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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin.

It had been four years since Naruto had begun training in the Kugutsu no Jutsu and it had been an interesting four years. Not three days after Naruto was approached by the Sandaime about what he did to those bandit camps and he revealed so much information to the old man did Sarutobi call Naruto in to explode in his face about the dangers of what he did, and that it was insanely reckless for an 8-year-old child, trained in ninjutsu or not, to have attacked a bandit camp. Even when Naruto explained he had trained in methods to defend himself if they had found him while his puppets were attacked, Hiruzen made Naruto promise to never do anything stupid like that again. Unfortunately, Naruto had to abide by this promise, as even if he snuck out and destroyed more bandit camps, the same rumors that sold him out the first time would do so again, and he'd be on the chopping block for Ojii-san's anger. Not everything was all bad; Naruto had managed to seek out a kenjutsu instructor while he was in the Academy, so he could give Gilgamesh an actual style instead of just throwing him into a fight and swing his blades around. A Gekkou Hayate, if he remembered correctly. The Jounin was an odd man, always coughing up something awful, which he looked, too. Always pale, in a cold sweat, dark circles under his eyes. Anyway, he had the basics of a fierce kenjutsu style down, and he had managed to transfer it into Gilgamesh, which he also had to train in the needed chakra strings for the behemoth of a puppet; it was truly massive. In the beginning of its 'life', under Naruto's control, it lumbered around like a curious child, and was rather slow. After a month or two of training in his chakra control over the massive thing, combined with the dexterity his kenjutsu training gave him, Gilgamesh moved fluidly now.

In his second year in the Academy, tragedy struck the village; Uchiha Itachi seemed to snap and slaughter all his clansmen, save for his younger brother, Sasuke. The night traumatized the boy and ever since then, Konoha had been low on security with the wiping out of its police force, and the 'last loyal Uchiha' was a depressing cloud of brooding and contempt for everyone, as the Civilian Council treated him like he was the messiah, inflating his ego to proportions no human should have.

Outside of that incident, Naruto remained the top student, in the running for Rookie of the Year, much to the ire of Sasuke and his loyal fanclub. But he didn't care about them. However, some time in his second year, he was approached... by Ne.


"Uzumaki-san." A voice bade him as he walked him.

Turning around to face whoever it was, Naruto found an ANBU dangerously close to him. But this ANBU was odd; their mask was completely blank, save for the kanji for 'ROOT.' Even with the mask in the way, Naruto could tell this man was staring at him blankly, unfeeling, like a machine. He wouldn't compare the idea to his puppets; he made them with a touch of life. If each puppet were alive, Jidanbo-the renamed Holy Man-might be a wise-cracking pious man, spouting off lines from the manga that originally created it, from the specific character who did the same thing, Alexander Anderson, Gilgamesh might be the kind of... guy, he guessed, that would always be looking for a fight. Demongo might be the crazy shit in the group with a dark sense of humor, but still a lovable guy, and Tenshi might be that one guy who you just love to hate, as he might flaunt the fact he had wings. Figurative asshole.

Anyway! Naruto was getting off-track; this man was unfeeling. "Yes, ANBU-san?" He asked, noticing the almost invisible twitch of the man at the word 'ANBU' as if he stifled a single chuckle at some hidden joke.

"I am here to offer you a position in Ne under Danzo-sama; he believes that with his teachings, you will become a great asset to the village." The man said.

'Or tool.' Naruto finished in his head, having overheard Hiruzen's grumblings about a man named Danzo. "Can you give me time to think about it? This seems like a serious matter." Naruto asked.

The man nodded mutely. "Of course. You have until the day of graduation to give us your answer. We will approach you for it. Good day, Uzumaki-san." The man said, disappearing in a shunshin.

Naruto glared at the spot the man stood in; he knew what this 'Danzo' was after. He wanted Naruto under his control to kick Ojii-san out of office. He would be no one's tool. He wouldn't come to Hiruzen about this; he would handle it himself. While all the training and his time with Juubi, Anko, and Tenten matured him greatly, he was still Naruto, stubborn and sometimes foolish, but only for those he cared about.

(ROOT Headquarters)

The same man that offered Naruto the position appeared in front of an elderly man sitting at a desk, kneeling down on one knee, his head hanging in respect. "Danzo-sama, the Kyuubi has declined. I could read between his words; he will not accept, and he already knows we will confront him on the day specified." He said.

