Max's POV

I thought she was gonna climb on me and we were gonna do it on my tiny bunk bed. Instead, she grabbed my hand and flashed us to a different location. It took me a minute to see where we were. It was our spot. It was a hole in the park that we filled with our belongings. It had a bunk bed, a magic mini fridge that could fit a whole bunch of crap, books, a TV, movies, X Box 360, 2 bean bag chairs, and part of a tree trunk. When we first started training to be wizards, we asked my dad if he could teach us how to cut a tree and move it someplace else. He showed us and we carved all kinds of stuff on it. As soon as we flashed in, she flashed in our stuff too. We don't leave it because someone might steal it.

"I love this place," she said to me looking around.

"Me too," I said falling into a bean bag chair. "I betcha I could beat you at Call Of Duty as always," I said tossing her a remote.

"Oh no. Not this time." She said falling into a bean bag chair next to me.

We played for hours. I beat her every time. She flashed everything out and we left the hole. We sat down on a park bench. I sat down and she laid down so her head was on my lap.

"Maxie?" She asked me in such an innocent voice.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"What if you don't win the wizard tournament?" She asked, looking up to look me in the eyes. Oh how I always loved her big, green eyes.

"Then... I don't know. I will work 1,000,000 times harder just so I could be with you." I responded again.

"But what if that isn't enough?" She asked me sitting up.

"I won't let them separate us." I said looking her in the eyes and cupped her face. I kissed her forehead and she smiled.

"And that is what I love about you Maxie." She said as she quickly pecked my lips.

I got up and started running. She got up and starting chasing me down the street lit by street lights. She was always faster than me. She jumped on me an we both fell to the ground. I was on top of her about to kiss her when my mother's voice broke it. "Maximilian Alanzo Ernesto Russo and Callianda MarĂ­a Hernandez! We have been looking all over for you! We've been worried sick! 3 days! I know that is mean but that is your punishment. And that is included at school. Alex and Justin will make sure of that!" My mother yelled at us both. We both looked to the ground and started moving our feet. Ever since we were little, we were inseparable. So as our punishment, they would say an amount of days and that is how long we couldn't speak or see or do anything with each other. Three days has been the longest ever! My mom was pretty nice about punishments. Well, that's when Callie's around.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Russo," Callie said still looking down at her feet. She called my mom "Mrs. Russo" when she knew she was in trouble.

"Oh. It's okay Callie. And it's Teresa. Remember?" My mom said to Callie while she was hugging her.

"Oh. Yeah. I remember know." She said smiling.

"Okay. Return soon. Harper and Zeke are cooking dinner. We might just have to order pizza." She said with a smirk on her face.

"YES!" We both yelled and we all walked back to the Sub Station.