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I'm writing these letters to you so I feel less alone. The Menimienai have, as you predicted, captured me. I was this *1 inch* close, teme! Don't say a word about me being "stupid enough to try"! I was close!

Anyways, They put me in a dark and damp cell. Sakura-chan is in here, Kakashi-Sensi too. Did you even tell me Sakura was missing? I don't think you ever did. I can see my breath when I exhale. I want ramen. Sooo badly!

I also realized that we can't hear Menimienai when we use our first jutsu to see them. but they do talk, I'm sure of that! I prove it, dattebayo!

Hey, Sasuke, do you remember the time we accidentally kissed?

I was just so freaked out about it, I didn't realize it would change our feelings. Hell, I didn't know mine had changed for the longest time. The moment I completely fell in love with you…

Well, it was cold. I'm not sure when (date and time wise), but I remember it was cold. I was walking past the Uchiha mansion, and I heard this CRASH! and I froze, then you growled form inside (you swore, I think, I may have heard "shit" but I'm not sure), and I walked over to knock on your door, and you yelled,

"Don't think about opening that, dobe!"

But I opened it anyways.

You were on the ground, looking like you'd just jumped away from the bookshelf, which had fallen. Glass was everywhere (from pictures, I think. You had them framed.) You had some minor cuts on your face and some scrapes, but other than that, you were fine.

I helped you clean it up, and you insisted on putting the bookshelf back up by yourself (you were always stubborn), so I went to the kitchen to make some tea (I'm sure it was tea, but you always insist it was chamomile) and when I came out with two cups, you glared at me but said "thank you".

You took a cup form my hands, and it gets hazy after that. I was tired and relaxed, and we just wound up talking.

But, I remember this part clearly, because it was when I fell for you: You got a bit emotional talking about your parents, and I put my arms around you while you fought off tears.

I don't think I'd ever just held you before. After a couple minuets, your eyes closed and you fell asleep. I pulled you away (I didn't want to, but I figured If I fell asleep then, my back would hurt like hell) and laid you down on your couch.

Looking at your sleeping face, I saw someone other then a teammate who I was always challenging; I saw a young man with years of depression and hardship breaking him down, I saw...well, to be exact, I remember thinking you looked like an angel.

That's when I thought, "God, I love him so much". A couple minuets later, I realized what I had thought, and left.

For the next few days I was so…well, embarrassed, around you. Not that I was self-conscious, that you wouldn't like me back. Eventually, you confronted me.

Actually, you shoved me up against a wall and yelled,

"What the hell is your problem?!"

I shrugged, and then you took my hand, and I blushed and looked up at you. You realized what it was, the reason I'd been quiet. When I saw quiet, I mean like, Hinata quiet, stuttering if you'd talk to me. I leaned up and kissed you.

You kissed back, with your eyes wide open. Mine were open too, and even though most would say opening your eyes during a kiss is bad luck, or it's not romantic, or whatever, It really isn't. Your eyes filled with an emotion I'd never seen in them before:


God, I miss you so much.

Watashi wa anata ni watashi no ai o sugu ni hyōji sa remasu (I'll see you soon, my love)