The man behind the desk hummed in contemplation. "I expected as much from Naruto-kun. We shall move ahead with the plan. If our tool doesn't want to be used, then a rebellious tool must be thrown away." Danzo ordered, watching as his subordinate nodded and disappeared into the shadows.

(Flashback end)

"Today's the day..." Naruto whispered to himself as he stood on the Hokage Monument, the sky mysteriously cast in dark clouds, rumbling echoing in the distance as a storm was approaching. Shaking off the foreboding feeling, Naruto shunshin'd to the Academy, intent on passing the test and becoming a genin, but secretly preparing for the confrontation with ROOT. He knew he'd have to pull out all the stops for a man like Danzo and his Ne. Their weakest underling would have to be strong enough to take on an elite ANBU of Konoha; most troubling. Making sure he had all his puppets on hand, Naruto made his way to the graduation exam.

(One hour later)

He passed. Walking out of the room with a new headband tied around his forehead, Naruto was now officially a genin of Konohagakure no Sato. He smirked at the scowls of his classmates, and broke out into a sincere foxy grin when he was named Rookie of the Year, alongside Hyuuga Hinata for Kunoichi of the Year. After being named on a team with Nara Shikamaru and said Hyuuga heiress, musing they put the worse student with the best to even it out, as Shikamaru was beyond lazy, and thus only passed the year because he did this test, as it seemed the grades throughout the four years had no bearing on the final say in the end, and their sensei, ironically Naruto's friend, Mitarashi Anko, who had made Tokubetsu Jounin in his four years in the Academy, he nodded when he was told they'd meet their sensei's here tomorrow, and left with the rest of the class, but roof-hopped all the way to his private place in the Forest of Death, as he sensed the many chakra signatures closing in on him. Grabbing his bijuu scroll, smirking as he remembered the six kanji within, as he had managed to master six tails of youkai within the four years, creating a new 'sub-element' with the Rokubi: Acid Release. He was also ready to channel chakra to the six kanji on his body for Asura, as he knew he would need all the help he could get against these shinobi.

He was cut from his musings when the leader of Ne, Shimura Danzo, appeared in front of him, soon flanked by no less than 100 Ne members. "Hello, Danzo-teme." Naruto greeted, smirking as he saw Danzo's grip on his cane tightly ever so slightly.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. I'm sure you remember that day two years ago when my subordinate Sai offered you a position in Ne? What is your answer?" Danzo asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, I remember. And my answer is..." With a flourish of his hands, Naruto unsealed Shukaku, Matatabi, Izobu, Son Goku, Kokou, and Saiken, connecting chakra strings to the bijuu puppets almost immediately, leaving him with four free fingers. "Fuck you." He finished, smirking at Danzo's scowl.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Naruto-kun. If you won't listen to reason, then perhaps you will listen to force. Ne! Kill him." Danzo ordered simply, his Ne springing into action, the Forest of Death exploding into movement as Naruto retaliated, also unsealing, oddly, Sharpshooter and three Kuroari's. Not bothering to question the boy's methods, Danzo watched as his men fought Naruto's puppets.

Shukaku seemed to be moving a lot faster than when Naruto last used him in a large fight, as it barreled towards the group of Ne before it, spikes jutting from the sand armor all over it as it became a 360 degree buzzsaw, slaughtering the Ne with ease, stopping in time to dodge a large fire/wind combo from a pair of Ne that managed to escape it. Unfurling it's tail and launching several poison-laden senbon towards the two, and the group backing it up, it almost seemed to smirk when the Ne found themselves stuck to the ground, only to find their feet were held down by sand claws, now noticing Shukaku kept one claw in contact with the ground, slithering its sand to them, and watched as they were slaughtered or poisoned-heavily.

Matatabi was next, and she seemed to be moving even faster, of course with feline grace, slicing Ne apart with its claws and fangs, hooked blades hidden under the flames of its tails, as it also spit out several almost mouse-shaped fireballs then jumped in another direction and spun sideways in the air, the flame protecting its body forming a shell of fire, like a flaming copy of the Inuzuka's Gatsuuga, as it barreled through another group. Upon landing, it tapped into its own youkai-a reserve put in thanks to Naruto-and slammed its claws on the ground as far in front of it as it could stretch, pulling back along the ground, the trenches made glowing ominously purple as skeleton's crawled out of the ground, acting as the Nibi's minions in this fight.

