Smallville: Mid Season 4

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Chloe sat in the torch feeling well Chloe doubts anyone can put a finger on it. Maybe its shock but she can still move. How did everything go so bad so fast? One day she was joking around with Lois and they can both safely cross out pop diva for where they'll be ten years from now and it was a fun little party. Now here she is three days later struggling to put together an issue of the Torch. Chloe was fed up with it and just smacked the spread scattering it all over the office.

Lois walked into the room and saw the remains of the paper and frowned. She has done some pretty stupid things in her life. But this pretty much tops it off in a big way. How could she have been so stupid? "I was stopping by to check on you. I take it you want to be left alone."

"Principal Reynolds wants the torch ready for tomorrow." Chloe told her emotionless.

Lois shrugged. "Then he can write the article it isn't right to make you do it anyway."

"I kind of don't think there's anyone else to write it?" Chloe pointed out. She was pretty much given the job freshman year. She obviously wasn't popular because as soon as Kwan found someone to replace her he put Lana in the position. And no one else but Clark, Lois, and Pete has even applied to work here for four years.

Lois nodded she used to work here and remembers everything. "I can write it if you want me to."

"No" Chloe replied shaking her head. "If Reynolds wants the story so badly he can write it himself."

Lois sits down on the desk not sure what to say. "I'm not going to ask if you're OK because I already know the answer to that. So, how are you holding up?"

Chloe didn't know what to say, do, or feel. "I just don't understand how could he have done it." Chloe said as tears were running down her eyes. "I looked… and Clark did that. The same dorkish farmboy I kissed in eighth grade he… he killed a man."

Lois wasted no time and hugged her cousin. "To be fair he tried to kill four different people counting Clark."

Chloe just sat down at her desk. "Clark won't count it was here say and considering what happened to Tim I doubt self defense will work. I just don't understand how he got to Tim so fast. I mean I've learned Clark can move really fast when he wants to but how did he get a trail to Tim so fast he talked to him one time and that was when he pointed the finger at Alicia."

Lois frowned truth is going to come out at some point so Chloe might as well find out form her. "I did it."


Lois moved all the heavy things making sure Chloe doesn't have a weapon to hit her with. Lois just collected herself and started to explain her side of the story. "After I visited you at the Talon I found Clark outside Alicia's barn. He was so hurt and I wanted to do something for him just anything because he was in so much pain. So I told him who Tim was and where to find him."

Chloe could see this was eating her up. "It wasn't you fault Lois."

"No… I just loaded and aimed the gun." Lois replied dryly.

Chloe hugged Lois this situation just sucks all around. "Let's just get the hell out of here."

Clark sat in the Kawatche caves alone in his misery. He knows more then anyone else how dangerous his strength could be but he ignored it. He watches as the cave portal starts booming and coming to life as he finds himself in a dark room enveloped in blue lights.

"You disappointed me Kal El."

Clark rolled his eyes this was the last thing he wanted to deal with today. "Figured you'd be proud of me. After all they're a flawed race rule them with strength."

"You killed a man Kal El. I regret as a father my faith in you blinded me to the truth."

Clark rolled his eyes. "You vaporized a federal agent and look down on me for killing someone you're nothing but a hypocrite Jor El."

"You will never be Earth's savior." Jor El replied coldly. "And if you had embraced your heritage I would strip you of your abilities. However I will ensure that you will never have access to the knowledge of the 28 galaxies. This will be our last communication farewell, Clark Kent."

Clark watched as the portal returned to the cave and all the glyphs started disappearing as the hole for the key filled itself in. Clark wasted no time and tried to open the chamber door. When that failed he simply punched through it and went for the stone. When he got there all he found was just a hollow rock on the altar.

Clark ran to the loft and simply sat down too overwhelmed by the day to think straight. Well he finally got rid of Jor El all he had to do was push Tim so hard against a wall that he broke his spine in half. Clark used his super hearing to pick up his parents. He knows it's rude but all he gets from them since the accident is everything is going to be OK.

He recognizes the first voice as his father easy enough. "Of all the people why did it have to be that one?"

"She's an old friend and we need help." Martha countered.

