Misaki, you have no idea how much she reminds me of you. Her hair, her eyes, they look like yours.

Her hair falls down her back pretty much the same way yours does, just that it's a few shades darker. She keeps it a few inches above her elbows and has the same messy fringe as you. I can't even begin to describe her eyes. When I look into them, it's as if it's your eyes I'm looking into. They're the exact same colour and shape and they hold the same warmth.

She nags me to eat just about as much as you do. Whenever we're eating, she points her chopsticks at me and lectures me in the same tone of voice you use. It's times like these when I can't help but smile. Whenever I make single portions of food just for her, she chides me and insists on giving me some. She's actually succeeded in making me eat vegetables sometimes, something I think you never really managed apart from that one time you tricked me into eating vegetable dumplings. You told me they were pork! She hates milk exactly like you do and nothing I do or say will change that.

She sometimes sleeps curled up beside me, with her hair fanned out on the pillow just like yours. It's at times like these when I sometimes stay up all night holding her close and trying not to get caught up in the past. It hurts to remember, Misaki. It hurts so much.

She's petite, just like you and she has some of your habits. She likes to steal my glasses as much as you do and her crystal laugh sounds so much like yours as she tries them on. She looks so adorable in them, just like you do. Other times, she messes up my hair and tells me I look much better with it like that, the way I used to look in high school. I remember you doing the same.

Just last week, she found one of the beanies you used to wear when we were in high school and tried it on. When I saw her, I couldn't help but break down and cry into her shoulder. She looks almost exactly like you used to. She stroked my back and whispered, "You really love her."

Misaki, do you remember the time when I told you that you would be the only girl I would ever love?

I lied. I love another girl now. She's six and she calls you mommy. She opened her eyes as you closed yours. I named her for you, and I hope she'll grow to be a beautiful flower, just like you.

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