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Buffy and Harris were walking out of a restaurant they've only been dating for a couple months but Buffy is enjoying it so far. Harris is a normal guy that understands her nightlife and so far he hasn't done anything like fret about her strength and feed himself to vampires for a thrill. The two each have their own issues with Dracula but leaves it be. They walk up to Willy's bar because Buffy needs some information about a cryptic warning. 'From beneath you it devours.' She walks to the bar and sees Willy.

Willy looked up slightly startled. "Hey if ain't the slayer and… her new boy… then who the hell is that guy?"

Buffy looked over at a guy pretty much collapsed on the stool and hoists him up. She sees he's the Xander from the other world they met a couple months back. "OK come on let's get you out of here. You know there are bars where the clientele isn't likely to eat you."

"They threw me out." Xander replied through slurred words.

Buffy and Harris roll their eyes and put him over their shoulders they'll take him home till he sobers up.

Harris put him down on the bed in his apartment and noticed the gauntlet he was wearing is much more then that. "One of his arms is missing. Poor guy wonder what made him take to the bottle like that especially with my screwed up family history."

Buffy rolled her eyes and frowned. "They were fighting Glory Xander do the math."

Harris realized it in his head. "Right Dawn bleeds and his Buffy… did what you always do. Protect her."

Xander woke up the next morning feeling terrible. Why is he sobering up damn it? He comes out of the room and sees Buffy and Harris asleep on the couch in each other's arms. He goes to the fridge looking for a beer. "What the hell this guy is a year older then me a drink never killed anyone."

"You had your fill last night." Buffy said from the couch.

Xander glared at her. "Hey, if I choose to drink myself to death that's my choice."

Harris pointed at him clearly upset. "You know our family and the sauce is very unmixy. What the hell are you thinking?"

Xander rolled his eyes not in the mood. "I don't need to listen to this."

Buffy walked in front of him. "Well I think you do, or maybe have someone listen and let you vent."

Xander aimed his fake arm at Buffy as the hand moved aside revealing a cannon. "Move"

"Are you really going to shoot me?" Buffy asked.

Xander kept the gun aimed at her and tried to stand strong but Buffy wasn't backing down. "Damn it Buffy."

Buffy watched as he put his arm down she knew he wouldn't. "So why did you jump worlds."

"Because I just let her die. I was right there I could have stopped it, I could have held on to her but I didn't. I did nothing as the world became a much darker place."

Buffy hugged him she knows she's not this Xander's Buffy but it's something right. "You know she only jumped because she wanted to right."

"I know." Xander replied. "It's just everything went to hell so fast."

Buffy took him by the arms and sat him down on the couch. "So start from when the really bad things happened."

The Betverse

Xander stands there dangling on chains to stay on his feet. Glory has made a declaration of war. Last week she sucked Amy's mind FYI a rocket launcher no good against a hell god but the mansion he's currently in can use a paintjob. Xander feels inhuman pain once again as Glory strikes him in the face he doesn't even want to imagine how he looks right now.

Glory was wiping blood off her hands. "You know you've taken it for so long. At first I was impressed but now I'm getting bored sweetie." She reaches up and grabs Xander's hand and squeezes as bones start to break and Xander shouts in pain. "Come on precious this will be all over just as soon as you give me my key so what do you say?"

Xander got his eyes to concentrate. He looked at Glory it's like a scary mix of Cordelia and the devil. The blue skirt with blond hair Xander looked at her face and chuckled. She has a huge gaping scar on it from when they saved the monk from her. She didn't know Dragonslayer was so powerful it could actually hurt her and cut her skin. "What do I say? I say kiss my ass you scar faced bitch how does that sound."

Glory literally growled in anger as she hoisted Xander's arms straight up and in one quick motion used her other hand to chop off Xander's arm off between the wrist and elbow. And Xander shouted in pain. "Bet that one stung precious."

"Oh please, try doing it with a broken sword." Xander weakly quipped as his blood flowed.

Glory smiled she's seen this kind of behavior before when she tried to brain suck a little girl a month back. "I'm so blind you protected her so devotedly that even as I break you piece by piece you still don't tell me. You love her not as a friend because even that has its limits. You're hiding something with selfless conviction like a father would to protect his daughter."

At that the door broke open showing Buffy, Faith, and Tara. Buffy knocked away the last of the minions and Faith ran up and kicked Glory in the face and the goddess grabbed her leg and threw her aside when she did it again.

