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Chapter XIII – Epilogue

Raven and Beast Boy sat comfortably in their little corner at the far end of the library. It's already been a couple of days since their talk at the cliff and everything seems to be going smoothly since then.

They sat there together, Raven sitting in between Beast Boys legs with her back against his chest while reading together a book that she found. She was so absorbed with the book that she didn't mind Beast Boy toying with her hair. He would twirl her hair in his fingers and he would smell it or sometimes he would steal quick kisses on her cheeks.

He continued his little antics until Raven turned and looked at him sternly.

"Eh-eh" Beast Boy just gave her a nervous smile.

Raven gave him a quick peck and then went back onto her reading. She snuggled more onto him as he wrapped his arms around her waist. This peace and quiet is one of the things that they cherished the most especially when they were able to share rare moments like this.

"I love you" Beast Boy whispered onto her ear causing her to blush slightly.

A mischievous grin spread on Raven's face as a thought came into mind.

"Which do you love more, me or Rachel?" Raven asked him as she laid her head on top of his chest near his heart. Beast Boy sensing that Raven was just teasing him played along with her charade.

"Hhmm, that's a tough one." He started while rubbing his chin with his right hand. He let the silence hung over the air for a full minute just to add a dramatic effect and when he sensed that Raven was beginning to be impatient he answered.

"Well you're very smart and sexy specially with the leotard you always wore. Rawr!" He joked as he remembered her hero attire causing him to earn a playful slap at the arm.

"but Rachel is the cool and funny one." He added. Raven looked at him sternly as if telling him to choose his words wisely.

Beast Boy moved his face closer to her ear so that she would be able to feel his breath as he whispered to her.

"I think I'll have both." He whispered and then kissed her ear causing Raven to shiver underneath his embrace.

"Lucky for me the two women I love ended up to be one and the same person" He added as he continued to kiss her down to her neck.

"Lucky" Raven agreed as she gentle pulled him up to kiss him on the lips.

Things started to escalate from there as Beast Boy was lost at the moment. His hands started to wander underneath her blouse while he continued to assault her lips. Raven responded by answering back his kisses and letting her own hand wander off down to his pants as well.

Beast Boy was already unclasping the hook of Raven's bra while she was unbuttoning his shirt when they felt something big and hard hit them on the head. An all so familiar yell was heard through the library.



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