As I drove back to the safehouse, I got a call from Takashi. I turned on my bluetooth and answered the call.

"Yo, what's up?" I asked.

"I need you over at the garage tonight. Someone special wants to race you." He said.

"What time?"

"Eleven P.M. Make sure you're not followed by anyone."

"Alright. Anything else I should know?"

"There's a lot of cash involved."

"How much?"

"$300,000 in total. There's some money under your bed. Use that as a bargaining chip. And don't be followed. By anyone. Got it?"

"Yeah. Later."

I hung up the phone and focused on driving again. First, I wanted something to drink while I waited for the race. So I went to the nearest store, parked the car, and went inside. I stopped right near the sodas and looked at my options. There was regular Coke, Pepsi, Cherry Coke, and Mountain Dew. I grabbed the regular Coke, walked over to the counter, and asked if the store had any gum.

The owner pointed out some packs of gum for me to choose. There were three choices: Spearmint, Fruity, and Pepper. I picked pepper. I paid for the stuff and left. When I got in my car, I started chewing on the gum, and drove home. As soon as I got home, I went inside, put the soda in the fridge, and sat on the couch.

I turned on the TV and changed the channel until I found SportsCenter, and watched it until ten at night. At that time I turned off the TV, went to my car, and drove to the race site, which was Fourth and Hollywood. As I turned onto the street, The place was hopping with cars and people. I got the money from my bed earlier, and so I looked at it. It was one point seven million dollars. And in hundreds, too! Takashi must have really wanted me to win if he hid this much cash in one spot.

So when I arrived, I looked at the guy I was racing. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my long-lost older brother David! He had brown hair, a black shirt, and a car that looked amazing. It was a grey Mitsubishi Lancer MR. That is a very fast car, and hard to beat as well.

"Yo Chase." He said.

"Yo." I said back.

"This is your second test. Good luck."

This was my second test. Now that was shocking. As soon as we got our cars on the starting line, I felt some sweat on me. We started, and he was off the start first. He got ahead of me by a head, so I pulled a risky maneuver at the first turn. I switched my gear to reverse, turned around, and started to drive backward.

I got past him as we hit the second turn. He was really frustrated now, so he tried to ram me. he missed, though, and he hit a wall. I turned back around, and headed for the finish. I crossed, and I won the race and passed the second test.

So then Takashi comes to me and congratulates me.

"Nice job. And guess what's next."


"You are now a member of the DevilDogs. See you around, bro."