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"So how did you guys meet?" Yoshimitsu asked.

"Huh, I would of thought you'd ask Kubo that question when you found out about us." Yoshii said, his voice calm, "So do you mean when we saw and knew of each other's existence, or when we actually talked to each other?"


"Well the first time we saw each other, is when Class A declared war on Class F in a five verses five battle. And we first talked when we were both going to school, I turned a corner while running and we literally bumped into each other."

"Really, huh. So..."

About an hour passed with Yoshimitsu asking the couple of questions.

"Do you have any more questions to ask us?" Yoshi asked.

"No." The younger sibling said, before his stomach growled. The youngest of the three blushed lightly out of embarrassment.

"Well, it is about lunch time, so I could probably make something. Is there any thing you guys are particularly hungry for?" Yoshii said.

"Not really." Kubo said, his little brother nodding in agreement.

"Well I think I could make chicken paella, that is if you guys are interested..."

Kubo nodded. "Paella?" Yoshimitsu said, unsure as to what it might it be.

"It's a Spanish dish." Yoshii said as he walked towards the kitchen.

They all sat down to eat once the food was done. "Wow, this is really good." Yoshimitsu said as he ate his first bite.

"Thanks." The multi-orbed teen happily said, before continuing to eat. It was about two when they finished eating. "So is anything you guys want to do?" Yoshii asked.

"Actually, I think it's time we went home now." Kubo said, causing Yoshimitsu to pout, but not deny. The two said thanks for the meal and left. Shortly after they left Yoshii's phone rang. 'Huh, it's Satoru...'

"Hey Satoru. What's up?"

"Not much just heard that your ex came by when he shouldn't have." The blonde said in a slightly angry tone of voice.

"Yeah. *crack*"

"What broke?" Yoshii asked.

"The chair arm."

"Calm down, I'm sure it won't happen again. Besides I know that you and Kubo would kill him if it did." Yoshii happily said, "How did you even find out about that? It just happened yesterday."

"Kubo ran into Vamp."


"Needless to say, when the others found out we all wanted to murder that fucking bastard."

"That's why I love you guy's."

"I know."

"Is there any thing else you want to talk about?"

"Not really. But would it be okay if I came over to check on you?

"Sure, why not."

"Okay. Bye." Satoru said before hanging up the phone.

"Bye." Yoshii said before noticing that Kubo's wallet fell out and was now on the floor. The brunette started to text his lover. 'Hey u left something.'

'Please tell me it's my wallet'

'It is'

'I'll be over in a minute' Kubo replied. The brunette sighed, wondering what to do now. After about ten minutes he heard some one knock on the door. 'Must be Kubo or Satoru...' The multi-orbed teen thought as he walked towards the door. Needless to say, he didn't expect to see an unwelcome face on the other side. "Hiroki!" Yoshii said as he tried to close the door after seeing his ex lover, only for the black tipped male to stop it with his steel-toed shoe.

"Nice to have such a warm welcome." Hiroki said sarcastically, as he walked into the apartment.

"Stay the hell away from me! I told you before, I love some one else you bastard!" Yoshii said as he threw the book he was previously reading at him. Hiroki just moved a little to his side, dodging the attack.

"Aw, I just wanted to come over for a little visit..." The black tipped male said. Yoshii recognized something in his voice, it was a similar tone to what Akihiko would use when he was about to do something to him. But before the multi-orbed teen could escape to his room Hiroki came up behind him and handcuffed him.

"Oh, that just won't do." Hiroki said with a smirk as he pulled the brunette down to the floor with some force. "I want to remember what you feel like." He sad as he slid his hand down Yoshii's pants and groped his member, just before forcefully pushing the other's pants down to his knees. He reached behind with one hand into his back pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube.

Hiroki hummed as he lightly pushed Yoshii down with on hand and used the other hand to pull his own pants down. The multi-orbed whimpered as he heard the black tipped male's erection pop loose from its restraints, knowing what was to come.

Yoshii gasped as he felt his ex's already lubed up member slam into him. Tears started to well up at both the pain of being stretched out to fit a new cock in him, and from feeling so violated by some one who was once so close to. The multi-orbed teen bit down on the, now moaning, Hiroki's fingers when he tried to help silence the whimpering Yoshii. Yoshii's abnormally long canines and sharp teeth, coupled with the amount of force he bit down with, caused both fingers to bleed but still be unable to move.

Hiroki just growled before the door burst open to a very shocked and fucking pissed off Kubo and Satoru, who both easily threw Hiroki off Yoshii. After a few minutes of beating the black tipped male within inches of his life, Kubo went over to the now siting upright Yoshii while Satoru kept a foot on Hiroki so he couldn't get away.

"Where are the keys?" Kubo said noticing the handcuffs, hate evident in his voice.

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