Naruto was faring pretty well himself, as he headed straight for Danzo, only to be impeded by the same man-boy, he found out when said person took off their mask-from two years ago, a black-haired man in an odd face mask, only showing his mouth, and an auburn-haired man with eyes vaguely similar to a Hyuuga's, but he had a sense it was a Yamanaka. He was proven right, as a sneak attack by this man showed he specialized in mind techniques; thankfully, he was saved by Juubi-chan, as the bijuu threw the man out without showing it's true form, so as not to tip Danzo off.

Isobu was swiping its spiked tails along the ground, catching several slow Ne in its attack, throwing them around, as it fired a jet of water right when it was turned back around, unleashing its body-spikes on chains all over its body, jumping into the air and spinning in every direction it could, sending the blades everywhere, slicing up anyone caught in the storm of blades, then it clapped its claws together, erupting in an explosion of water that hit several Ne.

Son Goku was utilizing his unique brand of Lava Release Taijutsu, using partial transformation with Yoton: Shakugaikoken, as he slammed his massive hands on the ground, small lava eruptions forming around the impact point, grabbing some Ne and slamming them between his lava-soaked hands, and also using the bone-like plates down its tails as weapons, Naruto having made them out of blades. He proved extremely agile, with a special mechanism Naruto installed attached to his head as it did multiple cartwheels to dodge attacks, its head staying in place as it rotated on a plate on his torso, its limb switching around accordingly, throwing off several Ne with his movements, only to be wiped out with a Shakugaryugan.

Engaging the Yamanaka in taijutsu, Naruto quickly incapacitated him with several well-placed hits, augmented by the heads of his Predacon puppets poofing into existence during his attacks. Next, he faced the man he found out to be an Aburame, as his attacks were accented by small clouds of microscopic kikaichu, which he dodged deftly again and again, intent on not getting hit by them, fearing what they might do.

Kokou, the odd dolphin-horse of the group, utilized a sort of Steam Release in its attacks, as well as what appeared to be steel-plated skull, headbutting everyone around it then crushing them underfoot with its hooves, poisoning others around it as the steam was also laced with a special poison. It also seemed to manipulate the steam like Shukaku's sand, turning it into slicing blades or impacting bullets on a whim.

Saiken slid around, spewing acid balls or bubbles, utilizing a couple techniques Naruto made for the new Acid Release. Naruto used seals that constantly recycled the goop on the Yonbi puppet, making sure none went to waste, or that it didn't leave a big mess everywhere it went, tossing up large globs of acid, only for small bullets to rain down on groups of Ne; this was his Santon: San Ame (Acid Release: Acid Rain). Tendrils of the corrosive substance grew out of its goop-covered body, thrashing around, slicing through Ne with their melting properties.

Naruto had taken care of the Aburame with a well-placed Rasengan to the stomach, killing him alongside his Yamanaka partner. Now all that was left was Sai. His musings were cut short by a ink-lion charging at him, pinning him down and threatening to claw his face apart, only for our resident blonde to shove another Rasengan into its head, dispelling it, ink falling on him, which he washed off with a minor water technique. Standing up, he glared at the paint-wielding boy, charging up a Rasengan and channeling Swift chakra into his body and the orb of chakra, deciding to test out one of the more obscure sub-elements.

Sharpshooter strafed around, picking off several Ne with his pistols and any special guns Naruto made, like the sniper rifle for some Ne hiding in the distance with a long-range technique ready, or the machine guns for a large crowd. The Kuroari triplets shielded its weak spots with quick precision, capturing any Ne that got to close in their barrel chests and activate fire seals that turned their containers into furnaces, roasting the inhabitants inside. Sharpshooter jumped back from a large crowd, the Kuroari's jumping in front of him, as all their limbs and heads popped off and their barrel-bodies floated in front of the gun-toting puppet as he extended his arm forward, an odd mechanism replacing the hand as parts sprouted in the space between all three bodies of the Kuroari, connecting to his mechanism as poofs of smoke filled the empty barrels, showing several paper bombs filling them to the brim. A recording of Naruto's voice, fiddled with to make it sound more gruff, like it would fit Sharpshooter were he alive, went off. "Orenjihigi: Toripuru Bareru no Shottogan!" (Hidden Orange Technique: Triple-Barrel Shotgun) With the flick of a switch in Sharpshooter's arm-turned-gun-handle, the paper bombs shot out, heading right for the large group of Ne that tried to jump out of the way, only to be snuffed out by the massive explosion that shook the entire village, throwing the civilians into chaos and fear, alerting Sarutobi as he called for his private group of ANBU and headed for the Forest of Death, where a large smoke was arising.

