Chapter 16

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Bella grabs one of Alcide's crystal pitchers off the kitchen table as she's being dragged away.

She slams it against their head.


"Sam…" She whispers harshly.

"What the hell are you doing and why the hell are you naked?!"

He blushes a bit.

"Alcide sent me."

"Funny that's what he's saying."

"Who do you honestly think Alcide would send Bella?"

Bella nods.

"Gotcha, But Sam…"

He turns towards her.

"That still doesn't explain your nudity."

"Well I couldn't very well fit through the doggie door like this now could I?"

He says and winks as he turns into a collie.

"You've got to be kidding." He tilts his head confused.

"Alcide has a doggie door?" She laughs almost hysterically.

Sam whimpers out confused by her reaction.

"Oooooook I get it you too have some sort of supernatural abilities. Is there anyone here that is just a normal human being?" She covers her mouth.
"I'm so sorry Sam I didn't mean it like that. What's wrong with me?" Bella shakes her head and pats his little collie head.

"I'm good with strange… I think… Am I?"

Sam shifts back and looks her in the eyes.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah hum." She mutters and he takes her hand.

"Damn it…" He mutters as Eric appears at the back door smiling.

He looks upon Bella.

"Bella invite me in love I can protect you far better than that low life shifter."
"Don't do it Bella. Once you invite him inside he can come in as he pleases."

"Please don't insult my intelligence Sam."

Something about her comment has him laughing.

"So as long as neither of us invites him in we're ok?"

"Yes which means our odds are better in here than out there. I really don't want to test the theory on whether or not I can take on Eric."

"Would he really hurt us?"

Eric wiggles his index finger seductively. Bella flips him off and closes the porch blinds.

"You're going to wish you hadn't done that." She hears Eric say.

"What do we do?"

"Wait it out I'm afraid he's not leaving anytime soon." Sam sighs.

"I'll get you some clothes."

Bella rushes to Alcide's closet but knows he's a lot bigger than Sam. She sighs and grabs a pair of sweats hoping they'll fit and one of Alcide's smallest shirts.


She tosses Sam the clothes.


"Alcide's ok right?"

"Yes he's fine just figured you were in danger for some reason. Seeing as how Eric was already here when I arrived he was apparently right."

"Bella Swan I really need you to come with me. If you don't Sookie could be in danger." Eric calls again.

"Don't believe a word he says." Sam says grabbing her arm.

"Eric is the king of bs and manipulation he will say and do whatever it takes."

"I'm not lying Sam. A man by the name of The Magister wants Bella if he doesn't get what he wants he will come after Sookie instead."

"If that was true he'd be over at Sookie's place not here." Sam hinted in a whisper.

Bella nodded hoping that was true. She'd hate it if she truly was putting Sookie in any danger.

"I know about you Bella. I know what you can do. So will he and soon. If you'd let me help you I could hide you so he can't harm you."

"What is he talking about?" She whispers to Sam.

Sam shrugs.

"I've proof you know…"
"Proof of what exactly?"

Eric laughs.

"Come with me and I'll show you."

Sam shakes his head.

"I know you're special Bella. I've seen you move things with your mind."

"You're so full of shit." Bella laughs and Sam raises a brow.

"Like I said I've proof. I have it on one of my surveillance tapes."

"Go home Eric I'm not coming out no matter the lies you wish to make up. If I were you I'd hurry before Alcide gets here."

"Are you saying that you're not aware of your own abilities?"


She opens the blinds once again staring upon him bitterly.

"It's not going to work Eric leave me alone!"

"Very well just hear me out and if this doesn't work then I'll leave I promise."

"Hear what out?"

"Go to the cabinet and grab you a coffee mug. Sit it on the table. Get something and pour it into the mug. Then I want you to place either a straw or spoon inside."

"I'm not doing that Eric just go home."

"Why? It's so simple just do this and if I'm proved wrong then I'll leave you in peace."

She looks to Sam and he shrugs.

"FINE!" She snaps and grabs a black mug from the pantry and slams it down on the table then grabs a milk jug and pours some into the cup. She then places the milk back in the fridge and grabs a spoon and places it inside.

"Now see if Alcide has some chocolate or something to put into the milk but do not stir it."

Bella folds her arms eyeing Eric.

"Please…" He smiles.

"GRRRRR!" She looks to see a bottle of Hershey syrup and squeezes some into the cup.

"Very nice now sit down like normal but do not touch the cup or the spoon."

Sam folds his arms and watches curiously.

"Now I want you to move the spoon with your mind like you did at the bar the other day but it was a straw."

"You're fucking insane you know that!"

"Just do it!" He snaps.

"I can't you idiot!"
"Yes you can and you will."

