Chapter 1: The Seed of Love Is Sown


This was the only thing 17 year old Kiku Honda could say as his parents told him they were moving. His dad had just gotten a promotion, which meant the whole family would soon be residing in New York City. Kiku could literally feel his heart drop into his stomach. Up until this time, Kiku had lived in the country-esque suburbs of Japan. He had a few friends at school, but not many; Kiku valued his solitude. His academics had always been top-notch and he always kept his room clean. He was considered to be the ideal son by most standards, which is part of the reason why Kiku had trouble understanding why his parents would torture him like this.

"But Otou-san, I don't understand. Is it absolutely necessary to leave Nippon?"

"Please don't be too despaired Kiku, this promotion could be a very big opportunity for all of us. It took a lot of persuading higher management to convince them I was capable of fulfilling the company's growing needs."

"When do we leave for America..?"

"In one week, so we have to start packing right away." said his mother. Having always wanted to experience traveling to a foreign country, Kiku's mother was probably the most excited out of the three of them.

"Don't worry so much Kiku; you're a very nice boy. I'm sure you'll make a quite a few new friends at your new school. Let's put forth our best effort to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

"Hai, Oka-san." Kiku could see the hope in his parents' eyes, and since he knew they have always had his best interest at heart, he didn't press the issue any further. Kiku walked toward his room and started separating his used and unused clothes into piles for donation, so as to make the packing a bit lighter.

The next day, Kiku broke the dreadful news to the few friends he did have. Seeing as though they were all pretty shy children, the thought of losing one of their own was devastatingly heartbreaking. Over the course of the week, Kiku and his friends spent more time together than usual, as if being together constantly would negate what was soon to be inevitable. On his last day in Japan, Kiku's friends each gave him a small token of friendship to remember them by. His most favorite was a small Hello Kitty plush doll, dressed neatly in a black and pink gingham dress with matching bow. Kiku had a soft spot for all things kitten and soft, and this nearly made him sob. He didn't want his friends' last image of him to be distorted with tears and a runny nose, so he held in his sadness as best he could while saying his farewells, and made his way home. The moving company would be responsible for shipping his family's belongings internationally, so all the Hondas had to do was grab their carry-on bags and head to the airport. The airport was in the heart of a metropolitan area, so it was full of hustle and bustle that was unusual for Kiku. Although he didn't know much about New York City, he figured it would be at least twice as busy as this airport is now, so he did his best to start adjusting sooner rather than later. After a very "personal" pat-down by airport security, Kiku and his family made their way to the correct terminal and boarded their plane, preparing themselves for what would be a whole new world.

"Kombanwa, minna-san! We are now arriving in New York City. We thank you for choosing Nippon airways to escort you to the United States of America. Please remember to check and make sure you can account for all personal belongings before disembarking from the plane."

"Please stop talking so loud…" was all Kiku could think to himself as he roused from his uncomfortable slumber. He understood they were on a plane, but he wished they wouldn't substitute seats for what he felt was an iron maiden. His parents had already gathered their things and urged him to do the same, so he grabbed his carry-on bag and followed his father as they made their way out of the plane. Once off of the plane, the Honda family hailed a taxi and headed for Manhattan's Upper East Side. While they were by no means rich, the promotion allowed Mr. Honda to upgrade his family's living arrangements from a modest two bedroom house in Japan, to a comfortable three bedroom apartment on the 30th floor of a 40 story high-rise. This meant that they would have to make sure they were careful with their budget, but it also meant Kiku could have a better home than he did as a child, which never failed to bring a smile to Mr. Honda's heart.

Since it was a Friday evening when the Honda's finally arrived to their new apartment and their son would be attending a traditional American public school, Kiku decided to use the weekend to unpack and prepare himself for the coming week. His mother had registered him for school online with the new desktop computer his father bought. She thought the idea of being able to handle such important business while still in her pajamas was just downright snazzy. If this was how American mothers and housewives lived, she could definitely adjust. Kiku had learned a bit about the American school system over the weekend, and since Sylvarant High School had no dress code, he was unsure how to use his newly acquired fashion freedom. On Sunday night, he decided on a pair of blue jeans, black sneakers, and black t-shirt that said 'Love or Lies' in kanji. The phrase was a reference to Capsule, one of Kiku's favorite techno-pop bands from back home in Japan. Before he went to sleep, he decided to clip his Hello Kitty plush to his backpack, as a symbol to remind him of the friends he once had not too long ago. He steeled his resolve to start his day tomorrow with his head held high, and with bright aspirations for what the future may hold.

