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Soylent Green - A movie starring Charlton Heston. Spoiler Alert: The Government is processing people into green bits of food.

New York City dining is expensive as fuck.

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'"H-hai", Kiku replied with a cautious head nod. He felt wary being alone in a room with a masked stranger.

"Ah, I see. So you must be the one making the vase. A few of them are quite nice, although I have a few details I'd like included." The man handed the notebook back to Kiku. Kiku was taken aback at how the stranger went through his sketchbook, and to say that he was upset at the man's audacity to criticize his work was an understatement.

"Sumimasen, but exacry who are you?" Kiku asked with slight indignation.

"Ahaha, I'm sorry, it seems I have offended you. I was only hoping we could talk a bit about the design some. I'm Sadiq Adnan, the lead in the play." Sadiq removed his mask with one hand while extending the other to Kiku. Kiku moved a few steps forward to shake hands with Sadiq while briefly analyzing him. Sadiq was taller than him, with tan skin, triple helix piercings and eyes with hints of green and brown. He had a square jaw, goatee, and a very entrancing smile.

"Hajimemashite, I'm Kiku Honda."

"Uhh, huh? I'm not sure what that means."

"Forgive me, I haven't been in America for that long. It means nice to meet you…" Kiku responded.

"I would still like to request a few details to be added to the vase, if that's alright with you. I'd rather ask the artist directly than relay messages through the drama advisor," Sadiq said. He didn't seem to be as rude as Kiku first thought he was, so Kiku was a bit more open to the idea this time.

"W-well, what kind of changes would you like to see done?"

"Hmm, how about we sit down and talk about it tomorrow after school? Pick out your best sketches and when we meet up we can talk about which design would fit the details best."

"O-ok, I will see you tomorrow. Now if you would excuse me, I have someone waiting for me. It was nice to meet you."

"Please, the pleasure is all mine. See you tomorrow."

Kiku did his usual polite bow, then turned and made his way towards the door. While exiting the building, Kiku thought a bit more of his random encounter with the leading man of the play. Sadiq had wanted to make changes before Kiku had even decided on a final concept, and he found it odd how persistent he was. But on the bright side, it was probably best to talk in-depth about the design before any actual work and effort begun. Kiku preferred to operate with as much efficiency as possible; measure twice, cut once as they say. He finally made it back to the entrance of Sylvarant where Heracles was still waiting for him.

"Wow, I almost thought you'd gotten lost in there or something. Everything ok?"

"A-ah, yes it is. I ran into the star of the play, and he wanted to talk about the vase I'm making for it."

"Oh, I see. Well, ready to go?"

"Yes, I have everything I need now."

The pair began their leisurely walk home in the cold winter air. Halfway to Kiku's apartment, the conversation changed from school related topics to the events of yesterday. Kiku knew it was going to come up eventually, but he still wasn't quite prepared to talk about it, especially after things ended as abruptly as they did.

"So did you want to come back over? Our time together yesterday got cut shorter than I would have liked for it to."

"O-oh, that's right. H-how did your dinner go with your dad's friend? I'm sure you were probably able to impress them." Kiku's unwillingness to talk about their brief moment of passion made him stutter a bit more than usual.

"Eh, it was fine I guess. I never really liked having to impress my dad's friends. You avoided the question though," Heracles said with a smirk. He was walking slightly in front of Kiku and stopped abruptly, causing Kiku to bump into him. Heracles turned around and snaked his arm around Kiku's waist.

"I asked… If you wanted to come back over again," he repeated with a sly smile.

"O-oh, I would, honestly, but I really have to get these sketches done for tomorrow."

The sudden embrace caught Kiku off guard, and he preferred to keep his displays of affection more secretive. But even still, as time passed by Heracles' touch began to feel more natural to Kiku's body each time. He was growing accustomed to it. Heracles gave a disapproving grunt upon hearing Kiku, albeit politely, reject his offer.

"Okay then, I don't want to come between you and your art. I know how passionate you can get. But you're coming over sometime soon though, right?"

"Hai, of course," Kiku replied.

"Soon like, Tuesday, if you're free?"

"Hai, soon like Tuesday, since I am free."

"Ehhhh, I guess I can wait till then, if you can tide me over in the meantime that is…"

"Ahaha, and how do you suppose I do that?" Kiku asked. Heracles usually maintained a laid-back and carefree manner, but Kiku enjoyed seeing his playful side also. It always made it impossible for Kiku to refuse Heracles when he was jovial.

