Glimmer's POV:

Today is the last day, the girls and the guys are going shopping for stuff.

Clove's POV:

We arrive at the wall within 3 mins, then we start to shop, then when we go in aeropostale, opposite that it is Toys Us. I remember that night...

"Mommy, can I have that barbie doll?"

"Dear it is really expensive, how will you earn it?"

"I will be a good girl"

"How to be a good girl?"

"Study hard, get into a good college!"

"So from today, you will learn 5 new words a day, ok?"


"Here you go your barbie doll!"


Cato's POV:

Clove is staring at toys'us, suddenly she sits down. I walk over to her and she starts to cry hard.

"What's wrong Clove?"


She wipe her tears away and walk into aeropostale like nothing happened.

Clove's POV:

Whew Cato doesn't know about it. I walk in aeropostale and see everyone dressing up like crazy, i start to get some clothes too.


Cato's POV:

Snack time! We head to Starbucks, unfortunately the girls got 10 big bags of things each, we only got 3 and they gave all their bags to their boyfriend, Madge and Thresh came with us too. Well Jackie gave hers to Thresh and Madge gave her to Gale.

"Guys wanna play truth or truth?"

"Who made that up Annie?"

"Me Cato."


"So hmmm Marvel truth or truth?"

"Do I have another option annie?"

"Ok, so hmmm who is your old crush, except for Cashmere?"



"Yes Glimmer."

"OMG that clique was horrible though. Glimmer i am so glad you are out of that group."
"Thanks Kat."

"Now me turn! Cato truth or truth?"


"Why did you go out with Glimmer?"

"Cuz she is hot."

"ok. Now Cato your turn."

"Clove truth or truth?"

Clove's POV:

Oh no, Cato wants to know what happened. I have my ways.


"Why did you cry?"

"Something got into my eyes."

"I don't believe that."

"Really, something like dust or some stuff."

"Ok, I won't bug you."

Cato's POV:
My phone starts to vibrate, I pick it up.


"Hi this is your dad, I am in New Jersey now, come back to your room now, we need to have a conversation, tell your girlfriend not to come in."

"Ok dad."

I hang up.

"Guys, I got to go now, it is urgent!"

"Ok Cato."

"Thanks Clove. Peeta you can carry her stuff."

"Why me?"

"Cuz you are a gentleman."

I whisper something into Marvel's ear.

"Keep Clove out of our room, my dad is here. He wants a private conversation."


THen I left.

~~~line break~~~

I get into the room and spot my dad sitting on a chair.

"Sit son."


I take a spot next to him.

"So son I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"When you were 7, I.."

"You what?"

"I changed your name."

"How come I don't know?"

"You're original name was Cato Ludwig. Well I killed my best friend Dave Blacks when he has a daughter your age, she went missing after I killed Dave Black's wife."

"Why didn't you go to jail?"

"I... I ran away. I changed my name."

"How did you meet my mom?"

"She was alone with you, I married her."

"But why?"

"Because they own me money and I need my 5 million bucks."

"How bout their daughter?"

"I don't know, she went missing. But then do you know there is this girl that has the same eyes as Dave Blacks which is your girlfriend Clove. I need to get rid of her."


"Why not? Isn't she another toy of yours?"

"No, she is everything to me!"

"I have my plans. You have to go with it son. Now you know the truth. You better not tell anyone, especially your mom. I have my ways. If you tell anyone, you are dead."

He walks out of the room.

No way, this can't be happening!

~~~~line break~~~~

Clove's POV:

Now i am finally home! I walk into the secret passageway, I found it when I was 10, then I rebuild it into a knife training center. I walk in and start to do my knife training. I select the highest level. All bull eyes. Then I do some exercise and stuff. Then I receive a text message.

Dear Blacks's daughter,

I am Ludwig. If you want to see me and kill me, meet me tomorrow at the Cliff.

This is impossible, how can someone know me? I pack my knifes and put it into a bag, then I walk back to my room. I pack whatever I need and put it in a bag. I write a note on the table and get out of the house. I sit in my ferrari and arrive at my outdoor training center. I don't practice here all the time, but today it is urgent. Now I start shooting knifes as good as possible then all the birds drop dead on the floor. I take out all the knifes, clean it and walk back to my car. I look at my watch, it is 9pm already. Better be back now. Then i head back home.

Sorry for making it so fast, but something unexpected will happen at the cliff! Oh and Russian Clato Love, about your character, I will make it appear in the next book! But i really do have a next book. Next Chapter will be the final chapter. Enjoy!