Title: Last Wish- Prologue
Main Characters: Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson
Status: Percy and Annabeth are 19, in the Final Battle of the Giant War

WARNING: if you do not like angst, and do not like to cry, I suggest that you do not read this story, which will consist of five chaoters, including this prologue.

"Let's boogie, peoples!" Leo yelled, turning up the music to full blast.

He was wearing florescent green sunglasses that were so huge they were falling down to his mouth, a hot pink tutu with sheer black ripped tights, a hot pink wig that looked like it had been run over with an electric horse (namely, Tempest) and ridiculously high lace up gladiator heels which he kept tripping over.

You might be wondering why Leo was dressed like a girl, yelling at everyone to start boogying or else.

See, Leo had had a magnificent, ingenious idea. Victory party for everyone making it past fifteen (it had been Hazel's fifteenth birthday the day before.)

No, the real reason was: "We're about to die anyway, may as well live while we can!" as Leo had so bluntly put it.

So, Coach Hedge had allowed everyone to venture into the nearest mortal town and buy their costumes from a local convenience store.

"Did you say 'let's do the boogar?' Hazel yelled now, staring at Leo. Leo resisted the urge to crack up. Hazel hadn't really understood the concept of 'go wild, within reason.'

There was a spatula sticking up out of her bushy ponytail, she had glitter in layers of all colours on her face, and rainbow pony stickers up her arms, and a green and white Hawaii Hula skirt around her waist.

"No, a boogie is a type of dance!" Percy shouted in her ear, doing his interpretation of the dance. He was wearing a rainbow Afro wig, a flower necklace, fake plastic rings decorated with coloured glass on every finger and a golden sequin dress with fake leather ankle boots. Hazel burst into laughter, and Percy faked a hurt expression. "What?"

Just then Annabeth entered the room, and everyone stared at her. She shrugged and said one word: "Piper."

She had a black design painted on both cheeks- like a vine with flowers sprouting. Her black shirt was large and hung halfway down her thighs, with the words: Party all night long, die young scrawled over it in silver sequin writing.

She wore long black tights with silver lace up ballerina flats and a long, straight white- blond wig. Her grey eyes were enhanced with heavy eye liner and all the black made her look deathly pale, like a beautiful ghost.

"I look like a try- hard," she grumbled, going to wipe at her made up face, when Piper waltzed through the door looking like a princess.

"Oh, no, you don't missy. That was an hour of work!" Piper grabbed Annabeth's arm to stop her from wiping all the gunk off.

Piper looked like a fictional character out of a Disney story. She wore a long purple dress with puffy sleeves and a skirt of gossamer silk. Her luscious brown hair was wound up in a complicated hair do on top of her head that nobody could follow. Just a touch of make up and she was glowing like Aphrodite herself. When Piper actually tried to look pretty, everybody could see the resemblance between her mother and her.

"Do you like it?" she asked everyone, throwing her arms out, showing off her exquisite outfit.

Suddenly Frank was shoved through the door by Jason. Both boys wore kitchen utensils. Frank was wearing a metal mixing bowl as a helmet, and was clutching his scooping spoon like he would a sword. Jason wasn't much better, with his army of plastic plates wrapped around his body with miles of silver duct tape, and a cheese grater stuck on his head and a bunch of basil leaves sticking out of it, like a feathered helm.

A black garbage bag billowed off his shoulders like a cape.

Everyone applauded and looked at the door in anticipation. Coach Hedge trotted in.

His outfit was the most outrageous yet. He had a plastic picture of a six pack stuck to his stocky chest, a tan coloured long sleeve shirt with tennis balls stuck where biceps would be, and a bunch of yellow weeds stuck behind his ear. The coach had painted his hooves with bright red nail polish.

"Nice, coach," Leo grinned crookedly.

"Can we start eating?" Percy asked, his hand inching towards the pizza.

"No!" Leo shouted. "We dance! C'mon Frank, boogie with me!"

Leo started doing a grandpa jig just as 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' came on. Frank tried to imitate what Leo was doing, and Hazel laughed so hard the spatula fell out of her hair.

Percy picked it up for her and just as she was about to take it out of his hand, he started chasing her around the room, trying to slap her butt with it.

They both fell to the floor laughing. Piper and Jason were slow dancing to an imaginary slow song, a tradition for them.

Coach Hedge was stealing all the cheese enchiladas and loading them onto a tray to snack on while he watched wrestling matches.

Leo was now trying to get Frank to lift him in the palm of his hand while Leo did the 'wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah' dance move.

After 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' came 'Gangnam Style'.

Everybody except Leo groaned.

"Can I choose a song?" Hazel asked shyly.

Leo grinned and ushered her over to the magical DJ that could play any song that you wished for.

"Of course, milady," he mock bowed and backed away. Soon a movie theme song came on, slow and calm.

"Awwe, you ruined the party atmosphere," Leo whined. Nobody answered.

Annabeth recognised the song, but couldn't place the name. "What's this?" she asked Hazel, walking over holding the drink of coke she had been getting.

Hazel smiled impishly. "It's Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Lion King."

Annabeth laughed. "Trust you, Hazel."

Hazel shrugged. "I just fell in love with this song when I first heard it."

Just then something slipped around Annabeth's waist and turned her around. Her drink sloshed all over Percy's chest, but he didn't mind. He smiled down at her as he whirled her across the floor, stepping on her toes and his wig falling off to reveal his messy- as- always black hair.

"Happy 'We're Gonna Die Party'," Percy whispered. Annabeth laughed and pulled him down for a kiss.

"Seaweed Brain," she whispered back. He smiled.

The night flew by fast, featuring a hilarious talent show that everyone had to participate in. Coach Hedge lifted his tray loaded with enchiladas to show his immense strength.

Annabeth let the audience shoot random sums at her and time how fast she got them correct. Leo had said, "1+1" Annabeth, who had forgotten about this particular trick, had said the obvious answer.

"Nope!" Leo had shouted gleefully, hyped up on gallons of Coke and sour worms. "A window!" And Annabeth had learned something new that night, by a seriously ADHD son of Hephaestus, none the less.

By the end of the night, everyone was worn out. Various party accessories were missing, such as a number of Hazel's rainbow pony stickers, Leo's giant green sunnies, Percy's Afro wig, Jason's cheese grater helm, and one of Coach Hedge's biceps. His plastic six pack was ripped down the middle.

Leo hired Buford the flying table to clean up after the party, and everyone trailed to bed, dread replacing the high feelings from Leo's ultimate demigod party.

Annabeth couldn't sleep. She thrashed and rolled in bed, bumping the wall multiple times, to the point that her neighbour, Piper, had to come in, eyes bleary, hair wild, and whisper- yell at her for waking her up.

Annabeth didn't try to sleep after that.

She instead made her way to Percy's cabin.

She looked down at him smiling. He was drooling all over his pillow, and his longish dark hair was fanned out. Beads of sweat rolled down his temples.

Annabeth climbed into his bed and curled up against his solid chest.

"Percy," she whispered.

He opened his eyes straight away.

"Wha- Annabeth? What are you doing here?"

Annabeth shrugged. "I couldn't sleep. Nightmares. You don't mind if I stay in here, do you?"

"Um…" Percy glanced around. "Remember what happened last time we_"

Annabeth pushed him down and laid her head on his chest.

"I don't care," she said, closing her eyes. "I just don't want to be alone tonight. Final battle is tomorrow, Percy. What if- what if one of us_"

"Say no more," Percy tucked her head under his chin. "Night, Annabeth. Sweet dreams."

"Likely," Annabeth muttered, getting comfortable.

They were both snoring within seconds.

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