Buffy went to free Xander but froze in shock seeing him he looks like got mauled by a bear. His face is a bruised and broken mess and god his arms. Glory walked up behind her and smiled shoving her fingers into Buffy's brain. Xander acted quickly and kicked her aside so Glory only got about a seconds worth. Buffy quickly shook off the cobwebs as Faith fought the Hobbits and Puck flew out of Buffy and did what he could for Xander patching him up.

Tara started chanting as Buffy distracted Glory. "Air like Nectar thick as Onyx, Corsair by your second star hold thy victim as in tar."

Faith ran over and freed Xander. "Xan, Jesus you're a mess."

"Nice to see you too." Xander replied. "Think I can still work construction?"

"I'd take a week or two off." Faith quipped.

Xander let her put him over her shoulder and told her. "She knows make the calls."

"B Plan Z"

Glory smiled. "This won't hold me forever slay runt and Dawnie needs to spend some time with Auntie Glory."

Buffy frowned and turned to Xander how could he. "You told her?"

"She figured it out when I didn't tell her." Xander explained. "We have to go now."

The scoobies left Glory in her cage as they left the mansion.

Xander wakes up in the RV. He suspects that was the first in a very long line of nightmares. He sees Jenny Tara and Joyce gently rocking Dawn keeping her calm. He doesn't know why but Buffy took Joyce to the hospital as soon as they got back from the other world and the doctors realized there was some form of complication that could have led to an aneurism. He sees Jonathon at the table sorting out his guns and arsenal. He looks down at his old mechanical arm and Schierke took good care of it. The repeating crossbow still works after all this time and the cannon even works so that should come in handy not to mention the barrier spells she put on everyone to find them mystically. When Dawn isn't in imminent danger he's going to ask Schierke if she knew he'd need it this year. He gets that Glory will destroy Schierke's forest home so he just took the help he can get she'll be useless if they have to hide in LA anyway. Magic does little but slow Glory down as is. He looks to the front and see Giles and Faith driving well god knows where. He gets up and takes Dawn's little hand with his real one feeling his daughter squeeze down on it and smiles hearing her laugh before heading to the back to be with Buffy.

He sees Buffy looking out the window. "Buff you OK?"

"It just keeps coming." Buffy replied.

"And yet we're still standing." Xander countered.

Buffy laughed at the comment. "Yeah Amy is in an insane asylum and you have one arm. I still don't even know why Glory didn't chase after us as soon as that spell broke."

Xander shrugged. "Well maybe it's not about just good times. I love Dawn and I can't count how many happy memories I have of her. But maybe we need the bad times to remind us of how good things can be to show us why we fight everyday."

"It's a nice train of thought." Buffy said.

"Well look at bright side."

Buffy just looked at him. "What bright side?"

"Things are going to get a whole lot worse." Xander offered.

Buffy stares at him in confusion until an arrow hits the wall right next to her. She rolls her eyes and turns to Xander. "You know this is your fault for saying that."

Xander shrugged his shoulders in his defense he didn't mean to as they walked to the middle. "I figured if we said things can't get any worse this would happen."

Buffy turned to Giles. "Do you see them?"

"I see them." Giles assured her.

"See who?" Jonathon asked as an arrow hit the wall.

Xander opened the hatch and grabbed a white t-shirt hopping up to the roof. He waved the shirt as a sign of peaceful negotiations. The arrows stopped and a lone horseman rode to the trailer. Xander stuck his hand out and helped the man up.

"I am glad the slayer and her kind have seen reason." The soldier answered taking off his helmet revealing him to be a bald white man. "I am Gregor General in the"

"Yeah, yeah knights of Belgium I know." Xander answered. "Why are you attacking us?"

"The key is the link to the beast. The key must be severed so is the will of God." Gregor announced.

"I've met multiple gods they were all self serving assholes; five in particular." Xander replied walking to the front of the trailer.

Gregor looked at the boy confused. "What kind of surrender is this?"

Xander smiled. "Oh this is about your surrender not ours. I'm not here to surrender I'm here to threaten you. You're going to side with us or leave because it's the only choices you have."

Gregor smiled. "You think you can beat us we have the will of God on our side."

Xander smiled and had an innocent chuckle before changing into an almost entirely different person. "The last person who told me that sprouted wings and declared himself an angel. I clipped his wings and watched him die and the only useful thing he ever did with his life is die burning so his followers could survive the night."

Gregor held a sword to Xander's throat. "Insolent child we have an army of over 200 men what stands between us and the key."

