Clark got up early the next morning in LA knowing he would have to get to work. And no not just filing work for the police office he has somewhere else he has to go first. He comes out and sees Lilah exactly where he left her last night on the couch. Clark walks over to her and gently nudges her awake. "Lilah"

Lilah shot awake and looked at him. "Clark, what time is it?"

"Seven in the morning" Clark replied.

Lilah looked at the clock she lasted as long as she could but Clark really was immune to Billy's touch… thank god. "I have to get ready for work."

Clark stepped aside as she went to her room. "I'm heading out I'll see you later."

"Clark wait!" Lilah stopped him at the door. "Can I ask you something?"

Clark stopped and waited for her to ask a question.

Lilah looked him up and got a good view of where he came from. "You had an act for this hero bit for a long time. Would you do it all again if you were given the chance to? Knowing you would kill a man in a blind rage."

"Without any doubt or hesitation." Clark answered. "I regret what happened with Tim but I saved a lot of lives and I wouldn't give that up for anything."

Clark left the apartment and Lilah found herself in doubt. She knows Clark isn't normal just one little peak into his birth certificate will make that clear. She has to say it is well forged though. If you knew Jonathon Kent personally you would never have guessed there was a chance that it wasn't a legitimate document that said the Kents adopted Clark. But considering all the bickering Martha went through with her father, Martha never would have gone to Lionel Luthor of all people for help unless it was to fake an adoption. Lilah thought it through maybe she should put together a little test to see but who knows what will happen then.

Clark moved in a blur to an abandoned building. Clark knows he still has a couple hours before work so he can use those to try to train himself and see where exactly his strength is and see where he needs to be to contain it. Clark looks at a wall and just shoves it as hard as he can knocking the wall into the next three walls knocking them all down. Well that was too much. He looks to another wall and hits it much gentler this time not even denting it. Clark hit it again and smiles this time seeing his hand slightly imprinted on it. Clark smiles and closes his hand making a fist and punching the wall. Just the right amount of force he hopes as nothing is toppled and it should be enough to make him look like someone that just really likes the gym tonight. Now let's see how the rest of his abilities fair.

Kate looked up and saw Clark and if it wasn't an interesting sight. "Renovating your apartment?"

Clark looked at her confused. "No, why?"

Kate pointed out a pile of drywall dust on his arm. "No reason. So are you ready for another eight hours in the pit?"

"Beats twenty four in a cage." Clark replied. "So are there new things to file away or same old?"

"Just one case solved last night and it was bloody sad to say." Kate replied. "Couple married twenty five years and the husband just up and beats the wife to death. Then when he comes to he suicides by cop."

"Suicide by cop" Clark repeated as if asking a question.

Kate nodded and started to explain. "He stole a cop's gun and ran into the back room. He came out and pointed the gun at them. The other officers did what they had to; only they didn't know he had emptied out the bullets in the other room."

Clark frowned and could understand a bit why he would do that. It was bad enough killing someone you hate but your own wife. "Wow remind me to never ask again."

"Agreed" Kate replied as she held the door open and they headed for the office for another day of work.

That night Clark has to say he was taken back he always came to a cemetery for a decent place to collect his thoughts after his world was rattled… or to sneak up on Lana. He's thankful that didn't come up in court. They'd probably lock him away and throw away the key. Clark watched on silently as Kate put a silencer onto her gun. To his surprise he saw a man shoot out of the grave just like she said he would.

Kate pointed at the vampire. "Clark this is a vampire." Kate wasted no time and shot the vampire in the head knocking him down for a moment. She took the opportunity to stake the vampire when it came back to life for Clark to see and Clark watched as it exploded into dust. "That's how you kill them."

Clark looked in shock and saw it that was one of those guys that bit him. Or at least similar face and teeth. Clark was so taken back something snuck up on him and Clark just leaned over flipping his attacker over and seeing another vampire. Kate wasted no time and threw him the stake and just watched. The vampire rushed him but to Clark he was as slow as Molasses and the farmboy just effortlessly staked him.

Kate looked at him in shock. "Oh wow, glad I never got on your bad side."

Clark looked at her. "Yeah… So is there anything else you can teach me is there a way to stop these guys without killing them."

Kate shakes her head no. "The only way I know of not killing them is resouling them. And I'll never do that?"

"Why not?" Clark asked seemed better then just killing them.

Kate looked at him. "You feel guilt for what you did right?"