"Just try it so he'll leave." Sam suggests.

Bella sighs and eyes the cup.

"You're not trying." Eric snaps again.

"Fuck you." She says then looks to Sam apologetically.

"You're only saying what I'm thinking."

She nods with a sigh.

"TRY AGAIN!" Eric says desperately.


"Then I'm not leaving!"

Bella snaps her head Eric's direction and flings the cup at the sliding door outside. The door smashes into millions of pieces. Sam immediately lifts her from her seat protectively. Eric laughs nonstop and claps his hands.

"Yes now that's what I'm talking about."

Sam places Bella back down and whips her around facing him.

"How did you do that?"

"Do what? I just threw the cup at him. I didn't realize I'd break Alcide's glass door."

Eric continues to laugh.

"Amazing, I was right."

"She doesn't even realize what she did!" Sam yells angrily.

"What the hell are you two going on about?"

"Bella hun you moved that glass without touching it."

Bella laughs.

"No I didn't Sam I picked it up then threw it."

"NO you didn't I watched. You never touched the cup."

"But I…"

Bella swallows. Still Eric continues to smile and laugh.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She screams on top of her lungs.

Sam puts his arm around her shoulder.

"Just leave her alone Eric!"

"I'm not leaving without her that was the deal and if was you I'd try to convince her to come with me or she could meet a fate much worse."

Bella steps out of Sam's protective hold and walks up towards Eric as the glass no longer shields her from him. She thrust out both her arms.

"LEAVE!" She yells and Eric flies back going through Alcide's wooden fence.

Immediately she covers her mouth and turns towards Sam but see's Alcide standing next to him as well now.

"What the fuck was that?" She asks shaking all over.

Alcide narrows his eyes approaching her slowly.

"That's what I would like to know." He says putting an arm around her waist but looks back at the damage. Sam and Alcide watch as Eric rises dusting himself off.

"Think it's time you left Eric Northman."

"You're going to regret this. I could protect Bella you know that Alcide!"

"I heard what you told The Magister Eric! You can't bullshit me! You sold her out!"

"He what?" Bella snaps looking back to Eric.

"He sold you out in order to save Sookie!"

Bella's jaw drops.

"You were telling the truth?" She says to Eric.

"Yes I was."

Alcide lets out a growl realizing his own mistake.

"Sookie's going to be in trouble if I don't go isn't she!" She says to Alcide.

"We'll protect Sookie." Sam says.

"Sam's right I'll send the pack over there."

Bella shakes her head and Eric holds out his hand.

"Come with me."

"Bella baby you got to trust me. Eric can't be trusted."

"But he's been right about everything so far."

"Damn it Bella. Sookie will be fine. LEAVE ERIC!"

Eric smiles and winks upon Bella.

"You know where to find me." He says and vanishes.

Alcide looks to Sam.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Um I'll go check on Sookie. I'm sure you two need a moment." Sam says looking back to the destruction.

"We'll be over there in a bit." Alcide says.

Sam nods leaving.

Alcide grabs a broom and starts sweeping up the shattered glass. Bella continues to shake all over.

"I'm sorry Alcide. I…"

"You didn't do anything wrong Bella. I'm just concerned. I wasn't aware that well…" Alcide looks back towards the fence and the mess he's currently cleaning up.

"Neither was I… How did he notice it before anyone else? Before I even? How…" Bella turns pale and Alcide drops the broom and rushes to her side.

"Hey…" He catches her just before she hits the floor.

"Hey baby come on now." He gently slaps her cheek.

"Bella baby."

She finally blinks her eyes and looks to him.

"What's happening to me Alcide?" She says in such a way that Alcide himself gets chills.

"I don't know but you're not alone in this ok. We'll get through this together."

He lays her down on the couch.

"Let me get you some water." He comes back with a bottle water and she's already out.

Worriedly he watches over her for a few moments then leans over and kisses her forehead. Then Alcide finishes cleaning up the mess and boards up the door. He packs them some clothes preparing for a long next few days of protecting the girls while trying to figure out everything else. He loads up the truck then comes back and picks Bella up as she continues to sleep.

"I got you." He whispers wishing he knew what to do and what was going on.

Alcide pulls up to Sookie's house and see's Sam sitting outside with Sookie and Gran. He wonders when Bill will return and if Sookie even knows… He sighs shaking his head thinking of Jessica and looks to Bella.

"Damn it." He mutters.

"Oh my is she ok?" Sookie's Gran ask.

"Yes just wiped out."
Sam looks to Alcide.

"Was it because?" He hints.

"I think so. She damn near fainted not long after you left." Alcide whips his head towards Sookie.


Sam sighs.

"She already knows."

