I wrote this because I'm feeling a bit gloomy, and the weather is on and off here in Portugal. I know it's good to write according to my feelings, so that's what I'm doing. If you don't like it... Well, there's nothing I can do. I'll be updating this story whenever I'm not feeling upbeat.

Karu de Yami (Light in Darkness)

Chapter 1: Creature in the Darkness

It rained outside as Ciel read his adventure book, a cup of hot chocolate sat beside him on the cabinet. He had been resting cozily in the couch, already in his dark-blue sleepwear and warm black socks that covered his feet, which disappeared under the dark-green blanket. He stretched out his legs and bent them under the blanket once again. Glancing at the clock across the room on the fireplace, he realized that it was past midnight. Yawning, he stood from the couch and closed the book, leaving it on the cabinet. He finished drinking the hot chocolate that had gone cold and left the mug behind to take care of it in the morning.

Ciel turned off the lamp and padded out of the living area. He turned off the lights of the apartment and stepped into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. A gasp escaped his mouth at the sight of a creature covered with a black cloth around its shoulders. He couldn't see its face properly, since it was mostly hidden behind jet-black hair. "Why are you here again? I already told you to go somewhere else."

The creature leaned away from the windowsill and approached the boy slowly. "I did just that, but no one was perfect enough for me," he murmured and stopped once he was a step away from Ciel.

"You come here every Friday night," Ciel said irritably, averting his eyes from the tall creature. "If you don't leave, I'll ignore you instead." He went to bed and lied down. It was the third week this thing had come to him asking for help, but there was no way he could help what wasn't a human being. And he didn't know what kind of help it was to begin with—Knowing could backfire as well. Besides that, he was afraid of such creature, and he was rarely frightened of anything. In the current circumstances, he didn't want to touch the creature; it had an aura of darkness.

Ciel's eyes then turned to the creature seated on the chair across the room. Always, that thing that looked like a man, would sit on that same chair and intended to watch Ciel for exactly two hours. The second that creature got rejected, it did exactly that—gaze, and by midnight, every Friday, it came uninvited.

Ciel couldn't turn off the light. He had once done so and the creature stood and took a step toward Ciel. And when he had turned it on, the creature was back on the chair in a blink of an eye. Even though Ciel didn't know what could happen, he wouldn't wait to see. As it was, he saw himself as forced to endure its presence.

Lightnings struck close by and the lights flickered. In panic, Ciel quickly sat up and stared at the creature that stood in front of the chair. Ciel's heart pounded in his chest, its sound reverberating to his ears, and his hands began to sweat. What if the lights went out? Again, the lights flickered to the storm outside, and the creature appeared in front of the bed in a brief second, its crimson eyes looking down at Ciel. Ciel yelled, kicked the covers away, and jumped out of bed on instinct.

Once Ciel opened the door, he stopped mid-step. He had turned off the lights of the rest of the house. He closed it quickly and threw a sharp, sideways glance at the creature. "What do you want from me?" he shouted, hostility in his voice. "Leave to wherever you came from!" At that moment, yet another lightning struck nearby and the lights went out completely.

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