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If you wanna know what the characters celeb lookalikes are, here they are!

Kenzie: I imagine her as a brunette Taylor Swift:) You can look up "brunette Taylor Swift" if you're curious

Ari: Ariana Grande as a blonde (look up pictures of her from the VicTorious episode, The Blonde Squad)

Chris: Jackson Nicoll (he played Albert in Fun Size)

Jayce: Ross Lynch

Skye: Samantha Boscarino

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Ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend that you were just...well, a tad obsessed with? Not obsessed in the creepy way, but in the "new couple" kind of way. That's how Jayce Mitchell is feeling as he watched Ariana Diamond, his girlfriend of five months, film a scene for his mom's new comedy series. She plays the niece of his mom, actress Camille Roberts. She's only a recurring character, but Jayce has heard rumors that Ari might be bumped up to a main role next season.

In this scene, Samantha (Ari's character) is arguing with Morgan (Camille's character) and they end up throwing food at each other, messing up Morgan's newly redecorated kitchen. Even the crew members are laughing. MacKenzie (Kenzie for short) seems pretty amused too. It's Saturday, so she doesn't have school. Now that she's on her way to becoming a famous actress, her parents pulled her out of public school and have her working with a private tutor.

"Alright, dude, where's Skye?" Chris Diamond, Kenzie and Ari's seven year old brother, asks. Skye is Logan and Camille's twelve year old daughter. Chris has a bit of a crush on her. She's definitely a very pretty girl, but Chris shouldn't be thinking about girl's at his age. Then again, his dad is James Diamond. James use to be a huge ladie's man until he met his wife Jenna.

"Chris, shouldn't you be doing your homework?" Kenzie asks him.

"Shouldn't you be kissing my rear end?" Chris retorts before walking away. Jayce tries to control his laughter, but it's not easy. The little dude has been spending way too much time with their Aunt Lacey, Jenna's best friend since Kindergarten. The woman is thirty nine years old, but she hasn't lost that attitude of hers.

"What are you working on?" Jayce asks Kenzie.

"A new song." Kenzie says, scribbling something in her notebook. Gustavo Rocque, who also works with Big Time Rush, recently signed Kenzie to Rocque Records. Now she is working on her debut album. From what Jayce has heard, her music is going to be country. Jayce recently got to hear one of the songs that she recently recorded. He was impressed. Gustavo even said that he likes her because she's not irritating like her parents.

"CUT!" The director calls out. "Ariana, you need to sound just a bit angrier! In a funny way, of course! Can you do that for me?"

"Sure!" Jayce's lovely girlfriend chirps. She gives him a flirtatious wave and he waves back in response. He may be only fifteen years old, but he absolutely adores her. She's beautiful, talented, funny, and entertaining to be around. She's one hell of a comedian! Jayce hopes that she does become a main character next season because Samantha is such a fun character.

"Alright, who told Chris that it was okay to put a live snake in my purse?" Skye complains. Wow, the little monster made another attempt at getting her attention in a really weird way. Will he ever become normal? Jayce isn't too sure.

"If you kept your purse in a safe place, it wouldn't have happened." Jayce tells her. "So it's your fault."

Skye's jaw drops and with a flip of her hair, she storms off. Jayce chuckles and returns his attention to Ariana and his mom. Just when everyone thinks that filming is going really well, they hear something break, and one of the set walls comes falling down. Luckily, Camille and Ariana jump out of the way before it can fall on top of them.

"What was that?!" Ariana yells. "Ugh, where the hell is the set designer?!"

Okay, Jayce will be honest and say that Ari can be a bit of a diva. He has heard her costars say that although she is a talented actress, she's not always easy to work with. Sometimes she can be a pain in the rear end. Jayce keeps her from being too annoying, though. If she's being bossy, he lets her know.

"Are you ladies alright?" The director asks.

"Yeah, we're fine." Camille assures him, ushering Ari off the set.

"Someone get in touch with the set designers! We need to get this fixed ASAP!"

Next thing Jayce knows, a pair of arms are hugging him from behind. Then Ariana steps in front of him and sits on his lap.

"Well, you didn't get crushed." He says, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"If it did crush me, I would sue."

Jayce gives her a kiss. She has a birthday coming up and he still needs to find the perfect present for her. If he doesn't find something awesome, he doesn't know what he'll do. He's probably gonna get Kenzie, his mom, or Aunt Jenna to help him out. They're all girls and know Ari really well, so they should be able to tell him what she might like.

What kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn't find something?