"Tell you what, I'm going to close my eyes, and we'll see what you can come up with." True to his word, Heracles subsequently closed his eyes, bent slightly at the knees, and waited patiently. Kiku could tell from the way Heracles was secretly-but-not-so-discreetly puckering his lips that there was only one thing he wanted, so he wrapped his arms around Heracles' neck and stretched on his toes to kiss Heracles briefly on the lips. Heracles used the thumb and index finger from his free hand to tilt Kiku's chin up, while his other arm drew Kiku closer to him. His eagerness made Kiku chuckle and break the kiss earlier than he intended.

"Tuesday," Kiku said with an innocent smile.

"Yes…Tuesday…" Heracles affirmed dejectedly. The pair then resumed their walk, arriving at the front of Kiku's apartment moments later. Kiku bowed slightly as Heracles waved goodbye and made his way home. He entered the building with his mind turning from frivolous fun to his task of sketching the vase for the play. His mother and father greeted him as he came through the door.

"Tadaima, otou-san, okaa-san."

"Okairi, Kiku. Daijobu desu ka?"

"Daijobu desu. Okaa-san, have you seen the box with my art supplies? I have to make a few rough drafts. I'm doing my art teacher a favor by designing a vase for the school play we're having."

"Hmm, try checking the hall closet. I put the boxes that were unmarked in there. Are you the only one making props?"

"No, they have a whole stage crew; this is more of a special assignment from my teacher. She said I had talent and would really appreciate it if I made the vase, so I agreed."

"Well I'm sure you'll make something everyone will marvel at. If you need more supplies, tell me and I'll give you money to go buy some."

"Arigatou, Okaa-san. I'm going to get started now."

Kiku checked the hall closet, and after a few minutes of looking he found the box he needed. He went back to his room and moved a few things around on his desk. It was always neat and orderly, but when the artistic mood moved Kiku, he didn't like having to tear himself away from his paper, so it was easier to have all of what he needed on hand. He lined up his pencils, erasers, sharpener, outline marker, and other accessories flat on his desk, and placed his sketchbook in the middle, already opened to a fresh page, ready to begin. As soon as Kiku picked up a newly sharpened pencil, he realized something. He had no idea where to start.

'Ahh… Hmm… Ok, maybe I should just start with the general shape,' Kiku thought to himself. But there were many shapes the vase could be; the possibilities were endless. Since it was a rough draft, he decided he would go with a more traditional approach, since there were still design elements that needed to be discussed with Sadiq. He started with a slender, snout-like top, flourishing into a curvy heart-shaped body. He gave the handles wavy accents, as if they were washing up onto the shore. Vases are meant to hold water, so it had a universal feel to it, without giving off too much of a beach impression. Lastly, Kiku did some simple faux-baroque patterns around the vase. Real baroque could get very intricate, so he didn't spend too much time on it. After he sketched a bit more, he was pleased with the direction the vase was heading. Kiku packed his art supplies away for the night, hopeful that Sadiq would like it as well. He turned out the light and sleepily made his way over to his bed. As Kiku drifted to sleep, he thought about what Heracles would be doing tomorrow. Truth be told, he was nervous about what tomorrow had in store. Kiku planned to meet with Sadiq about the sketches first since he was unsure of Heracles' plans tomorrow. Not that he would have objected to anything Heracles wanted to do, he just thought it best to reserve enough time should anything… come up.

The sun shone brightly on the clear Tuesday morning as Kiku started to wake from his slumber. In addition to his normal academic activities, Kiku had quite a lot to do that day, and if he planned to accomplish it all within a timely fashion there was no time to waste. He got out of bed and after spending five minutes gathering all he would need, made his way towards the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face while letting the shower come up to an acceptable hot and steamy temperature. Being an average teenage boy, the relaxing heat of the shower felt more than nice on Kiku's skin. Although the water was warm, it paled in comparison to being embraced by Heracles. Kiku unintentionally began to wrap his arms around himself as fantasies slowly filled his mind, until he suddenly heard someone call his name.

"Ki-kun, hyaku! You'll be late for school, and you're keeping your friend waiting."