"Yes, but Martha it was self defense Tim was trying to suffocate our son just after killing Alicia. Clark just…"

"Reacted." Martha supplied. "It doesn't matter William Westcott is an oil tycoon he is going to do whatever it takes to put his grandson's killer behind bars."

Clark clenches his fist. His mother doesn't really think that does she?

"Martha you don't honestly believe what you just said do you?"

"Of course not" Martha assured him. "But I also know that the legal system is far from black and white. I'm scared Jonathon more scared then I have ever been in my entire life."

Clark decides to just tune them out for now and grabs the baseball for noise so his parents can talk about what they want.

Lex comes up and sees Clark bouncing the baseball off the wall. Lex frowned with how often Clark tries to save people he always figured it would be the other way around. He figured Clark would have died not Clark killing one of the meteor infected. "So you have super human strength."

Clark stopped bouncing the baseball as it bounced right into his hand. "Yeah"

"Well it explains what happened to the roof of my Porsche." Lex quipped.

"I take it that you're the reason I'm not in jail right now?" Clark asked.

Lex simply nodded. "You're not exactly a flight risk Clark. Besides every prosecutor out there would say this was self defense. Save for the one on Westcott's payroll."

Clark simply sighed in a way he appreciates what Lex did but. "Lex I killed a man."

"Clark you stopped a killer. If Tim had won your little skirmish he would have gone right back to trying to kill Lana , Jason and god knows how many other people he viewed as sinners. Clark you stopped a killer there's not much to feel bad about here."

"Wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing." Clark countered. "I always protected the innocent I never punished anyone before."

Lex sighed not knowing how to feel he just wishes there was a cop like Phelan in the Sheriff's department. "Well I have a meeting to get to. Clark if you need a lawyer or anything else just let me know alright."

Clark simply nodded and saw that all things considered Lex actually took the part of his secret he found out about rather well.

Lex was walking to his Porsche and saw another car pull up one far too expensive to be from Smallville. He watches as the door opens and a woman wearing black shoes with blue jeans comes out in a white sweater with brown hair.

Lex Looks at her face and recognizes her. "Not really your place here is it?"

"I was invited Lex." The woman informed him.

Lex chuckled. "I must have seriously underestimated the Kents' dark sides if they got you for Clark's lawyer."

"I'm a friend of the family." She informed him.

"And yet you had no problem representing my father given how that went I'm surprised the Kents called you."

The woman smirked. "Well if your father had followed legal counsel instead of taking matters into his own hands he would have walked. Jurors tend to show less sympathy when you send a hitman a day before witness statements. By the way I heard your father was attacked in prison you wouldn't know anything about that would you."

"Prison is a dangerous place and my father made a lot of enemies." Lex replied.

The woman smiled she wonders if he'd have that cocky grin if he knew what she dealt with daily. "I also heard about the Eve Andrews case. Trying to kill your dad and banging girls because they look like your dead mom. There should be a play."

Lex simply got in his car. And he thought his lawyer was a bitch. "Have a good day Ms. Morgan."

"Mr. Luthor"

Lilah watched as Lex drove off according to the psychics he'll be a top client in a few years and she can easily see it happening. Lilah walked up to the front door and knocked it's been years since she heard from Martha and took an interest when she called and asked for help they must really be desperate.

Martha opened the door and smiled when she saw her and hugged her. "Lilah, I didn't think you'd come."

Lilah simply hugged her back it's been too long. "What, you didn't think I'd ignore a call from a friend no matter how many years its been did you?"

They broke apart and Lilah simply looked at Jonathon. "Jonathon"

"Lilah" Jonathon replied.

Martha just kept herself calm they'll never be friends. Lilah believes Jonathon took Martha away from the life she deserves.

"So not that it's not nice to see you two but why did you call me?" Lilah asked.

Martha frowned. "It's about our son."

Lilah simply nodded she has really missed a lot. "Start from the beginning."

Lilah walked up the stairs seeing Clark bouncing a baseball of the wall. "Clark" Clark turns around and sees the woman. "I'm Lilah Morgan your parents hired me to be your attorney for this mess. Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"Not really" Clark replied he has the memories and that's enough.

Lilah leaned on the table. "Well can you do it anyway? Your mom and I are old friends I'd like to say I at least tried to keep her son from going to jail."