"Damn it Sookie! That is none of your affair!"

"You know damn well I can't control all that Alcide."

"You can when you want!"

"Not all the time. Poor Sam's thoughts were practically screaming."

Alcide sneers.
"Do you have a bed I can put her in or what?"

"Of course poor thang, I bet it wiped her out. Anything of the mind…"

"What are you saying."
"Well from what Sam's thoughts read you're girl here Alcide has a touch of telekinesis."

"Of what?"

"You know influence matter of the mind…"
"I know what fucking telekinesis is. What I don't understand is how Bella has this and why is it just all a sudden she didn't have this before."

"Actually Alcide it was always there it's just now that she's been able to do something this grand with it."

"That's BS Sookie I was with her for months and never saw a sign!"

"Ah but Eric Northman did and before anyone else. So there's no telling."

"Damn it Sookie."

"Don't you curse at me!"

Alcide mutters under his breath and tucks Bella in.

"So you already know they are after you too?"

"Yep but what's new?"

Alcide looks to Bella.

"Have you heard from Bill?"

"Don't you already know?"

"Not really all you got going in your mind right now is that sug." She points to Bella.

Alcide sighs and takes Sookie's arm walking her out of the room and pulls the door shut.

"He's ok he should be home soon."

"But there's something else isn't there?"

"I believe he needs to explain the rest to you. I've already got my hands full when Bella wakes."

"You're certain my fiancé' is ok?"

"Yes Sookie he's perfectly fine at least now anyway."

Sookie nods.

"You want some tea or coffee?"

"No thank you I just need to be with Bella right now."


"Night Sookie."

"Night and thank you for finding Bill."

He nods and enters the bedroom.

Alcide decided to hold off on calling the pack. Between him and Sam they should be able to protect the girls and Bill should return soon. Once Bill returned him and Bella could go back home. He lays next to Bella curling up next to her and wrapping his arms around her. Thankful she's ok but worried all the same. Still the image of her sending Eric Northman flying replays over and over in his head. How the hell? He shakes his head on this thought not sure what to feel or think even. What concerned him most about all this is how much it startled her and how it wiped her out.

Bella tossed and turned restlessly in her sleep. Occasionally she'd moan out and mumble his name. He'd hold her tighter. Alcide couldn't sleep he lay there as the sun came up. He knew this meant every power hungry jerk would be coming after Bella now. Before she woke he got dressed for work and went downstairs for a cup of coffee.

"You look terrible." Sam said.

"So do you."

Sam laughs.

"Think Bill will return tonight?"

"I hope so I'd like to be in our own bed tonight."
"Same here." Sam sips his coffee.

"So how is she?"

"She seemed to sleep but pretty restless."

"We both know Eric won't stop now until he's got his grimy hands all over her."

I shake my head on this knowing Sam is 100 percent correct.

"I know but it's not going to be an easy battle. Eric will just have to learn he can't always get what he wants."

"That'll be a first."

Sam and Alcide look up as Bella makes her way downstairs.

"Um…" She looks around.

"How did I get here?"

Sam smiles towards Alcide and takes his coffee exiting the kitchen.

"Want some coffee Bella baby?"

He rises and goes to pour her a cup.

"I guess yeah…"

Alcide notices the bags under her eyes and how her hands still seem a bit shaky.

"You were asleep when we drove over here. You don't have to go to school today Bella, if you want just chill out here with Sookie and Gran."

"I want to go to school Alcide besides what if Jessica…"

Alcide places down the coffee cup in front of her then pulls her into his lap.

"Bella we got to talk."

"Alcide I really don't want to talk about last night."

"Well we'll have to talk about that eventually but that's not what this is about at the moment. This is about Jessica."

He sits her on the table in front of him and puts his hands upon her thighs.

"I thought I'd get there in time but unfortunately I didn't and Bill tried I as well I promise but he'd not much choice."

"What are you saying Alcide?"
Alcide sighs.

"Bella baby, Bill had to turn Jessica. He'd no choice it was that or death for her."

"Are you saying that Jessica is no longer human?!" Bella's breathes in rather a panic.

"I'm afraid so."

"What happened?"

He tells her everything and she sits there stone faced at first and runs a finger along the rim of her cup. She then leans back and folds her arms. Alcide goes to say something but that's when he notices it. Little compared to what he saw last night but even so he'd never noticed before. He watches as the cup slides towards her. She doesn't even blink or look at the cup. She simply unfolds her hands and grabs it sipping at it. Alcide says nothing realizing that she's not even noticed. Meaning there is no telling how long she's been doing this. Another fear crosses his mind. What if she absent mindedly does this at school or somewhere else in public. Eric Northman has already picked up on this that's bad enough. Who's next?

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