Hey. Sorry I had to delete my other story, I could see it was going nowhere fast. Like a stationary bike. Any way this story will be a hell of a lot shorter, and may actualy work. I present to you

(This takes place when Class A gets into a war with Class C, and Yuuji has nothing to do with it.

Yoshii was leaning against a wall next to his class. The teachers podium had fell apart again, and so the class was left to do whatever they wanted. And he wanted to use this time to plan how he would confront his crush, the salutatorian, Toshimitsu Kubo. Yeah thats right! His crush is a guy, and whoever doesn't like it can go fuck themselves in his opinion!

There were a few times where he tried to enter Class A but people just ended up staring at him in way that made him uncomfortable, so he'd leave after just taking six steps into the classroom. And whenever he ddid get close to Kubo it was either an area with lots of people, or he looked busy, etc. And to make things worse, the wet dreams he was having about Kubo were becoming more vivid and frequent. At this point he didn't care if he took Kubo on a table with everyone watching. At that thought yoshii got an instant boner. Yoshii sighed and headed off to the mens restroom, when he saw his crush walk outside his classroom.

Is that.. Kubo? Nows my chance the bernette thought as he walked over to Kubo, trying to force away a blush. "H-hey Kubo. C-can I talk to you fora second, in private." Yoshii said looking Kubo dead in the eye letting a light blush slip for a quick second.

"Of course Yoshii." And with that Yoshii lead the bule haired teen into an old janitors closet, closing the door behind them. "So what was it you wanted to tell me Yosh-" Kubo was cut off by a rather passionait kiss from Yoshii.

"I-I love you Kubo. Please accept my feelings." The brown orbed teen muttered looking at the ground letting the heavy blush he was tring to force away show.

"Yoshii...I love you too."

"Y-you do?" Yoshii said blushing even more if that's even possible.

"Yes, I have for a while now." Kubo said ruffling Yoshii's hair. As soon as Yoshii heard this he pushed Kubo towards a desk, forcing Kubo to sit on it. When Kubo lifted his head to look at Yoshii, he was met by his now lover kissing kissing him with his legs on both sides of Kubo's waist. While his hands where pressed againsted the blue haired teens chest.

After the fist break for air Yoshii's hand trailed down Kubo's chest without Kubo noticing much, until the brown eyed idiot started to grope him through his pants, causing him to give off a small moans in his lovers mouth. Encouraging Yoshii to keep going for another two minutes, until Yoshii pulled away and gave Kubo a smile before sticking his hand underneth his pants and went back to kissing him for another minute before sticking his hand underneth Kubo's underwear, feeling every part of his lovers ten inch hard throbbing cock. Enjoying it for a minute before undoing Kubo's pants and underwear releasing his rock hard cock. Yoshii licked his lips as he lowered his head. He started by licking the tip, then he ran his tongue down his shaft until he tasted all ten inches before deep throating the whole thing. Kubo moaned in pleasure as he worked. After a few minutes both of them could feel the blue haired teen's climax. The second before his climax, Kubo grabbed Yoshii's head and held it at the base of his hard on. Kubo let out one last moan of pleasure as he came in Yoshii's mouth, while the bernette couldn't help but let out a small moan too as he jizzed a little in his pants.

After Kubo was done cumming, Yoshii took his mouth away from his lover's member. He got up and whispered in Kubo's ear,while slipping his number in Kubo's back pocket, "Wow, you came a lot. And if you ever want me, just call." He just looked at Kubo and smiled as he left the closet with Kubo. Once they got out of the closet, "Hey, Kubo... do you wanna go to the movies tomarrow?" Yoshii asked.

"Sure, see you then." Kubo replied looking over his shoulder with a smile.

To be continued...

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