A/N: You asked for it, The Kazekage Of Suna! Never underestimate your opponent! Alright everyone, I'm playing right here. Take no offense of what... you know... never mind. I suck at kidding around when I try. :(

Tuesday, Deidara-sempi's room, I don't know what time it is!

Like a good boy, I waited for Deidara-sempi to come inside his room so I could surprise him with my best cheer yet! But, he never came in his room. So I got out from under Deidara-sempi's bed and to see he was sleeping!


I scream in wonder, like a good boy. Yes, yes. Deidara-sempi jump from his bed and wrapped his hands around my neck like a bad boy!


"Tobi, un?! What the hell are you doing in my room, un? You know it's three in the morning, yeah?"

I was confused, and looked at the clock to see he was right.

"Hehe… uh… oops?"

That's when mean Sempi started chasing me, I was just going to give him a cheer for being a good sempi to me.

Signed From: Tobi, the good boy!

P.S.: Was I a bad boy for not knowing the time when I was only... trying... to... surprise my Sempi?