AN and Disclaimer: I don't own Mission Impossible or the Avengers. But Emma Carter is mine! This is the crossover that takes place between 'Lady Hawk' and 'The Things They Carry' – so enjoy and please leave me some loving!

Chapter One:

Clint Barton would give anything to be in New York City and not the mountains of Afghanistan. It was his little girl's 3rd birthday and he was stuck in the middle of no where, pretending to be an IMF agent and doing recon.

Basically it sucked.

When Fury had assigned him this mission two and a half years ago, he thought that it wasn't going to be this deep uncover. But he was gravely mistaken.

At first, playing the role of William Brandt was simple – mess up in the field, get reassigned a desk job and work up from there. He enjoyed that part since he was home at night and able to spend time with his two leading ladies – Emma Carter and their daughter, Audrey. Then a few months ago, everything went to hell.

The IMF director was killed. The Kremlin was blown up and he was thrust back into the field as part of an IMF team with Ethan Hunt. When Fury found out Clint's new mission, he made it perfectly clear to his agent that he had to stay a part of that team. Clint didn't ask questions, he simply did what he was told. The worst part of the entire ordeal was that he would be away from his family longer.

"Hey Brandt, pay attention!" Ethan said as they monitored a possible terrorist camp along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

"Yeah sorry."

"Got anything good yet?" Benji Dunn's voice crackled over their ear pieces.

"Almost," Ethan responded. "Just waiting for them to emerge from tents."

If on cue, a retrofitted Blackhawk helicopter swooped into the valley and landed. Using the telephoto lens, that he had been taking surveillience photos with, Clint turned the camera on the helicopter and began snapping photos of the two women who were getting off the helicopter and heading into camp. The first woman looked to be of Asian descent while the second one….

Clint just about dropped the camera. There was no way. He snapped a few more pictures then turned to Ethan. "Let's go."

Ethan nodded.

"So what did you find out?" Jane Carter asked when they returned to their makeshift base that was set up on an old airfield. They were using their Learjet to house all their equipment.

"They had visitors," Ethan said. "Then Brandt almost broke the camera. Hopefully he managed to get some good intel."

Brandt handed the SD card from the camera to Benji to pull up the pictures that were taken. "Go to the last one," he said standing behind the technical field agent. Benji quickly pulled the pictures up on the big screen that was housed in the plane.

"Who is that?" Jane asked.

"Agent 13," Brandt said. "She is an assassin who doesn't make mistakes. No one knows her real name."

"Then who was the other woman with her?" Ethan asked.

"That I don't know."

"I'll run their faces through the databases and see if we can find out anything else on either of them," Benji said.

"That sounds good," Ethan said before turning to look at Brandt. "Do you think that you have any contacts who might know else on either of them?"

"Perhaps. I can try. I've gotta make a few calls first."

Ethan nodded as Brandt went to his bag and pulled out his cellphone. He disembarked the plane and headed outside. Once outside, he slid the back of his phone off and replaced the SIM card in the phone with a different one. This was just a precaution. He didn't want anyone tracing his call – well anyone besides S.H.E.I.L.D.

He quickly dialed the number he knew by heart. His heart was racing as he waited for her to answer. As he waited, the persona of William Brandt was replaced by Clint Barton.

"Hello?" a sleepy voice answered.

"Hey Em," he said relieved.

"Its like midnight Clint and you're not supposed to call for a few more days."

"I know, I know. But I missed your voice."

"Liar. What's wrong?"

Dammit. She knew the differences in his vocal patterns. Was he engaged to a human computer?

He quickly explained everything that had taken place that morning to her. He then waited for her response.

"Baby that mountain air is getting to you. I've been in New York with your mom and Audrey. Fury even knows that."

"But she looked just like you!"

"Then who was the second woman?"

"I dunno. I was hoping your could shed some light on that."

"I'd have to see photos."

"I'll try to get them, but I can't promise anything. But just be weary about your surroundings for a while. I don't want anything to happen to you or Audrey."

"Always am."

"I love you and I hope to be home soon. Give Audrey a hug and kiss for me?"

"I will. Love you too."

As he hung up the phone, the persona of Clint Barton disappeared. It was back to work. Hopefully he could figure out who this doppelgänger was.

"My contacts didn't know anything," he said as he boarded the airplane again.

"That's ok," Ethan said. "Because I think we figured out where this Agent 13 operates from."


"New York City. Buckle up. We're leaving for the Big Apple."