"There's no hope in it, Naruto!" Sasuke yelled, running after the blonde. Dust coated his uniform, and got in the raven's eyes as the blonde spun around.

"Sasuke, I have a chance! I can end this!" Naruto said, desperately trying to get his point across, but the hard determination to keep Naruto from crossing the border remained in Sasuke's eyes.

"We're fighting a war we can't hope to win. None of us can remember how we got here. Naruto, one man cannot end this. Go across the border, you'll be captured. Like Ino, Temari, Lee, Kakashi and god knows who else!" Sasuke yelled, reaching out and gripping the blonde's shoulders.

Pulling Sasuke's hands off, Naruto said, "But I'm not them! I'm stronger!"

"No…"Sasuke whispered as Naruto turned and ran off, crossing the invisible border…

Into enemy territory


"Naruto!" A raw scream rang out, and, looking up through the tent flaps, I saw Sasuke on his knees, shaking. Running out, just as I reached him, Sasuke whispered,

"He's gone. He went into Menimienai territory."

Tensing, I frowned. "Menimienai" means "The Unseen" It is the name the remnants of Konoha use to describe our enemy. Menimienai, as the name suggests, can not be seen by the naked eye (please don't interpret that like Kakashi did). WE use a Jutsu to see them, but they are still unpredictable, mere outlines.

"Then we wait." I murmured, staring into the dust.


So derp prologue.

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So, I know it's a bit confusing, but it's make more sense in the future.