"Chikuso…" Kiku silently cursed to himself. He was unaware that he'd totally started grooving on himself in the shower. An agitated sigh escaped his lips as he reached for the body wash and began using the shower for its intended purpose. Denying pleasure was something only adults should have to do, not teenagers with sexy, hot friends.

A few minutes later Kiku was out the shower and dressed, saying goodbye to his mother until he returned home for the day. He rode the elevator down and exited the building to a welcoming and familiar sight; Heracles' gorgeous frame.

"Mornin'," Heracles said in his usual laid-back tone.

"Ohayoo," Kiku responded.

"Ready to go?"

"Hai, let us be off." The pair started walking towards the corner of Kiku's block.

"So are we doing our morning usual, or heading straight to Sylv?"

"I would actually really like a chai tea latte this morning. Unless, you have to be to school early."

"Nah, I'm cool with it if that's whatchu wanna do, honey boo."

Kiku giggled at Heracles' random epithet, but it made him feel special nonetheless.

"I… I don't know how to respond that, haha."

"Actions speak louder than words, but that's just what I think," Heracles replied with a wink.

"Oh Heracles, I could not survive without your infinite wisdom," Kiku said sarcastically.

"Well fortunately for you, you won't have to." The duo soon arrived at Café Au Lait, which was busy as usual. They both got their respective drinks of choice, with Heracles refusing to let Kiku pay for his own. Heracles exited first with Kiku not too far behind. He had gone to grab a few napkins to keep in his bag. When Kiku went outside Heracles was looking at his phone, but before he could get Heracles' attention someone had called Kiku's name. Heracles noticed this too and perked up like a dog on alert. The sound came from behind Kiku, so both turned in that direction simultaneously. Kiku realized who it was and waved politely. Heracles, on the other hand, slowly narrowed his gaze and moved beside Kiku.

"Oh, good morning, Sadiq," Kiku said courteously.

"You too, buddy," Sadiq said smiling. It was then that Sadiq noticed someone standing beside Kiku, and his smile faded as he recognized who it was.

"I was just getting a chai tea latte before school," Kiku said cheerily.

"Yeah, I love coming to this-"

"What do you want?" Heracles said, abruptly cutting off Sadiq mid-sentence.

"Oh hey, sorry, was I talking to you?"

"I'll ask again, what do you want?"

"I want to talk to Kiku without you rudely interrupting us."

"Hey, you're the one who stopped us, not the other way around."

"That's strange, I don't ever remember wanting to get your attention. I have business with Kiku, not you."

"I-it's ok, Heracles. Re-remember how I said I have to meet with the lead of the play this afternoon? It's with him, Sadiq." Kiku was noticeably nervous and could feel the tension. He wasn't sure how, but it was obvious that the two knew each other and that they were far from friendly. Even still, Kiku scrambled trying to find a way to diffuse the situation, and that was the only thing he could come up with.

"HIM?" Heracles said wide-eyed and pointing to Sadiq.

"Yeah, me, stupid. He just told you that. Now if you'd fuck off so we can handle our business, it'd be-"

"You know what, you little-"

"H-hey, be cool , yo …" Kiku interjected. Things went from bad to worse, so Kiku decided it was time to separate his friends.

"Sadiq-san, I'll be sure to bring my notebook so we can talk more about the design after class. Heracles, we should really be going, or we'll be late, right?" Kiku tried his best to smile given how uncomfortable he was at that moment. Seeing how flustered his friend was, Heracles relented. Kiku was thankful he was able to stop them from a full-blown argument and decided to keep momentum. He faced Sadiq and bowed quickly before turning around and gently tugging at Heracles' hoodie. Heracles stepped back slowly while staring daggers at Sadiq, who returned the favor with a frigid gaze of his own.

'I've wasted enough time with this loser,' Heracles though t, so he finally turned around and began walking to school again with Kiku right behind him.

