Poisoned Future Chapter 4

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She turned around lifting her sunglasses up to place them on top of her head before looking at him. He forced himself not to grin like a Cheshire cat at the confused look on her face before saying to her in a gruff but playful voice that was extremely uncharacteristic "What do you want?"

He swore he almost saw the corners of her mouth twitch as he stepped aside for her to come in. He'd never felt more relieved in his life; he'd given up hope that she was coming. Not that he needed her; she was no longer the little baker that covered up his murders by baking his victims into pies. She was…different. Time had done her some good, the luxuries that now existed had a made a change in her appearance, not massively but they had. She was not the busty little woman with the tangle of red curls on top her head anymore. She had put on weight, but she had needed to, she was no longer scrawny but had a curvy figure that other woman would trade their souls for; her hair was no longer tangled but spilled down her back in crimson ringlets. The dark circles had gone from underneath her large chocolate eyes and her milky skin almost glowed. She used to be pretty but now she was beautiful.

What on earth was he thinking?! Mrs Lovett was NOT beautiful, nor was she ever pretty. She was and still is a little wench who needs to learn to cover her chest up. But that was then, she's changed. Sweeney studied her as she walked through to his kitchen her big brown eyes studying and judging his lifestyle. He took the opportunity to get a better look at her; the vest top she was wearing was very low cut showing off her rather well endowed chest. Some things hadn't changed then. The jeans were tight too, they were extraordinarily inappropriate for a woman to wear. No Sweeney Todd had still not gotten used to the time change, in his eyes woman should still be wearing dresses that covered their ankles. Though he didn't mind looking at Mrs Lovett in her current attire…

"Mr Todd my face is up here!" Mrs Lovett said sternly gaining his attention as his eyes snapped up to hers. Dam. She so knew he was checking her out. Great. Knowing her she would now play on this greatly. As expected she shook her hair over her shoulders and started to explore the living room; swinging her hips as she walked round more than was really necessary. She was flirting with him. He knew she'd coming running back. She ran her finger along a shelf and let out a small squeak of disgust as her finger was covered with a thick layer of dust.

"Mr T, honestly how do you live like this?" she announced while wiping her finger on her jeans still scrunching her nose up. How ironic that she of all people should say that. There were times back when they lived in London that Mrs Lovett would squash insects with her rolling pin and then use the said rolling pin to roll out pastry.

"I thought you'd be used to living in bad conditions Mrs Lovett, what with living in London for so long." Sweeney said snidely. Mrs Lovett looked up at him.

"Yeah, while times 'ave changed love." she responded with an eyebrow raised.

"Take a seat then" Sweeney said sarcastically as Nellie sprawled across the sofa with her legs tucked underneath her. She looked around again. The place was a tip. Bottles were spread across the floor and old records were cluttering the shelves. It looked like…a typical man's room. He'd changed. His hair was no longer streaked. She'd always wanted to dye the streak for him but she'd never tried; he would have slit her throat. He'd bulked up more, probably from the food. He was now far more muscular and far more…handsome. If that was possible. God he was so hot. She didn't love him though. He'd hurt her beyond repair, she'd never love him again.

"So…" Sweeney started before he was cut off by Eleanor.

"Why did you find me?" She said. He sensed her change of mood immediately.

"I-I…I felt lonely" he replied. He didn't understand why he was being so nice to her; he didn't need the little woman. He felt nothing for her. He loved his Lucy. His Lucy with golden hair. Yes lovely Lucy with her red-NO golden hair. He was going insane. He felt drunk. Drunk on his love for the little baker. It was then that it hit him. He was in love with Eleanor Lovett. Being away from her made him realize how much he needed her. Needed her not for his plans but because he genuinely needed her stunning smile, her constant need for meaningless chatter, the way she always found away to touch him. He needed to tell her. He needed her.

"Oh no, Sweeney got lonely? Well maybe if he didn't shove his devoted landlady in an oven and broke her heart a million times over he wouldn't be lonely would he?!" she said standing up. Sweeney stood up as well approaching her speaking softly. He really didn't want to face the wrath that was Eleanor Lovett in a mood right now.

"Nell, I was angry, you deserved it!" he said, he wouldn't let his guard down too much. She paused studying his face, tears welling up in her eyes. She spoke softly.

"I can still feel the flames burning me sometimes. They chase me at night, in my nightmares. The smoke still suffocates me. It hurts Sweeney, it hurts so much." and with that she allowed a tear to roll down her cheek. Still an emotion wreck as well then.

Sweeney felt something he'd never felt before at the moment he saw the drop of water crawling down her cheek. Guilt. It was so foreign to him. He didn't like it one single bit. It made him feel weak. But he couldn't rid himself of the feeling. Deciding that talking was going to get him nowhere he decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked over to the petite woman who was now snivelling pathetically and wrapped two strong arms around her. She didn't reject him just as he thought. Mrs Lovett, eminently practical and oh so predictable. He held her close breathing in her scent. She no longer smelled of flour and cinnamon but of flowers and lavender. He liked it just as much.

Mrs Lovett began to sob on his shoulder. Years of emotion poured out of her. Meanwhile Sweeney held her and rocked her back and forth enjoying the feel of her in his arms. Eventually her tears started to subside and she rubbed her eyes looking slightly embarrassed. Sweeney reached a hand out and stroked her tear stained cheek.

"Nell…" he began. He needed to say the words. "I'm sorry." she looked up at him in response with her big eyes that were slightly red from crying. She threw her arms around him pulling herself closer to him. He smiled to himself. Pretty boy would be forgotten and he'd have the beautiful Nellie Lovett all to himself.

He pulled her as close as he could to him and let out a breath of bliss as she buried her head in the crook of his neck. Hushing her he put a hand under her chin. She looked into his ebony eyes with her own chocolate ones and ran her hands down his arms. He had her right where he wanted to. He ran his hands down her back smiling to himself as she pressed her chest against his still looking into his eyes. Pretty boy was long forgotten. She had been lying; she was still utterly in love with him. She ran her hands down his back cheekily feeling his backside. She pouted slightly and leaned into him. Feeling over the moon he too leaned in.

"I don't want to see you ever again." She whispered just before their lips touched before pushing him off, her face filled with hurt and anger just as before.

Sweeney stood there speechless. Eleanor began to walk away feeling rather satisfied. There was a loud knocking at the.

"That'll be Robert. He said he'd come to pick me up." she announced. Robert. So that was his name. He felt a sinking feeling in his heart. It felt as if it was being shattered into a million little shards.

"Now you know how it feels Mr T, having your heart broken. This is only your first time. Just think, I experienced over 15 years of this pain. I spent everyday longing for your love, hoping you'd just award me a smile for my effort. It really does hurt you know. Well you do know now." She rambled on with venom in her voice. All the while Sweeney just stood there feeling frozen.

"Y-you slut…" he wanted to say. He wanted to yell at her, but he couldn't.

"Don't bother following me; I'll just turn you away. You've already ruined my life for me once. Have the maturity to not do it again." and with that Eleanor Lovett walked out. Away from Sweeney Todd and into the arms of the man who would whisk her away from the life she thought she'd left behind.

"You sort it out?" Robert asked before planting a sweet kiss on her lips. Eleanor nodded breathing in his masculine scent before leaning her head on his shoulder interlacing her fingers with his.

"I never have to see him again…it's over."

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