Ib woke up, and peered at her alarm clock. It was 6:00, but the alarm didn't go off. "Huh," she muttered, throwing the sheets off her bed. She ran to her closet and got her school clothes-a red skirt, a white shirt and a red tie. "Guess I'll wear what I did all those years ago…" she muttered. "I'm coming for you, guy." She picked up her pendant and put around her neck. She sprinted out the door, and ran to the art museum, several blocks away. Upon arrival, a man gestured to his desk, but Ib just walked past him. She walked straight over to the Forgotten Portrait portrait, and stared at it for a moment. On it was the man she had seen so many times over the years. "Finally get to see you," she said happily. Suddenly the lights flickered, and everyone else disappeared. Ib looked around and saw a strange man in a rainbow smock walking towards the Abyss of the Deep exhibit.

From the painting, Ib heard the man whisper, "Ib, this is your last chance. Get of the museum now!" Memories flooding back to her, Ib shook her head.

"I can save you!" she said, and began to walk in the same direction as Guertena, all the way to the Abyss of the Deep. "Guess I'm going in," she said, and stepped into it. She opened her eyes, and saw her pendant had shattered.

"Your magical pendant won't help you now!" Guertena said, his identity unbeknownst to Ib. She stood up, and walked over to the shattered remains of her pendant. She reached down to grab a shard when the shards came together to form a red rose, with 10 petals.

"I'll find you," she whispered to her rose. Looking at the nearest painting, which happened to be Fabricated World, she walked in the direction of Garry's painting. Upon arrival, the painting was extended from the wall, leaving enough room for a box. She knocked on it, whispering, "Found you!" The box collapsed, and turned to ash. "Crap!" she shouted. The box turned purple, and started to swirl around Ib. She closed her eyes, wishing for him to appear. She opened her eyes, and saw Garry hugging her.

"Your wish has been granted," he said smiling. Tears welled in their eyes, and they kissed.

"I missed you so much," Ib said. Garry nodded, and started walking towards the corner of the room. Ib followed him, and he reached down to pick up a paintbrush.

"If we want to get out of here," Garry whispered, "we have to kill Guertena. Err… the man in the rainbow smock. He's kind of the puppet master around here." Ib nodded, pulling the lighter out from all the years ago. "We have to bring him out-he has no painting," Garry explained, painting over the nearest portrait. Ib got the idea, and burned the nearest one. They continued on until the room shook.

"How dare you defile my work!" Guertena shouted. "Now face your punishment!" As he said this, the blue dolls started to crawl into the room, and blocked the exits.

"What the heck is going on in here?" Ib shouted, kicking dolls crawling towards her.

"This is step one," Garry elaborated, "fear. Then, attack, and then, if we get that far, he will reveal himself." Ib nodded, clicking the lighter, burning the dolls. Eventually, they stopped moving. The room shook again. "Attack," Garry said. The dolls started crawling towards the center of the room, crawling onto one of the exhibits, the green headless statue. They piled up on it, and it flashed.

"Hello," the statue said, now glowing with a golden light.

"Mary," Ib whispered, unable to say anything else.

"Not quite," the statue said. Its light started to fade, and what was left was an 18-year-old girl with blonde hair, a green dress, and red eyes. "I've waited so long for you, Ib," the older Mary said. Her hand flashed, and a large sword with a brush-style hilt appeared in her hand. She smirked, and sprinting toward Ib, muttering inaudible words. Ib leaped out of the way as Garry parried the sword with his paintbrush. Tripping Mary, he took the brush and painted a large x in front of her.

"Ready to be gone for good?" he asked. Mary turned over, and smiled.

"Dad, I stalled like you asked. Now save me!" she shouted. She froze, a frown appearing on her face. Garry thrust the x onto Mary and she disappeared. Ib smiled, and walked over to Garry. The dolls started to evaporate, and Guertena appeared in the room, clapping.

"Well done, well done," he said, his mouth curling into a wicked smile. Garry smirked, and pointed to beneath Guertena, where a large glowing blue x appeared. Guertena nodded, bowed, and the x exploded into a large flurry of light.

"Closing curtains," Ib murmured. The two started walking over to the Fabricated World portrait. The frame disappeared, and Ib gestured for Garry to go, but he shook his head.

"Only one of us can leave, remember?" he asked. Ib paled.

"But, but, you entered! You must be able to leave!" she shouted. Garry shook his head and put a finger to her mouth.

"No. I'm simply a painting," he said.

"Then I'll stay," she said. Garry shook his head. "I'm not going through there," she said, very instant.

"Don't I get a say in this?" he asked. Ib shook her head. "Then how 'bout this?' he asked, kissing her on the lips. Ib, very happy, smiled, before realizing Garry had pushed her towards the painting. "Don't forget me!" he shouted, smiling and waving.

"Damn it Garry!" Ib shouted, before blacking out. She woke up, standing in front of the Fabricated World painting. She walked over to the next room, and looked at the new painting. In it, Garry was smiling, and holding open arms, expecting a hug. Ib put her hand on the portrait, whispering, "I'll always remember you." She walked away, and a little boy behind her walked up to it, and read the inscription.

"Treasured Soul"