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that on Monday they would find it. OH and also the weekend with Arthur being at Alfie's the two just watched what they said/did so nothing would happen that would change anything or make anything awkward so nothing worth USUK writing is there:P

Matthew's POV

Yawning loudly out loud I move my legs to the edge of the bed. I shouldn't have spent all that time talking to Francis on the phone, but I did anyway. Getting up I moved to my closet and got out of my over sized sweatshirt I slept in putting on a simple blue Tshirt and a red

zip up sweater over it. After changing my boxers I moved over to my dresser searching for a pair of jeans.

Opening the dresser I found that all of my jeans were dirty reminding myself I should've did my laundry on Sunday.

Well all of my jeans were dirty except for this one pair that is really tight and low riding on my hips. It wasn't a problem to wear them but it was comfier to wear other jeans.

And with that I grabbed my backpack and shoved all my school stuff inside and walked outside of my room and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, but I left the backpack outside of the door.

Xdkalsdjf after being prEPARED AND READY ahaha! get it? *wink wonk*X

I walked out with everything ready and went straight towards Alfred's room as a habit; since he'd sleep through his alarm and I'd wake him a second time telling him to get up.

"Alfred!" I say opening the door to find Arthur and Alfred just finishing getting dressed.

"Morning Mattie~!" Alfred said enthusiastically. "Is the bathroom open?"

"Yea." I guessed that Arthur woke him up. Alfred sneaked past me going into the bathroom.

"Did you wake him up?" I asked Arthur who packed up his and Alfred's bag knowing exactly where everything needs to be put and not.

"No, he did. He usually always does. Why do you ask?"

"Oh.. No reason." I laughed shrugging it off even though that was a bit strange. "Well I'm going to make toast and boil some water for your tea when you two come down, but don't expect me there because I'm heading to school early."

"Oh thank you Matthew that's kind of you. Talk to you around school then." Arthur said smiling as I closed the door and headed down the stairs finding mom had left but had a note on the counter for everyone saying to have a good day and that she loved us all.

I smile at the note and get the water in the kettle and set it on the stove turning it on along with putting toast in the toaster setting it on a low setting so it would be ready for Alfred to pop back in there again.

With that I decide against the choice of breakfast but poor myself a cup of coffee and drink it quick as I look over some things around the house seeing if it's clean (tidying it up when it isn't) and looking over that I have everything.

By the time I finish my coffee was gone and I was ready to go downstairs and out of the place for school.

((A/N: I don't know if I was clear about this earlier but their video game store is below their home. Like how people live above bakeries sometimes? yea that's what this is. And the live downtown which isn't at all very far from the school.))

Sighing I moved to the door and headed outside starting my walk to school. It wasn't that long but it isn't always fun to walk to school.
Sighing I smile to myself and put my hands behind my head and walk on.

Xanother time skip because I'm a laZY ASS ahhaaa

Walking into the school I sighed and walked quickly to my locker and started to open it to get into class faster; but of course as soon as it was open a hand moved and slammed it shut. Looking around there wasn't anyone in the hall except two girls who moved to right and left.

".." I didn't say anything but turn my back to the lockers facing the two females.

The blonde one scoffed and put her hand to her hip. "So did you do what you were told."

"Yea did you?" the other repeated chewing her gum annoyingly.

"No." I stated simply and the blonde narrowed her eyes.

"We won't stop bothering you on how fucking useless you are in everything you do and how you don't deserve Francis at all until you break up with him."

I just bite my lip and don't say anything as the other girl sneered.

"Common Karol."
"Coming Madison." The two left.

I let out a shaky sigh. I know what they are telling me is not right.. but I can't help but believe it. That I don't deserve Francis.

It what makes it worse I can't tell him because I don't want to burden anyone with my problems so I open my locker again and try to ignore the feelings building up inside.

"Mattie!~" Francis smiled walking up to me as I closed my locker with my stuff in my hands. "I missed you oui." Arms circled around me and I was pulled into a warm hug.

Smiling I leaned against his chest and suddenly jumped when I heard Gilbert's voice shout out.

"FRANCIS AND MATTHEW THERE'S NO HANKY PANKY IN THE HALLLLLS!" the albino ran past the couple and snickered as others laughed too.

Francis rolled his eyes but humor was in them and kept his arm around my shoulders.

"Well then, let me walk you to class then mon amour."

I smile and nod not saying anything feeling a slight better being in my boyfriend's arms.

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Antonio's POV

I laughed as I watched Gilbert throw his notebook across the room hitting Sadiq on the head.