Clark sighed and started. "I was going out with Alicia Baker the town pariah. I got mean looks from everyone friends even my parents."

"Well to be fair I think the only woman Jonathon would probably approve of for you is June Cleaver. So what happened?"

Clark started going through the events that led to this. "About a week after we started dating we went to the Talon it's a little coffee shop in town they were having a Karaoke night. Lois drew attention to us and Lana and Alicia had some words."

"You mean Lana Lang the first victim?" Lilah asked.

Clark nodded. Lana seemed so important until he found Alicia dead. "Tim saw the fight and attacked Lana that night. He tried to suffocate her in the shower. But since Tim could make himself disappear without a trace everyone thought Alicia did it."

"Wait… go back to that disappear without a trace bit." Lilah asked because if someone can do that they might prove useful at the firm.

"The meteor shower in Smallville sometimes they cause mutations in people giving them strange abilities and usually makes them insane." Clark answered.

Lilah frowned and just like that its gone crazies are unreliable at best. "So was Alicia…"

Clark understood what she was saying and answered best he could. "Alicia attacked Lana the year before but she got counseling and she got the seal of approval from three different doctors after there was a problem with the first one. However none of that mattered to people here she was different so she was guilty by default despite the fact that counting Tim I can name five people with similar traits that want Lana dead."

"What about the second victim? This Jason Teague?" Lilah asked.

Clark started to explain this one. "He was attacked in his car. Tim tried to strangle him. I got there in time to save him but all I saw was Jason gasping for breath and a green scarf that I knew was Alicia's. I thought she did it and the last thing we did was fight… she died thinking I didn't believe her. I could have saved her if I had believed her."

Lilah looked at him confused she's not sure what to do. It's new to her when clients actually show guilt. "Clark you can't play the what if game. It will drive you insane if you let it. Just tell me what happened when you found Alicia."

Clark frowned he'll never forget that day. "I went by her farm to tell her that I was sorry. I found out from the sheriff that there was no way she could have attacked Jason and I should have believed her. Instead I found her strung up. Tim hung her up and left her there for me to find. I cut her down but, she was already gone."

Lilah mentally notes to talk to the sheriff about this as Clark continues they story. "Lois found me she told me about Tim and where I could find him. I went to this old museum place and tackled Tim to the ground. I put my hand over his mouth but he broke free. He punched me in the face and knocked me aside. He even gloated right to my face that even I thought Alicia was guilty. I rushed him and he tried to smother me but eventually he lost his grip and I broke free." Clark said deliberately covering up sand powers and heat vision. "I grabbed him and I slammed him into a metal wall and… he was just gone because I lost control."

Lilah put a hand on Clark's shoulder trying to get him to calm down. "Clark what you just described was self defense."

"Yeah, but he's dead and I don't have a mark on me." Clark pointed out.

Lilah rubbed his shoulder with the way he broods it's almost like a teenage Angel. "Clark you acted in defense of yourself and others OK just remember that for the trial alright."

Clark simply nodded.

Lilah got up from her spot and shook his hand. "It was nice to meet you Clark now if you'll excuse me I have to start working on your defense."

Lilah started to leave until Clark shouted out. "Ms. Morgan"

"Yes, Clark"

"If you and my mom were old friends how come you didn't represent my dad when he was framed by Sheriff Ethan?"

Lilah chuckled who would have thought Jonathon Kent could be arrested. "Me and your dad don't exactly get along. Your mother was like a really big sister to me until she gave it all up to live the simple life of a farmer's wife. I told her she was throwing her life away even slapped your father once for ruining her life. I think your dad would rather confess then deal with having me for an attorney. Good night Clark."

Clark simply nodded it sounds a lot like the situation with his grandfather. "Good night Lilah"

A couple weeks later and Clark sat in the defense chair feeling numb during the trial. Jonathon had to clench his fists and bite down hard when the prosecutor started comparing Clark and Alicia to a supernatural Bonnie and Clyde even going as far as saying Clark attacked Jason to give Alicia an alibi and Tim never did anything to anyone. Luckily for them the case fell apart during witness statements where while Lana and Jason did say they didn't know who attacked them Lilah did get it on the record that Clark had saved Jason from a shotgun wielding quarterback before, protected lanan from Alicia, and has saved Lana so many times that she had actually lost count so there was no reason for him to attack them. He was here now because apparently the jury has made a decision about the rest of his life.

