"Boys and buses got a lot in common. They both pick up speed when you try to stop em'. You could waste your breath, you could scream and cuss em' but there's no use chasing after boys and buses."

Gustavo is really proud of Kenzie's latest track. She recorded it just before the shooting and it is freaking amazing. He can't wait to see her take the country music world by storm. He has never worked with a country artist before, but he's always interested in trying something new. When Kenzie expressed her interest in doing country music, Gustavo liked the idea because it was such a far cry from the style that he normally worked with. He's gotta keep it fresh, you know?

He can't believe that they have to postpone the filming of her music video. Well, at least they got the album photo shoot done. James thought that the photos were too "sexy," but Jenna and Kenzie managed to convince him that they really aren't that bad. He probably felt paranoid about that one shot of his daughter in daisy dukes, a crop top, and cowboy boots, sitting inside a pickup truck.

"The police think they may have a lead on Wayne Wayne's location." Kelly says. "Supposedly, someone saw him at an old warehouse in Nashville."

"Seriously? Are they gonna go after him?"

"Well, not quite yet." Kelly says carefully. "He knows that they're onto him, so he's been hiding in the warehouse."

Gustavo rolls his eyes, turning the stereo off. Kenzie's album is pretty much done, except for the bonus track that he wants to record. Kenzie was suppose to be writing it before she got shot. They'll have to wait until she has recovered enough. Right now, she has been instructed to rest. She's still in the hospital, but she might be released tomorrow.

"And check this out." Kelly says, turning her laptop on. "Karsyn released a new song. It's her first song outside the country genre."


"It's actually Kenzie's song." Kelly tells him. "Karsyn stole it from us!"

"WHAT?!" Gustavo is fuming. "Which song?"

"Catch My Breath."

Gustavo lets out a angry scream. He wrote Catch My Breath for Kenzie! It was her song for her album. Even though she's primarily a country artist, they figured that having one song of a different genre wouldn't hurt. He was even considering it for Kenzie's second single! But now he won't be able to use it because that skunk bag Karsyn Hart stole it!

"You know, you could sue." Kelly suggests. Gustavo is already on dialing his lawyer. He isn't gonna let Karsyn get away with stealing his and Kenzie's hard work. He doesn't know why her producers even allowed her to record it! Were they aware that she stole it? Did she pass it off as her own? If so, she just committed plagiarism! That little...UGH!

"Hello? Yeah, we've got a problem."

"Why hasn't Trevor been visiting?" Kenzie wonders. "It's been over a week."

"I don't know." Jenna frowns, surfing the internet on her laptop. She can't wait until Kenzie gets released tomorrow. On a different note, the girl sure seems concerned about Trevor. Does she like him? Not like a friend, but a boyfriend? If so, Jenna might have to cry because that means that her baby girl is growing up.

"Is he avoiding me?"

"Baby, I'm sure that he's just busy." Jenna replies, fidgeting nervously. She doesn't know why she suddenly doesn't feel comfortable talking about Kenzie's friend. She use to have no problem discussing Trevor, but now she just feels awkward when Kenzie mentions him. She honestly just worries that Kenzie is gonna grow up too fast. And after getting her heart broken by her last boyfriend, Jenna really doesn't want Kenzie to get hurt again.

"He wouldn't even set foot in my room when I first woke up!" Kenzie complains. "He just walked off and never came back. Ari mentioned me to him, but he changed the subject. I just don't understand why."

"He's probably busy with school and work!"

Yeah, that's all it is. Jenna knows that Kenzie is concerned and she'll happily say anything to make her daughter feel better. She's kind of worried about Trevor too. Brennan stopped by the other day and she said that she saw him at a jewelry store. Oh no, what if he has a secret girlfriend? Kenzie will be crushed!

"I just wish that he would visit me." Kenzie pouts.

"I'm sure he will." Jenna assures her. She's not certain, but if Trevor loves Kenzie, he won't keep avoiding her.