Clark nodded he still has nightmares about it and they don't seem to be giving up anytime soon but its getting better day by day. "Everyday"

Katie nodded knowing that Clark is a good kid but had a really bad break. "Well imagine performing countless acts of butchery every day. Not for vengeance or anything but just because you want to because you just don't care because you're not even there. And then suddenly you're back left with a trail of dead bodies the demon left in your wake as each and every scream tears you apart."

Clark kept quiet he can't imagine it. Clark would just wonder how an innocent dealt with all the damage his demonic self did. Might be easier to just put them out of their misery like Kate said. "Yeah got it."

Kate saw that what she said got through. "Ok now come on I need to teach you about demons now. They're a little more complicated."

Clark spent the next week with a solid routine tearing up abandoned buildings in the morning going to work in the afternoons and patrolling with Kate at nights fighting vampires and occasional demons. Clark came into the kitchen of Lilah's apartment ready for another day at the office seeing Lilah has cooked for him again. He must have done something really good. "Lilah is there something wrong."

Lilah shakes her head seeing Clark come in. "I'm just curious as to what exactly you do with your time. You come home every day covered in plaster dust."

"It's a dirty city." Clark defended himself… OK even he realized how dumb that sounded.

Lilah looked at him. "Oh it's LA I don't imagine it as a utopia of clean living I just want to make sure you're adjusting OK."

Clark nodded he's fine where he is. "I'm getting along fine… don't worry about me."

"You're my best friend's son in my care it's my job to worry." Lilah insisted. "And on that note when are you getting your GED."

"I have to get that?" Clark asked not that it will be a challenge he's just curious.

Lilah nodded. "Either that or finish high school during the day."

Clark frowned the joys of being 18. "I'll take the test."

Lilah handed him a sheet. "Test is on Sunday good luck."

Clark simply sighed. It won't be a problem he could have graduated sophomore year if he wanted to. "No problem thanks for setting it up."

"Don't mention it." Lilah replied since he's keeping him in the house for the morning or at least trying to. "So what's in store for you today? Can I talk you into taking a half day and going to work in the afternoon."

Clark dug into his food he can give an old building a reprieve he's a lot farther along then he was before he got here that's for sure. "Sure, so tell me about your work you didn't have to bug anyone did you?"

Lilah shakes her head and laughs. It shows how warped her work is when that's a standard question. "Actually I did a good thing for an illegal and got him legalized papers so he can stay in the country."

Clark took that in he thought Lilah was just a blood thirst lawyer who wanted her next win maybe there was more to her then she let on. "So what's the person's name?"

"Who?" Lilah asked.

"The person you helped get into the country." Clark clarified.

Lilah nodded it wasn't as much immigration as getting papers together so a vampire could look legit and cut off Gavin's plan of attack. "Angel, so you want to go shopping get you a new wardrobe for LA."

Clark looked himself over. "What's wrong with what I have?"

"I can't sum that up in four hours." Lilah replied. "Unless you want to spend all night too." She hoped he didn't say yes to that she still has things to set up.

Clark shakes his head. "Actually I'm going to a club tonight."

Lilah nodded gratefully. Her night will be a whole lot easier if Clark's off the grid tonight. "Oh that's wonderful since I'm working real late tonight. Just put a shirt on the door if you know…"

Clark looked away from her and turned a bright shade of red. "I don't think anything should happen that fast."

Lilah chuckled if she ever needed proof he was Martha's son. "Well you're in LA that will probably change so what club are you going to tonight anyways?"

"Little place I know owner told me I could come in free of charge tonight." Clark answered.

"Well have fun tonight."

Clark came into Caritas and saw demons… lots and lots of demons. Last week he just thought it was prosthetics and face paint. Now he knows the truth and this place kind of creeps him out but as long as the vampires and demons play nice he guesses he can too. He hops onto a bar stool and sees the demon from last week listening intently to the demon singing.

Clark looked at Lorne carefully. "Something wrong?"

"Precious up there has a short lifeline. I just hope it's not contagious. So how did that job interview go?" Lorne asked with a smile.

"Well considering how accurate you are I think you already know. Problem was my partner didn't show up today which left me alone for eight hours in probably the world's biggest filing cabinet."

Lorne patted him on the shoulder. "Can't win them all cupcake." He sees the stage open. "How about entertaining us with a little number?"

Clark looked at him. "I don't think so."

Lorne looked at him just from the vagueness of the original reading he could one thing. Clark Kent has a very important destiny he'd like to know more. "Come on don't be shy."