They all watched as the jury came in and took their seats. The judge simply looked to the courtroom. "All rise" Everyone gets up from their seats Lana leans into Jason just like Jonathon and Martha as Lois tries to keep Chloe calm. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury have you reached a verdict?"

Clark looked at the jury realizing this is it as an older man started speaking. "We have you honor."

The judge nodded. "How do you find the defendant?"

"On the charge of murder in the first degree we find the defendant Clark Joseph Kent… not guilty."

Everyone on the defense side celebrated except for Lilah and Sheriff Adams.

"Order in the court." The judge shouted.

The juror continued. "On the charge of murder in the second degree we find the defendant… not guilty."

Everyone smiled seeing Clark free of the charges against him as the jury read the last charge. "On the charge of involuntary manslaughter we find the defendant… guilty."

Lilah frowned at the result that was exactly what she was afraid of other wards they would have said not guilty on all charges.

Martha felt like she just had a metal spike pushed through her heart as Jonathon held her trying to calm her down.

The judge turned to the jury. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury the court thanks you for your service you are dismissed."

The judge turned to Clark now it was his job to pass sentencing on him. "Clark given your past it is abundantly clear that you did not mean to kill Tim Westcott but the fact of the matter is that you've held yourself above the law for years. You were not a cop Mr. Kent and you have a community service record a few years back form a similar situation which was far too lenient so I sentence you to..."

Lilah objected to this and immediately cut him off. "Your honor up until now Clark has done nothing but protect people. The community service he was served was because he broke up a sexual assault, he was punished for breaking up four people attacking a waitress. He knows he's done wrong and he didn't hide from it the whole trial the last thing he needs is jail time. All you're going to is teach him if he screws up next time is not confess and hide it like everyone else in Smallville does."

"Are you done Ms. Morgan?" The judge asked.

Lilah nodded.

"Then sit down I won't have theatrics in this court room." The judge ordered. "Mr. Kent I sentence to seven years in Stryker's Island you'll have the chance for parole in four. Bailiff take the defendant into custody."

Martha ran up and hugged Clark. "No, please"

Lois watched William Westcott leave with a smug smile on his face and she went to put her fist through it but Chloe stopped by grabbing her arm. "Not here Lois."

Lois frowned and was forced to simply watch as Clark was taken away.

Clark sat in his holding cell with his parents on the other side.

"So have they processed you yet?" Jonathon asked.

Clark shakes his head no. "I think they're just waiting to do it all at once."

Jonathon simply nodded. "Clark please just go. Break out of here and run. Run like hell"

"And put you and mom in the spotlight and expose my secret. That the two of you have been hiding for fifteen years Dad I won't do that. I can't."

They're all taken by surprise when they see Lilah coming down to pay them a visit.

Jonathon rolled his eyes even he has to pay her, her dues she fought hard for Clark. "Lilah we're grateful for everything you've done but right now we just want to be alone with our son for the time we have left."

Lilah thought about this and put up an innocent act. "About that I kind of paid a visit to the judge. And after a very lengthy debate I was able to convince him to give Clark a suspended sentence."

Martha smiled wide this is over. "You mean Clark can come home with us. Thank you Lilah."

Lilah twitched nervously. "Yeah, don't thank me yet."

Jonathon knew that face. Lawyers nothing is ever as easy as it seems. "What happened?"

"Well I got Clark parole so he won't be going to jail today." Lilah started. "However one of the terms of his release is that he serves it away from Smallville. With all the meteor infected out there Judge Danvers doesn't want a repeat performance. He has to wear an ankle monitor to show us where he is at all times."

Martha looked shocked. "So where is he going to go?"

"Well the first person I called was your father." Lilah answered.

Martha frowned she knew where that one was going. "He didn't even want to be Clark's lawyer. He just said this was proof that marrying Jonathon was throwing my life away."

"Yeah, I got that when I talked to him. He said if he had been allowed in Clark's life before maybe he would have turned out for the better." Lilah replied. "However since Clark's release was dependent on this… I kind of volunteered…"

Jonathon looked at Lilah in a way he's grateful but even with Jor El gone according to Clark his secret can still be a handful. "Lilah honestly we're grateful but…"

"What?" Lilah asked in confusion this was a good thing. "Would you rather see Clark in jail then living with me?"