Back with Naruto, Sai, Danzo, and any remaining Ne, everyone, save for the former, was frozen in shock at the carnage of Naruto's puppet technique, giving Naruto the opportunity to strike. Jumping into action, Naruto shoved the Rasengan into Sai's stomach, catching the pale boy off-guard, only for a flick of the wrist to let the Rasengan maintain its existence, as Naruto disappeared in a blur, only to appear behind him and shove the attack into the small of his back, again flicking to the side and disappearing, repeating the process until the Rasengan had hit every part of Sai's body; the terrifying part was that this all happened in the span of a second. To onlookers, it looked as if Sai suddenly broke into spasms, as Naruto was almost invisible with his speed. With a final thrust of the Rasengan, Naruto killed Sai. "Jinton: Shin Rasenrangen." (Swift Release: True Spiralling Serial Spheres) He whispered to himself. He sealed Sai's body in a scroll, eliciting his puppets to do the same for any intact Ne bodies. He turned his sights on Danzo. "What now, Danzo-teme? Your Ne is gone, and my puppets and I are still ready to go." Naruto bluffed, as the fights with just three members of Ne, including controlling his puppets the entire time, started to take a toll on him, as proven by some bruises, cuts, heavy panting, and his puppets received damage as well.

The metal sheets on Shukaku's stomach were torn apart, Matatabi lost an eye, the cut off vision allowing another Ne to slice off one of its tail, Isobu lost a couple spikes on its shell and around its face, a couple kunai lodged in its tails and claws. Son Goku lost a couple bone-like plates and large fingers, his body swaying as the spring to the mechanism that let it do its sort of rolling around was coming loose, Kokou having lost a horn on its head and three of its hooves, as well as the supposed steel-plating of its skull, were cracked. Saiken lost on of its eye stalks and there were some concaves in its goop-covered body, showing some holes in its physical wooden body, as goo seeped into them, thankfully only slowing down the puppet, not melting its insides. Sharpshooter lost his hat, his normal eye, his left hand, and a couple pistols in his supply. The Kuroari triplets lost a couple arms, horns, and their insides were scorched and blackened from the special technique Naruto used.

"I see I will have to put you down myself, Naruto-kun. I was hoping I would have to use this, but you have forced my hand." Danzo announced, reaching for his bandaged arm in a sling, putting Naruto on edge.

"What are you going to do to me with a broken arm, swing it at me?" Naruto joked, only to grimace when Danzo easily moved the arm out of the sling, showing several arm braces along the limb, only for them to fall off, crashing to the ground in small clouds of dust and craters, the bandages unraveling to show what lied beneath, causing Naruto's eyes to widen to almost impossible proportions. Down Danzo's arm was about 10 Sharingan eyes, the skin a lighter shade as the faded features of what appeared to be the Shodaime in his shoulder, Danzo's eye in his head showing to be another Sharingan eye. Naruto growled lowly at this abomination against mankind and clenched his fists to the point of drawing blood, his Juubigan blazing in the shadows of his bangs. "You disgusting excuse for a human being! You want to see something truly terrifying?! I picked this up two years ago, in this exact place we stand in! Prepare yourself Danzo-teme, for Susanoo!" Naruto roared, youkai bubbling to the surface as a crimson ribcage appeared around, ethereal flames appearing around him as a skeleton soon took form around him. Once done, the skeleton towered over the rival of the Sandaime, but thankfully not tall enough to burst through the canopy and alert the entire village, not that it wasn't already. Two horns growing out of the skull and curling forward, six arms, but two on each side were connected at the elbows, as the lower two held swirling orbs of black flames, the flames of Amaterasu, the upper arms that were by themselves having shields reminiscent of Uzumaki swirls. "This is He with the ability to help by all means; this is Susanoo! The ultimate form of the Sharingan! But like this form, when I unlocked it two years ago, it was incomplete. But like I said, that was two years ago..." Naruto smirked almost insanely as ethereal flames engulfing Susanoo intensified, armor plating appearing over the apparition of the tempestuous god of valor, soon taking the form of old-school samurai armor, with shoulder guards, gauntlets, a breastplate, and a helmet that conformed to the horned skull of Naruto's Susanoo. All over the armor were designs of the nine bijuu; Shukaku and Matatabi took the shoulders, Isobu and Son Goku the singular forearm guards, Kokou through Gyuuki on the conjoined gauntlets, Kurama on the breastplate, and the symbol of the Juubigan inside an Uzumaki swirl on the forehead of the helmet, the same pair of eyes illuminated in the empty blackness of the oni mouth of the helmet. This was Naruto's complete Susanoo.