Lovino slammed his head against the table laughing so hard that his laughter was quiet. Gilbert then ran away tripping over desks as Sadiq moved after him.

Detention today was unsupervised and not many people were in here except Lovi Gil Sadiq and I plus a few other people sleeping and doing their own things.

"Lovi are you okay?" I laugh as the fight continued.

"Fuck no! Oh my GOD." Lovino leaned back in his chair his laughter dying a bit slowly only existing as giggles.

I smile and lean over my chair and on Lovino who didn't care at the moment still recovering.

Until a cold wet sensation washed over us.

"SHIT." Lovino cursed springing up as I sat there blinking.

Gilbert's laughter was loud as he threw the plastic water bottle to the ground.

"GOT YOU! Awesome me got you!" Gilbert ran as Lovino chased him.

"And 'awesome' you get an ass beating for a prize. GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT." Lovino pounced and landed on Gilbert's back riding him as he ran around yelling.

"WHOaaT I have a wild Italian on my back! TONI HELP HERE NOW." Gilbert ran over to me as I laughed some standing up as Lovino couldn't help but laugh too as I scoop him off Gilbert's back and fling him over my should.
"Lovino I must apologize but I am going to set you on the desk table where you belong. Not on Gilbert's back." I just smile and place Lovi across the tables. He sprawled out smiling and happy. I can tell he was feeling better as well.

He was worried about Feli before but now it seemed like nothing mattered to him right now.

"How long are we scheduled detention for?" Sadiq said sitting down in Lovino's seat as I sit down in mine and Lovi on the desk.

Gilbert pulled a chair up on the other side of the longer table.

"I think it was all day till the end. I wonder when the-"

The door slammed open. "QUIET NOW." The principle yelled loudly making the room almost quiet.

"Well my question was answered quickly."
"Vargas!" the principle barked as Lovi scowled.

"Off the table."
Lovino didn't say anything as he slid off and sat down in the chair next to Gilbert.

"Now since the usual lecture teacher isn't here I'm here to take her place.."
Groans where heard around the room.

Now the real work was going to be laid on us..

Arthur's POV

Being woken by your major crush can be great but the way I awoke was by Alfred right next to me over my face grinning hugely. ((A/N: AHAHAa yup they sleep together in the same bed WHELP *it's a queen bed* but like that changes anything HA))

I thought of the morning over in my mind as I sit in my English class while staring at Alfred who was moved across the room because his inability to sit still; not talk and can't see well. Probably also because the teacher hates him as well.

Alfred turned around and winked at me as he got ready a paper ball the throw in the trash can across the room.

Sighing and smile and watch him. The other senior who sat by him was this girl who was someone who got in trouble a lot. She and him would have a contest on who could get the most in before one got caught/class ended.

Before Alfred could even throw it a book was hit against his desk making him jump.

"Stop flirting to the young man on the other side of the room Mr. Jones."

I julted and blushed.

"I-I wasn't flirting!" Alfred defended himself blushing as the girl next to him snickered.

All she did was glare at him one more time and went off to teaching.

Besides the occasional looking over to see the girl next to Alfred tease him I didn't look over at Alfred until the end of the period.

Xperiods laaaaaaaaterrr askdlfjbonerdkfjalsbuttsexaslkdfjX

I walk from our last class; mine and Alfred's. We were released early so we walked over to the club room. Mrs. Rogers was already there looking over some papers.

"Hello Arthur and Jones."
"Good afternoon Mrs. Rogers." I say politely as Alfred smiled.

"Hi Rogers."
"Sit down the two of you we aren't starting to day exactly until something is cleared. And you'll probably find out about that secret I've been keeping all year."
"REALLY." Alfred sat down instantly and dragged me with him.

"Well that was a lie I did tell your brother."
"Only because I needed his permission to use this club as part of it." Mrs. Rogers laughed as I smiled and stifled my laughter as well as Alfred pouted.

More people started to fill into the club room.

Ludwig's POV

Sighing I look over at Feliciano worried for the hundreth time and resisted the urge to walk over to him and hug him until he at least looked happier. It was the end of the day and Feli has given up hope. Mrs. Rogers had a meeting so there was a sub in her art class but she said she would be present during the club. Reality of losing things easily in a high school was probably washing over Feliciano hard core and I didn't like it.

I promised Feliciano would find it. He will.

Just one more period to go before we find out for sure that Mrs. Rogers has it or not making P.E the longest class ever.

We were playing a game of basketball but as distracted as I was there was no one to keep everyone on task so not that many people were participating.