"No, of course not." Martha replied she's happy Clark doesn't have to see the inside of a jail cell. "It's just LA is a long way from Smallville."

Lilah nodded. "Well maybe it will do Clark some good not fighting the meteor infected all the time. Besides he'll always be nothing but a phone call away from you two. I just figured this would be a better alternative then jail. I mean its two years in LA and then Clark is free to come or go wherever he wants to."

Martha frowned she's not happy about losing Clark but in a lot of ways this might be good for him. There's so much pain in his eyes and although he won't say it he's angry at a lot of people here. Maybe even her and Jonathon. Clark begged someone to listen about Alicia and the whole town turned away even them. Yes she wasn't happy about the whole Red K incident. But maybe if they had given Alicia a chance like Clark pleaded things would have turned out differently. Maybe Clark wouldn't have exploded in raw anger like he did and he wouldn't have killed Tim. And now this is all they can do to keep Clark out of prison. "Thanks Lilah" She turns to Clark. "You call us everyday I don't care what time."

Clark simply nodded and hugged her and his father not believing this is happening. He always has to be in control he's stuck in a world of cardboard and this is what happens when he loses it.

A couple days later Clark is going through his room packing up he's leaving the key in Smallville along with everything else kryptonian. It would just bring up too many questions as is especially if Lilah sees it. He is however taking the Fire stone or the rock that used to be the fire stone in case something happens. The key will call him from anywhere on earth this stone he's not too sure about. Clark packed up three suitcases and realized the Kents really weren't big on possessions.

Chloe walked into the room and saw Clark staring at the luggage. "Realizing how little you have?"

Clark simply nodded. "Kind of pathetic when your entire life can be packed into three suitcases."

Chloe shakes her head. "Not all of it. Clark you still have me if you want me for a friend. I...just wanted to say that I am so sorry… For everything, it must've been so hard for Alicia. Being so different, having everyone judge you before they even know you. Knowing that there's some people that... might never accept you. I just… I want you to know that I'm here well a phone call away... if you ever need to talk."

"Thanks Chloe I appreciate that." Clark responded as the two hugged. "I'm going to miss you."

"And Lois?" Chloe joked.

"Her too." Clark replied.

Clark and Chloe went downstairs as Clark and Lois hug it out and swap one last round of insults. Clark stopped and saw his parents. "Lex and Lana didn't stop by."

Jonathon shakes his head. "Lex had a meeting he said call him if you need anything."

Clark simply smirked well at least that's something, "Yeah, sure." Clark just let out a low breath. "I wish beyond anything that I could stay."

Both Martha and Jonathon hugged him not sure what to say. Martha was the one to get the words together. "We both wish you could stay too but we all know you can't. We'd rather have you free and away from us then in a cage Clark."

Clark nodded. "You know it's not that long in two years I'll come back and you'll be so sick of me visiting that you'll be locking the doors at night to keep me away."

Martha and Jonathon just forced a smile they know what their son is up to he's not that clever they're all doing their best just to keep a straight face as the car pulls up.

Clark just frowned that's his legal ride out of here. "You know no matter what happened you two always stood by me even when most people would have stopped. Wherever I go you'll always be my parents. I love you both."

Jonathon simply hugged him. "You are my son no matter what Jor El or anyone else says we are you parents Clark we will always be here for you no matter what mistakes you make."

Clark started walking to the car. "I'm not saying it. I'll see you in two years."

Martha smiled. "I'll see you in two years."

Clark put his bags in the car and got in silently as the car drove him to the airport. He can't believe he has to leave Smallville behind. Now not only that he has to go live in Los Angeles with a complete stranger for two years. Clark always knew he'd leave Smallville one day whether he wanted to or not. But he always held out hope for Lana and the nice normal life and she didn't even show up to see him off. Clark just sits back not sure of what's ahead or what he's supposed to do he feels like he should be punished because Clark did a horrible thing as Alicia showed if they get help the meteor infected just might be able to be cured but he never gave Tim that chance. So why does he deserve to be free?

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