Hey! I'm back with a brand new idea based on the classic Disney Film/Terrible Panto adaptation I just had to perform in (I should have been the one to write it instead of our director)

Hope you guys enjoy this like you have with all my previous ones!


Kim's POV.

"Jack! Come on we're goanna be late!" I shouted through his front door, my gym bag over my shoulder.

"I'm comin'! Hold your horses!" he yelled back, emerging at the top of the stairs. I giggled as he made his way down as slow as possible, shaking my head.

Jack and I had been best friends since we were eight. Jack was coming up to his fourteenth birthday while I was still a few months away. It was actually why I wanted to get to the Dojo quickly, we had all planned a surprise party for him because he liked to spend his birthday with his dad in New York. It hurt that I had yet to spend one with him but it was what he did every year so I respected it.

"Alright I'm ready, happy now?" he asked. I grinned, grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door.

"Extremely," I said with a blush as we ran towards the Dojo.


Jack grinned as everyone jumped out, running over to congratulate him. He hugged the guys, shook Rudy's hand before pulling him into a one armed man hug then walked over to me.

"Did you have something to do with this?" he asked with a smirk.

"Maybe…" I drawled out, blushing slightly. He grinned.

Bout our heads lifted as 'This Years Love', the cover version by Boyce Avenue (Jack's favourite cover artists) came on.

"Don't you want to open your presents?" I asked, stirring my punch nervously. He shook his head, taking my drink and placing it on the table.

"Nah…wa-lets dance." he didn't give me a chance to say anything, grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the mats/dance floor.

With an almost nervous smile he grabbed my waist with one hand and the other took mine gently. I placed mine on his shoulder and let him move us around the mats, dodging the other couples expertly.

"You're a good dancer," I whispered, squeaking as he turned me. He grinned cockily back.

"It's the Karate," he said, trying to sound nonchalant. "Natural balance, flowing movements. It's all about converting my sweet moves." I giggled as he puffed out his chest, resting my forehead against it.

"You're such a dork," I giggled, causing him to chuckle. We danced for a few more moments, letting the song guide us before Jack spoke again.

"Hey Kim?" I lifted my head, not even realising I had kept it against his chest.

"Yeah?" he looked nervous again, avoiding my eyes.

"Would it be alright if I…Can I…"

"Jack?" he looked down at me. I lifted my hands and wrapped them around his neck, tugging his head down to mine. I left a small gap between us, deciding that I should let him make the last move. He breathed deeply, his eyes darting to my lips before going back to my eyes.

Come on Jack, read the signs. Please.

"Hey Anderson!" Jack ripped away from me, turning a burning glare onto the three Black Dragon members that were standing in the doorway to the Dojo.

"What do you want Frank?!" he snapped.

"Just to have fun at the party," he laughed rudely. Jack narrowed his eyes, stepping up to face the Black Dragons.

"Get your asses out of our Dojo," he hissed. Frank smirked.

"Aww but then you wouldn't get our present." Jack cocked an eyebrow.

"What present?" he asked.

I clenched my fists as Frank's smirk widened. Something didn't feel right.

"Come with us and we'll show you," he said, his tone dark. Jack didn't look anymore convinced but he followed anyway as Frank left the Dojo. The feeling intensified.

Jack's POV

I followed Frank, ready to fight if need be. I don't trust him but maybe he's trying to finally make peace between our Dojo's. When we came to the ally by his Dojo I started to feel uneasy.

"Alright Frank, where's that present?" I asked. He stopped, his back to me.

"Ha ha ha ha ha," a deep chuckle filled the ally. I stiffened. "You shouldn't have let your greed get the best of you Jack. Now you're all alone…" a figure landed on my back, forcing my legs out from under me and crashing to the ground. I cried out, kicking frantically. "Scream all you want, all your precious friends are at your pathetic party and once we're done with you they won't even want anything to do with you!" Frank laughed, taking something out of his pocket.

"Let me go!" I demanded, wriggling harder.

"I'd stop if I were you. You wouldn't want me to miss would you?" I stopped as I noticed what he was holding.

It was a needle filled with green liquid, the tip coming straight for me. "Wh-What is that?" I asked, gulping the fear down.

"This? My uncle works at an animal testing lab and they're working on a formula to make attack dogs bigger, fiercer…beastlier," the last one didn't sound to good. "This is from one of their rejected attempts. Apparently it made the dogs turn into animals unrecognisable. I always wondered what would happen if it was used on humans."

I started struggling again, trying in vain to get that needle away from me. Frank laughed darkly advancing on me. With a swift thrust the needle stabbed into my chest, the green liquid pouring into my body.

I cried out, feeling my chest burn intensely with pain. I felt my captor let me go but the pain was crippling, taking over my body. I was screaming by this point, clutching my face and leaving scratch marks across the skin.

"Lets go. He hasn't got much time left." Frank and his friend laughed as they left. I waited for the serum to finish me, lying on the cold ground. Slowly the ground turned less cold, warmth covering me. I stood up on shaky legs, my chest and arms feeling heavier then before. I looked down, only to cry out in shock to see my body covered with hair no, fur. Thick dark brown fur. My arms were twice the size, claws coming out from the paws that replaced my hands.

I staggered over to a puddle in the ground, my body begging for me to go on four paws but I wouldn't let it. My face was morphed, looking almost like a dogs. Fangs poked past my top lip, replacing my teeth while a pointed nose took place of my old one. Ears, floppy and furry hung from my head.

I was a monster.

"Jack?!" my head popped up. Kim. I felt something soft brush my legs and looked down to see a tail, wagging happily as she approached. My heart plummeted as I realised what I now was.

She couldn't see me like this, no one could.

With a mournful growl I turned and fled, hiding behind the corner. Kim came into the ally.

"Jack?" Jack where are you? Everyone's waiting back at the Do-" she cut herself off, a gasp taking it's place. "Jack…" she breathed in a throaty voice, kneeling down beside the ripped remains of my jacket. "No…No!" she cried, grabbing the clothing and holding it to her.

With each tear my guilt grew. This was for the best. Kim would spread the word that I was dead and everyone would forget about me. I could disappear and nothing would change.

With one last look at Kim I turned and ran from the ally, keeping her beautiful face imprinted in my mind.

Not my best beginning but it'll get better...hopefully...