my name is callie and i've lived in brooklyn my whole life. there is a sub shop on the block i live on. my best friend's family owns it. my best friend is max russo. we've known each other our whole lives. i like him more than a friend but i've never told him that. i am walking over to the shop right now to help max study. he's not the smartest person ever so it is hard for me to help him but it means more time with him. i run through the doors and sit on one of the chairs on the bar and start talking to alex, his sister. "i love your outfit." alex says to me. "thanks. do you know where max is?" i asked alex. "yeah. he's in his room." she said as justin, his brother, handed me a soda. "thanks" i said running up the spiral staircase. "hi jerry. hi Theresa." i said to max's parents. "hey callie." jerry said. "i'm gonna help max study." "good luck with that. i tried to and i couldn't for more than 5 minutes." justin said. "callie's helped max get straight c- than straight f's." theresa said. "really? wow, how didda do that?" "i have no idea." i said. "callie!" max said. "MAX!" i yelled running to him giving him a big hug dragging him. "what's today's torture subject?" "spanish. vamos." "what?" "let's go." we walked to his room and closed the door. "what's number 19?" "tenemos que volver a casa." "i meant what does it mean." "we need to go back home." "can't i just use magic to learn?" "no. you know what i've told you before, you can't use magic." "but you use magic!" he said. "that's not the point!" "but that's unfair." "b├ęsame" i said to him. "what does that mean?" "look it up." i said throwing him a spanish-english dictionary. i climbed down the ladder of his bunk bed. "it means..." "it means what?" "kiss me?" he asked.