The walk to school was a silent one. Kiku could tell from how briskly Heracles walked that he was not in the best of moods, and he didn't know what to say. He really wanted to know why there was such animosity between the two. The Heracles Kiku knew was kind, funny, and well-liked by everyone. He had only known Heracles for a few months, but he felt the time they spent together since he moved to America should count for something. In all the time Kiku knew Heracles , the only time he had ever seen him mildly upset was when his father called while he and Heracles were… well… making out, but it was nothing compared to what just happened. At this point, Kiku started blushing for two reasons. One being just the memory of that time in Heracles' room, and the second was he promised that Tuesday he and Heracles would finish what they started. But that was it, what had Kiku started? He never came anywhere near being that close to someone back in Japan. He was totally new to this , and had no idea what Heracles was expecting from him. Thinking back on it, Heracles seemed perfectly comfortable in that situation; almost like it was natural for him. Kiku had enjoyed himself, that much is fact, but he knew he was inadequate when it came down to "body language". The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint Heracles. Kiku didn't know where to start when it came down to pleasuring his friend while Heracles, on the other hand, knew just where to touch. Or lick, for that matter. Out of nowhere, Kiku snapped back to reality after hearing Heracles call his name.

"Hey, you ok, Kiku? You're quieter than usual this morning."

"Oh, sorry, yes. I'm fine." Kiku smiled. It was obvious Kiku had something on his mind, but Heracles decided not to press the issue. The two got to school with only a few minutes to spare. They walked into the building and headed for their lockers to get the books for first period. Kiku finished loading his bag, and told Heracles he would text him later on tonight once he was done meeting with Sadiq. He turned around to begin walking to class, when Heracles gently but firmly grabbed him by the arm. Kiku looked up at his friend inquisitively.

"Don't let him dictate to you how he wants the vase made. It's your project, so make it how it feels best to you. And if you have a problem, just tell me."

"O-oh, it's ok, I can always go to the art teacher, so you don't have to wor-"

"Kiku, if you have a problem with him, you tell me. Ok?"

Kiku looked at Heracles' face, and there wasn't an ounce of humor on it. Heracles was serious, and Kiku decided it would be best just to agree to give Heracles peace of mind.

"H-hai, I'll tell you…" Kiku trailed off, confused.

" Ngh , sorry, I didn't mean to spook you…" Heracles said, scratching his head. He could see Kiku's bewilderment, so he quickly changed the topic.

"We still on for later?"

"Sure, that is, if you still want to hang out."

"Always," Heracles laughed, "just text me when you're done."

"Wakarimashita." With their plans set, Kiku turned and made his way towards his first class, with the anxiety of how his day would play out fresh on his mind.

The day seemed to go by rather quickly for Kiku. During lunch he pulled out his notebook and sketched a few more quick designs for the vase. He wanted to have more than just a couple for him and Sadiq to talk about, so he pretty much drew what came to mind. Not too long after Kiku finished drawing the bell rang for students to go back to class. Time marched on through the latter half of the day, and after the last bell sounded, Kiku made his way to the drama department to meet with Sadiq. When he arrived he didn't see anyone so he went into the auditorium and sat on the stage. He looked around and took notice of how many seats there were. Kiku wondered what it must feel like being on a stage in front of so many people at a single point in time. He was shy to begin with so he was positive that performing for a bunch of strangers while they focused solely on him was something he never wanted to experience. Just then the sound of the door to the auditorium opening caught Kiku's attention. He turned to see Sadiq waving as he made his way down the aisle.

"Hey, buddy. Sorry to keep you waiting. I was talking to my teacher about homework and shit."

"Oh, not at all. I haven't been waiting for long." Kiku began pulling his sketchbook out of his backpack when Sadiq suddenly stopped him.

"Let's go grab a bite and we'll talk while we eat. I'm starving."

"O-ok. Did you not eat lunch today?" Kiku asked curiously.

"Nah. I've seen Soylent Green before and those peas they serve here look awfully suspicious to me. Have you ever been to Zaikka? They've got some great Indian food."

"No, I haven't. Where is it?"

"Not here. So come on, let's go. I might even do Asian food instead." The pair exited the school and made their way to the restaurant. It was only a few blocks away so it took them about 15 minutes to get there. They passed the time making small talk about school and the city in general. Once they arrived they were seated to a booth near the window. A waitress brought them menus and took their drink orders; Kiku got a spiced chai tea but Sadiq wanted an I.P.A.

"No problem sir, but uhh, may I see some I.D. please?"

"Sure." Sadiq reached in his wallet and handed the waitress his I.D.

"Ok, I'll be right back with those for you."

"Thanks." Sadiq said smiling. Kiku stared at him in disbelief. They both went to the same high school so he was sure Sadiq was under the age of 21.