"Oh no I don't dance or sing. I can't even play a guitar I kept breaking strings so forget it." Clark replied.

Lorne saw it was a moot point as three familiars entered the club. He walked over and greeted them while Clark wallowed into his drink. He looked over and saw a girl sit next to him with crimson red hair. "Guy drinks like that he either has a death wish or wants to forget something. So which is it?"

"Probably a little bit of both." Clark admitted though knowing Jor El. He will screw him over even if he does figure out a way to die.

"I'm Erica"


Erica smiled seeing him it's rare to meet nice people. She leaned over and whispered into his ear. "So you want to go somewhere a little more private and intimate."

Clark shakes his head. "I'll pass on that."

"I don't bite."

Clark chuckled. "Yes you do… vampires only want me for my body."

Erica looked at him well he knows his demons but he's also a sweet guy. She's ready to be a sire and he's brooding she figures she's doing him a favor. "I could take away whatever it is you know. No more pain and no more brooding I could give you eternal life with no pain in it."

Clark looked at her and smiled. "I'm already immortal, I caused the pain myself, and I'm not letting a demon take over my body so thanks for the offer but I'm declining."

Erica shrugged and walked away his loss.

Clark took a drink and simply tuned out the club for now. He's taken back when he hears a voice start to sing a voice that's very familiar to him. He turns to the stage and is taken back by the site on stage he barely recognizes her. Gone were the pony tails and glasses replaced with long brown hair and a rather nice singing voice compared to his along with a silver dress that just made her all the more beautiful as it clung to her like a second skin. Clark kept his eyes glued to the stage and did all he could not to torch the club and Lorne smiled seeing Clark practically hypnotized by Fred on stage. Clark looked at the stage until a hand waved in front of his face bringing him back.

"You might want to put the orbs back in."

Clark turned around and saw another woman in blond hair. "I'm sorry."

Cordelia looked at him confused. "For what I just recommended a little bit of control first?"

"Guess its just instinct… I apologize a lot." Clark offered weakly.

Cordelia simply laughed just as awkward as Fred. This sucks he was hoping she was just a guy on redemption like Angel but he likes her and so does Wes. She has to give props to Fred it's pretty impressive for a shut in to have two guys after her. "Why don't you come join us after the song?" She heads back to the table seeing Fred definitely has Clark's attention

Clark listens to her sing it's a unique take on crazy until the precious demon walks by and is shot so fast Clark can't even react as his blood hits Fred in the face as a wave of gunfire enters the place. Clark wastes no time and runs up to the stage grabbing Fred carrying her back down and keeping her down under the table and quickly used his eyes to burn up any bullet he could hit not wanting anyone hurt in a ricochet as they kill two demons. He sees someone about to shoot Erica with some sort of launching stake and on instinct tries to heat up the weapon only for something to blind him like a flare. Clark got his eyes to focus again and saw he was too late as Fred cuddled in closer to him. At least his eyes have gotten stronger then last year.

Cordelia turned to Wes guilty Angel asked her to look out for her. "Where's Fred?"

Wes pointed over to Clark and Cordy just waved to Fred. OK that's one thing now the other. "What's going on I thought demon violence was impossible in this place?"

"Those aren't demons." Wes answered.

"It's time! Let's truck!" One of them shouted that must have been the leader.

Another one with a shotgun merely smiled roaming the club. "Woah, don't be in such a rush, man! You're always in such a hurry. You're liable to miss out on some of the more interesting things in life. - Yo! Charlie Gunn! Come on, now. I know you're in here. Where you at?"

Gunn stands up from behind the bar "I'm right here."

Clark looked on and saw the leader in shock so these two must know each other.

Rondell looked at Gunn still trying to wrap his head around this. "G-man. What're you doing here?"

Gio grinned. "Come on. Tell him! Tell him how you been rolling up in here for months... tossing back drinks with your demon buddies."

Rondell looked at Gunn "What he's saying - that ain't true."

"Why not? His best friend's a vampire. What you expect?" Gio replied.

Gunn looked for a peaceful way out of this. "Rondell, go. Just take your crew and leave."

Rondell shakes his head "No. Not until I get some answers."

"That's right. Answers. The man wants some answers." Gio added

Wesley stands up. "Yes, I think we all would."

Cordy went to stop him but too late. "Wesley!"

Gunn looked at his friend. "Wes, stay out of this."

Wesley looked at Gunn disappointed. "As much as I would like to, am afraid I'm in it. We all are."

