unfortunate thugs face through his own brains, splattering blood everywhere. The cable around its neck sprung into action, unwrapping from around its neck and shooting through several thugs in their stomachs, stabbing through the skull of the final thug. Activating a seal at the base of the cord, crimson flames raced down its length, engulfing the unfortunate victims in flames, their screams falling on deaf ears, yet unnerving Hinata and Shikamaru at their teammates ruthlessness. Slipping out quickly, the flaming corpses fell upon their former comrades, breaking a couple necks from their weight, catching others on fire. Executioners chest opened, the four plates on its stomach springing forth, forming into clamps that grabbed a pair of thugs and pulled them into its chest, the spinning sawblades bringing them to a gruesome end, a fountain of blood erupting from the puppet, splattering the bridge, several thugs, and the puppet itself. The clamps returned to their duties, procuring several thugs and shoving them into the large chamber, the sawblades retracting. As the two thugs that could fit inside, scrunched up together slightly as they were, screamed and tried to escape, the panels of Executioners chest closed, and the seals activated, flames erupting within the chamber and burning the victims alive, their screams stretching across the bridge, unnerving the thugs and genin further.

His resolve unwavering in the face on such slaughter, Naruto approached the marginally smaller army of thugs, retrieving his Sawstaff from his back, extending it and reforming the circular sawblade. With a flick of his wrist, the long weapon decapitated a thug that tried to rush him. Flicking the staff, both blades unraveled and circled Naruto, meeting at the other end of the staff, as Naruto formed an orb of wind around him nestled within the massive ring of blades. Using Dust manipulation, he floated just above the concrete and barreled into the army of thugs, his sawblade and shield of wind blades butchering thugs like paper.

Deactivating the wind and Dust manipulation, Naruto slid on his feet, turning around as the circular saw around him broke apart into the individual teeth and clung to his arm, turning his hand into a drill tip with Asura Path. Lunging forward, he gored several thugs with his makeshift drill, dispelling the tip after about twenty kills, the teeth shooting out in all directions like bullets, injuring and killing more thugs. They flew back to him, manipulated with chakra string, reattaching to the staff. He shortened the staff and attached it to his back, his skin turning into black steel, his right fist in his left palm. "Koton: Tetsujinken!" (Steel Release: Iron God Fist) His fist enlarged and turned into a massive wrecking ball, extending on a chain from his wrist. Swinging his arm around, he crushed several men with his makeshift flail.

Once a sufficient amount of them were dead, Naruto shrunk his weapon back into his fist, his skin turning to the normal tan, and he had his puppets corral the remaining thugs in a large circle in the middle of the bridge, taking up a position with the twelve of them.

Clapping all their hands together, the puppets and Naruto went through hand seals. "Kouton: Tengoku no Kurasshu!" (Light Release: Heavenly Crash) Channeling Light chakra through his puppets, Naruto created a pillar of light from the sky that crashed down on the thugs, crushing and incinerating them, nothing left, not even ash.

Being inanimate, the bridge was untouched by the light, a low whistle echoing across the empty bridge. As Naruto approached the thoroughly devastated Gato, his puppets sealed away, he channeled another new sub-element's chakra in his hand. Frozen in fear, Gato didn't flinch away when Naruto rested his palm on his forehead. "Shinton: Chishiki Tonan." (Mind Release: Knowledge Theft) He said calmly, and all of Gato's information was stolen from his mind. The information on his personal bank accounts and the various documents and passcodes to the safes that held the money he stole from Nami no Kuni and his own riches, all gone. They were now Naruto's.

Mind Release was a combination of Lightning, Yin, and Yang chakra, targeting the electrical impulses of the brain that carried information such as rational thought, memory, perception, and intellect. Using these three elements, Naruto could isolate these pulses of information and do what he wished, namely what technique he was doing. So far this was his only technique, but he aimed to fix that in the future. He also theorized that this might be the progenitor to the Yamanaka Clan's Mind techniques.

"Shinton: Jisatsu." (Mind Release: Suicide) With another pulse of Mind chakra, Gato's electrical impulses overloaded, liquefying his brain, blood leaking from the orifices of his head, his body falling into a heap.

Turning to face his shell-shocked teammates, Naruto was aware of a presence closing in on his position. Knowing full well who it was, he was relaxed as Juubi appeared at his side.

Earlier in the week, after being informed that Naruto would turn Zabuza into a piece of his collection, Juubi offered to make a trip to Kirigakure to obtain the something very special to Naruto's growing collection.

Taking the scroll she offered, hugging her goodbye before she disappeared into the seal, Naruto unfurled the scroll, showing the seven kanji within.

'Sever,' 'Great,' 'Long,' 'Blunt,' 'Blast,' 'Thunder,' and 'Twin.'

End Ch. 10


Seven Swordsmen of the Mist puppets, all in one chapter! Technically. Of course, Hirameikerai and Samehada won't be in there since Chojuro and Kisame have it, but that will be taken care of at a later date.

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Now Judge is based of darksilvania's The Judge from deviantart; go check that out for the look of it. Executioner is based off an OC I have who inadvertently broke his personal rule and exiled himself, coming under constant attack and various fatal injuries, but never dying, always wearing the failed attempts, such as arrows, a noose, multiple swords, burnt face, suffocation, among others. And I just had the idea to remake the Ne puppets into something, so I went with the design of the Jury.

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