"I-isn't that alcohol? How old are you…?" Kiku asked skeptically.

"Ssshhhhh. Relax, it's a fake. Lots of kids in this city have one. Welcome to America." Sadiq grinned mischievously, but Kiku laughed nervously. His parents had always taught him to abstain from such behavior. He wasn't really sure how to respond so he changed topics to matters more important.

"S-so about the vase, here are the designs I've come up with so far." Kiku handed his sketchbook to Sadiq. While he was looking them over the waitress returned with their drinks and took their order.

"What can I get for you guys?" the waitress asked cheerily.

"I think I'll go with the lamb, please. What would you like, Kiku?"

"Um… just my tea is fine. I'm not quite hungry, but thank you anyway."

"Are you positive?" Sadiq inquired, "Get what you want."

"Hai, I'll be fine."

"Well then, just the lamb will be fine."

"Your food will be ready shortly." She turned and made her way towards the kitchen.

"Ok, so getting back to business, I'm feeling the heart-shaped one would be the best. At least I think so anyway."

"Arigatou. That one is what I was hoping we could proceed with."

"Good then, we agree on that. As for the aesthetics, could we make the opening wide like a traditional vase?"

"Uhmm one moment please, I'll sketch while we talk." Sadiq handed the book back to Kiku. He flipped to a fresh page and redrew the outline, but with a wider opening replacing the thin snout.

"Like this?" he asked showing the book to Sadiq.

"Yeah, that looks great. I like what you did with the handles so let's keep those. Hmm, let's see here… The only other request I would like to make is with the color. Could you somehow incorporate like a tannish-olive green into it?"

"I'm guessing that color is one you favor?" Kiku chuckled.

"Yeah, if my outfit didn't give it away." Sadiq drank a large gulp of his beer.

"Damn, that's good. Did you ever drink back in your home country?"

"N-no, not personally. I've heard of kids doing it but I usually spent my time studying."

"Wanna give mine a try?"

"No, no that's okay."

"Aww come on… it's just a taste. It's not gonna turn you into some degenerate. Not at first, at least." Sadiq gently nudged his glass in Kiku's direction. Kiku stared at the glass for a few seconds, playing over the consequences in his mind. He wondered what would happen if the restaurant staff saw him. He didn't need to show his I.D. since he didn't get an alcoholic beverage.

"You gotta do it quick before the waitress comes back~" Sadiq reminded him. Eventually Kiku reached for his spoon and dipped a small amount of liquid out of the glass; just enough to get a taste. As soon as he put the spoon in his mouth he immediately grimaced. Kiku certainly wasn't a beer expert but he was sure whatever was in the glass had absolutely repulsed him. Sadiq had a hard time containing his reaction to seeing Kiku's face.

"Hahaha, oh my god, you look like a kid eating vegetables."

"How… how on Earth can you drink that?" Kiku reached desperately for his tea. He wanted to get the taste of the beer out of his mouth as soon as possible. "It's terrible."

"Trust me, this is on the upside of beer. There are others out there that taste A LOT worse. But it's an acquired taste, so I can't fault you. You'll get there one day." Sadiq replied. Kiku sincerely doubted that. The waitress returned with Sadiq's food. While he ate, he and Kiku continued their discussion about the vase. Rain was beginning to fall while they were at the restaurant and it didn't appear to just be a light drizzle. As Sadiq finished his food, Kiku finished his new rough draft with Sadiq's influence.

"Man, that's looking great. I can't wait to see the real thing. You're really into this stuff, aren't you?"

"A-ah yes, yes I am. Art is something I like a lot."

"Well it certainly shows in your work." The waitress came by to drop off the check, and Sadiq subsequently handed her a $50 and told her to keep the change.

"W-wait, how much was my tea?" Kiku asked. He was about to raise his hand to signal for the waitress to come back when Sadiq stopped him.

"It's on me. My way of saying thanks for indulging my silly requests. The rain seems pretty heavy. Let's catch a cab; there's no way we can walk in this." The pair left the restaurant. Kiku hunched over his backpack trying to prevent the moisture from ruining his sketchbook. Sadiq noticed so he huddled under his jacket while extending one arm above Kiku's head to try and help. He used the same arm to hail a taxi in about a minute so they didn't get too wet. They both hopped in the back and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Just tell the driver where you live and we'll drop you off first, then I'll just continue on to my place." Kiku told the driver his address and the pair were on their way. It didn't take long for the cab to pull up beside Kiku's apartment building. Just as Kiku opened the door to get out Sadiq asked him a question.

