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"What?!" Kensi nearly screeched and considering that she rarely screeched, Deeks knew it had to be bad.

"Ms. Blye, it's not that bad and I'm sure Mr. Deeks will be a great asset," Hetty replied calmly.

"Of course I'm a great asset," Deeks grinned as he stepped into the room. "What am I assetting for again?"

The entire team was now gathered in OSP and judging by the wide grin on Sam's face, the stoic look on Callen's face, and the absolute horror on Kensi's… well it couldn't be good.

"Every few years NCIS sends partners out on a survival trip to help them bond and work together as a team," Sam said, looking like he was ready to bounce in place. "You and Kensi didn't have to go last time because you were away on a case, but now Callen and I will have someone to race against. Kensi's been talking trash about beating us since her first year here and now you're going down."

"Survival?" Deeks half squeaked.

"This year you will be climbing a mountain and going down the other side and whoever finishes first doesn't have to do paperwork for a month," Hetty continued to explain.

Sam was rubbing his hands together conspiratorially while Callen looked a little grim.

"That doesn't sound so bad," Deeks offered weakly to his partner who looked paler than normal.

"Wanna take a guess at how cold it is on a mountain Deeks?" Kensi asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A bit chilly?" Deeks asked, starting to fear her answer.

"The days will be toasty single digits and the evenings will be well into the negatives," Kensi filled in for him and she was relieved to see him pale also. At least now he was starting to get the idea. This trip was going to be hell.

"So we're going to die up on a mountain somewhere," Deeks said grimly.

"You're not going to die, Mr. Deeks," Hetty admonished. "You'll be given two flare guns and a satellite phone in case of emergencies, but if you use either than you forfeit the win."

"Can we just forfeit now?" Deeks asked quickly.

"No and if you don't last more than a few days, you'll be stuck doing paperwork for month with no chance of seeing the field," Hetty said sternly and Deeks gulped.

"When do we leave?" Deeks asked grimly.

"You fly out tonight and start tomorrow morning," Hetty said. "Each team will be given a written inventory of what will be given to you for this trip and your wardrobe has already been packed. You just have to show up here by nine tonight."

They all nodded and went to put away their things and file last minute items before they went home for the day to make arrangements. Deeks managed to time his escape with Kensi's and they walked out to their cars together.

"So how long does it usually take to climb a mountain?" Deeks asked casually.

"Could be anywhere from six to ten days," Kensi answered and smiled when he frowned. "Look I know you're a big soft nancy boy but we'll be fine. I did a lot of camping growing up and you just have to do what I say."

"So you get to boss me around for several days," Deeks' frown went further down. "I'm not as helpless as you think I am."

"I know and we'll have to work as a team," Kensi rushed, feeling bad for making him think he was totally useless. She really would need him, she just hoped she'd survive all his whining. Deeks was still frowning at her though when she gave him a side glance. "Well, you're strong so at least we don't have to worry about taking as many breaks because of the back packs."

She was trying to appease him and he knew it but he let it slide. He'd just have to prove to her just how useful he could be on a trip like this.

"Hey," Kensi stopped him with a hand on his arm before he continued to his own car. "I'll pick you up at eight, k?"

"Yeah, see you then," Deeks sighed and left for his own car.

Just when Kensi thought Deeks had a better understanding of what was happening she had to watch him bouncing around the private jet they'd been lent for this trip. Yes, the plane was cool and was more like a living room up front with slick bunk beds toward the back that each had curtains to darken the sleeping space and keep others from peeping, but that was no excuse for touching and playing with everything while keeping up a steady rambling. Sam and Callen had set themselves up with the map they'd been given and the list of items they'd be able to bring and already packed for them. Both looked very serious about reviewing everything before they got some shut eye. They would all need the sleep if they were going to make good progress on their easiest day. The base of the mountain would be a dewy 50 degrees and with the shade they should be able to make excellent ground with minimal effort.

"Deeks!" Kensi snapped. "Will you sit down for just ten minutes?"

Deeks gave her a pouting face before taking the seat across from her so that the small table was between them.

"I need you to focus for a little bit so we don't spend the first hour figuring out where the heck we're going and we can hit the road running," Kensi said in a calmer and even tone.

"Okay," Deeks put on a more serious face and gave her his full attention. "Where are we starting?"

Kensi nodded her approval and unfolded the nap between them. "We're starting at this blue marker here and we've gotta get to the blue marker over there." Kensi pointed out the spaces as she talked and she was pleased to see her partner's gaze following her finger.

"Okay, should we mark the nap with goals sites for each night so we can make sure we're making good progress?" Deeks asked as he eyed the distance between the points. "Wait… I see three peeks on this map between our points…"

"Yeah, we'll be crossing a total of three mountains, though the first two are much easier. Think of them as the warm up. Callen and Sam are starting on the opposite side."

Deeks gulped then nodded.

"It's a good idea to select some good goal points though," Kensi said reassuringly.

Together they worked out six points in which they wanted to reach at the end of each day and then studied the territory between the points. Kensi jotted down some general compass directions along the map that they could reference if they felt like they'd gotten turned around and Deeks tried to remain very studious over what she was doing. When they'd finished with the map, Sam and Callen crossed to the back of the plane for some sleep and Kensi pulled out their equipment list. Setting it down between them, she quickly skimmed it while Deeks made the occasional comment.

"A bow and arrow?" Deeks asked incredulously. "What are we fighting off orcs on this trip?"

Kensi snorted and rolled her eyes. "No, it's for hunting. Judging by the list of food supplies, we'll need to supplement with whatever we can find on the way."

"We're going to shoot Bambi?!" Deeks' eyes were wider and she knew he was slightly horrified at the thought of killing an animal.

"Not unless I have to," Kensi assured him. "We'll most likely go after the smaller game so that we don't have to leave much behind. Last thing we need is a pack of wolves tracking us because of half a deer we left behind."

"WOLVES?!" Deeks was rigid and pale and Kensi let out a short laugh.

"Stop worrying over nothing," Kensi grinned. "I'll be shooting Thumper so that doesn't happen."

"Awwww, cos cute bunnies are so much less horrible to slaughter," Deeks whined.

Kensi only rolled her eyes at him before folding up the list. "We should get some sleep."

Deeks nodded but looked anything but tired. They both walked back to discover that Callen had taken the upper left bunk bed and Sam had taken the bottom left bunk judging by the size of feet at the ends. Deeks nearly leapt for the upper right bunk before Kensi had a chance to walk further into the room and hoisted himself up into the bed.

"Oooooo, comfy!" Deeks grinned as he rolled around in the bed. "Sure you don't wanna join me up here, Fern?"

"Deeks!" Kensi hissed through her teeth, trying to mindful of the other two sleeping agents.

"Fine, fine," Deeks sighed. "Hey look! They come with reading lights!"

This time there was a whole chorus of agents saying his name with that threatening edge. This time Deeks took the hint and sprawled out to try and sleep. Kensi slipped her sneakers off before slipping into the bed beneath her partner and closed her curtain to try and do the same.

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