Hey everybody! Ok, so I have read a lot of Kickin' It fanfics about the gang having a sleepover and ultimately Jack and Kim ending up together, and I kinda wanted to do something like that, but realistically, boys and girls don't normally have sleepovers together at age 15, I know my mom wouldn't let that happen! So, its gonna be a bit different, but it'll be funny and there will definitely be KICK! I did get inspiration from several other fics I have read, so if you see something similar to one of yours, please know that I am not trying to steal or anything! Also, Kim is a bit OOC in this story, but I try to keep all my characters as realistic as possible!

Kim's P.O.V

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" my best friend Grace rushed up to me while I was putting my books in my locker and getting ready to go to lunch. "I was just talking to Kelsey at gym and she said that Kelli and Callie said that Emily told them that Bonnie texted her that Erin called her and said that Bree said that she talked to Mika and Mika said that you were having a sleepover tonight!"

"Whoa, calm down, Grace," I exclaimed, "Yes, I'm having a sleepover, and you are invited."

"EEEEEEEEEK!" Grace exclaimed in a ear-piercing scream that would drive a dog up the wall, "Why didn't you tell me before?!"

"Um, because I knew you would react like this, and I thought it would be better and save my eardrums if you heard it from some other girls; you know how the cheerleader gossip chain works!"

Grace stopped bouncing like a high chipmunk just long enough to consider my statement. "Yeah, your probably right!" she exclaimed, bouncing again, "So when is it? Where is it? Who is invited? How late are we staying up? Are your parents going to be home? What are we going to eat? Are there going to be any boys? What games are we going to play? What are-"

I grabbed the shoulders of my excited friend and cut her off, "SHUT UP!" I screamed. Grace froze. "Thank you. Now, if you were thinking, you would remember that I have a cheerleaders only slumber party every third Friday of the month when my parents go out to their bingo league. It always starts at six and always have a low fat taco bar and hang out in my hot tub eating them. Now, have yo checked your calender lately, Gracie? IT IS THE THIRD FRIDAY!"

Grace, who calmed down, checked the cheerleader calender in her locker, which is right next to mine. "Oh, ok. Sorry, got a bit excited there," she said sheepishly, "So what subject are we dishing on while we eat?"

"You do that every time. That's why I DIDN'T tell you his time. Oh, and I decided that our subject to chat about this month is gonna be boys and crushes! Now c'mon, let's get to lunch." Grabbing my purse, Grace and I headed to lunch.

Jerry's P.O.V

I was walking from Spanish class to my locker, which is near Grace and Kim's when I heard them talking. Pausing around the corner, I heard Grace and Kim talking about a sleepover that night. Oh yeah, its the night of the "cheerleaders only" monthly slumber party. Wait...they're discussion tonight is going to be about boys! Ooh...this might be an opportunity awaiting! I waled to my locker and dropped my books off, and then I dashed to the cafeteria. Grabbing some food, I sat down at the boys table. "Hey Jack!" I started, "Guess what?"

"What's up, dude?" Jack asked, "It looks like you just outran a bear!"

"Well, I ran all the way from my locker. But, so you know how-" I paused when Grace and Kim walked past our table with their lunches.

"So, Kim," Grace said condescendingly, "are you sitting with us today or are you sitting with the karate dorks and Jack?"

"Grace, I've told you before," Kim defended us, "The guys aren't karate dorks, they are really nice. But I'll sit with you guys so we can talk about the-" she paused, raising her voice so everyone in the cafeteria could hear, "-exclusive cheerleaders only slumber party I'm hosting tonight!"

The girls walked away, and I turned back to the guys, "I know Kim's our friend and all, but she can be a bitch sometimes." I told them.

"Yeah," Jack sighed, "But she's my bitch-wait! I mean, uh, well, she's not MINE, but she's my friend, I mean our friend, I mean-"

Milton cut him off, "Jack, we know what you mean. While Kim can occasionally scorn others with her shrew-like behavior, it sorta comes with the whole cheerleader persona. Of course, I believe that it is typically a faƧadewith Kim, because she is extremely generous and kind."

Ugh, Milton switched to nerd speak again. I hate when he does that; I can't understand him...but then again, I can't understand a lot of things, like when the delicious sweet bitterness of chocolate is mixed with the salty, hearty, oily crunch of falafel balls to create a party in your mouth!

"Wait, what?" I asked, "I'm confused. Nevermind that, anyway, what I was saying earlier was that the girls sleepover is tonight, and I overheard Grace and Kim talking about their discussion this month is going to be boys and crushes! Jack, we know you have a crush on Kim, now is the chance for you to see of she feels the same way!"

"How do you suppose we'll do that, Jerry?" Jack asked, but I could tell I got his attention.

"Well, my cousin Deuce is a tech whiz, and he has guys who can set us up with a full spy camera setup. They could be in and out of Kim's house in 15 minutes and have a camera discreetly hidden in each room with video and audio. The girls would never find them, and they could go back the next day and take em all down. We could watch and record the feed, which would be HQ HD, and Deuce could set us up with a 42'' monitor that will show us all the rooms at once. Plus, he owes me, so he'll do it for free!"

"Wow Jerry!" Milton exclaimed, "You don't have a good idea very often, but this is a great one! What do you think, Jack?"

"I think it's a really good idea," Jack said, "but I would feel kind of bad for spying on Kim. Then again, I really want to know how she feels about me."

Eddie, who had been shoveling food into his mouth, piped up, "I'm in! I wanna see if any of those hot cheerleaders are interested in this playa."

"Yeah dude!" I exclaimed excitedly, "It'll be awesome!"

"Ok," Jack agreed, "I'm in!"

"Whoo!" I cried, then whipped out my phone and dialed Deuce. "Yo, D, it's me, JM. Listen, I need to cash in that favor you owe me for distracting the Popo. Yo, man, I know that! Sorry Frankie got caught, but at least you didn't get a stint with him, and you got off with your Glock! Yeah, yeah, ok. But it's easy. Oh, did Pepito's stint end yet? Eight more months? Really? Ok. Anyway, are Ben and Leroy out of Juvi? I need a camera job done." I walked off, chatting with my cousin and arranging the details.

Milton's P.O.V

As Jerry walked off talking with his cousin, I turned to Jack and Eddie. "Did you guys hear Jerry's end of the phone conversation? That cousin of his sounds dangerous! I don't know if we should be doing this."

"Well, knowing Jerry, he'll come back and it'll already be set up and he won't be able to stop it." Jack said. Just then, the 5 minute warning bell rang.

"Oh, I gotta go you guys!" I cried, standing up, "Gotta be on time for Calculus!"

Rushing out of the cafeteria, I stopped by my locker, grabbed my AP Calc book, and then darted to class.

So, what did you think? That was basically the prologue leading up to the sleepover.

I feel like I need to explain a few things: Kelli and Callie are twins, which is why Grace referred to them together; they are identical and stick together, and they are both cheerleaders. Emily, Bonnie, Bree, and Erin are my OCs, and they are also cheerleaders. I don't know if Mika is a cheerleader in the show, but I made her one in this story.

Also, when Jerry was talking to Deuce, he was talking about distracting the police while Deuce ran away with his gun from something, but their friend Frankie got caught and served a short jail sentence. Another of their friends, Pepito, is serving a longer jail stint and has 8 months to go. And Ben and Leroy are also Jerry's cousins and they just got out of Juvenile Prison. They are all my OCs.