'Ienai, Check me out,

Saisho kara shinjitenai

Keep on moving, come away,

Kimi datte mayotteru ne~'

Kiku heard the chime of his favorite Capsule song as his phone signified it was time for him to wake up. He rolled over and reached for it, turning the alarm off while checking the time. It read 6:00 a.m. on the dot. 'The earlier I get to school, the more time I have to become familiar with my surroundings without being disturbed.' Kiku thought to himself. The prospect of not having to deal with too many people so early in the morning greatly appealed to Kiku, so he got out of bed and completed his morning ritual the same as he would if he were back in Japan. On his way out the door, his father gave him some money for lunch, while his mother reminded him that the best blessings are the least conspicuous.

Sylvarant High School was about a mile and a half to two miles away from Kiku's new home. He could have taken the subway, but he enjoyed the crisp cool air of the morning and didn't want to trade it for close quarters with 50 people in the dank concrete maze below the streets. Normally Kiku would have made the trip with his headphones in, but since he was in a totally new environment he wanted to have all his wits about him. He marveled at the sheer mass of people inside such a small city. People were everywhere, as well as a never-ending cacophony of honks, beeps, jackhammers, and everything else Kiku could think of. It took him about 20 minutes to reach his new school, but the time seemed to fly by to Kiku. He pulled out his schedule and map his mother had printed out for him the day before. He was impressed at how tech savvy she was becoming since their move to the states. Being that Kiku preferred to be super early rather than late at all, the only people he saw inside the building was staff, with a stray student here or there. Sylvarant High School was as large as half a city block, and had eight floors from what he could tell from the map.

Upon gathering the courage to actually enter, Kiku was still taken aback by how there were no shoe lockers directly in front of the entrance. His black sneakers were very comfortable, but the idea of wearing outdoor shoes inside was as new to Kiku as he was to America. He referenced the map and saw that lockers for those in their senior year (according to the American school system), were on the third floor. Kiku thought the idea of using an elevator inside of a school was outrageously unnecessary, but that was until he saw his classes were spread throughout all eight floors. He walked towards the giant steel doors and pressed the up arrow, and was startled when they instantly shot open. Kiku was relieved when he saw it was empty, so he pressed the button for the third floor, and was transported to his destination before he even had time to check his locker number.

He checked the top of his schedule and saw his locker was '767B'. He followed the numbers on the lockers lining the hallway and eventually found his row. When he arrived at his locker, Kiku got 2 pleasant surprises. The first was that he had a corner locker, so he wouldn't have to worry about people brushing past him hurrying to their respective classes. The second surprise was what, or to be more precise, who was in front of Kiku's locker. Slumped over and unconscious, there sat a tall figure in a red hoodie and silver basketball shorts with red trim. From the shorts protruded a pair of long, tan, hairy legs, with one crossing the other, ending in a pair of worn but comfortable looking high-top basketball sneakers. Before the figure had decided to make Kiku's locker his new nap station, he had put his hood up slightly up and leaned back against the lockers to make himself comfortable. Out of the hoodie Kiku saw a handsomely chiseled face adorned with two days worth of stubble and crowned with disheveled brown hair. Kiku thought he was most likely in his late teens, but could easily pass for early twenties.

Kiku had no idea how to approach this situation. He never too much liked dealing with conflict, and he certainly wasn't prepared to handle it on his first day at Sylvarant.

"…sumimasen." Kiku whispered to the sleeping figure. No reaction.

"…..Sumimasen.." he said a second time, wishing this situation would just go away.

"…..Sumimasen!" Kiku said a third time in a slightly concerned, albeit annoyed tone. But this time, the figure had roused. His eyes fluttered open, which only helped to bring more attention to his stunningly beautiful eyelashes. They parted to reveal eyes of jade, captivating and mesmerizing. Kiku was spellbound.

"….I'm sorry, is this your locker?" the boy asked. He stretched and yawned at the same time, waiting on a response from Kiku.

But Kiku could not answer; he was far too busy staring at what could quite possibly be the most gorgeous man he had ever seen.

A/N: Well guys, being that this is my first story, I hope I at least did a somewhat good job of creating a first chapter. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, and I can tell the difference between true criticism and just plain ass-holery, so please don't be too P.C. I plan on this story being NSFW, and there WILL be some hard gay sex, and honey boo boo child I mean HARD, so this is you're warning before it gets too adult. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story, and I hope you will join Kiku and I on what I hope will be a fantastic story of homosexual love.