"Sparks! Sit down, boy." Logan Mitchell tells the family's three year old Golden Retriever. They got him when he was four months old and they trained him to follow basic commands, such as sit, roll over, and fetch. Since his wife and kids aren't home yet, Logan is keeping himself entertained by playing with the adorable family dog.

"Good boy." He says, handing Sparks a treat.

"Babe, we're home!" Camille announces, entering their mansion. I see that she brought Kenzie and Ari home with her. Not that Logan minds, but it seems like Ari spends more time at their house than her own. Ever since she and Jayce started dating, they've been inseparable. It's gotten to the point where Logan and Camille demand that all doors stay open when she's over.

"Hey, how was work?" He asks, giving his wife a kiss.


"One of the set walls collapsed." Ari says bluntly. Logan gives Camille a curious look and she calmly says "Everyone is fine." Well, that's a relief. If anyone got hurt, Logan might have to personally go to the set and have a talk with the director and set designer about creating a safe environment for the actors and crew members.

"And I just finished a new song for the album." Kenzie says proudly, waving her notebook in front of them.

"That's great, princess." Logan says, ruffling her hair. "Now, do your parents know that you're here?"

"Yeah, I called them and said that we were coming here-" Kenzie is interrupted by a loud burp. That can only mean one thing. Chris is here too. He's a crazy little dude. He loves bugs, burping, and girls (which is a bit worrisome, considering his age). He also makes straight C's in school, so James and Jenna have been talking about sending him to tutoring.

"Must you do that every time you walk into a room?" Ari snaps. Chris responds by burping again, making sure that he does it in Ari's direction. Kenzie is the mature one, Ari is the prissy one, and Chris is the wild one. Logan is so relieved that he and Camille have normal children. Jayce and Skye both make straight A's and they never get into trouble.

"Ignore the little weirdo." Kenzie says, lightly slapping the back of Chris's head. He pokes her stomach and she rolls her eyes, dragging him to the living room.

"So...are we still going on that camping trip next weekend?" Camille asks, wrapping her arms around her husband's neck. Ever since Ari was a little girl, they've had a tradition. On her birthday, they go on a camping trip to celebrate. They always end up having a lot of fun. Well, except for that one summer when Carlos fell into the river and they found him a mile away from where he fell in.

"As far as I know." Logan gives her another kiss.

"Guys, remember to keep the door open!" Camille says as Jayce and Ari head to Jayce's room.

"We will!" Jayce replies. Logan and Camille watch Chris carefully, wondering if he plans on doing anything or if he's just gonna stand there. They look at each other, confused. Out of nowhere, Chris walks past them to the living room, where Kenzie is working on a homework assignment.

Um, okay then...

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look?" James Diamond asks his wife, Jenna Diamond.

"Every day." Jenna smiles, hugging his waist. In June, they will celebrate their eighteenth wedding anniversary. It's amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday that they exchanged vows. Now they've got three beautiful children, one who will be graduating from high school this year.

"Because it's true." James says, kissing her cheek.

"We'll have our own tent when we go camping next week." Jenna says cheerfully. James grins as he wraps his arms around her. Nearly eighteen years later, she's still as beautiful as she was at age twenty one. Not only that, but they're still completely in love. They certainly have a lot to be happy about. A happy marriage, a big house, successful careers, and three beautiful children.

"We'll have to keep an eye on the kids, though." James reminds her. "You know how much trouble they can get into."

"Remember when Chris broke Mama Knight's window?" Jenna asks. James cringes at the memory. He was so embarrassed. Chris decided to have some of his little friends over and they were playing baseball. Well, he happened to hit the ball in the wrong direction and it crashed right into Mama Knight's window. She lives next door to them.

"Don't remind me." He cringes. Luckily, Mama Knight wasn't angry. She even insisted on paying for the damages, but James felt so bad that he put up the money for it. Now Chris is no longer allowed to play baseball in the back yard. If he wants to play baseball, soccer, or football, they take him to the park so he can't destroy private property.

"Let's not be too paranoid." Jenna tells him. "I just wanna have fun. After all, it is our little girl's sixteenth birthday.

"I'm glad we convinced her to skip out on the party thing this year." James says. For her fifteenth birthday, she insisted on having a huge birthday party complete with a DJ and an ice sculpture. They went on their traditional camping trip a couple days later, though.

"Yeah." Jenna agrees. "Now, let's watch a movie. Then we'll go and pick up the kids from Logan and Camille's place.

"That sounds like a plan." James replies, leading her to their living room.

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