"Hey, what's your number by the way? I want to be there when you pick out the color to paint the vase. You know, just to check the shade."

"O-oh, of course." Kiku exchanged his number with Sadiq.

"Thank you again for the tea." Kiku smiled politely.

"No, thank you for working with me. Make sure you don't catch a cold, and I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yes, see you tomorrow." Kiku exited the cab and made his way into his building. He rode the elevator up and made his way into his apartment.

"Tadaima Okaa-san, Otou-san."

"Okairi, Kiku. How was your d- Kiku, you're all wet. Come come, change out of those clothes."

"Aha, daijobu desu, Okaa-san. It's just water."

"Nonsense. You'll get sick if you stay wet and I don't have everything I need to make soup for you if you do. When you're dry come back so we can chat. I was on the internet again today and I saw the funniest picture of a cat in a flower pot! You'd love it."

"Hai, hai." Kiku went to change out of his wet clothes. He went back into the living room and spent time with his mother for a few hours. After seeing how much she liked the picture of the cat he thought about getting her a calendar of kittens being silly. He was sure she'd love it. Kiku checked the clock and noticed it was about to be 7:30 p.m. He decided to text Heracles and see how his day went.

"Hey, I'm home now. Sorry for not being able to walk home with you today, but we came to an agreement on the vase."

"Really? That's great." Heracles replied. "He didn't give you too much trouble, did he?"

"No, not at all. Things went pretty smoothly."

"Glad to hear it. Have you eaten already? I just ordered a pizza so we can split it if you still want to come over." The rain had subsided by now, so Kiku agreed.

"Sure, is it ok if I come over now?"

"Yup. Just ring the bell when you get here."

"Okaa-san, can I go visit a friend for a bit?"

"Sure, just be careful on the wet ground. And don't stay out too late, it's a school night."

"Hai, Okaa-san." Kiku put on his shoes and jacket and made his way to Heracles' place. It didn't take him long to reach the apartment. Kiku rang the bell once he reached Heracles' door and was greeted with his smiling face as he opened it. Heracles was wearing some flannel pajama pants and a grey tank top.

"Well that was quick."

"It's not that far of a walk." Kiku chuckled. Just then he heard a strange voice.

"Who's at the door, son?"

"Ah that's right; you haven't met my Dad yet. I'll introduce you to him."

"O-ok, sure." Kiku removed his shoes at the door and walked into the dwelling. He hadn't expected to meet his friend's parent so soon. First impressions meant a lot to Kiku, so he planned to be as polite as his parents raised him to be. Heracles' father was still in his living room reading the newspaper. He was still in his suit so Kiku assumed he must have just gotten home.

"Dad, this is my friend Kiku. He's an international transfer from Japan, and this is his first year at Sylvarant."

"Hajimemashite, it's very nice to meet you. My name is Kiku Honda." He bowed and smiled. Mr. Karpuzi extended his hand in Kiku's direction.

"Please, the pleasure is mine. I hope my boy isn't giving you too much trouble."

"No, not at all. Heracles has been very kind to me. I am most grateful for his guidance."

"Great, well, we'll be in my room watching a movie." Heracles interjected.

"Mmk then. Nice meeting you, Kiku."

"You too, Karpuzi-san." Kiku followed Heracles to his room. He let Kiku enter first before closing the door behind him. Kiku sat on his bed with folded hands while Heracles searched through his hard-drive for a movie to put on.

"How about Black Swan?" Heracles inquired.

"Yes, let's watch that." Heracles pressed play and then joined Kiku on his large bed. Kiku had only gotten through the beginning scene of the movie when Heracles placed his hand on Kiku's cheek. He turned Kiku gently towards him and moved closer to his face. His lips were so close to Kiku that they brushed his ear while he whispered. Kiku instantly felt a warm sensation tingling throughout his entire being.

"I was going to pick up right where we left off, but for the sake of being thorough, whaddaya say we take it from the top?" Heracles asked winking seductively. Kiku was almost at a loss for words.

"B-but, isn't your father home?"

"Yes." Heracles nodded.

"D-did you at least… lock the door?"