Feli looked over at me and pulled on an obvious fake smile making me more determined to find that dammed notebook.

Looking on my watch it read 5 minutes until school ended.

Those were the longest five minutes by far. Feliciano and I walked quickly into the guys changing room and changed quickly walking over to the club room.



"Do you think it'll be there?"
I nodded. "Yes I do."
Feliciano smiled. "Thanks for keeping hope when I can't."
I just nod again. I wanted to say: of course I'd keep hope because this notebook and writing means the world to you.

But I know he knew I was saying that. Walking to the club room door I open it for Feli and we walk in.

Mrs. Rogers' POV in 3rd POV

Watched as most everyone came in but she was looking for Feliciano. He would probably be frantically looking for it. That did make her feel bad; but not at the same time. It was perfect this opportunity. It could help Feliciano down the road as well.

When the Italian walked in Mrs. Rogers got up and new what card to play to get this to help everyone and make them happy.

"Feliciano? Could you come out here with me?" Mrs. Rogers walked out the hall passed him and Ludwig who barely even entered the room.
Feli nodded and Ludwig smiled at him quickly and walked in the club room.

"What is it?.."

"This." Mrs. Rogers holds out the notebook for Feliciano.

His eyes widened and brightened and his smile was very big. "I did leave it here!"

"Good thing you did too.. Actually I would like to ask you something Feli."
"What is it?" Feli held the notebook close not planning to lose it ever again.

"I read it.. And I'm very sorry if that bothers you.. I leafed through it and saw what it was..."
Before Mrs. Rogers said anything more Feliciano said something quickly.

"What did you think about it?"
Mrs. Rogers smile was big. "Okay well I have a picky taste when it comes to plays; but yours was amazingly plotted out. The side notes helped a lot make me understand some of the foreshadows you placed everywhere, the character development was fantastic. Your writing over all is great and your doodles are very beautiful."
Feliciano's eyes were wide. "You mean it?"

"Of course! That's why I came to you for this. You know the secret I've been keeping this whole time?"


"Well it's a play being put on entirely by students and I'm suppose to direct the Technical field with the props and lighting. But I needed a play from as student to direct and write. Since the due line for the signing up for this is coming up shortly I thought you wouldn't mind to let me use your play in this."

Feliciano was taken back for a second. "My play?"

"But it wasn't even that good! I-"
"Feliciano. I wouldn't have asked you if it wasn't and not worth my time. You don't have too but you would be directing the play and the whole art club will be involved if they agree." Mrs. Rogers said smiling.

Feli smiled. "I'd love to use this play I wrote."
"Lovely! Now in the club room we need to share this before Alfred and a few others freak from not knowing." Mrs. Rogers cheered in the inside opening the door for Feliciano.

Inside the room everyone was talking around the table and Gilbert was up grabbing some paints.

"Gilbert. You know what happened last time."
Gilbert instantly julted and left the paints alone walking to his seat. "Yes I remember."

((Involved in a paint fight because he threw it at someone and yea it was chaos))

"Okay! Now club and fabulous people I am here to say some great news and share some information on our next project as a club!"

"Is it that surprise?!" Alfred said with his hand up. Arthur put Alfred's hands down telling him to be quiet.

"Yes Jones. Now! The project is a play. We will put the whole thing on."

Everyone around the table murmured their opinion quickly as Mrs. Rogers continued.

"The surprise was I'm required to have a student write a play and direct it while everyone here pulls off the characters and helps with the technical parts/building things and handing things off to the actors.

"And as it so happened I accidentally got a hold of Feliciano's notebook and inside I found a play which he agreed wholeheartedly to use that for the play! Now the thing is this something you guys would all do?"
Mouths all opened and Mrs. Rogers quieted them down.

"Okay nevermind raise your hands if you have objections to this."

No one seemed to raise their hands. But some where obvious with some questions ready to ask.

"Okay so this will be out project. Now, what we need to do is decide who is doing what-"
"Mrs. Rogers." Vash said quickly.


"I volunteer to do the financial part. I'm assuming you know the budget correct?" Vash said.

"Yes yes that would be awesome for you to do. Thank you for volunteering. No one objections?"

No one did and then Mrs. Rogers continued on from before.

"Okay now we need to decide positions like that yes. We need people willing to act, people who will help out during the play as a ninja, technical volunteers for building painting props, costume/makeup designing and managing, fundraiser planners ect.

"I have a sheet here that'll have you sign on what you're willing to help out in."

And with that Mrs. Rogers passed the paper to the left and everything just started out on from there.


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