I'm Back


This was written for The Slightly Odd CrackShip Challenge (WhompingWillow/FordAngela) and Word Count Drabble Challenge 2 (333).

I read through and it sounds like one great innuendo but oh well. This is for you Sylvia :)

It's been three months since Angela crashed into me. Apparently it broke her heart to see my trunks in slings, but now I know that isn't true, it broke my heart instead.

The last time I saw her, the beautiful blue sheen of her coat slipped between the trees with a flash of her rear red lights that told me she'd be back soon. Alas, she never did return, I waited longer and longer, scanning the forest for a sign of her presence.

My final glimmer of hope was dashed late last night, when she hurtled out of the Dark Forest with those two students that she'd been carrying the night she'd crashed into me. She'd barely been out of the forest for two seconds before she met my gaze ejecting the two boys from her doors and zoomed back into the darkness of the trees.

Later that night as it grew colder, my mood grew darker and angrier. Angela broke my heart, left me alone once more in the grounds without anyone. Well, I would suffer through her betrayal no longer.

She would no longer have me pining for her every night just waiting for her to come back so I can run my branches along her metalwork, and she would no longer keep me company at night when there was nobody else too.

I would not let her change me from a whomping willow to a weeping willow, and so I transformed back to what I once was; I would live up to my name once again. I remember the boy they called Davey Gudgeon, back when students from the school used to avoid my clutches and try and get close enough to touch my trunk, he almost lost an eye when he tried to beat me.

If those two boys, the red head or the boy with the glasses, ever return where I can get them, they better run fast and hope they get away.

Because I'm back.