Disclaimer: I do not own Ib, I just wrote this fanfiction. This story is based of the Forgotten Portrait ending, and will be written from the POV of Garry (3rd person). With occasional Ib, if it feels right.

Mary had just pushed Ib and Garry into the toy box. "Urgh…" Garry said, lying on the floor of a crayon drawing. Ib poked at him, gesturing for him to get up. He slid to his feet, before standing up. "Gaah…" he murmured, "that was painful." He looked into Ib's eyes, after scanning her body for major wounds. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied, as happily as she could. Garry nodded. "But…I lost my rose," she added.

"That's bad. We need to find it. It probably landed around here," he said, gesturing to the room they were in. Ib started walking towards the closest corner of the room. Garry then felt his jacket for his rose; it still had all 10 petals on it. He sighed, relieved, before catching up with Ib. They walked around the room, observing the creepy dolls and various things they had previously seen in the gallery.

"Over there!" Ib gestured, "I think I see Mary!" She started running over in the direction she pointed.

"Wonderful," Garry muttered, pulling out his lighter and sliding it into his left hand as he ran to catch up. When they got there, they saw Mary next to one of the dolls.

"Oh, for me?" Mary asked, the doll holding a red rose. "Why, thank you!" she said. Ib pointed at the rose, opening and closing her mouth, unable to form words. "Oh, is this your rose?" Mary wondered aloud, seeming to be toying with the duo. "It's so lovely."

Ib frowned, and asked, "May I have it back?" Mary shook her head.

She paused for a second, before responding, "But red is my favorite color! Well, next to blue that is. I'd be happy to trade it for a blue rose!" She looked at Ib with innocent eyes, but Garry understood what was going on. She wanted to kill him. Ib turned to look at Garry, aware his next move would end in death.

"Here you go Mary," Garry said, handing her his blue rose. Mary handed back the other rose, giggling and running towards the only exit, blocked by two large dolls. Garry sighed, aware this would lead to his demise. It was worth it, for Ib. Almost his little sister. He handed the red rose back to Ib. "Take it. Do not lose it. Do you understand?" he asked.

Ib nodded, whispering, "I'm sorry." Garry smiled, hiding his fear.

"It's okay. Why would you be sorry? It wasn't your fault," he said, comforting her greatly. He held out his hand, and Ib grabbed it. The two started walking towards the exit when all hell broke loose. "Run!" Garry shouted, and the two bolted towards the exit, sidestepping all the things that came their way. They reached the exit where the two dolls had been moved aside, and climbed up the stairs when Garry started to shiver. "I knew it," he whispered before collapsing. Ib looked at him. He knew he was doomed, but she had to escape. "Go on," he said, "I'll catch up with you." Ib paused for a moment before turning and walking towards the stairs.

"He loves me," she heard what sounded like Mary say. Ib walked back down and saw Garry clutching his stomach.

"Hey," he said, "if I tell you I'll catch up with you, I will, okay? Now go ahead." Ib turned and climbed the stars. Garry stopped moving, tears in his eyes. "I love you," he whispered in Ib's direction.