Lorne slowly stands up. Gio cocks his head at a couple of guys and they grab Lorne and hustle him out into the open.

"Hey. Hey! That's enough!" Gunn shouted.

Clark watches them argue apparently they've been doing this for a while to demons. Kate said there were other people that do this he just didn't expect this level of savagery. Clark has to agree with Gunn he thinks his name was about losing the mission who knows how many people they could have hit if he wasn't here.

Clark looked down to Fred who was shivering. "I'm going to do something in a couple seconds. Are you going be OK by yourself?"

Fred just nodded.

Clark smiled. "Good OK please don't tell anyone about this."

Fred shakes her head as she remembers and grabs his arm. "You can't forcefield makes it impossible for anything to attack... it's why I agreed to come here."

Clark rolled his eyes that must have been what him when this all started. Well at least he isn't blind but he can't take the chance of them killing everyone if he messes up. "Perfect"

Clark saw how nervous Fred was so he took her hand for support "You're going to be OK I promise." He turned back to the conversation with the others.

Gunn looked at the two but focused back on Rondell and Gio. "Look at me. Look at me! That's got nothing to do with them. This is between us." Rondell looks back over his shoulder at Gunn. "*Us. Let 'em go, man."

Gio shrugged. "Yeah, why not? We can do that. After all… we ain't 'monsters'."

Gunn throws his keys at Wes' feet. "Take my truck. The south side. They won't stop you."

Wes doesn't move, but Cordy picks up the keys.

Rondell turns to aim at Gunn again "How can you be sitting up in here with these things and tell me I'm the one that lost the mission?"

Gunn frowned seeing how far they have drifted apart. "Because it's true. We used to face death because we had to. Now you're chasing it down, man, for the fun of it. That ain't right."

Rondell spins to aim at Cordy, who is with Clark helping Fred up. "One! Just one. Her." Cordy looks at Wes "The others stay."

"I'm not leaving here without her." Cordy puts an arm around Fred. "No way."

Some of the gang pulls Fred away from her and Clark goes to push them back but Fred clings onto him before he can do it. Clark just looked at Cordy at the doors. "I'll take care of her. I promise."

Cordy nodded and left maybe she and Angel can come up with a rescue plan.

Clark stood with Fred in his arms for a half hour in silence resisting the urge to strangle Gio with the microphone cord. Until the machine malfunctioned and he shot it. After that Lorne confronted Gio on something about his past and Gunn took the opportunity to take the gun off him. However when worse came to worse instead of shooting Gio, Gunn shot a demon as another person entered. They watch as Angel shows his vampire face leaving Gunn with the choice of whether or not to kill him.

Gunn looks at Angel standing there in his vamp face. After a beat he drops the stake. "That's not gonna happen."

Gio looked at him. "I knew it!"

Gunn looked at the psycho as far as what he can see. "You don't know anything. You think I won't kill him because he's my friend?" Angel turns back to his human face. "That ain't why." Gunn steps closer to Angel. "Truth is, he can never be my friend. It's on account of what he is. Not his fault, really. Just the way it worked out."

Rondell looked at Gunn not believing this. "He ain't your friend… I am… And you gonna chose that over me?"

Gunn looks back at Rondell. "Looks like. It's about the mission, bro. He's got it. You don't."

Gio smiled arming Gunn's old crossbow. "Oh so you think, just because you're letting that monster live you got the mission, huh? Well, as far as I can see, a monster lover ain't no better than a monster, and I kill monsters. That's what I do. So anybody wanna walk out of here tonight, they gonna have to show me. Come on! Step on up and do what your friend here wouldn't... kill the vampire... and you can leave this place. Otherwise... stay and burn with the rest of them. Gio holds up his crossbow rig and looks at Fred, Clark, and the group of humans huddled together behind them. "Who wants to live?"

Fred slowly gets up from her spot looks over at Angel. "I'm sorry. I just I don't wanna die."

Clark looked at her. "Please don't do this."

Fred takes the crossbow and aims it at Angel. "I just can't die here."

"It's OK I understand." Angel assured her.

Gio starts giving Fred advice about how to kill him when to Clark's surprise she aims it at Gio. It's always the quiet ones.

"Although I thought I might just shoot you in the throat instead. Now, if I pierce one of your carotid arteries, considering the temperature in here, 'cause I think somebody shot the thermostat, the blood loss is gonna be heavy. And there's a chance I'll puncture a vocal cord and you won't even be able to scream. But you'll want to when the blood loss to your brain results in a cerebral vascular event. - That's a stroke. I wasn't trying to sound snooty."

