Hi guys, this is my first Person of Interest fic! I always thought if I wrote a fic for this show it would be Rinch but after Carter said that line I just couldn't help myself. This is a bit of a crack-fic but I hope you enjoy it!

Agent Donnelly could hardly contain his excitement as he made his way into the NYPD building and scanned the room for Detective Carter. As he caught sight of her, he composed himself behind a mask of stoicism and strode up to her. "Will you excuse us?" he said to the man she was talking with; he was nowhere near as important as the man Donnelly had on his mind. "Detective Carter, we need to talk."

Carter sighed reluctantly. "I'll catch up with you later."

As soon as he had her alone, Donnelly began to speak lowly and calculatedly, trying not to babble excitedly like a teenage girl who had just been asked to prom. "So with HR degraded to the point of irrelevance, I've taken a shift in priorities back to the Man in the Suit. He's still out there. Do you still want to catch him?" he asked opening the door to the nearest conveniently empty office.

"Yes, of course," Carter lied, trying to quell her inner panic.

"Good," said Donnelly, shutting the door and finally letting his guard down. "We have some new information and I think we might actually be able to catch him! Wouldn't that be amazing? Just imagine, if we finally tracked down that incredibly sexy Man in the Suit! Of course, we might have to argue over who gets to have him once we find him…"

"Wait, what on Earth are you talking about?" asked Carter. "Why would we have to fight over Jo—the Man in the Suit?"

"You want to have threesome?" Donnelly asked. "Well I'd have to give that some consideration. I'd always just thought I'd have him to myself…"

Carter raised her eyebrows as the realization struck. "Hold on, let me get this straight. You've been trying to track down the Man in the Suit because you've got the hots for him?"

"I thought that was obvious. Isn't that why you want to track him down, Detective?"

"Uh, sure. Let's go with that," said Carter.

"Listen, Carter, I want to read you into this but it's classified so I've been authorized to offer you a temporary assignment to the Bureau and I know with your skills it will soon become permanent. The sooner you accept the sooner I can fill you in and the sooner we can catch that sexy man so please think about it."

Carter wasn't sure whether to laugh or check to see if she was hallucinating. "I will. Thank you," she said politely.

After Donnelly left she shook her head in disbelief and pulled out her cell phone. This was just too weird. She needed to find John.

Once Carter had finally tracked Reese down at the Department of City Planning, she pulled him aside and told him the weird news: "Donnelly's back and he's hot for the Man in the Suit."

Later that night, Carter went to meet up with Donnelly again. Sitting in the back of the black FBI van he looked incredibly professional, even though on the inside he was so excited he was about ready to pee his pants. "Carter, I think we've found him. But before I can tell you, I have to know if you accept my offer."

Carter sighed. While she wasn't so sure if she wanted to be an FBI agent, she just had to know how this was going to pan out. She didn't want to miss Donnelly getting coldly rejected and having his heart broken by Reese. "Okay, yes."

"Good," Donnelly smiled. "You won't regret it. So, I've been tracking this man for 10 months but every time I get close he slips right through my fingers. I mean really, how hard could it be just to get a date? Anyways, I managed to track him down through his phone. I've got SWAT teams standing by. If he uses that phone, we'll have him!" Donnelly's eyes gleamed excitedly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready." With that, he pulled some cologne, breath spray, and a comb out from his pockets and began primping himself in the rearview mirror.

Carter shook her head and got out of the van, leaving Donnelly to preen himself in peace.

Early the next morning, Carter found herself once again outside Donnelly's FBI van. Donnelly strode up to her, looking quite sharp in his suit and tie. "911 call, possible underground explosion near Wall Street. We're tracking IMEI bursts in the same area, it's him!" he babbled excitedly, stepping close to Carter so only she could see the excitement in his eyes. "Are you with me?"

"Yeah, sure," said Carter. "I've just got to make a phone call first."

Donnelly sighed; the anticipation of finally getting a date with the Man in the Suit was killing him. "Fine, but make it quick!"

Carter grabbed her phone and walked away. She had to warn John and spare him from Donnelly's obsessive, stalker-like crush.

As they hurtled in their FBI vans, sirens blaring, towards the bank they had tracked Reese to, Donnelly was so excited he was about to have a panic attack. He didn't even try to hide it anymore. As far as his future with the mysterious and dreamy Man in the Suit was concerned, it was now or never.

As they pulled up in front of the bank, he barely waited for the van to stop before he stepped out. Looking at the bank, his heart leapt into his throat. The man of his dreams was just under this building. "He's in there," he told Carter. "Alright, one team in front with me, second team around back; we move in thirty." As the number of seconds left his lips, he didn't know if he could wait that long.

After a thirty second long eternity, the SWAT team finally burst into the bank but Donnelly paid no attention to them; he just strode right through to where he knew the man of his dreams would be. Carter followed quickly. She might not be able to save John, but she still was not going to miss this!

"Sir, we've captured the Man in the Suit," one of the members of his team informed him. Carter's heart sank into her boots but Donnelly's heart fluttered straight back into his throat again. After one last spray of cologne he slicked back his hair, adjusted his tie, and nodded. Following the armed agent, Donnelly swaggered down the hall as if he were walking to the beat of "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones.

When he rounded the corner and saw the scene in front of him, his heart skipped a beat and his expression dropped. Standing before him were four men in suits, all glaring at him with contempt. But with one look into the icy blue eyes of the second man, he knew.

"It's you!" he said pointing at John, who raised his eye brows, impressed with Donnelly's seemingly psychic skills of deduction. "I'd recognize your sexy face anywhere," murmured Donnelly.

Reese's eyebrows went up even farther. When Carter had said Donnelly was hot for him, he hadn't though she meant like that!

"Should we cuff him, sir?" asked one of the agents.

"No, I'm not really into that," Donnelly replied. Then looking at John, "I mean, unless you are…"

"Not particularly," John smirked.

"Good. I'll take him from here," he said. One of the agents thrust Reese in his direction and Donnelly then linked arms with him, grinning ear to ear. "We have a lot of catching up to do," Donnelly told the Man in the Suit as he led him away from the crime scene.

"Yes, it appears we do," John agreed, allowing himself to be led down the corridor.

Eyes wide, Carter pulled out her phone and quickly dialed the number. "Finch? We've got a problem."