Max's POV

We walked into the substation and we ran upstairs. It stunk as usual on Friday, the day Zeke and Harper cook. Sometimes, they cook amazingly and sometimes—

"Ah!" Callie screamed and jumped into my arms.

"Hey." I said very cockily.

She blushed and stepped out of my arms. Zeke and Harper turned around and both of their faces were black and their hair was crazy.

"What the hell just happened?!" Alex rushed down the stairs.

"Harper and Zeke blew up dinner." Callie said with a shocked face.

I turned and Alex and I was shocked too. She had a blanket wrapped around her and messy hair.

"Yo Russo! What was it?" A guy's voice came from upstairs. It wasn't Mason.

"DEAN?!" Callie and I yelled.

"Alex?" Mason asked as he walked inside our home.

Alex ran up the stairs and we heard fighting.

"Just the Russo's. So Mason. How ya been?" Callie said.

"Let's go take a walk. I heard there's a new pet shop down the street." I said pushing him out the door.

"Zeke. Harper. Do you mind to take Mason down to the pet shop?" Callie asked them pushing them out the door. She whispered into Harper's ear and Harper nodded.

I gave her a look. "I told Harper to make sure Zeke doesn't spill anything he just witnessed." I nodded and we both ran out.

"The coast is —" I started to say but I realized Alex didn't care we were in the room.

Alex was on top of Dean. "Maybe you dorks can learn something from us." She said before getting back to what she was doing before. We quickly left the room and I texted Harper to make sure that Mason didn't come back.

We turned off all the lights and went to the ice cream parlor at the end of the street. Callie was in a weird mood. I would usually be able to read her.

"Hey," I said grabbing her hand. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just... Mason really loved Alex. I don't know why she would just throw that away for a jerk like Dean." She said and I know I looked confused. "It's a girl thing." We both laughed.

"Callie. Don't worry about it. We have each other." I said as I kissed her. She smiled in between the kisses.

"We should... Probably... Go..." Callie said in between kisses.

We got up and waved to the employee. "BYE MATT!" We both screamed at him.

We walked down the street hand in hand. We stopped by the pizza place and bought two pizzas, one Hawaiian, for the family, and one pepperoni and sausage for us. Just like always.

We went through the sub shop, up the stairs, and dropped the pizza off. We went to my room and ate the pizza in there.