Clark looks at Fred she's too nice to have something like this weigh down on her. "You don't want to do this."

"I can't" Fred replied.

Clark shakes his head and gets beside her so that if people start shooting he can cover her. "Please... don't shoot."

"I can't." Fred answered holding it closer she can't let the man who saved her from Pylea die she can't even aim at him.

Angel looked at the new guy with suspicion he's killed someone before though it's not surprising considering he doesn't exactly smell human. "Fred. Fred, its okay. Just point it at me. At me, Fred."

Fred shakes her head. "I can't."

"Yes you can really its OK." Angel assured her

Clark takes a breath in relief he didn't know he was holding when Fred looks to Angel and Gio gets the crossbow off her as he pushes her but Clark is quick to catch her as Gio aims at Angel but Clark snatches the crossbow from him as a blue barrier goes down.

Angel smiled. "Thank you ladies."

Clark watches Angel punch Gio and Clark hands Fred to Lorne as all of Gunn's gang look around wondering what happened to their guns as Gunn, Wes, and Clark join the fight. Clark smiled seeing the punches he connected he really does have it down and here he almost thought he was wasting time as he connects with a guy's jaw and watches him drop and roll.

Gio looked around not believing this. "Come on guys! Fight back! It's ten against four! This is pathetic! Hey, I'm done with you people. I don't even know why I came out to this coast! LA sucks. I'm going back to Florida, alright? You're lucky I don't have my old crew." The head of the gray demon, sitting on a chair behind Gio, starts to split apart and it morphs into a huge, insect-like monster. "I'd drag you out on the beach for a little sunshine and toast your..."

Gio is cut off by a wooden chair flying over his head that smashed into the insect creature knocking it out cold. Gio looked at Clark seeing he was the one that threw it. Clark didn't say a word and just hit Gio with a little less pull as he went sailing across the floor.

Clark collected himself outside of the club with Fred who was waiting for a taxi. "So I enjoyed this wonderful night how about you?"

Fred chuckled innocently. "It was a little too exciting for me. But thank you for trying to stop me from killing Angel or Gio even though I was never going to."

Clark looked at her he never thought to keep a situation by threatening to shoot a guy in the throat. "Well I enjoyed helping you out in a hostage situation… Oh wow."

"What?" Fred asked.

"Two times we met and I never even got you real name." Clark answered.

Fred laughed realizing she doesn't even know his name either. "Oh um it's Fred… Winifred but just Fred."

"They're both beautiful names." Clark replied.

Fred smiled. "So you saved my life twice… can I at least know yours so I can put it on my wall?"

Clark smiled. "It's Clark Kent. It's nice to meet you."

Cordy walked up behind the two it's like watching the blind leading the blind. "Yeah why don't you two meet up and discuss this over dinner tomorrow."

Fred looked at her. "Oh… I-I-I"

Clark was nervous looking for a way out for both of them from the looks of it. "Oh that's very nice but I work at night."

"OK then... lunch." Cordy countered

"I work then too." Clark replied. "Twelve to Twelve work and… community service."

Cordy sighed why are they both so nervous. "OK then breakfast there's this nice little pancake house on third at nine."

Fred looked at her nervously. Why is she doing this to her? "Oh I-I don't.."

"Don't have anything to wear its OK you can borrow something from me." Cordy replied. Angel wants her out more. This guy protected her and at least wants parts of her its win win.

Clark watched as Cordy dragged Fred into the cab and chuckled hearing the tiny girl complain about bosom physics and she's too small… wait did the other girl just make a date for them tomorrow? Before Clark can bring it up the cab is gone. Clark just decides to call it a night.

A LAPD officer sighed getting ready to go back to work if you can call it that as he walks over on a cane. Last year he got shot in the leg and ever since then he's been stuck in toys for guns. He walks back and sees most of the toys gone and replaced with an armory of shotguns and machine guns. Along with a note on the table.

"The orphanage thanks you for the toys"

Clark walked away from his hiding spot a simple smile on his face. Nothing will ever make it right. There's no quota for that's enough but it's a step in the right direction.

Back at Lilah's apartment no one is there but in Clark's bedroom a brief flashing sound can be seen from Clark's bedroom. The source of the glow the former crystal of fire before changing back into a hollow rock.

Authors Notes

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