Danzo, as well as the Sandaime and ANBU waiting in the shadows, were all shocked at how far Naruto had come, but only the former snapped out of his stupor, brandishing a pair of kunai and blowing wind chakra on them, creating large blades of wind with swirls down them, making makeshift scimitars with Wind Release: Vacuum Blades, then rushed at Naruto within his guardian, only to be quickly grabbed by one of Susanoo's hands, which the palm opened to show it had a mouth much like the kinjutsu that allowed Naruto to utilize Bakuton, as what appeared to be a small clay doll of Son Goku, matching the left forearm guard of the same limb, jumped out and latched on to Danzo, then exploded in a combination of Explosion and Lava Release, surely destroying Danzo.

Naruto scowled inside Susanoo; that was too easy. He was proven correct when reflex made him bring one of the shields up to block a large Vacuum Sphere from the same man he was sure died.

Danzo sneered at Naruto, thankful he had the idea to use Izanagi to survive that attack. He now knew it would be unwise to attack head-on, no matter how low in rank the child was; he just destroyed half his ROOT with puppets alone, he was not to be underestimated, even if he just became a genin. Biting his thumb and stringing together hand seals, he thrust his hand to the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He yelled, and in a cloud of smoke, a creature almost the same size as Naruto's Susanoo appeared.

It was elephantine in nature, with tiger-like limbs, bandages around its head like its summoner, armor at the base of its trunk and between its eyes, small ears on top of its head instead of large ones to the sides, and a large chin under its trunk, showing small teeth, but large lower canines that acted as its tusks. It roared/trumpeted its trunk and rushed at the Susanoo its master commanded it to attack, only to be held back by the collective six limbs of the construct, though pushing it back a great deal, causing Naruto to growl inside Susanoo and cough a small bit of blood. Ignoring the side-effects of using this technique, he called on the Rinnegan aspect of his doujutsu hybrid. "Shinra Tensei!" With a burst of gravity, the Baku was throw back, but not dispelled, as it got back up and kicked its leg back, ready to charge again.

Naruto sneered at the creature and willed Susanoo to raise both its upper arms, the pictures of Shukaku and Matatabi glowing, as the mouths on the palms opened, projectiles flying out. From the right hand came a clay doll of a chibi Shukaku, flying on a platform of sand as it seemed to be alive and manipulate the excess to form spears around it as it barreled towards the Baku. From the left, a chibi Matatabi flying on obsidian flames did the same thing, turning into flying blades with Blaze manipulation, heading towards Danzo, as the Suna-Bakuhatsu Yuugou: Shukaku Bakugekino Arashi (Sand-Explosion Fusion: Shukaku Bombing Barrage)was sure to dispel, or even kill, the Baku.

This was true, as on impact, the Shukaku doll explode spectacularly, spears of sand going everywhere, skewering the mutated creature, killing it before it could escape to the summoning dimension. Danzo retaliated his personally made bomb with a wave of his hand, using Fuuton Surasshuto make the bomb explode prematurely, only for him to get caught in the blast, killing himself.

Again, only to appear to the side of the explosion, two Sharingan closed forever on his arm. He sneered at the child that forced him to use such a forbidden technique not once, but twice! And he killed his only summon! This boy would pay! Whipping out a set of shuriken, he breathed more wind chakra on them, then let the makeshift buzzsaws of wind fly, only for them to be swatted away like flies by Naruto's Susanoo, as the blonde child, while coughing up more blood, manipulated the orb of black flames to shoot out several tomoe-shaped projectiles. "Yasaka Magatama!" He yelled, and the projectiles, again too quick for the aged Shinobi no Yami, exploded brilliantly on contact, Naruto having his Juubigan on Danzo's location to make sure the slippery rat didn't somehow squirm his way out of that one again. Seeing his chakra signature disappear in the explosion, Naruto smirked, only for his eyes to widen when Danzo just appeared out of thin air next to the explosion. "How are you doing that?!" Naruto yelled, truly baffled by how this man seemed to escape death three times.