"Two soldiers a watcher a witch and two very hacked off slayers going through that wonderful time of the month."

"We have an army in the hundreds." Gregor boasted.

"We have Slayers on PMS." Xander countered. "And if you knew my past that number doesn't mean anything to me. You don't get it do you. You are not touching the key. Whether we kill you protecting the key, avenging the key, or Glory kills you for getting in her way it is the death certificate of you and your men. So let her go and let her live a life with the mother and father who love her more then anything and I will kill this god who threatens her."

"The key has been made human made flesh it doesn't matter. The key is the link and the link must be severed so is the will of God."

Xander rolled his eyes this is going to be a long fight. "Darn" Before Gregor could react Xander knocked his sword away with his gauntlet and delivered a quick kick knocking him off the driver's side as he briefly blocks Giles view until he falls down and hits the front and back tires.

Jonathon saw the brief glimpse well that's one way to end negotiations. He quickly loads his shotguns and gets ready.

Jenny feels a bump as they go. "What the hell was that?"

"Just a speed bump" Giles and Faith assured her at the same time.

"Faith you're with in three feet of Dawn at all times." Buffy climbed out to the roof. "We got defense."

Xander smiled. "I'll go say hi." Xander climbed down and hopped on Gregor's horse. He rides in front of the trailer and turns around pursuing the army as he grabs Dragonslayer off the side of the trailer.

The army smiled seeing it one man with a sword nobody can swing. "Archers"

The archers took their shots and Xander brought his sword close to his face blocking all the shots. The soldiers all panicked seeing Xander now close enough as he swung that slab of Iron and cuts two people in half. A soldier tries cut him with his sword but three more are cut in half along with the sword.

One of the soldiers waves their arms set to strike leaving Xander to desperately dodge until a rifle shot is heard and the soldier is knocked off his horse. Xander makes a mental note to thank Jonathon and cuts into two more.

The soldiers are starting to fall back in fear. "That man is more of a monster then the beast is."

"Every time he swings that sword at least two of our men die."

"Even some the horses have been cut in half."

They watch as a car and a truck geared for Vampire killing drives right past them.

Willow is on top of a blacked out car driven by Angel. Her eyes glow red as she lunges onto a guy from the car and throws him off the horse. Willow holds on for dear life having never ridden a horse in her life. When she's clear she jumps back onto the car. And looks to the truck with Wesley driving and Gunn in the back. The two vehicles catch up to Xander and Willow jumps from the car to his back and takes out a broadsword designed to leak blood from her. "Get back to the trailer."

Xander nods in understanding cutting down the ones in his way with Willow picking off a few of her own. No one tries to kill her god daughter and lives.

They come up and see Buffy fighting them and throws an axe at a new one climbing up as he falls over dead. Xander watched Buffy work with a sword cutting wrists and other vital organs. That's not how Buffy fights that's how... oh no.

Xander watches until he sees someone with a spear throw it at the trailer through the front window and the whole thing tips over.

Xander rides right to the source but to his surprise Willow jumps off him and tackles the rider to the ground sinking her teeth into his neck. Xander cares less about that and more about the trailer. He climbs up top and effortlessly rips the locked door off to get in since he's hopped up on Adrenaline. "Dawn!"

Joyce waved her arms showing a nasty gash on her forehead. "She's OK I took the worst of it."

Willow stopped feeding and stared at the commander who did it. "The monsters you hunt show you mercy while you have none. Leave or I'll let Xander kill every last one of you."

Buffy ran to the truck and Saw Xander holding Dawn in his one good arm as everyone was coming out of the holds. They all seemed OK with the exception of a couple bumps and bruises. Except for Giles whom has a severe wound that Puck is doing all he can to heal him up.

They load up everyone into the two vehicles and drive to the Hyperion. Xander and Gunn help Giles in as everyone else scatters around the motel. Xander looks out the window and rolls his eyes. "Great"

"What is it?" Angel asked.

Xander sighed and grabbed his sword. "The Knights of the Round are back and they brought extras."

Cordelia stopped him at the door. "Easy psycho you can't hack soldiers to bits here."

"They're out to kill my year old daughter so as far as I'm concerned its fair game." Xander replied.

Buffy had Dawn in her arms and saw twin girls with red hair as she put her daughter down with Willow's two girls. "You guys play nice ok."

Buffy walked over to the others "Will, Tara"

"We're working on it." Willow shouted as knights broke through the door.

"Work faster" Xander pleaded. As he kicked one on the stomach and stole his axe this place is too crowded to be swinging dragon slayer around.

