There once was a young girl who lived happily with her father at his manor. Nya was her name. A sweet kind hearted girl who knew just how to make everyone smile.

The girls father was an excellent inventor, and had made millions with his inventions. Little did he know that Nya had the same knack for inventing as he did.

Nya was about seven when her father realized she needed a proper playmate. His wife died when Nya was born so she unfortunately had no brothers or sisters to play with. Really, the only people she ever really "played" with was Cole, the cook and Lloyd, the butler. Then one day Nya's father had a brilliant idea.

"And for the finishing touch," Nya was rummaging through her drawers, looking for the perfect accessory to top off her new dress up doll.

"And... Perfect!" She exclaimed with a glowing smile.

Lloyd glared up at her, quite agitated.

"Nya, when I said I would play, this was definitely not what I had in mind," he growled, which just made the little girl giggle.

Nya had forced Lloyd into her favorite lime green jumper, which was now beginning to rip near the seams. She gave him sparkly sandals, covered his face with blush, added a little mascara and lipstick, and a hot pink bow in the hair to top it all off. All of this was too funny to the little girl, for she couldn't even look at Lloyd and keep a strait face.

"Oh Nya, lunch is-" her father called as he opened the door to see what his daughter had been up to. Nya starred up at her father, eyes wide as if she already knew what her punishment was going to be. As for Lloyd, he said nothing other then mouthing the words; help me.

"Uh... Nya, I think we need to have a talk," her father continued, trying to ignore Lloyd's humiliation, and motioned for the girl to follow him out into the hallway.

"Nya, I know you only dressed Lloyd up like that, because you want someone to play with, but I think your starting to take it a little far," he tried to explain in a way that a seven year old could understand.

"You should have seen what I did to Cole," she giggled. Her father's eyes widened with concern, but quickly looked away, pretending to ignore what his daughter just said.

"How would you like a real friend," he asked. Nya starred at her father in wonder of what he could've meant. "Why don't you follow me to my laboratory."

Nya followed her father across the hall, down a flight of stairs, through the living room and kitchen to the back stairwell. She watched carefully as he taped on the wall, when a panel came lose into a hidden room. Her father's famous laboratory.

He rummaged through several drawers of blueprints lined along the dirty walls before finding what it was he was looking for.

"Aha!" He cried, feeling a sense of triumph. "What do you think?"

Nya took the dusty blueprints from her father, to get a look for herself.

"Huh?" She gasped. It was a man. A robot to be exact.

"I thought you might like to help me build him," he said with caution, unsure of how his daughter would react.

"Zane," she replied.

"Excuse me?" Nya's father asked.

"That's his name," she replied, "of course he has to have a name."

At that, her father smiled, knowing it was her way of saying yes."Well, then we better get building," and father and daughter sought to work.

4 years later...

Nya was in her father's laboratory, working away at Zane. The recent events of the past few months were buzzing through her head like bees. The more she tried to swat them away, the harder they would sting. The more stings, the more pain. So much pain, that it made her cry.

About four months ago, her father remarried. Her name was Misako. She had two daughters that were also eleven, Grace and Lana. Only a few weeks later did her father become gravely ill and pass away. Since then, Misako forced her to become a maid even though they already had a cook and a butler. Nya has only found peace in her father's laboratory, working on the invention she and her father started four years ago.

"Let's just tweak those wires there, and make sure they're secured properly," she thought aloud, blinking away tears. "And... Done!"

Nya felt a surge of pride. After years of work, she had finally made a man. Although, following her pride, came sorrow. For now she wished more than ever for her father to be here, sharing the moment of glory.

Using the greatest of care, she lifted Zane through the entrance, into the kitchen.

"Whoa! What is that?" Asked Cole, starring in awe, as he finished washing dishes. He tried to lift up the tarp Nya wrapped the giant metal contraption in only to have it pulled away.

"No peeking," she taunted, unable to hide the grin on her face.

"Fine," Cole grunted.

"Hey, could you gather everyone in the dinning room? I want to show off my father's invention to them," she asked.

