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Layla: nothing to worry about?

Layla watched as the sun set and stars filled the sky. Footsteps echoed around the house, even Willow, Xander, and Dawn had started adjusting to vampire sleep cycles tired of being up on their own. Buffy and Willow where going out tonight, she could have been going as well, they had offered, but she had other plans, plans she was certain no one would like.

She missed Spike. It was an odd feeling, she had been away from him so long before, and never felt this way. She was sure she knew what it was; she just would never admit what it was. Not to herself, and most defiantly not to him… not that he was here now anyway. "Layla?" Willow asked sounding a little concerned. Layla turned to her "Yeah?" Willow bit her lip "Are you sure you don't was to come to the bronze tonight" Layla nodded, "yeah I've got things to do" Willow frowned "Like what" Layla shrugged and held up her notebook "Layla-y things."

Soon after Buffy and Willow had gone out. Leaving just Xander, Angel, and Dawn behind. She'd pretty much decided this was her best chance, and there was no turning back now. Unfortunately her brother always seemed to be able to show up at the wrong moment. "What you up to" she sighed "nothing much, just notebooking" Angel raised an eyebrow "Notebooking?" Layla nodded and faked a smile she was certain her would see through. "Yeah I verb-ilized it" she told him. "Verb-ilized?" She nodded "Yeah then I verb-ilized the word verb but technically verbalised is allrady a word, which is annoying and this is probably going to get confusing. But yeah verb-ilized… to turn something into a verb" Angel just shook his head "you never fail to confuse me." Layla grinned "nope. It is my job as your sister to confuse you." He could tell something was up with her, and she could tell he could tell, and through the silence Angel decided she was best left alone, at least for now, and Layla thanked him for it. A massive CRASH came from upstairs and Dawns voice rang round the house "It wasn't me, honest" Angel and Xander both went to see what she had broken wile Layla smirked slightly.

A shadow moved through the darkness, to silent to be noticed. The figure walked with a purpose and it was obvious to anyone who did happen to catch a glimpse they knew exactly where they were going. Where exactly? Out of Sunnydale was obvious heading in the direction of the bus stop that lead out. But they didn't wait for the bus, perhaps waiting could get them found out, or stopping at all would stop them going. Probably a bit of both. A flash of light from a streetlamp lit up her face. Layla looked behind her just to check she wasn't being followed, the pausing itself almost made it too painful to leave. But she continued, putting her brother, and her friends out of her mind. She let go of her own mind almost completely, switching to Spikes instead, trying to figure out what he did where he went… she knew him to well, and he knew her to well she was going to find him and he knew it and she knew he knew… and she smiled.

Willow and Buffy grinned. The cold night breeze blew the dust from the slayed vampires away and they both made it back to the house. "Well that took a turn for the worst" Willow stated with a sigh. "Yeah some girls night out" Buffy agreed. They had been planning to go to the bronze, her, Willow, Dawn, and Layla. It actually just ended up being her and Willow in the end and then they had been attacked, but oh well everything always worked itself out these days.

"Is Layla worrying you" Willow asked out of the blue. Buffy turned to her frowning, "what do you mean? The way she's acting?" Willow nodded. Ever since Spike had gone Layla hadn't exactly been herself, she was missing Spike even more than Buffy did…. And a lot more than Xander did. "I know she's upset but she's going to be fine Willow, give it time, nothing to worry about" She opened the door only to be greeted by Angel worried face. "What is it?" Buffy asked instantly anxious. Angel sighed "Layla's gone."


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