"No." Heracles said. He had an entrancing gaze and a devilish grin that showed he couldn't care less. Before Kiku could raise another objection he felt the softness of Heracles' lips against his with his tongue following after. Heracles kissed him deeply while slowly leaning him back onto his bed. Once Kiku was laying flat, Heracles straddled his waist and peeled off his tank top. Each inch of fabric that revealed more of his golden torso excited Kiku. Heracles lowered back down to continue kissing his friend while using his hands to discreetly lift Kiku's shirt. He paused once more to remove the cloth that had impeded his sensual assault.

"Much, much better," he said while kissing from Kiku's cheek to his neck. The neck was Kiku's week spot, and Heracles' stubble added fuel to the fire. As soon as Kiku felt lips on that spot he gasped. Heracles could tell from the way the boy's body was writhing under him that he was doing it all the way right. He decided to keep the momentum going by continuing to move further south on Kiku's body. He worked one of his nipples gently with his tongue and teeth while tweaking the other with his thumb and index finger. He switched between the two making sure to give each an equal amount of love. His other hand slid down Kiku's tummy and expertly undid his belt and jeans button. Once undone, Heracles moved his hands up Kiku's body, caressing from his chest to his neck before tracing his delicate figure back down again. Heracles reveled in feeling the smoothness of Kiku's skin under his large, rough hands. He slid down Kiku's jeans revealing his erection. Kiku peered down at Heracles, who seductively put his finger in front of his lips, motioning Kiku to 'Shh'. As Heracles snaked his tongue around the top, Kiku moaned, but he quickly covered his mouth with his hand creating a muffled whimper. Heracles went down and continued to do so until he had fully engulfed Kiku. As the movie kept going, so did Heracles. His hands glided all over Kiku's body, moving from waist, to nipples, to thighs, to shaft. He was close to bringing Kiku to the brink so he interlocked the smaller boy's hands with his before taking him all in one more time.

"H-Heracles…unh… I'm c-com-"Before he could finish his sentence, he tensed up and his back arched while he felt his body release. His muscles began to relax as he caught his breath. Heracles kissed his way back up to Kiku's mouth and their lips met once more. The kiss went from tender and gentle to strong and wanton. Although Kiku loved how Heracles took control, he didn't want to just be on the receiving end. Kiku believed in fair give and takes, be it friendship or otherwise. He knew he wasn't on the skill level his partner was, but decided to take initiative and give it his all. Kiku tried to roll Heracles over on his back so he was on top, but the massive frame was too heavy. Heracles took the hint and rolled, taking Kiku with him. Once the roles were reversed, Kiku started to mimic Heracles' actions.

"Well, well… you still seem to have some energy left. Alright then, my body is yours." Heracles folded his hands behind his head.

"I might not be as experienced as you, but I won't disappoint." Kiku met Heracles' gaze and paused for a moment. He was captivated by his sheer masculine beauty. Resuming his task, he spent some time sucking on Heracles' neck, and then moved down his chest. Kiku's tongue traced the definition of Heracles' abs while he hooked his thumbs on the elastic of his pants. There was a prominent tent in Heracles' pants by this time. Kiku pushed the garment down Heracles' body and was greeted with 9 inches of pulsing manhood. He could barely wrap his hand around the steel-like rod. He looked up to see Heracles watching him intensely. Kiku opened his mouth and licked from Heracles' shaft to tip in one slow, tantalizing motion, and never broke his gaze. Kiku used his thumb to spread around the clear, slick fluid leaking from the tip before taking it into his mouth. He heard Heracles let out an exasperated sigh of approval. The taste of Heracles in his mouth furthered his desire. Yes he wanted to please him and he also was getting really into it. Kiku began to hunger for more. He was aware he wouldn't be able to reach the hilt, but he'd go down as deep as he could. Kiku started his descent down Heracles' own Mount Olympus, taking his time moving inch by inch. He was about 6 inches down when he reached a comfortable limit. Kiku did his best to imitate the tongue movement's Heracles had used on him and so far he was doing well. The minutes grew longer while Kiku demonstrated his affection for Heracles. The chemistry between the two was clear, but Kiku hadn't been able to bring Heracles to orgasm yet. He wondered if it was something he was doing wrong that caused Heracles' pleasure to plateau. Slightly frustrated, Kiku remember Heracles had also used his hands to stimulate him, so he ran his fingertips around Heracles' navel. He moved his other hand from to the base of Heracles' rigid member down to gently cup his testes, gingerly rolling each one between his fingers. Heracles took a deep breath. He could sense Kiku's ambition and that made him very hot.