"Sure. Just give a holler if you need any help," he replied, and left the room.

Closing the doors to be sure that no one saw anything, she pulled away the tarp she used to keep him secure.

He was wearing a simple shirt and pants, for Nya wanted to start with simple things, worried that anything to complex might cause his system to overheat.

She reached for the memory switch to turn him on. *Flick. Some of the circuits made a small hum noise, but it quickly died.

Zane's eyes opened, and he started to wander about the kitchen as his circuits began processing information. Nya watched him carefully to make sure everything was functioning correctly. Gears seamed to be moving correctly. Now to test to see if he can hear and respond.

"Hi Zane," Nya greeted, not really sure of what else to say.

Slightly surprised, Zane dropped the fork he was examining, and turned towards her.

"My names Nya," she continued, "your name is Zane."

"Nice to meet you Nya," he said, extending his arm, as though to shake hands.

Nya smiled at him, which Zane didn't quite understand, but made him feel good inside. Zane liked Nya. She seemed like a nice person.

After properly meeting Nya, Zane picked the fork up off the floor.

"What is this?" He asked, twisting it around as to try and find a purpose for it.

"It's a fork," Nya smiled, "you eat with it."

After examining the fork a little more, Zane bit down on it.

"Ouch," he cried, jumping back in surprise.

"Not like that," Nya couldn't help but giggle. "C'mon, there's some people I'd like you to meet."

Zane followed Nya to the doorway when she called, " and leave the fork behind."

Zane starred at the fork longingly for a moment before running back to place it gingerly on the counter.

In the dinning room, the table pushed back against the wall with the chairs Lined in front of it.

"Cole, what is the meaning of this?" Asked Grace for the third time.

"We already discussed this," he moaned, rolling his eyes. "Nya wants to show you her invention."

"It better be worth," Lana whispered to Grace, just loud enough for Cole to here.

Cole was about to lose it with those two when Nya came from the door to the kitchen.

"Hello, now my father and I have been working on this invention for a long time now," she started. She seemed perfectly calm on the outside, but Cole could tell she was nervous. Nya always stalled when she was nervous.

"Now, I'd like you all to meet Zane," she announced, her eyes glowing with pride. As Zane stepped out of the kitchen, Cole and Lloyd starred in awe and amazement were as Misako, Grace, and Lana didn't look the least bit impressed.

"It took four whole years to complete him, but we did it! With a complicated circuit system to represent nerves, he can feel pain both physically and mentally," Nya began to explain, opening up the panel on Zane's chest.

When she did, both Grace and Lana shrieked in fear, causing Zane to freak out a little, his circuits starting to overheat.

"That's no man ," Misako cried, "it's a mechanical monster! All he'll ever be good for is scaring little children!"

"Get that THING out of here!" Lana screamed.

"Please stop," Nya pleaded, closing Zane's chest panel. "He has emotions just like anyone else."

"Nya, he's nothing but a robot," Misako stated with firmness. "I pile of scrap metal you and your father threw together! There's not a place in the world for something like that!"

On that note, Zane, looking close to tears, ran back into the kitchen, and out the back door. Grace was in tears, acting like she almost had a heart attack, Lana was crying too, clinging to her sister, Lloyd and Cole looked as though they didn't know what to think in all the chaos, and Misako was just sitting there, arms crossed over her chest, an evil smirk spread across her face.

"Zane!" Nya called as she ran into the kitchen. The room was empty, so she ran outside and continued to call for him.

Just when she thought she'd lost him, Nya stopped against a nearby tree. As she tried to catch her breath, a fork fell right at her feet.

"Zane, why are you in a tree?" Nya sighed, starring up at Zane who perched himself in a high branch.

"Why were they being so mean? Aren't all people as nice as you?" Zane wondered out loud, ignoring Nya's question.

"I guess that's just the hard fact about life," she replied, as she began to prod the fork on the dirt road with her foot.

"Surely there is a place for me in this world. I'm more than just a pile of scrap metal," Zane sighed.

"I'll find you a place," Nya promised, "I'll do whatever it takes. Your family Zane. Nothing will ever change that."