This is the story challenge from The Kazekage of Suna (Gaara kept a diar- er, journal).

Itachi had a journal as well.

I don't own Naruto. If I did, do you really think Naruto would be in love with Sakura at all anymore?

December 25

Today, foolish little Sasuke came to try and kill me. Again.

I, of course, immediately knocked him out, but apparently he had a little group consisting of:

A red-haired, glasses-wearing girl would immediately tried healing my foolish little otouto by having him bit her, of all things.

A white-bluish haired kid with a big sword on his back. On seeing Kisame, the kid challenged Kisame to a fight. It is still going on, but I believe Kisame is simply fighting with either a water clone, or Kisame is mostly asleep.

An orange-haired giant who was a follower of Orochimaru. Well, actually, they all are, but the giant was surprisingly normal for a test subject.

When the girl (who was named Karin) and the giant (Juugo) went to go help the kid (Suigetsu), I immediately turned to a rather imposing problem.

Fixing foolish little Sasuke's foolish little duck butt hair. However, in the middle of my hair-gelling-spree, he woke up.

Hence the fact that Sasuke's hair looks like that eye-patch-wearing guy from that manga I read once where everyone ran around swinging swords at strange masked monster things.

I just need to add bells, an eye-patch, and a few scars, and it's a perfect image.

Unfortunately, foolish little Sasuke tried to kill me again, and I knocked him out. I was considering whether to tie him up, but then the idiot Jinchuriki (seriously, what kind of ninjas opens a door without checking first?) and Kakashi-sempai and that pink-haired fangirl came.

I was rather glad to hand Sasuke over to them. Kakashi-sempai is very competent, and the idiot Jinchuiki obviously cares for Sasuke very much. And I suppose that Pinky wouldn't harm Sasuke (bodily, at least).

Signed from your very content author,

Uchiha Itachi -/.\-