Willow's eyes glowed red. "Enemies near and far. Circling forces build a wall."

A blue barrier went up pushing every knight out of the motel.

Xander smiled for finally having a couple moments peace. Xander takes a breath but hears an almost whispering sound upstairs Xander grabs the handle of Dragonslayer but Angel stops him. "Easy it's only Fred."

"Who the hell is Fred?" Xander asked.

Angel chuckled realizing the scoobies don't know her. "Oh it's OK she's a friend."

"Fred's a girl? She must have the worst parents out of everyone here." Xander quipped.

"Point is she's a friend." Angel finished. "Willow got trapped in an alternate dimension she found her and they came back within an hour."

"And if she attacks us?" Xander asked.

"Throw a Taco at her." Angel suggested causing Xander to laugh.

Buffy walked into the kitchen and saw Willow eating something she hasn't seen her eat for a while now. "Peanut Butter in pig's blood you know that is really gross right?"

Willow just shrugged. "Hey it's crunchy and bloody it's a vampire's perfect yum."

"No it isn't as you stated more than once to me." Buffy replied.

Willow took a spoon and had a bite as Buffy did everything she could not to puke all over the floor. "Then why would I like it now?"

Buffy eyes shot up as she did the reasoning. "Well, last time you liked it, it was because of a pregnancy craving. So you're…"

"Not likely. I don't do pregnant anymore. You have no idea how much magic it took to make Angel compatible for the twins." Willow replied.

Buffy thought about it. "Do you have a test?"

"I'll do you one better." Willow insisted. "Get me some ginger, nutmeg and oregano."

Buffy gathered the ingredients as Willow added some of her own and created this funky green sand. "So now what?"

Willow vamped out and sunk her fangs into her wrist and held it over the sand. Buffy watched as the sand reacted to the blood and turned blue.

"So what does that mean?" Buffy asked.

Willow looked at it feeling how…what…how. "I-i-it means it's a boy how did that happen?" Willow asked as Faith came into the kitchen.

Buffy rolled her eyes Will knows full well how this happened. "Babies Will, well when a vampire man loves a vampire woman."

"He doesn't have to love her B could just be a good screw." Faith pointed out adding to Willow's torment.

"Good point also valid." Buffy added in a teasing sense.

Willow rolled her eyes she loves jokes as much as the next girl but they're pushing it. "That's not what I meant. Angel just got back to his old self from some serious Darla drama. He almost went grrr even with a soul now new baby what if it just leads back to grr and then single mother of three now and… and."

Buffy has to admit she missed the Willow rants. "Will breath OK just breath"

Willow does as instructed.

"Angel loves you and he'll love his son just as much as his daughters." Buffy finished.

Willow nodded. "I'm not telling him until we're free of this though."

"Yeah I wouldn't either." Buffy decided.

Xander was standing at the door with Gunn each holding their axe and Sword. Faith came in and saw the two looking outside. "Is everything OK out there?"

Xander nodded backing away. "We had a scare earlier we thought they had sorcerers."

Gunn smiled. "Yeah thankfully it was just two old people praying for something to fix their problems."

"How's Giles doing?" Xander asked concerned.

Faith looked out at the group. "Not that good. Puck is healing him but he needs proper medical attention to close the wounds and patch him up."

"I think the crusade outside might have other plans." Gunn deadpanned.

Xander strapped his sword to his back. "Then let's see what we can do about that."

Xander, Gunn, and Faith walked out as a hole in the barrier formed so they could meet the knights. Since Xander turned Gregor into street paste that leaves Dante in charge baring two holes in his neck.

"Speak" Dante ordered.

"One of mine was wounded when you attacked us." Xander stated

"And seventy of my men are dead. Honorable men" He draws his sword. "Should we balance the scales?"

"Will you let someone come and help him or not?" Xander asked.

"Give quarter to an agent of the beast? What madness would move me to such action?"

Xander rolls his eyes and draws his sword and breaks Dante's sword with it and holds dragon slayer to his throat. "I'm the centennial slayer and that was before I got really good with a sword. So believe me when I say a hundred and seventy seven men do not scare me and I have no problem killing you all if it comes to that. So please take the offer that I gave Gregor and call off your men."

Dante looked in Xander's eyes as the sympathy faded to cold hardened showing that he'll do it. "Do you even know what it is you face?"

"Strong, fast, hell god, dresses like a hooker."

"From a dimension of unspeakable torment" Dante finished the description.