Trevor doesn't wanna avoid Kenzie any longer. He was just in shock after she got shot, but he has spent the past week and a half contemplating their relationship. He wants to take it farther. He loves her. Not like a friend, but as more than that. Over the past few months, his feelings for her have only grown stronger. He's finally gonna act on those feelings today.

He stands outside her hospital room, watching her talk to her mom. She's talking about how bad she feels that he has been avoiding her. He sure hopes that she isn't angry with him. What happened really scared him and he needed time to recover. But now he's doing better and he's ready to do what he has always wanted to do.

"I'm gonna go to the cafeteria." Jenna tells her daughter.

"Bye, mom!"

Once Jenna has left the room, Trevor reluctantly enters, waving awkwardly. Kenzie appears surprised yet happy at the same time. She even seems a bit hurt that he's just now stopping by. Well, she'll understand once he explains. After he has told her why he hasn't been visiting her, he'll bring up their relationship.

"Trevor? What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you." Trevor says, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Before you get mad, just let me explain. I was absolutely terrified when you got hurt and I didn't know how to deal with it. I needed some time away from you to recover from the shock, okay?"

"That's it?"

Trevor nods, reaching for her hand. He feels a sudden urge to just kiss her, like he has always wanted to do. Maybe he sounds a bit forward, but he wants to be with her forever. For years, he has hidden his attraction to her, but he can't do it anymore. He's tired of pretending that he doesn't love her.

"Yeah." He keeps a grip on her left hand. "And I wanna talk to you about something else. Have you ever loved someone, but you were afraid to tell them?"

"I think everyone has felt that way at least once in their life." Kenzie answers with a soft smile. She understands! She actually understands where he's coming from! Maybe that's an indication that she isn't gonna reject him! He doesn't know what he'll do if he ever lost her as a friend. That's why he's always been afraid to tell her the truth.

"Then I guess you won't mind me being honest with you." He says softly. "I love you. I've always loved you, but I've been afraid to tell you because I don't wanna lose you. But after the shooting happened, I decided that it was time for me to admit it. I am completely in love with you and I pray that you feel the same way about me."


"Look, I wanna spend my life with you." He continues. "What I'm about to do might seem completely insane, but I at least want you to consider."

Taking a deep breath, he takes a diamond ring out of his jeans pocket. He bought it a few days ago. His mom thought that it was crazy, but she was supportive. She said that she hopes he knows what he's doing. Well, he does know what he's doing.

"Kenzie, will you marry me?"

Carlos happily eats from a bag of Oreo cookies, trying to enjoy a break from his precious daughter. He loves her to death, but she was crying and it was starting to give him a headache. Stephanie insisted that he go for a walk. He's feeling a lot better, but he thinks that he'll see how Kenzie's doing. She's been doing really well, but they all get paranoid about leaving her alone.

He approaches her room just as Trevor begins admitting to having feelings for her. At least, that's what it sounds like. He had no idea that Trevor was in love with Kenzie. He can understand why, though. If he were still a teenage boy, he would love Kenzie too. Yeah, that sounds weird, but that's just how lovable Kenzie is.

Kenzie sounds surprised by the confession. Carlos is surprised too. That isn't the most shocking part, though. That comes when Trevor starts talking about how he wants to spend his life with her. Dear God, is he about to...well, you know! If he's about to propose, then Carlos must say that those two are much too young to be engaged.

Well, Kenzie probably won't say yes anyway, so there's nothing to worry about. She would never accept a marriage proposal from a guy that she has never even dated. You need to date someone before you even consider marriage. Surely Kenzie is more responsible and won't decide to get married at such a young age.

She could at least wait a couple more years! James and Jenna were twenty when they got engaged. Logan and Camille were twenty two. Kendall and Jo were twenty three. Carlos and Stephanie were in their late twenties when they finally got hitched! Chris and her husband were in their thirties when they got married!

"Kenzie, will you marry me?"

Boys and Buses-Hayden Panettierre

Catch My Breath-Kelly Clarkson

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