Hello, my dear readers.

I'm making this warning because I'm not going to post Yaoi on Fanfiction any longer. I don't want to risk the stories on the account to be taken down, so I'm going to leave them as is for now, but I'll continue them somewhere else. In case you don't know what I mean, I've been reported recently by someone or some people because I have smut in my stories, when (a rule that I haven't noticed until recently) states that MA stories aren't allowed. By the way, just in case, I'll have to delete the stories soon so they don't suspend my account. You can't copy/past them, so I'll re-post them at Tumblr and/or AO3.

Now, for anyone who'd like to follow me, I'll be on Tumblr as eikokazama and I might create an account at AO3 as eikokazama as well. I'll put the link to my Tumblr in my profile and of AO3 when I make the account. Not everyone of you uses Tumblr and not everyone of you uses AO3, so for the time being, I'm going to see which one most of you use so I can stick to it and make that my new home for my stories. And please continue to follow me here; I might start a story without smut, just based on plot. I can't remember when I last did that in my notebook, but I might do it. For example, this story could have the smut completely erased and made into shounen instead.

Thanks for understanding and for supporting me all this time. I'll be sending a PM to the reviewers/readers who I've gotten close to here in Fanfiction.