Xander rolled his eyes. "A demon dimension. I know. She ruled with two other hell gods, right?"

Dante nodded. "Along with the beast they were a triumvirate of suffering and despair. Ruling with equal vengeance. But the beast's power grew beyond even what they could conceive. As did her lust for pain and misery. They looked upon her, what she had become... and trembled."

Xander shrugged mostly out of boredom. "Do you have any idea how easy it is to scare a god?"

Dante ignored him and continued, maybe if he hears all this he'll see reason. "They feared she would attempt to seize their dimension for herself, and decided to strike first. A great battle erupted. In the end, they stood victorious over the beast... barely. She was cast out. Banished to this lower plane of existence, forced to live and eventually die trapped within the body of a mortal... a newborn male, created as her prison. That is the beast's ... only weakness."

Xander rolled his eyes in frustration why the hell isn't that in the books. "You lousy medieval mother fu… Do you have any idea how much sooner we could have killed Glory if you idiots had just wrote a book instead of going on a crusade."

Dante just studied him. If it was that easy don't you think they would have done it? "Unfortunately, the identity of the human vessel has never been discovered."

"It doesn't matter." Xander said. "Let my friends get help and leave I'll go back to Sunnydale and take care of Glory myself."

Dante shakes his head no. "We will escort you. And know that if you trick us we will hunt the key and your friends and kill them all even if it takes an eternity."

"I'm quaking in my boots can we go now?" Xander asked.

Dante stepped aside and Xander very carefully took some steps out of the barrier.

"To your horses." Dante ordered as everyone got on.

Xander got one pulled up for him and led the others away Sunnydale is a couple hours ride. The horse gallops as they all ride back leaving the hotel deserted.

Faith turned to Gunn. "Well that's just great. Who's going to tell B about this?"

Buffy was at the door having watched most of that. "I'm more concerned about those soldiers then I am about him. Xander wasn't bluffing on that Centennial slayer line."

"What got him so mad to kill a hundred people at once?" Faith asked.

Buffy shrugged her shoulders. "Me, and it was a lifetime ago. Now I have to call Ben I'm not losing Giles."

Puck studied her and followed her as she called a healer from home when she got off the phone Puck had to ask. "You have your original memories don't you?"

Buffy quietly hung up the phone. "Yes"

"How long?" Puck asked not believing this went past him.

Buffy frowned and focused on her weapons. "I didn't get all of it. But ever since Glory wiggled around in my brain I get like freeze frame memories specifically of Xander moments before everything went to hell. Taught me new ways to kill people and demons and I'm not digging that far in. From what I can remember I don't want to remember anymore."

Puck sat down next to her. "Well at least now you know why Xander fought so long to keep your pasts buried."

"I wish I didn't." Buffy simply replied. Ends up Xander attacked her once before while possessed by the hellhound.

"Me too" Puck replied.

Xander walked into the Magic Box and quickly walked upstairs to the darkest spot in the store where Giles keeps the good stuff.

Dante stands outside with his warriors essentially locking the boy in this is a barter nothing more. The goddess' life in exchange for the key's or they'll kill him and his people. Xander comes out with a smile on his face. "Alright let's go see a hell god."

Glory's minions were pacing the floor of her mansion. Ben came out and the time is quickly coming up. The minions smile seeing the Knight of Byzantium approaching their doorstep. "Didn't the great Glorificus teach you to fear for your lives last time?"

The minions watched as three heads came down the banister as Xander runs down the steps sword drawn carving through Glory's lepers. As the Knights circled the front cutting off any escape they had around the house. Xander watched one demon trying to crawl away from the slaughter as Xander just stepped on its shoulder. "Where's your boss?... WHERE'S YOUR BOSS?"

The leper demon just smiled. "You're too late the fool Ben is taking the glorious one to the slayer as we speak. And there is nothing you can do to stop her." Xander shouted in fury and swiftly cut him in half at the waist with one quick stroke.

Xander looked up and saw all the knights surrounding him swords and weapons drawn. "You've gotta be kidding me. I gotta get out of here."

"You deceived us and gave time for the beast to collect the key." Dante said. "The key is the link and the link must be severed so is the will of god. We'll deal with you and then your friends."

Xander just collected himself and put his sword to his side done playing nice since Glory is apparently on her way to Buffy. "Fine let's just this over with."

The Soldier's rush Xander as he simply readies himself for a long fight ahead of him.

Author's notes

This won't be a long story only one or two more chapters. Released some point later.