"Mmh, Kiku I'm getting close…" Heracles warned. Kiku kept going, bracing himself. He felt Heracles' testes draw up into him as his body tensed. Heracles lowered a hand lightly gripping the back of Kiku's head, running his fingers through his hair as he climaxed. Kiku felt wave after wave of warmth flooding his mouth, doing his best to take all Heracles had to give. He struggled to swallow the heavy flow of fluid but managed somehow. Heracles panted catching his breath from such an intense orgasm. He pulled Kiku back up on top of him and kissed him, tasting himself on Kiku's tongue. As the throes of passion subsided Kiku rested his head on Heracles' broad, golden chest. He in turn lovingly stroked Kiku's hair.

"That was your first time doing something like this, wasn't it?" Heracles asked.

"Hai, it was. Was I so bad you could tell?"

"Not at all. I could feel your sincerity." The movie ended not too long afterwards, and Kiku's inevitable departure drew near. The pair got up and redressed themselves. Heracles insisted on walking Kiku to his apartment building since it was after 10 p.m. They reached the entrance to Kiku's apartment building, but before Kiku went inside Heracles sandwiched him between himself and the wall.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning, right?"

"Yes, just tell me when you get here."

"Alright. One more thing before you go." Kiku looked questioningly but the answer was soon obvious as Heracles leaned in close. They shared one last kiss, but Heracles' lips moved back to Kiku's neck. He began to suck on it, but it was different from when they were back in his room. His lips formed a vacuum on his skin sucking deeper and harder. He intended to leave a possessive mark; and a big one at that. Kiku knew from his fervent suction what was happening, but didn't have it in him to oppose. Feeling satisfied with his work, Heracles hugged Kiku and told him to get some rest before seeing him into the building. Kiku went up the elevator and into his apartment exhausted. He showered, told his mother and father goodnight, and went to bed.

Kiku awoke from sweet dreams of the previous night on Wednesday morning. He checked his neck in the mirror and sure enough, there was a highly visible hickey.

'Seems like today will be a scarf day.' He thought to himself. He got a text from Heracles and met him outside. They got their usual hot beverages and walked to school quietly, but happily. Occasionally Heracles would stare at Kiku whenever they stopped to left traffic pass, and Kiku would smile shyly. The friends pressed onward to their lockers getting books for classes, and then going their separate ways for first period. As Kiku rounded the corner to math he saw Sadiq leaning against the wall on the side of the door.

"Hey buddy." Sadiq greeted.


"I just wanted to let you know I talked to the play director and told him we're all set with the vase design, and all we have to do is make it and paint it. Do you want to pick the color tomorrow after school?"

"That's fine, I have no plans that day." Kiku replied. Sadiq noticed the black scarf around Kiku's neck, and more importantly what it was hiding.

"Very nice scarf, by the way. Well I need to get to class, can't afford to skip anymore or I'll fail on absences. I'll be in touch…" Sadiq left for first period but decided to make a quick stop first. Heracles had finished getting his books and closed his locker when he heard his voice.

"Boy, you really don't like competition do you."

"Awfully generous of you to think yourself competition for me, Sadiq." Heracles retorted turning around.

"That hickey you left because you felt threatened says otherwise."

"That hickey is none of your business, and unless you're in the mood to visit an I.C.U. you'd do well to stay away from me and Kiku."

"Mm, yeah see, that won't work for me. I think he'd be much happier hangin' out with me, while you on the other hand are the beast that beauty doesn't need. Don't worry; I'll take good care of him. I'll even try to make sure he's still able to walk afterwards, but I have no problem carrying him either. Thanks for breaking him in for me though."

"The fact that you think you're good enough for him is utterly hilarious. But they say "You gotta give them hope," so I'll let you keep thinking that. Don't hurt yourself trying too hard." The two were in a deadlocked gaze of hatred just as the one minute warning bell rung for class. Heracles thumbed his nose at Sadiq before turning around and walking to class. Sadiq watched his rival go as he thought to himself.

'Yeah, I'd be scared of me too, if I were you.'

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