His answer was for a Kage Bunshin of his opponent to poof into existence and use a technique that created a strong vacuum through the area, though not strong enough to mess with his footing under the pressure of Susanoo, while the original breathed in deeply and exhaled large blades of wind while turning his head at different angles, the attack augmented by the suction, cutting into Susanoo's defenses as Naruto foolishly didn't attempt to block, thinking the power of Susanoo would be stronger than it. As such, one of the blades managed to break through the ethereal flames and made it to Naruto, cutting across his torso deeply, making him scream out in pain, only to hiss as dark grey yokai seeped out of the wound, slowly healing it, Juubi cooing the pain away in Naruto's mind as she went to work. He smiled softly at her voice and thanked her for her help in both the healing and helping him maintain Susanoo. He schooled his features and grimaced at Danzo. "I was careless, Danzo-teme; it won't happen again." Naruto warned him, allowing his chakra to fix the cuts in Susanoo's defenses.

Danzo merely frowned at the boy and formed hand seals to utilize another technique; it would cost him another Sharingan, but it would be worth it to see this boy put down! Once he was done, he grasped his mutated shoulder and groaned in pain and tree roots erupted from it, wrapping around Naruto and his Susanoo, forming a giant tree in the area, only for the entire structure to tighten its grip on everything inside, including Danzo himself. "IZANAGI!" He roared, another Sharingan closing as he was taken from death's door to the living world, appearing outside the tree as it drained back into his arm of Hashirama's cells, showing Naruto's unconscious body on the ground. He smirked and neared the boy, brandishing a lone kunai, ready to plunge it into his heart and finish the job, only to be blown back by an explosion of youkai and killer intent that saturated the air. Naruto's body was engulfed in the same dark grey yokai from before, but it stayed, covering his entire body, as tails slowly formed out of it.





With the fourth reached, the yokai reached even higher levels of the oppressive feeling.



The tails kept forming, as the feeling increased even more at six. Everyone present, including Danzo, was beginning to worry the 'Kyuubi' might break free. Hiruzen was worried ten tails might form, spilling Naruto's secret. It seemed Kami was spiteful, as that might happen today. Well, at least the thorn in his side named Danzo would be gone; geez, that was dark.




"Th-the Kyuubi!" Danzo screamed in fear, trying to back away, only for his eyes, all seven remaining, to widen, as a tenth tail started forming! He didn't even realize he was already dead, a claw hand thrust through his heart, his brain not registering the reflexive activation of Izanagi, and Shimura Danzo was truly dead. All the yokai covering Naruto suddenly drained into the seal on his stomach, and everything was silent as the blonde stood there, his arm stuck through Danzo's torso, said 'Council Advisor' limp against his arm. Soon, both bodies fell, one dead, the other merely exhausted.

"Naruto!" Hiruzen yelled, jumping down to check on Naruto, leaving his shocked ANBU behind. He sighed in relief when he found a pulse and heard Naruto breathing. It's just severe chakra exhaustion. He stifled a chuckle at that thought; Uzumaki Naruto, with chakra exhaustion? It seemed impossible, and yet... the proof was in his arms. Turning to his ANBU, he made them swear to never tell a soul about what happened today, which they nodded dumbly to, and he sealed his ex-rival's body in a scroll; Naruto would probably want to make him into another puppet. He did the same with the other puppets, thankful they weren't destroyed in Naruto's fight with Danzo. He ordered the remains of all the Ne to be burned, and took Naruto to the hospital.


Naruto awoke in the meadow he made for Juubi-chan, staring up at the cloudy sky, but more importantly, up at the crying face of his first friend, and secret crush. "J-Juubi-chan? What's wrong?" He whispered, snapping her out of her crying stupor.

She suddenly brought him up and hugged him tightly, her sobbing wracking both their bodies. "Oh, Naruto-kun... I'm so sorry..." She apologized between sobs.

Naruto managed to muster the strength to push his way out of her grasp, but kept his hands on her shoulders. "Sorry for what, Juu-chan? You saved me." He said, smiling softly.

She shook her head. "No, Naruto-kun... Because of how I saved you... You... you..." She started, only to fall into a new set of sobs. "You're going to die in five years!" She screamed into her hands, her head buried in his chest.

End Ch. 7

Yeah! :D Aren't I evil? So yeah, time skip to end of Academy days, six tails of yokai under control, as well as six puppets, a huge fight with apparently half of Ne and Danzo himself, another special sub-element, courtesy of Omnibender, a Swift Release Rasengan, Naruto's Susanoo! A cool puppet move with Sharpshooter and three Kuroari (that's Black Ant for some of you) an awesome (in my opinion) fight with Danzo and his Izanagi-spamming ass, a couple human puppets on the horizon, and whats this? Naruto's going to die in five years? :O You'll find out next chapter!

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